His Birth & Emperor Daruda

Thalurzni was born from a bloodline great noble house of Metsyla, but his family had lost their status during the reign of Shavaya long before his birth. His father was poor but master of metal smith of minor city Goropheng on borderland (at that Age, later it became a capital of Empire.) under Imperial administration. Daruda had bad reputation to those older family of predecessor court living in ancient urbanized territory of Hanjan. They followed Seventeen Lessons to Perfection and didn't believe the upstart sorcerer from West with questionable Serpentine Magic which changed relationship between Human Society and Nature, but they endeavored to hide their enmity from their ruler and officials in their artificial Residences. (Daruda de Facto knew the antipathy well but didn't blame their ignorance)

(Plutarch: This age, already Ehilm Bijiif set to Horizon, but Kerendaruth had Brilliant Mountain Tops of ShanShan, and afforded substitute Light Source, Kralorelan called that Age of Light Houses. Because many original Wonders to Kralorela began from that Age while Darkness gradually violated other places of Glorantha.)

When Thalurzni got first Initiation, surprisingly Emperor himself visited gloomy Guild Hall of smithy, spat a draconic drool to the eyes of that boy. From that day, he gained magical vision which let him see salamanders and dragons in the flame of his Smithery and Bellows, but he also got hatred to Emperor because his act is worst affront under Metsylan tradition. He hated his dirty work in the place of Darkness, and he was feared from his Family and Fellow Workers, because he honestly informed them he could see another shape of flame in the flickering shadow of which they couldn't perceive, and they shunned him as cursed by Draconic Magic. He became very lonely, so he could make profound study from Merely Metal Work to pioneer First Alchemy.

Thalurzni became strong and beautiful youth who knew honour, virtue from Strength for winning competition, Loyality to his Own Family though they never repay him. He became a famous scholar of Metsylan Tradition and Art of Metal, but he was also very depressed, merciless and Violent emotional young to mean trick, theft, cowardness and weakness, because he never know any such characteristic and always stern to Unjust. He sometimes became very stubborn and nature of difficult to please. (Plutarch: We can see very Non mythological nature paticular to in Kralori legends, they made many Historical Biases to create Barrier preventing from attaining Mystical Energy for us "Sorcerers".)

While he reached adolescense, Emperor Daruda appointed him First Chief of Imperial Metal Masonry and Coinage. Great Families of Empire didn't like this because they thought Poors didn't have right to take part in the Such a High Rank. (Plutarch: At that Age after Metsylan Empire fell, there is no mandarins and eunuchs, and each 15 Provinces of Empire was ruled by many powerful Families in each land areas.)

His family also didn't like their member coming to a slave of the imperial bureaucracy though they didn't love Thalurzni no more, and Thalurzni also disgusted to serve such a vulger working removed from his alchemy to making Precious Metal from Vulgar Metal. Though once very strong draconic wizard, Daruda had become more weaker as he got more entanglement to this world, because he didn't know esotericity of Alchemy. Thalurzni could see fading Aura and Shadow of Daruda which others could not perceive it, he could not understand what changed the inner part of himself through Hatred, he reluctuntly took up new position though it was not suited to Tradition of Metsyla.

While Emperor had weakened, Outer Enemies of Sekeveran, Ignorance and Atyarni Families invaded openly to seek still remaining Richness of Empire KraLor from Golden Age, or secretly infiltrated Great Houses and manipulated them, and Daruda required more precious metals and treasures as he weakened. Northern and western Great Anti-dragon Houses asked (and even threatened) Imperial Court to offer wealth excuse for fighting outer enemies. At that days, Thalurzni roled chief messenger of Imperial Court as member of metal Masonry. Though Daruda saw hatred in Thalurzni's Eyes, he trusted Thalurzni. And Thalurzni could not betray his too much "foolish" trust, his sense to obligation never permitted such an act, but he disdained weakness of Daruda. He firstly revealed himself to these great Archlords very strong magical power as First Alchemist. Though he could threaten them but he never revealed his true Loyalty. So they didn't dare to harm Thalurzni.

