Thalurzni and Halisayan

After Enthronement, he simplified some Draconic Ritual of Daruda and dismissed Officials who covered them. Reviving many traditions of Metsylan Civilization, making many Twinkling Trees for Illuminating from his Great Furnace still glooming roadways in that Age. He explained to his Subjects that New Way was required because Well to Heaven and Underworld in Puchai was closed after the Utuma of Daruda. Though they could not understand all of his Word, they could feel his great enthusiasm.

Early Days of Thalurzni Reign, he organized Great Office of Alchemy and Engineering selected from city dwellers and taught his way to help him. He deligently served for recovering wealth and material of Empire Sekever destroyed. Because even the Greatest of human could not make materials from Void after Dragons destroyed that secret for some purpose during the Age of Dragons. So he could only change nature of Materials rather than create it. He struggled for His great goal and could tirelessly continue that for his great ability and power. But his subjects were not so capable as himself or Metal Servents which he created. They gradually became unhappy.

He too was unhappy in the way of things because he didn't know pleasure and love well. But he was very accustomed to shortage and hardworking. Memory of past glory urged him ceaselessly. Though he made his subjects work hard, any of them could not blame him for laziness and traced escalation of his working. He extended Julang Hombomdol's network of Canals, irrigation and embarkment. Great Wall of Shah Yar Valley was builded where No shield of HeenMaroun and Thrunhin Dah barriered against AntiDragons. (In that Age, Iron Forts were not built yet.) He also made Great Garden which his subjects could use for Gathering and enjoying Festivals. But Thalurzni didn't have enough time to enjoy together with his subjects.

He always went around his Domain with many demigod engineers and artisans. They followed him with reverence and awe rather than love and trust. But anyway they could not oppose his Order and always required his help because he controlled Four Elements, he used many bones of Giants (metal) as his useful resources and many admirable treasures in the Age of Light Houses.

One day, he noticed he didn't have enough time to work and finish, because he have too many mundane work which anyone could do, but his ministers were already overworking. So he made some of his copy, Proxy Regents from his Furnace, he let them act as his substitutes in ordinary Formalities. They followed same manner of their Original and demanded same respect from Officials. People soon began to express displeasement to his treatment.

Han Majang was still young noble member in that Age, and didn't have any influence over Court later he got much. (he served three Emperors: Thalurzni, Mikaday and Vayobi.) but he felt uneasy about current behavior of his Emperor and went to the lair of the Great Sage Augustus for consulting.

Who is Augustus? None of us cannot tell it with conviction, He always lives in Kralorela from Unknown Age before No Recorded. Some of Kralorelans said he is the son of first great Giant but he betrayed his evil cousins and became First Disciple of Daruda, as Thalurzni was Last Disciple of him. But he requires Perpetual Corridor of Time to burn All of his essense of Giant to End of World returning to Cosmic Egg. Others believed he is an incarnate of great Vithelan Mystic Larn Hasamadour and he collects all of Mystery of World with meditation among the Root of Yothbedta before his Ascension. But these are all hypotheses and he always keeps silent about his origin.

When he counselled Han Majang, he was in very active mood of Early Cycle of World. He demanded short time for deliberation, and said.

Augustus: "Thalurzni is very capable, brilliantly intelletual and clever, but regrettably is not enough wise to attain True Great Dragon status. He may fall to same error as other many False Dragons lest we now help him. Proxies are Ill Omen. Because he proves he is still in changeable status to bad and Darkside. He starts to lose his inner Draconic Instinct. He can become very bad Tyrant because he knew only Duty but still didn't know Mercy. He cannot return back to Golden Age until Cycle will finish itself though he can make many Substitute Trees of Maluraya and Moon." (Plutarch: What is Moon? We have again and again found the same term in ancient Eastern Texts, but only we can find that Moon is a term or title of some Series of Planets which have some specialized Personality....such as Blue Streak.)

Majang: "Intelligence beyond Power always makes human unhappy. But what can we do? His intelligence and Imagination themselves barriered him from resting and accepting Originality of the World."

Augustus whispered in Meditation Form: "We can teach him the Beauty of Garden of Temptation what Dragons made with their Utuma. We can present him a beautiful woman within Metsylan tradition and make her his wife."

Majang: "But Daruda didn't have any woman..."

