His Ascension and Summerland

After Utuma of Thalurzni, elders of the new Emperor's court ignorantly blamed many of his deeds and wanted to destroy his record to Damnatio Memoriae, but Mikaday refused. Your world isn't all for Blaming alchemist Thalurzni, if you survived all of age of Lighthouse, you must be ready to have another Answer for it.

After Mikaday's reign, Sekeverans and their master Huan Too once stole Furnace of Thalurzni from Kralorelan Palace. (Later, Emperor Vayobi attacked Diamond Mountain Octamonist Babadi for that crime?) Vayobi once fell to great Luxury and Avarice and fell to returning of Sekever, but Thrunhin Dah teaching helped that Artisan Decadent Emperor reaching the status of Great Warlord of Empire and reconstructer of the Art of Thalurzni, though he could not remake Furnace of Thalurzni. His Furnace dropped to the Depth of Suam Chow. And many treasure hunters have failed to salvage this Treasure and past Symbol of Empire.


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