Ouroboros was All, is All and will be All and Beyond. But possibility came from Impossibility, humanity came from Dragon. Cosmic Dragon came from Ouroboros, Grand Ancestral Dragon came from the Cosmic Dragon. Six Philosophical Elements, Ancestral Dragons came from Grand Ancestry. The One, most of most is TarnGatHa, First Ruler of Vithela, Splendid Land of East. Source of Mysticism and Truth. (Plutarch: They are Celestial Court of Spike (Imadsalash) in our Unified Mythology. But Kralorelans think they are all Draconic Existence. Please refer about my research of EWF Religion and Kralorelan Parallel.)

One day, Grand Ancestry decided to create Inhabitants of World which he and his sons had created, but there were no residents yet. And TarnGatHa ordered his most beloved son, HeenMaroun to create inhabitants most suitable in Limited Mundane World. HeenMaroun created Ebe from some Parts from Dragon, other Parts from Orxilli (his descendents are Giants, they have some resemblance to Humans in physically, but mentally No), Matter of Entanglement, he is most suitable existence in Limited World, World itself came from both Good and Evil.

But Other True Dragons mistakenly understood this world, and in the Land of Hemkarba (Dragon Pass), they bored their own Eggs and Poor Dragonewts hatched from this Area immaturely. They mistakenly conceived this world, and lost their identity and have wanted memory though in seeking the way to leave "Garden of Temptation" and wanted resting place Eggs though in the regreting vanity of Flesh in long samsara from that Ancient Day. Most of them eternally cannot escape from the cycle but most of luckies want only independence and selfish Ascension. (Some of these unhappy Dragonpuppies live in the Land of Splendor yet in . Golden Dragon have mercifully admitted their wretched existence in his Domain.)(Plutarch: As Brithini Concept to False Gods, Kralorelans see Great Ones of Otherside were humans who gained Great Power with some kind of method.)

But still uhappy Ebe was very Lonely, and mated with many non-livings and begot many False Races. Dragons gracefully forgave his errors, and made his right wife, Okerio. He and Okerio happily lived in Eastern Dragon Nest, and made many human families of Yellows. (Some of Non Yellow Humans birthed from Ebe and Okerio, but they soon refused blessing of Dragon from Fear and Doubt, and was banished from Blissful Eastern Land for Crime.)(Plutarch: It is Grandfather Mortal, but Vithelans saw Ebe and Okerio as the Primal Powers of Higher Gods as Cosmic Dancers, please remember it.)

Gods are Giants who admit (and are sometimes satisfied with) their false existence with Entanglement, but still cannot abandone their half-devided Nature for some reason and there are Heroes who are descendants of Ebe and Okerio but gain Great Power in Material World as Giants. Because of their weakness and understanding about Humanity, some of them became meditator and conciliator between Dragons and Humanity, becoming Subjects in the Court of Ancient Vithela and TarnGatHa. Dragon Emperors also have maintained their human form for saving their subjects from False Entity as Gods, but after all they eventually abandone their human form and let Selects go to Draconic World.

But Bad Giants still remembered the days escaped from Eastern Dawn, fear and lost in the Battle between Dragons and Giants, and chose living in Dusk and West of Great Mountains ShanShan. They are revered as AntiDragon from NonEastern Humans. Worst of them became False Dragons as Sekever, they disguised the Shape of True Dragons, and deceived innocents who sought Truth.

Dragons one by one bored with this world and departed from Middle World, and gradually descendants of Ebe have forgotten Draconic Truth and TarnGatHa who sat on the Highest Throne of Light. They started Worship of Gods, Idols which contain many similarity with Ancient Enemy of Dragons, Giants and Dream Ideal, Avanapdur. Some of Dragons still living in Middle World warned them. But many of them couldn't understand Greatness of True Dragons, and they fled from facing Truth except One. Most wise son of Ebe, Aptanace. TarnGatHa advised him escaping from Vileness of Dream and Oren Parond, and living under the Wing and Backbone of HeenMaroun. Aptanace first refused his suggestion out of fear with Western Evil Giants. But TarnGatHa taught him the vision of doomed future Vithalash, and finally he accepted, went Westernland with his family. TarnGatHa left Middle World after Aptanace's departure. Others who was forsaken from the blessing of TarnGatHa became Hankalo, who still revered TarnGatHa and HeenMaroun, but forgot their True Draconic Face. Many lands have sunk for because of their Errors. (Plutarch: We should always keep in mind to try Utilization and Unification in the manner of Middle Sea Empire cousins, we see this Age as the end of Green Age and Keltari War aka Awareness War.)