Augustus: "But his Ancestor Metsyla had many wives and concubines. Maybe he will think he should accept if we present only One woman and we can fix him to perfect circle of Ouroboros."

So they sought appropriate wife for Thalurzni.

Halisayan and her elder sister Bodkartu was born in City Hsian Wan. Her poor mother was verginally impregnated for bathing in the Lake of Nephilim, which had Legendary riversource of blood River flown from a vein of Celestial Giant. (Plutarch: We have identified this Twins Halisayan and Bodkartu with Pelorian Goddess Dendara & Gorgorma, I have seen they are fundamentally Great Theistic Daemon of Theistic Circumstance before Mysticism of Vithela was imported to this Eastern Genertela Area.) She and her sister were different from each other as Light and Shadow, but they are very close not only for Blood but Power affinity. Halisayan became very beautiful and wise woman in Kralorela, and was nominated to Sibilline Priestess of land and Sky connection who controlled Sky Planets and Roof. She has already got great love and reverence from Kralorelan Commoners for her great power of Prophesy and Healing as "Source of Compassion" when Augustus met her.

But Halisayan didn't need to marry any Men as Thalurzni didn't. She believed one was Enough, two was Surplus. She didn't want to be the one for Only One but only one for everybody. But Augustus and Han Majang knew what was Best. And the two gave an account of futuristic risk which Thalurzni conceived in heart, but she denied the Woman who they seek might be she, but the two was most patient and magnanimous of Empire, so she told them she would accept their request if they could resolve her difficult Three Problems, she thought them impossible to settle.

First she made request to sent letter to her father though she didn't know even her father's name for traditional Wedding under Metsylan tradition needed permission of both Fathers. Han Majang thought her father maybe one of AntiDragon Ruler which gained celestial power during Wars of AntiDragons, and was afraid of her Blood polluting noble Dragon's Blood, but Augustus scolded him and taught him how TarnGatHa tamed Evil Dragon who later becoming Mother of HeenMaroun during the Creation Age. (Plutarch: Dogsalu) So Han Majang gradly understood and started his Searching, he finally succeeded to find name of her Father Giant in the List of Godheads. So he and Augustus went to Sky World and showed her father glory of Draconic Power and Spirituality. So he came to Middle World with the two Sages, and the father and the daughter reluctantly admited their Bondage.

Second, she wanted to see the Secret of Draconic Mystery which concealed from anyone except chosen Draconic Mystics. She well knew that such wedding required her most valuable Treasure in her Innocent Day, which was now lost in the end of World for her tender heart. Han Majang wanted to suggest she should make more graceful request, but Augustus stopped him because he understood her hidden will and gathered all of Draconic Mystics who still awaked in Inner World and didn't go to Draconic Realm, gradually one of Green Serpent discovered her Hair Ornament of Jade and Coral in western edge of Sea, it concealed her Secret Passion. She received it with Sorrow and Awe because it might bind her to fate.

Halisayan finally and desperately asked, "I cannot get married to any men until my elder sister Bodkartu marrying with someone before me." So Augustus and Han Majang tried to seek husband for Most Horrible Woman, so they went to Underworld and asked to Udam Bagur (Plutarch: We don't know who was so called in the reign of Thalurzni is of same identity to who is called with same Title, but he is Exarch of Hell who has administrated Sinful Souls during Cycle of Reincanation and purify their Sin under Order of Dragon Emperor. Because Kralorelans don't admit authority of heaven not connected to their World Center, Dragon Emperors. Even Most Hierarchical People Dara Happans didn't add such authority to their Autocrat, they separated Murharzarm from Yelm!) for collecting of Bill of Gambling, so he could not decline their ask to wedding to most Ugly Goddess. Bodkartu gladly rode on him and sent message to her sister that she graciously accepted her present.

So finally Halisayan could not deny their request, hence they three went to the Court and Proxies was crushed immidiately to see her Beauty incomprehensible, So Thalurzni couldn't help himself to saw her against his own will. The Two combined tightly with their Hatred to each other and similar personality. Because both of Two knew they would lose something. But people rejoiced their sacrifice for Stability and Inner Peace. So that pair gradually became Good married Couple. Thalurzni sensed the intervention of Trick which the Two conspired. But he could not make sure what they wanted. So he ordered Augustus Seclusion as Punishment, Two Times of mass Work to add work of Han Majang. They graciously accepted these punishments what they wanted, and departed.

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