Dragon speaks about Change of World

The Furnace of Thalurzni modelled to both World Dragon and Human Body, Philosophy and Material and controlled Four Logic in Center of the World. His Power was generally coming from it and he made many Wonders without Dirty Works as he did in his Youth.

When he summoned Four Dragons from Draconic Realm, they are representatives of his inner contradicted Desires. First was "Dragon of Meditation" from North (We understood him as August Dragon, Imin Lung), Second was "Dragon who knows Nature" (His Predecessor, Daruda), Third was "Dragon Eats Humans" his Doubt, Sorrow and Illusion (Metsyla and Shavaya), Fourth was most reverend but unknowable "Dragon who Swallows his Own Tail" from West (Heenmaroun) who guarded Land of Splendour from Anti Dragons.

Thalurzni asked him why they gathered to that Center of World "Orvene" (Plutarch: Or Capertine?), Augustus answered,

"World will end and Thalurzni and his Successors must be ready for this Apocalypse. We aren't Almighty, but we at least know Draconic Truth. Hankalo was trapped to Minor Cycle and Dream Magic. Though Great Circle of Sramak Blue enormous Serpent surrounds Innerworld and perfectly and secretly controls Human Life. His blood becomes Fleshwater innerworld."

And Daruda said,

"Hear our Word and change your way if you think you should do so, but we cannot force you anything to do. Now Master of Golden Way is Yours. Magic eventually faded from us. but it is minor dimension in more Greater Cycle, Magic comes and goes. It will return back in the Far Future."

Augustus told again,

"In the Last Day of Apolcalypse, Kralorela in the Age of One not related to Any Otherside will be encircled by Four False Dragon Gangs, as now you are encircled by Four Elements. That is Worst Situation. Materialism perfectly will drive Mysticism to Corner. That is Future of Black Cloud."

But Doubter confessed.

"We cannot see Future enough that Great Cycle will start recovery after Whole of Destruction of Children of Ebe and Okerio, or not. But We can tell you Those False Dragons at least will try to do. That is one of reason why we remained Kralorela to keep Past Glory, Ancient Splendour and Magic and Source."

HeenMaroun whispered,

"Already we see The Liar coming from East (Jerem), The Seducer coming from South (Argrath), Materialist coming from West (Sheng Seleris) and Ignorant coming from North (Can Shu) but they all will come back at the same time in the Apocalypse, Ordinaries will believe them True Emperors and make Great Civil War in the Land of Splendour. Magic coming from Humane Hope and Imagination, but it originally will make gap to reality in the limited state, and I will returning back the World as Great Dragon of Lightening Bolt. The Four will meet One in the All created from One Element."

(Plutarch: We cannot tell about these Words for they coming from Prophesy, all involves possibility to accidental coincidency, if you find the Name of Jerem in the Original Context which can be changed by Modern Antagonists. We also cannot distinguish about Argrath (That term means simply "Liberator" in the Language of Storm Barbarians.), Can Shu and Sheng Seleris.)

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