Antidragon Army and Ignorance

Thalurzni let one of his subject and great mystic student, Hua Lowchu become a Devotee of Kabalt, because he soon understood that is the another Persona of HeenMaroun. He sent off the army of Kralorela to Jankley Bore and Sha Yar Valley, though he didn't trust his foreign auxiliaries. Only school of Darja Danad was greatly supported, and though Darja died on the halfway to Sortum, his Disciples would have finished that Task.

But at last, AntiDragons enslaved Thalurzni, because he never permitted himself escaping from his Furnace, his Masterpiece even encircled by AntiDragon horde by treachery of some of his subject. He hid in his own Furnace instead of abandoning his Great Work. Neither Antidragons could break nor work his Furnace for lacking such Art or skill.

Instead of that, they brought it into their deepest dungeon of Irenamalash, Home of Babadi and Taktari, they had a hard time trying to open or break it, but they could not succeed. Thalurzni fell to difficult Situation and he could do only ways of Meditation which bestowed some Orthodox Mystical Power over him. He prevented them from Opening of his Furnace using one of such Power.

Thalurzni still didn't know all Secrets of Daruda, for his Greatmess, he needed far more than standard level of Disciplne. (Plutarch: Yelm was confined to underworld in Kralorelan Version, but Kralorelans think underworld hell of Udam Bagur administration which punishes and cleanses the souls of Guilty and many Headquarters of Antigods perfectly divided. So that was not variety of Lightbringer's Quest mythology. Connection to Stellar Knowledge of KataMoripi and Dendara doesn't appear evidently in that mythology.)

Han Majang coldly told Halisayan that it was her duty that all subjects of Empire must tried to exchange all possession for Imperial Welfare and Brightness of Dragon's body. All of Imperial regions became turbulent for Vacancy of Throne and Rightful Empire. He said that was why Halisayan taught compassion to limited World and permitted Evil living.

She knew her Time was over. She smiled sadly to her child Absalan and departed to go long Journey to Stronghold of Antidragons. Halisayan went to Stronghold of Antigods with only her Twin-sister Bodkartu. Later Han Majang repented his cold Words. She covered her with her Veil of Illumination which bestowed Invisibility for many residents of Inner World, Demons and Spirits who don't know Enlightenment. But Demons which had same Illumination easily could see through it.

Bodkartu once advised her refusing to help such a foolish Husband. But Halisayan now drank jointly Pill of Immortality for Thalurzni's Effort. Bodkartu went with Halisayan's Darkest Road but refused to go Inner Chamber of Sekever where even her darkest Will fade with Evil Sorcery of the Falsedragon. Halisayan lonely went to Depth of Earth.
(Plutarch: Many of Kralorelans questioned where she went, some insisted that is Diamond Mountain, and Destruction which Dragon made before history caused Octamonism to Mostali, but there was not any authensity God Time alliance of Mostali and Circle of Eastern AntiGods, many Godlearners now think to put that entrance existed to the more Northeastern location, Chern Durel or Koromandol near to Sortum.)

Because Thalurzni well knew Babadi has not any such arts to controll such artifacts until someone would have taught about that though their false self confidence was obstinate, because they never admit Genius coming from Freedom...After all, Babadi artisans and Taktari technologists abandoned planning to dismantle Furnace with Anger, so they invited Sekever from the edge of the World, and let him breakthrough that Construct of his grand Pattern with power of Coiling and Hagging. He sensed Coming of Halisayan, but he wanted to get her in the Stronghold of False Dragon, so made Guardians freely induce invaders as he could torture her before Furnace of Thalurzni. (Plutarch: Difference between Octamonist and Orthodox Decamonist?)

Thalurzni began Thaumatagic style Meditation in the Confinement before him, and he started to make ready to Utuma. He still have didn't know all his requirement for Utuma. If it would have finished, he eventually became too Powerful, but False Dragon, that was along trickery of Sekever and the Atyari. So often he could not barrier his quick Temper to react. Sekever whispered to him Doubt which appeared one of his Characteristic, Sekever said Empire already abandoned him and appointed New Emperor. But his lie didn't fully work when Halisayan invaded to Pandemonium.