Finally Aptanace came to the Foot of ShanShan and Imadsalash. As he and his family came nearer, HeenMaroun showed larger his truebody and vastness, Aptanace happily admitted Safetiness of Kerendaruth, and his Sons started KraLor Cultivation since. Giants were barriered from East for the Backbone of HeenMaroun (He was called Korgatsu there), Aptanace taught Vithelan Glory to natives in the cource of Draconic Wisdom, some of them accepted and abandoned brutal way, but others foolishly ignored their ancestry from Ebe and left from Lowland. They forgot Draconic Ability of Shapeshifting and shift to minor status of Beastfalk, Hsunchen Shapeshifters. (Plutarch: This Point of View is highly biased to Kralorelans, we think this fact of historical-point is rather contrary: Hsunchens taught Draconic Trasformation to Kralorelans.)

Metsyla was the one of family members from great Thrunhin Dah, a brother of Great True Dragon who was still active at that time, but Metsyla emblaced broadly heretical mysticism of Hankalo for political generosity and his reign overly imbalanced to urbanized Life. He also knew the Greatness of Dragon HeenMaroun but made false rites for Great ShanShan Mountains, for this folly HeenMaroun sometimes appeared as Draconic Thunder Bolt from the top of the Mountains and Liberation Bolt of Darja Danad, but he has slipped to Deep Sleep without Dream since then.

Metsyla called himself Golden Phoenix Emperor and slighted Importance of Draconic Nature and made many Temples of giants for his wives. He too approved the Virtue of Generosity to admit shadow and fragileness of humble Residents, and addressed all people of his Empire would become Gods of his Temples. His domain included many World before Thrunhin Dah enraged his Arrogant Manner. After Storm Demon Kahar came to Deep Sea Court, Thrunhin Dah angrily called many Sea Dragons and Great Sea Dragon Samako (Sramake), they sank most of Great Abzered. Demonic Merman Zabdamar were born from Corpse of Demon Kahar, and have attacked Land Residents since then.

(Plutarch: End of Golden Age and Start of Gods War. We always find difficulty to identifying Vithelan Oorsu Sara with Mystical Age Orlanth, because they didn't keep simultaneous Celestial Record as Dara Happans. As we all know in One Timepoint of All Mythology, Sky went from Golden to Blue Color. Ehilm was killed by Worlath. Govemeranen was banished from Realm of Oorsu Sara in Insight War, who knows about thw accurate relations of these facts? I guess Osdero was killed in Middle Storm Age.)

Shavaya was an one of descendants of Western Giants, he came from the northern territory of devastated Kerendaruth Near Chern Durel and Hsunchens. Shavaya helplessly guarded his Land with his Golden Light which was bestowed by Great Star Mystics like Kendaramin, he knew the Existence of HeenMaroun but didn't know how he would make the Great Dragon wake from Torpor. He fought against Demons from Chern Durel and Western Broken World Chips. He made Solarstorm Third Eye Open, but it wasn't enough. After all, Sekever the False Dragon slipped in Kerendaruth and he deceived Subjects of Shavaya, let them rebel against Sincere Shavaya, he was tragically killed by his ignorant Subjects. Four Gangs of Philosophical Error. North Ignorance, South Sensation, West Materialism, East Illusion ravaged the Once Beautiful Land of KraLor.

(Plutarch: Cult of Ignorance had already come forth to Stage of Solarstorm and Bloody Sun, Shavaya fought against them with his all mystical potential in his Epic. He was the first and last Human Emperor in Kralorelan Royalline. Death firstly coming to "Luxury and Vanity of Abzered". Ebe was somehow killed by "Evil Demons" as Dara Happan Murharzarm and Praxian Daka Fal. )

Sekever was taught Marshal Arts from Herespur, servant of Avanapdur and Leader of Tali Antigods, he disguised Draconic Form from Chern Durel and killed Shavaya on the Hilltop of Dawn. He made the False Court of KraLor and let Demons mimic Parody of Golden Phoenix Emperor's Court. His Demon Army attacked Teshnos, Vormain under abused name of KraLor. At Worst Time, as Prophesy taught, Famous Mystic Daruda travelled to Hemkarba, in that land still living True Dragons guarded Wretched Dragonpuppies from evil arms of Demons. Daruda rescued Draconic Truth where it also was dying for the Change of World, and revived Flower of Truth, Wisdom of TarnGatHa and HeenMaroun. When he returned from Western Land, Nature itself woke with Intellectual Spirit (but even Daruda couldn't awake HeenMaroun), and Sekever couldn't remain his False Disguise. Darudan Dragons and Sekeveran living deads and demons crashed in the battlefield. Dragons perfectly destroyed Demons. Sekever in Fear fled from battlefield and never returned during the Reign of Daruda, Thalurzni and Mikaday.

(Plutarch: Avanapdur and Herespur wreaked havoc in the Realm of Hankalo, Opinion War. We identify this Event with Chaos Army and Devil breaking in Spike. Starting Great Darkness, Sky Color came from Blue to Black. Kralorelan has believed Sekever was hidding Vormain Inland during the reign of Daruda and Thalurzni)

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