Fight against Four Gangs

When HeenMaroun reigned Kerendaruth, he created four Virtues attributed four Directions, North was Innocence, West was Intelligence, East was Wonder, South was Pleasure. All were needs for limited human which still have no access to Draconic Secret. But as Time passed, all Four depraved from end and Edge. So Ignorance coming from Innocence, Materialism coming from Intelligence, Illusion coming from Wonder, Indolence coming from Pleasure. So Daruda changed his World and handed his Mundane Power to Thalurzni.

But Four Gangs was not Dead even after their horrible Transformation in Daruda's Utuma. These warped entities slowly returned from the Ends of World and Anti Dragons incited them to attack Thalurzni at the same time.

In Far Northeast, abandoned place after reign of Metsyla (Plutarch: That place is now called Koromandol.) Shadow Cancer appeared as horrible Power of Darkness which eating almost all of Creation and Light for her appetite and hatred. As same as that place, in Chern Durel and Jankley Bore, Earth Eater coming from Great Shrine root of Zeral Fen. It started going forth to Southward more nourishment of Land Splendour. Secret Water rising from Deep hidden Water under earth solid rock from southeast of Kralorela and secretly plotted to breaking down surface to Depth of Water. Finally in Upper Sky of southwestern dome of Heaven and Verenela, Star Permutator selfishly changes the star orders and constallations while vacancy of Maluraya, viceroy of the noon. (Plutarch: We think Star Permutator is the Planet called Shargash in Dara Happa, Tolat among Amazons of Trowjang.)

Each Four stepped forward to Kralorela to Destroy Court of Thalurzni.
(Plutarch: Later, Kralorelan believes Thrunhin Dah liberated Secret Water when he angered to the vice of Empire.)

While in the center, Thalurzni put his Sword of Air into his Furnace. It worked and released great energy of giant Eye of Storm. Which broke out great power to Four Directions. That Power is imbalance in some Area of Kralorela, because his Power perfectly defeated Secret Water and it swallowed Waters from Suam Chow, so Thrunhin Dah grasped tightly the Root of Water Source from it, it swallowed wholeland of Daruda and turned into Suam Chow. And as getting along to his plan of defeating foreign these Elements, they escaped to where his Power was most Weakened, because it was the power of Corrupting Earth and sheltered many outlaw Spirits and Demigods from combination to power of Middle World. It was also scheme of which Thalurzni planned because he knew Full Power inevitably waned. So all of remnants of Four Gangs escaped to Chern Durel.

After that War ended, Great AntiGods at last understood Greatness of Thalurzni as that of Daruda, they conspired deceiving him and plotted to let his Power went outside until his Power Thinned and Weakened. So they disguised Sincere Ambassadors of outside Kingdoms and ask his help to fight against Demons. And at that Time, Halisayan heard Prophecy the One of them was the true Supporter of TarnGatHa, so their court should have distinguish one of these Foreigners from these AntiDragons.

First was from the land of Ignorance, black faced Dozaki slave Masters coming to the court of Thalurzni and Halisayan, they needed to help their war against army of head Demon Atyar. They offered tribute of Zeral Fen Slaves and Bloody Maize.

Second was coming from Great Wall of Shah Yar Pass Valley between Hachuan Shan & Great Shan Shan. Bull Headed Giants coming with Foreign brutal behavior and demanded Thalurzni's assistance derived from their lineage to Halisayan and Bodkartu. They also fought against Demon minions of Goat-headed and would accept any help.

Third was Vormaino coming from Eastern Sea with some fleet of Silver Barge, Old ancient blood relative of Eastern Sea. they survived many AntiDragon Wars without help of any Dragons after glorious days of Metsyla, they became very distrustful and secretive for many tricks of AntiDragons, but they also heard about strong recovery of Metsylan Tradition in Kerendaruth, so they needed support against foreign enemies and exchange or trade of Knowledge and Materials which lost in AntiDragon War. (Moreover, they found the location of Sekever. But they couldn't do anything to the Great Tali for fear. They blamed Kralorelans in the reign of Vayobi after that event for Kralorelans sent off their Antigod with malice to Vormain.)

Fourth was coming with most horrible Appearance, seafaring folk Waertagi. They made their great Fleets skinned Great Dragon's corpse bound with their Soulcorrupting Sorcery, showed their Ignorance and Disgrace. But Thalurzni permitted them calling at a port. And waiting.

Fifth was coming from Southwest, Land of Elephants. There of that Age many fire Worshippers of Chalite costed worst damage in the AntiDragon War. (Plutarch: We cannot investigate which stage the Chulanpur City fell from Sky World, and Karkal and Herespur fought against each other in the Chamber of Vith, TarnGatHa. Collapsing whole of Imadsalash, Spike. But that was Another Story.) Many Chalites required help after devastation of Star Permutator and Sekever, because that land was more rich than other countries for their Heroes to Gods. (Yellow Aldryami also were coming with them, trying to corrupt Kralorelan Civilization into their favorite Jungle.)

Sixth was hsunchens who lived within Backspine Hide Pillars of HeenMaroun, ShanShan. They also scrambled for scanty remnants of stock Magic and Food with Babadi of Diamond Mountains and Nichung of Giant Garden. So they and their leader, Horned Daemons needed help of Kralorela. (Babadi has blamed Thalurzni Alchemy School from that Age because they believed Thalurzni stole their most great secret for making Precious Metal from Vulgar Metal. But explaining that requires another whole story.)

Finally, from Eastern hundred Scattered Isles coming Great Martial Artist Darja Danad with Small Barge and some of his disciples from Indeward Isles, he became a hero when he fought against AntiDragons in the War of Bolt and killed their Leader. But he knew War was still not ended, because the homeland of AntiDragon, Northeastern Isle of Sortum still existed, he needed help of Land of Splendour for attacking Great Sortum. (Plutarch: We always confuse the Age of Happy Conquest with Austerity War, for though we made great comprehensible chart matching to Genertela and Mithelan Mystical events, that doesn't go along with local small events like it.)

Only Thalurzni could discern the true supporter of TarnGatHa, he trusted only Darja Danad and entrusted his army to the hands of that famous Martial Artist. But Thalurzni helped the other ignorant supporters to Antidragons but never trusted them.

(Later most of allies of Kralorela blamed Empire because they were betrayed in the worst time of War against Antidragons, and shut deplomatic relations or challenged War against Kralorela unlawfully.)

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