Why there is no Great Darkness in the Continent of Vithela?

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Dear Nils:

I have still read your recommended book "Yoga: the Discipline of Freedom" but haven't finished it yet. I began to read and to learn the idea of Patanjali for I don't know enough about Greg's primal idea to mysticism and his (or Joseph Campbell's, or Patanjali's attitude) to other mystical disciplines of RW like Buddhism, Taoism and influence to Western Culture like Alchemy and Gnosticism that I relatively have knowledge about them rather than about Indian Mysticism.

God Age ended, and Time began.

Every culture explains what occured when the World nearly destroyed.

Orlanthi: Heort's I fought and we won, Cosmic Compromise
Dara Happan: Others begged to Bijiif Yelm in Underworld, Shargash's Destruction
Malkioni: Great Blast of Zzabur and Malkion the Sacrifice

In the culture of Theyalan People, something occured when the World was sundered by Gods and Mortals egoism derived from Individualism of Golden Age that started from the dualism of Green Age, You might see it as a similarity of the process of development from baby coming to self realization and rebellus age to adolescent and maturity. If World can be identified with one entity like Goddess Glorantha, Tareltara, Cosmic Dragon, Arachne Solara, Durapdur or something else...She was the womb who cared babies until they should get maturity.

(In the description of HW 1st Edition, Sorcery World, Theistic World and Animism World have their own realms before Gods War, mingled and submerged under the War, and after Compromise changed utterly, and independently exist and contact only through Middle World. I don't know how to harmonize the idea of it and Greg's original? idea, or why there wasn't Unified Concept of Mystical Other Side. (though I can make some hypotheses for it.)

And in Gods War and Great Darkness, everyone realized they can destroy their World if they don't want to help others and / or don't ask help from others, (at least in Theyalan Mythology) and chose to help each other in the desperate Battle of I fought, we won. It might be the part of reason why Vithelans don't know Great Darkness.

<<Mashunasan tells us that the stories and myths of the gods are not what they seem to be. Mashunasan tells us that the gods and demons of the universe are only the collective reflections of the inner turmoil of people. Mashunasan tells us that if mortals calmed themselves these turmoil would cease, whether it be the annual typhoons or the predations of the shark pirates.

Mashunasan tells us that the stories and myths which people think are about gods are only about the inner lives of the mortals. Mashunasan tells us that they are an allegory of consciousness.

Mashunasan tells us that myth of the world ages is only a person's recollection of his own state of consciousness. Mashunasan tells us that each of these is a hint about how a person can rid himself of delusion and find inner peace and detachment. Mashunasan tells us that an individual's state of consciousness can be determined by which method of liberation he is aware of and uses in daily life.

Mashunasan tells us that the World Ages are really about this:

The Cosmic Wars are tales to show the struggle between a person's base desires (arising from their physical self) and their higher self. Taken in reverse order, these trace the ascent of consciousness from that of a beast to beyond the gods.

The Fourth Cycle, of the Demigods, is the Opinion War. This is the story of how Individual Consciousness regains unity with Group Consciousness. When Avanapdur takes over most of the world it is the submission of one's self to illusions, unrealistic dreams, and insubstantial versions of truth. Mashunasan says that a person must first rid themselves of their own self delusions before attempting to attain the Truth.

The Third Cycle, of the Gods, is the Insight War. This is the story of how an entity regains a mystical unity with World Consciousness. Oorsu Sara obtains that Insight and conquers the three worlds, yet fails. Mashunasan destroys the ultimate demon, yet Mashunasan refuses to rule, and instead allows emanations take over. Mashunasan says that a person must avoid all temptations of power which insight will inevitably bring.

The Second Cycle is the Awareness War. This is the story of how a being with World Consciousness regains unity with Universal Consciousness. Keltari and Sedsaru are the powers from beyond life and death. Mashunasan says a person must overcome the unity with being which is offered.

The First Cycle is the Consciousness War. This is the story of how an individual with Universal Consciousness regains unity with the Primordial nonconsciousness, and is the last stage in Liberation. When Dogsalu kidnaps Yothenara it shows the highest temptation of the individual to be one with the highest consciousness. Mashunasan says a person must overcome their own higher consciousness to obtain Liberation.

Mashunasan tells us:

Now is the Realization War. We see about us many with Individual Consciousness who indulge happily in Partial Consciousness and willingly worship the Antigods, or practice perverted methods to exploit the power of meditation. Indulgence in this will bring suffering and help in the evil, no matter what you do.

Seek the Masters who live among you, find the Guest while you are alive, and settle in the Serenity of Detachment. >>

If Mashunasan told truth, Gods War and Great Darkness occured only in the Mind of Our Ancestor and Mystical Gathering Subconsciousness and there MIGHT BE no difference between Body and Mind at that age. As you might point out, Mysticism cannot avoid the idea of solipsism as a weak point to Materialists as Peter Metcalph hinted in his article about Illumination, because WE have only the Material World in common. For Material World is Illusion.

I think some of Manifest Mystics confused and misinterpreted the concept, aphorism and metaphor of Orthodox Mystics like Mashunasan about his Microcosm and Macrocosm from the POV of Orthodox Mysticism. As many RW Marshal Art sect, I suppose many Gloranthan Martial Artists have " superstitious" idea to human body and its portions. Like chakras of Yoga,
Maybe some of Gloranthan Martial Artists point out a portion of their body as "Portion of Universal Consciousness" or sort like this term.

Anyway, you might recommend I should learn more about this topic. I don't understand why some of Cultures don't know about Cosmic Compromise and difference of Gods Age and History.

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