Sekever easily saw through her Veil of Illumination and ordered his slaves to capture her. Demons and Antidragons encircled her without Guard of her Sister's Claw and Fang, and gladly took her Inner Chamber of Irenemalash, where she wanted to enter in, but there was all of Members of Pandemonium took part in the Great Feast and Banquet of Sekever, and they always atrociously wanted Bloody Entertainment in their Gathering, so she survived at that time, if she could please them for a Moment, it also intervened Thalurzni's Utuma.

Other Tricks were exchanged between Halisayan and Sekever.
Halisayan asked,

"Would you let me show and taste my Music of All of Cycles of Life and Death? Which will open the Furnace and liberate my husband, we will present that Treasure you as ransom of our Life. You cannot convince my hunband merely Torture of his Maid-Wife."

Sekever grinned,

"If you can do it, sooner is better, or Our Huan Toos will eat from your soft flesh to marrow of your bone. If you cannot do that, we will torture you and force him to open from Inside."

The two knew each other well. She well knew if AntiDragons knew his System of Furnace for his uncompleted Utuma, effect of the tragedy should have vast.

Halisayan played the music with tuning the Furnace of Thalurzni in front of Many AntiDragons, they whipped her endlessly while she tired out and fell because they routinely enjoyed her Agony and her Beauty, so she again tried to awake Thalurzni and stop his Utuma. Halisayan fascinated them with sacrifice of her spiritual Essense. Her blood colored Scarlet her small legs and feet, and Demons laughed at Cowardice of Thalurzni.

But if he abandoned her, he would became AntiDragon, and Kralorelan Future would have fallen to Darkest Doom. Because Secret of Furnace and Alchemy would reveal before False Dragons if Thalurzni went to False Dragon's Side, if he could not distinguish "Nysalor" and "Arkat". But she eventually finished all of Cycles of Life and Death. That Music of trick played primal status in the Court of TarnGatHa before Dragons and FalseDragons split...Very peaceful Age. One by one they fell to sleep and even Sekever slipped to deep Coma. (Plutarch: I think I applied appropriate Term for our Understanding of Situation.)

Banquet of AntiDragons ended with their all sleeping for her magical Power. She finished all of Cycle and used it's magic for binding Consciousness of AntiDragons, even Sekever fell asleep. But sacrifice was great, if she didn't drink Pill of Immortality, she would perfectly vanished to Void and Oblivion at that time, but Pill let her escape to Summerland Heaven which made for Source of Compassion. She cried with both Blue Tear and Red Eye. (Plutarch: Many Kralorelans have used this combination as Symbol of Sorrow in their drama.)


"Why is and What is so much for your cry and mourning?"

"That was Answer why I once coherently opposed idea to wed to you, you will never distinguish why and whether for I sacrificed myself....For Empire...or you? That is the limitation of...Garden of Temptation." she knelt down before the furnace of her husband, crumbled down and died.

So it revealed what is "Source of Compassion",
Finally Halisayan died for her heart broken for that hardship before his Furnace which strongly Chained by AntiDragons and coiled by Sleeping Lord Sekever's Body, but final entreaty and catalysis of his Wife awaken his Innerself, and Black Dragon of Thalurzni shattered and blew off the Shackle and Chains. (He let his Furnace draconic shape of Black Serpentine.)

He realized his Innerself always living in his Masterpiece, and he destroyed sleeping Sekever's Body, his First and Last low-down Trick and he sobbed for he could not help Halisayan and broke his enemy with Dirty Trick rather than Righteous Duel. But he could not do that lest he awake whole of members of Pandemonium. So humanity and Draconic Esoterica bridged, he called Great Storm and left great Palace of AntiGods.

But he knew he could not destroy that AntiDragon merely a Physical Blow and Spirit of Sekever as Dark Mist escaped Hall of Evil to Eastern Land. Returning Kralorela with his beloved wife's Corpse. He knew he would never meet her again until he eventually would abandone all of his possession under the Garden of Temptation. So he must have waited for His Ascension and watched their child-Prince grew.

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