Finally all rebellous great Houses uprised after the last days of Darudan reign, Thalurzni was called to the throne room and appointed as the successor of Imperium though many nobles protested that decision and they also revolted against Emperor, turmoil prevailed the center of Empire. Thalurzni didn't want to rule such a foolish people, but he could not find another suitable candidate to Throne more than himself by Daruda. So he conjured his great Furnace from nothingness, and set it to the chamber of Court, he called wonderous magic and metalic soldiers from his Furnace and defeated armies of Anti Dragon of Archlords. But they asked him Blood of Daruda or his own Blood, and Thalurzni knew Daruda would offer his Life for inner weakness to his Enemies. (Plutarch: Both we and Kralorelans neither knew the actual form or shape of "Furnace", but it's image of us that of Great potter's Wheel, some Jrustelan researches mention about similarity of attributed to power to strudel of Magasta and Brastalos, which changed Void to Energy and drop of darkness.)

In the most Inner part of Court, there was sealed chamber and nobody was ever permitted to enter that Chamber except then abdicated Emperor Daruda. Rumoured that there were draconic truebody of Daruda hidden, so many Antidragons and demons had tried to invade and assassinate him, but all of them were devoured by guardian Dragon, but Thalurzni was rightful successor of Empire and had right to enter anyplace of his domain, Thalurzni forged Sword of Emptiness from precious iron of Meteorite from draconic realm, and would use it for cutting the Umbilical Cords which bonded Daruda to Sky and Underworld, let him ascend to draconic Utuma. (And later he used it to defeat enemies of Empire.)

(Plutarch: We see Four Elements connected to four Direction, and he changed whole World as in our monomyth Orlanth made to New less Magical and less related-unconsciousness of Arachne Solara, from philosophical and metaphysical World to materialistic and physical World. But they denied element of Storm as an Error commited by Dara Happans. Six went to four, because Thalurzni cut bondage to Up and Down. We understood his Sword as manifestation of Storm and Mobility Rune Source.)

When he came into room, he saw Great Serpent chaining to sky and underworld with very strong Chain, agonizing his binding and with eye of Sorrow and great burden, wanting Liberation. Thalurzni could see how great was Daruda's Agony, sadness and lonliness, his tutor and enemy. And he could understand what the aim of his Agony and Lonliness is selected, but it will be too little than that of future waiting him. Thalurzni knelt down to his Mentor and waited to his Order.

"Are you willing to carry this heavy Burden? If so, come here. Allthing has Cycle, you see the draconic "Air" passing. Where you Young see Strength, I Elder see Weakness. Your time will come as mine. Philosophies coming to Elementals, Six coming to Four. In future, Elemental will dissolve to perfectly Void and Cold logic without Draconic UnConsciousness. Finally Four will come to One. World will become on Old age. I indicate My disciple and your successors Utuma. All of my successors will hold it as New Tradition."

"Before I kill you, I ask you. I have always sought answer from ancient Words of Metsyla and many risis (sages) of Hankalo, but I cannot have found answer. Because they prohibited anger and doubt as Chelen and Hakka, it always made me angry. When Vith (or TarnGatHa, you can freely call him with favorite word.) reigned. There is no wrong, no agony, no Garden of Temptation, why he (or Ooduren, as you can call him favorably) required Change? I cannot understand. "

"You are Wise. It is the purpose that Creation aims your anger and strength, but tempered passion (Plutarch: I should remind you of Similarity of Darudan School to Dragonewt Philosophy of Dragonpass or (though I don't research that well yet.) concept Frernzypeace of Vithela.) and that is why I always love you but you had always hated me. So I give you my life and ask your hand helping my Utuma. Hankalo heresies are foolish and they perceived only their fallen Nature and fell into Illusion and Dream. But I cannot teach it with speakable Doctrine to you, you can only perceive Truth in Nature. World was created from Utuma for its own purpose, and I now will go to same status, feel it and you will get both personal revenge and Truth from my Ascension."

So Thalurzni cut down the burden of Daruda and liberated him. He understood the Secret of Utuma. His family firstly pleased his Enthronement though they didn't like him, because they expected Tradition would return. He did so, but not all of them and bad customs were rejected. So they soon became enemies of Thalurzni. Almost all of Kralori didn't perceive Change of World when Daruda made Utuma except Great Sage Augustus. Four Gangs dissolved to Four Elements.

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