From Plutarch of Lyleket
To Milord, Gilam de Estau, Future Emperor of Kralorela

Here is my excerpt from local worship and folk-legends for the Emperor of Mystical Age Kralorela. It's good source for our current research application to the case study. But it can also be a show case of Non Enlightened Ordinaries, for it is written with Neutral and Orthodox Lhankor Mhy Style without any Analysis and numerical value.

You can find here seems to be numerous misunderstandings of peculiar characteristic with Non-logical Structural Culture, and I should not comment about your claim about previous life cycle in Yothbedta's Stream here. But these are superficial taking for this source. What is important we can find here is there are many good examples for way of reconstruction of Mysticism in buffer Area between Vithela and Genertela. They perceive "Draconic" History-line with Straight Line, neither Theistic Scattered Timeline nor Vithelan Cyclical Style in Mystical Age. Very Suitable for your plan to take Throne of Yellow Dragon with reusing this mystical backlash situation and renaissance of "More Traditional" structure. Your Point of View is always excellent and we can stress some useful accent to our New Dragon Ring with it.

Sincerely yours:

Timekeeping: Zzabur started Timekeeping soon after Ehilm first disintegrated as Dara Happan Celestial Record with his Great Sandglass, it is not important for most people: Timekeeping before first Death appeared in Middle World, except some who attached great importance to Logic and Plan, Brithini and Mostali are included in this category. Zzabur made first hourglass and Mostali kept Timerecord with their accurate biological clock, Kralorelans also knew Timekeeping for their original religious principle and made first Water Clock in First Mystical Age. Dara Happans didn't know these accurate Timerecord method and their accurate Skywatching was disturbed by this Error, Timekeeping is cause between Subjectivity and Objectivity, and Dara Happan Sundial is not from these Ideal. City Kuchawn of Kralorela maintains Ancient Sky Record before Sun Routine with the Technology which Dara Happans didn't possess.

Alchemy: Since Age of the Serpent-Prince Bertalor, our sorcerers have avariciously sought Alchemical Arts of Other Nations, that is why they have zealously supported our actions, we can now find sufficient materials make chance which their appetite will be filled with. Kralorelans are well known for their Eldest Excellent Arts but Conservative attitude to Outsider Scholars. Thalurzuni was the Originator. I can expect to see many resemblance between Kralorelan Alchemy and our Western Alchemy.

Notation: Our Notation Style of Kralorelan Emperors always comes from Orthodox Seshnelan Method since Our First Explorers of Jrustela made first contact with the Land of Splendor. So Shang Viang coming to Shavaya, you Shang Hsa coming to Shansar, please keep in your mind about it.

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