Apocalypse of Future and his Mandala, Alchemy

He illustrated his Own Empire with highly symbolized pictures which cycled in his Furnace, and called it was Mandala which conceived All of Ideal of Middle World with both Philosophical Six Principle: Silence, Secret, Being, Experience, Thought, Spirit and Four Element: Darkness, Water, Earth and Fire and Divine Rulers. He centered Kralorela and Emperor with Backspine of ShanShan, and ended Edge with Great Spiral of Storm. That hinted Warning of Futuristic Collapse of this Harmony by dragons he summoned and it can be used for Fortune Telling and Prophesy.

Halisayan added that Illustration with her beautiful tapestry, which describes of Animals and Plants of Fifteen Provinces of Empire, (Even in that Age, some Parts were already below the Wave of Suam Chow.) and People which admited Authority and Wisdom of Draconic Energy, so she was only woman taught how to render of Furnace as Music Instrument, Thalurzni bestowed to his wife that reward as she could make Harmony, Chord and Melody to replicate music of Cosmic Genesis which Avanparloth or Ancestral Dragon made.

(Plutarch: Later Vashanti (Emperor before Returning of Ehilm) also made Sky Mandala which corresponded with Mandala of Thalurzni, he can make usable it for Astrology and Fortunetelling which far derived from Dara Happan Imperial Tradition, Yuthuppa. But Kuchawn Kralorelans stoutly denied this Influence. )

Alchemy is the Art of Thalurzni which bestows mortals to control their Body in suited to mystical spiritual development, but Way of Enlightenment of Empire is massive Work and prevented Emperors and Mandarins from acquiring to Higher Spirituality, that Art can recover imbalance of Knowledge and Wisdom, so it is the Art of intellectuals of Kralorelan Structure and must be rigidly regulated from outsiders and foreigners, most of them saw it merely a superficial benefit of Life Control.
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