History of Sekinaga Half-isle and Citadel near Keydaladi Isles
This Martalaki Kushinada Sect has existed since Mokatans and GL empire struggle.
during 20th Dynasty Civic War, once navy of Vormai and Colormagic Barrier abandoned this area for Tactical and Political need, and half-natives of Kushinada was hired by Golden Mokato and confronted Miracles of Papa Valkaro, converted to Malkionism.
As Contempolary event, with some accidental and unknown reasons,
Hannohari ("Invisible Tanisorian"Handal Faarman?) from GL Empire was engulfed by Magical Stream Barrier with most Precious Treasure, Magatama:
Now, 21th Dynasty House saw Existence of Sekinaga Citadel as Remnants of 20th Dynasty and dangerous Rebels.
Kuromiya House authority ruled and invaded more and more Sekinaga regions under Imperial Order.
Desperate formation after Asato Kuromiya killed Takanari Kushinada at Sorrow Cliff
Now as both political leader of Kushinada clan and Sibil of Jewel, Princess Sera Kushinada daughter of Takanari stand against Treacherous Kuromiya Intrigue and Greed.

Crooked Jade Jewel (Magatama) of Sekinaga:
This artifact was Cause of ancient Godlearnish reproduction, and has enabled to political endurance to Kushinada Clan Malkionism. Mad Holy Spirit of Hannohari surrounds his guardian Sybil Sera (only Kushinada Clan Royal Family Sybil can access and succeed.) and used to be Tool of Clan. It contains many Secret Magical Powers and Functions for usage of Clan Military Tactics and Politics from Ancient Age Power stolen from Absured Sunken Land.

Hinterland Politic
(Near Heisidik Isle) Provisional Navy Post, Kuromiya enforcers take constantly oppressive and Martial Lawful custom: Kushinada has struggled with this power for long years. For Half -Natives never admitted to return Homeland, their Vormai tradition sometimes became Nostalgic, half-disparage arrogance, moist or dump Traditionalism.

Desire to Pilgrimage to Sogolotha Manbrola
Today Sybil of Jewel Sera Kushinada dreamed their salvation as one of her discipline
with pilgrimage to the end of Western continent, this ambiguous dream hinted Bright Grave of Sword and Crossed Heroquest Hrestol Rune and High Priest of Sekinaga Isle Syuusei Sakahaya
expected Physical and Matrial victory from pilgrimage. He declared not pilgrimage but Crusade:
Of course, most worshipers are more realistic (pessimistic) and only expected their own mental salvation by devote to religion, but they also want to see Holy church Cathedral before Death and extinction of their Sect under local Vormai Heretical enforcer with assistance of local mysticism Nendureni

Zaktirra Viridian (Deep Green) Magic
this Vormai secret only accessed by Mother Land Vormai and used by Royal Navy? admittance. This Magic effected Ships and Clues must accept constant hostility from Sea Powers and Natives "Extogalias"
for their "dicomfort smell" and this magic caused Vormai Succeed for their isolation during long ages, only Crooked Jewel accessed some freedom and neutralize power with Tskanthi Fog Pirates and Triolini Slaves.

Recruit of Clues for Great Pilgrimage!

Kushinada clan recruits clues on Ship for pilgrimage: very very long travel and many must be killed by trouble for religious reason. (First they must cross Sea of Fog Area) They want to select without picking and choosing for Emergency:
Mercenary section under Blacksword Order will not exclude no-Malkioni Rebels: Waking Magicians, Foreign God theists (some people call them as Antigods)
Tsankth skilled sailor, Weaponmasters from foreign region are also welcomed if they want being against Vormai-Kuromiya Isles authority.

Even Farlander from Orlanthi and Issaries Land who have Tradetalk fluency are required for Genertelan expected long way and emergency call.

Requiremet Conditions are:
1) Imperial (Vormai) Language Forbidden for Journey Recording of Travel are written with Tradetalk (English)
2) Aim for guard Princess Sera Kushinada and Crooking Jewel Secret: She is only know Crooked Jewel Power with Suitable Rite and Way. Though she hasn't comfessed about this rite clearly, some Initiates believe this Pilgrimage is used for Salvation of This Clan Domain.

Important Participant for Pilgrimage

High Priest Syuusei Sakahaya
this devotee to his church once argued about cult doctrine with missionary from Ambovombe and was secretly distressed for religious gaps. Once he contacted with Magical Messenger Dove Gaiseron "Mystic" (this eastern flavoured word indicates?)

Hrestoli Knight Alonso Idoranea

This thrill seeker has now deep trust by Princess Sera for his education of many languages and bravery.

Princess Sera Kushinada
She was once proposed marriage by son of Overlord before battle of Sorrow Cliff.
famous for her beauty and Knowledge of Elder Absered and Vithelan Tradition

Tsai Chen (Sei Chin) Blackblade
This Halfblood of Kralori and Vormai is very famous for his "Terrible Swift Sword" skill: He was Disciple of Kralorelan Swordmaster Imolo Wen of Boshan and given Blacksword of Asama and master title for Sword and Martial Arts, he has topped on Mercenery unit of Sekinaga Citadel for long time.

Naomi Sister Mercy
She was most reliable servant of Princess and her bestfriend

Ayase Ibana Grey Magician some Martalaki Magic
This strong and reliable wizard intention to participation to Travel was astonishing effect to Clan Hope,
Threat to Kuromiya.
He once footed on Motherland of Vormai and saw Black Flag of Imperial army before banishment, but it was scarcely occasion he will mention about it.

"Fleeing Depth" Keet
This Friend of Died Lord Kushinada was notorious for many reason, but he is successor of Strong Dream Magic Way,
and once pledged only using for his powerful but wicked magic for the Family of Crooked Jewel Guardian.

Stygian Heresy
Tales of The reaching Moon #13 categorize this word as Joint worship between monotheism and polytheism using both sorcery & theistic magic society, but later this word became only application to Arkati Stygian Imperial Influence. so it excludes middle Age Talorism, Syanoran, Carmanian, and western Lunars.
(I used "feudal" word for middle age because RW Japan and Europian historical term made this application as equal, but of Cource, China and Persian ,etc other areas ignored by this concept in general)

I say Vormai Hinterland Valkarism isolated by long time during Closing and Color Magical barrier see below
and they may only memorized Malkionism some differ from local polytheism false gods worship
as against power of local enforcer except Holy religious castes. They only know more detailed malkioni teachings, but they also don't know mainstream Valkarism differed from their religious teachings gapped by long historical changes.

Martalak Sorceror
Some Eastern Logician called Martalak may find Mystery and secret power of crooked jewel and intrigued stealing this power with theft for Secret is only owned by Kusanagi House and expects finding some profit from their disturb to Pilgrimage and urged Kuromiya Daimyo? House to get this secret

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