Making Pill of Immortality

At First, all of Bloodline of Ebe had Immortality and didn't know any aging and senility yet. When Metsyla fell to Greed, still People didn't know any hunger for Light of Maluraya itself shone over people and they could eat them like grain as much as they could.

But the Sun was gone, and many ways of Vithelan glory went to useless, a daughter of Shavaya Miyo told people of Kerendaruth about rice planting and cooking, but conflict and aging started when Ebe was died in the Eastern Vithela. Nourishment of Miyo wasn't enough of them and some fell from fear to superstitious cannibalism for lost Eternal Life and AntiDragoness. Human should have resist fear of Aging and Senility for their way removed from true Draconic Way. Though it was test and precious treasure for ises and Sages, Ordinaries enslaved to Garden of Temptation greatly grumbled to someone who was Unknown but offered their Fate of "Doom" to them. Once Daruda prohibited eating meat, but soon stopped that Order except to Sacred Classes because he eventually noticed it made troubles worse.

Miyo Rice Mother and Okerio Allgiver already taught the twin Bodkartu and Halisayan about another pass of Immortality, but Thalurzni well knew that Way was already corrupted by False Dragons and had risk to enslave whom those used that. He already had understood the Importance of his passion to his Wife was required for Understanding, so he decided to test her whether Halisayan and Bodkartu was suited to that Secret....because he must never have leaked that secret which conceived great risk of destruction to AntiDragons and ignorant Giants.

After his Journey to Ivaro Pool which concealed in Depth of Kahar after Metsylan Glory. He started making Pill of Immortality, and he searched the location of his "Yrtgal", which conceived his True Self as the Well to Daruda. He saw essense of his youthful Age in his Furnace and burned his negative Passion to Hatred, Self-Destruction, Corruption, and Greed. So Fire grew to Great Inferno in the his Inner Cosmos. He changed his Form of Child Age of Initiation Guild Hall Maze, he wandered long in the Furnace. But he couldn't have long found his Yrtgal.
(Plutarch: Both Yrtgal (Mystical States between Inner Dragon Arangolf and Self Consciousness) and Capertine? (Draconic Afterlife World) are EWF Drolgard School Terms applied to Similar Kralorelan Terms when we met in the University of Nochet, but nuance has possibility to Wrongness or Inappropriation.)

In the Middle of labyrinth, Arangolf which had Obsidian Black Scales asked him,

"Why do you need Pill of Immortality?"

"Because people often don't have enough Time to attain Enlightenment, that was requirement for Ascension."

"What is Enlightenment? Knowledge may only lead People to more entanglement of Garden of Temptation. Are you confident to the consequence?"

"Kralorelan Empire founded over that basement, Dragon Emperor is first Servant for Subject of Empire itself and model for Meditator between Materiality and Spirituality. Utuma is only Self Destruction if it didn't which created such as species of Beauty and Truth. It leads Reality and Pleasure for guarding Light from Darkness. If I cannot remain it, all will disintegrate to like now scattered Archipelago of Vithela, nightmare of Hankalo."

"So what is the role of your Wife, Emperor of Middle World?"

"I know tragedy of Imadsalash, all of Philosophy and Elements must be reorganized, who can dare to do that task? Daruda selected me for this Task. But that dangerous situation left me to closing Fallen Status, Halisayan will be anchor preventing me from self Destruction. Halisayan sacrificed Eternity for this Higher Status."

After that conversation, they fought against each other. And young Thalurzni realised then that he was ready to kill his long dead Father of Metalsmithy. He finished and gained the Drop of Golden Liquid coming from Mercury and Sulphur of storehouse.

He brought Pills from Furnace. And Halisayan drank half but offered her husband jointly taking. Hence another half became possession of Thalurzni though he once rejected which linked he and she, it would keep her between Capertine and Mundane World. Summerland Heaven which only hung lost glory of Vithalash of TarnGatHa. Later Halisayan devided Half of Land of Kralorelan Dead with Udam Bagur.

(Later, many of outsiders tried to steal this Secret even they didn't know meaning of Immortality in Mundane World. Some of them became automaton of "traditional" habit, another became mere ghosts possessing body of another in Mistaken Usage. Worst became False Dragons. But only Kralorelan Thalurzni Way has remained safety to that "Curse".)

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