His Son and Mikaday

Absalan was their beloved son, First immature Dragonson (Reign of Mikaday's Term: controlling harem (Women Quarter) of Imperial Court) of Halisayan and Thalurzni, but he didn't have Thalurzni's Brilliance but only his great Passion, didn't have Halisayan's great Mercy but her great Desire, AntiDragons secretly taught him that he would succeed his Father's Throne in the course of Metsylans, as many Archlords of that Age of Kralorela, Thalurzni well knew his son wasn't equal to that task, but his lost-Love held his hand from his own Self-Destruction. Last message of Halisayan bound him. That was the Change of World imposed to the Great Guardian, inevitably.

When Augustus pronounced next Emperor shall be Mikaday one of his Disciples when he awaked after Long Meditation, Thalurzni didn't please his words. Because he saw weakness of Mikaday in his great Generosity and Compassion itself. Gradually Stars and Planets returned to the Sky World, but Mikaday wandered ordinary people Lands for helping Weaklings and Children. While Absalan became great Warlords for Empire and gained great Fame from foolish ordinaries. Thalurzni also became to victim of Dilemma, which is weakness in his Concept. Thalurzni's Minister Han Majang became close friend of Mikaday, Empire seemed split into Two.

But kilins and phoenixes also came to celebrate the rightful Successor Mikaday, and stopped Thalurzni from any Action. That urged Absalan to break down his self-trust, forced to despairing and Terminal Action. He always saw why his Mother had lost before him so early because his father could not defend her. When Absalan rebelled against his father's court for taking Throne from Mikaday, Thalurzni finally and reluctuntly called army against him. Heaven itself groaned for that kinstrife.

The Cycle ended with last Tragedy, for father crushed the Army of his Beloved Son. Emperor's army drove army of Anti Dragons. But Mikaday knew there was no solution between father and son while Bloody War lasted. So he solely went to the location of Absalan's Escape.

While Thalurzni steeled himself to destroy his most beloved to Tent, he saw Mikaday blessed Absalan in dying bed and recorded last Words of Doomed Prince, Absalan gave last message to his Father and asked never such tragedy would occur again to his same kinds and died. (So never dragonsons and eunuchs can have become Emperor of Kralorela ever since.) Thalurzni realised only Compassion of Mikaday helped his son from ruining and understood the time when his Life was over as Daruda said, and then All was hollow to Void after following his Beloved son deceased. World changed during his reign. So he finally understood meaning of his limited Life.

"You win, now I will go Summerland Heaven and accompanied the route to Orvene with my precious Wife, but we acted well, didn't us?" Thalurzni asked,

"Yeah, you well acted." Mikaday replied to his Mentor.

Thalurzni crushed his Bell and summoned his Furnace and took the shape and form of Black Obsidian Dragon, and departed to Eastern Summerland Heaven. Many pleased Enthronement of Mikaday the Merciful, but some of wise People sorrowed at that damage to the World, because their World had lost again their most precious Treasure of Thalurzni's bravery, talent and Art.
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