Emperor Thalurzni of Kerendaruth: Harmonizer of Elements

The Engrave of Sarcophagus above in the reign of Emperor Vayobi hints Alchemic Transformation with serpentine bodies and Mystical Attributions for the Legendary Couple, Emperor Thalurzni and his wife Empress Halisayan. But for his help, she could not reach Draconic Ascension, and in opposite without her compassion and advice, he might have abandon Kralori without concern to Daruda's intention to help populace, as other avatars of Cosmic Draconic Consciousness.

French Mythologist Georges Dumezil Taxomony roughly classified three simple categories of Aryan Patheon Gods Role: Priest-King (Odin), Warrior (Tyr) and Healer (Frey). Ancient Chinese Emperors in many classics are under a sort of typical rule to Alteration with intervention of each recorders, changed and switched from gods to heroes and from heroes to gods mutually, for some purpose of each. (One of Ancient Greek Mythographers, Euhemerus, coined word the process from Heroes to Gods.)

euhemerism: noun
A theory attributing the origin of the gods to the deification of historical heroes.

[After Euhemerus, fourth-century B.C. Greek philosopher.]

If Storytellers sought too much categorization and caricature in these characters, they sometimes lost complexity and intrication which fascinates audience who sought another interest about non-intentional connotation. I can see this phenomenon even in (relatively recent,) Legendary Roman Five Wise-Emperor Tales. Nerva, Trajanus, Hadrianus, Pius, Marcus Aurelius. Some keeps Nature of Plant God (like Julius Caesar, he was killed in March 15...Why? Do you think it is a conincidence of his death in near Spring Equinox?) or Child God...We cannot distinguish these unintentionalities from True Histrical Stories. Some Gods are actually Real Beings for Chinese Tradition.

My Image about Kralorelan Legendary Emperors

Metsyla: Solomon, Confucius, (Yin)
Shavaya: Fire, Sun, Egyptian Phalaoh, Emperor Yellow= Huang-Ti (Yang)
Daruda: Avalokitesvara, Emperor Sinnou= Shen-nung (Bull), Fukki= Fu Xi (Serpentine Legs) (Balance) Darkness, Roman Trajanus
Thalurzuni: Smith, Wayland, Cullervo (Illmarinen?) in Scandinavian Myth, Emperor Sengyokku= Juan Xu, Uu= Zi-Yu (Storm and Iron) (Yin), Hadrianus
Mikaday: Emperor Gyou= Yao, Shun=Shun (Yang) Earth, Pius
Vayobi: Emperor Cyuu (Evil), Antonius, Mikabosi, Star, Ambidextrous (Harmony) Water

Unofficial Mystical Sect of Kralorela

In Real World China, almost all of basic sects of root philosophy appeared during from Before Christ Eighth to Second, during transition between Bronze Age and Iron Age, Warring States Period. Most of them lost influence during the long history or oppressed by Requirement of Orthodox Policy, but most important two survived, Confucianism and Taoism as mainstream philosophy of China.

"Teacher didn't teach about Monster, Power, War and Diety."

"I still don't know enough about Life, who can dare to teach about death?"

(The Analects of Confucious)

"Wise men don't do anything. They prefer only as being."

Aristotle explained all things from point of Duality, biased view distinguished between urban life and rural life from public facility, farm and water irrigation, and civilzation required them for maintaining population in city and their culture, and Kralorela is one of most densely populated countries of Glorantha and centralized government. Though both sects are relatively negative to Centralization, first United China from Warring States Period derived from philosophy of branch taoism Sect, they has most antipathy against conventional traditionalism and "the ethical doctrine that human nature is fundamentally good" attitude of Meng-Tzu Confucianism, and they wrote about machiavellism and Requirement of atrocity in prince for political unity.

I guess Two Mainstreams exist in Gloranthan Kralorela...Ancient (Relatively logical and urbanized tendency) Metsylan philosophy and (Relatively Pro Rural-Preference and Mystical) Darudaism (Dragon is symbol of nature), but there is no detailed description about Metsylan Seventeen Lessons to Perfection here, I remember description about bad conventional custom of Kralorela mostly came from Metsylanism in Gloranthan Prosopaedia, I also know existence of NyangMaoism...resemlance with Indian Jainism (in RW Chinese counterpart is difficult to find). But in Real World, Indian Jainism Caste are mostly Vaisha...Today Merchant Caste. Maybe I can ignore them in my scheme about this tale.
(I remember GS mentioned about Resembrance between Pelorian Rashoran and Kralorelan Metsyla about Illumination in Older Texts)

A man of ability isn't always hero.

Humanity is a limited state of being. Ordinary people aren't always lovely for men of ability. But with the eye of almighty One, extraordinaries are sometimes out of nature and sometimes never permitted harmony of their desire and capability, and urge them against welfare of people. Many tyrants are very capable but they lost love with inferior fellows and used them to disaster and misfortune against Fate. Some miracles without unknown reason for men rescued them with intention of Heaven, these ability from the monotony of World, and gave them right position in a World and Golden Age.

Tradition gave Authority to Position like Priest-Kings Ancient City States of Mesopotamia, but what is Power? Power is coming from Freedom to do something New...If you carry long tradition, you always search the thing way to tradition, because you are not upstart general of New Dynasty...and you should bestow your servants right to do freely, so they gain power which you cannot handle, and you eventually lost way from Gap of Reality and Tradition. You will lose your throne.

....Teaching about Non Recognized Genii

Emperor Thalurzni

Reference: Some Germanian Famous Folklore for Legendary "Maestro" Blacksmiths..Wayland and "Wicked" Dwarf Metalsmiths from Edda and Saga.

And Memory of Hadrianus from Margritte Yourcenar also useful for description of man's Capability.

His achievement also have some resemblance to Kalevalan Smith Illmarinen, etc....Maybe my image to Chinese Alchemy greatly biased from many foreign (non-chinese) resources, I dare to maintain to this image for many purpose, especially for Thalurzni's young age.

For Glorantha, some of articles briefly commented about contact to Ancient Kralorela, Troll Pack Uz Lore: Chaos War Map, Troll Gods Cult Book: Basko Black Sun, Starter Rune Quest Set: Introduction to Glorantha. Ancient Chinese Legend is also useful, about God Emperor Shun and Da-yu. (See Encyclopaedia Mythica Site.) Some Eastern Gloranthan Writing coming from Greg Stafford, Alex Ferguson and Nils Weinander are also excellent. Ye Booke of Tentacles #2 keeps some quotation about Ancient Kralorela. Site of Nils and Issaries com. still maintains elder articles for Non GTA members.

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2: Predecessors
3: His Birth & Emperor Daruda

4: Thalurzni and Halisayan
5: Dragon speaks about Change of World
6: Future Apocalypse & Mandala, Alchemy
7: Making Pill of Immortality
8: Fight against Four Gangs
9: AntiDragon Army and Ignorance
10: His Son and Mikaday
11: His Ascension and Summerland

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