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Whole World

Temporal Home for Gerald Bosch's Trade Note of Glorantha
(PDF Format Version (by Jeremy Baker) is Here)

Meantime Home for Peter Metcalph's Glorantha Timelines

Meantime Home for "Blue Moon History" and "Planets of Glorantha" by David Cake

Heavenly Bodies of Glorantha: Name Variation

Incomplete Dragon List of Glorantha

Romances of Glorantha

Chart of Caste Structures in Malkioni Society

Secret Order of Valkyries: Feminine Movement

Mythology of Zoria


Some Personal Check Points of Nick Brooke's Carmanian History

Carmanian Warfare with comments of Martin Laurie

Note of Pelandan and Carmanian Mythology (with Page by Page Analysis of Entekosiad)

The Life of Carmanos (Discussion of Peter Metcalph and Kevin McDonald)

Prosopaedia, List of Demigods and Important Persons of Carmania

Cult of Ganesatarus : Lord of Fly

Cult of Entekos : Good Wind Empress

Syranthir & Charmain

Lies of Lunars

Barbarian Belt

Composite History of Ralios

Meantime Home for Some Thoughts on Esoteric Arkatism by Peter Metcalph

Worship of Arkat

Althing of Orlanth's Heroes

Brief Summary of Gwandorling Saga

Tear of Yelmalio

How Eurmal brought the Doom of Orlanth's Storm Tribe

Saird: The Land between Empire and Dragonpass

Saga of King Oddi Ralzakaakbane

Troll Folktales of Peloria: Alwoon the Poet

Links of Holy Country: Kethaela

Band of Larnsti Brotherhood

Dara Happa
Temporal Home of Steve Maurer's Cults within the Lunar Empire

Revision of 100 Star Lists from GROY to Stellar FAQ

Pelorian Prosopaedia by David Cake

Dara Happan Rebellion

Yuthuppa: Translated by Jerome Blondel (Rich Text File: 64.3 KB)

City Simulation of Dara Happa

Cult of Dayzatar in Esvuthil

Cult of Ourania in Yuthuppa

Note on Mystery of Lightfore

Note about Dragon Sun

A Drama of Dragonslayer Karvanyar

Darjiin and Dara Happa

Terminators of Ebon City

Pent & Rinliddi
Nomad Description

Hero Cult of Sheng Seleris: Cosmic Explorers

Blue Moon Plateau
Temple of Old Good Shadow


Investigation about Kralorelan Martial Arts

Geomancy of Kralorela

Emperor Thalurzni

Emerald Fish Lord and Emperor Mikaday (Legalism and Taoism in Kralorela?)

Emperor Vayobi

Shia-Oh and Emperor Vashanti (Confucianism in Kralorela?)

Emperor Yanoor and his Utuma

Emperor Godunya and King Boggle

Folktales: Cat Wearing Mandarin Hat and Thunder Man

Scroll of Lay-Luan

Unofficial History of Kralorela

Korgatsu the World Dragon

Correspondence of Thayalan Calendar of West and Draconic Calendar of East

Draconic Emperors and Heroes of Kralorela

Tantric Kralorela


Pilgrimage of Kushinada Family

East Isles

Land of Vithela

Why there is no Great Darkness in Vithela?

Note of Eastern World

Unofficial Setting:

Tribes of Pentan Nomads
Isalebao Clan: Storm Pentan Clan Description
Mythology of Four Windlords
History of Isalebao Clan
What our Shaman told us: Culture of Storm Pentans

Concept & Worship of Beastmen & "Fantasic" Beasts in Pentan Nomad
Peter Metcalph & Gerald Botch about Pent
Woman & Horse Role in Pentan Culture
Oasis City Culture versus Nomad Culture

Cosmic Explorers of Pent

Unofficial Setting:
Dragon Emperor of Ancient Kralorela: Alchemist Thalurzni

His Birth & Emperor Daruda
Thalurzni and Halisayan
Dragon speaks about Change of World
Future Apocalypse & Mandala, Alchemy
Making Pill of Immortality
Fight against Four Gangs
AntiDragon Army and Ignorance
His Son and Mikaday
His Ascension and Summerland

Pilgrimage of Kushinada Family

Outline of Emergency: Tale of Vormaini Malkionism


Fanjosi: the City of Men by Peter Metcalph

Observations of the Magical Traditions of Fonrit by Peter Metcalph

Memorundom and Links of Pamaltela Outline

Note on Fonrit

Second Age
Traveller's and Visitor's Guidebook to Four Great Empires

aka Empire of Wyrm's Friend
aka Middle Sea Empire
Maps of Second Age East:
Mokatan East Sea Empire
Errinoru Lynersian Council

Glorantha Q&A: Question from Terra Incognita, Answer from Peter Metcalph & Others

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