Note of Lightfore / or Planet of Reverse Sun

It is high-risk propose in still Changing World at most "HEROWARS" appearance more than my Dayzatar writeup .

This mysterious Planet, called"Antirius" in Vonlath, " Idojartos" in Pelandan, and "Yelorna" in Prax and Ralios, "Laragar" in Imther is Enigma even for most Reverend and Erudite Buseri.-
-word of Irripi Ontor

I have read "young god" myth of GROY head p.83, but IMO, in spite of this idea seems to be natural for Gloranthan night sky, existence of "another Yelm" who repeats constantly Die and Revive is unfit to other Dara Happan mythology, (and same Head admits there are a variety of mythology else about nature of Lightfore. )

Today, Lunarized Dara Happans see Antirius as Lightfore, but I think Antirius seems to be Judaic austere, cruel, jealousy entity rather than Young God's humane personality. So I have some absurd imagination turning this theme into fitted for Dara Happan Euphemeris:

(Old Wyrm's Footprint mentioned some Lightfore's Mysticism in the head of Polaris, as a son of Polestar and grandson of Dayzatar, his hero cult have existed from Darkness and guided Heroquestors to road of Apotheosis and coming to Planet as consequence. He was first Planet in this document.)

No.1 Simply, Shadow of Yelm (but Shadow of Yelm is theoretically, Basko or Kuzkurtum. ) "Moon Shadow" concept is perhaps suitable for it, like Great Sister to TakenEgi. (Sun Shadow is Sheng Seleris, incarnation of Kuzkurtum.) Dara Happan deligent and innocent Yelorna? Beautiful Princess who flee from Father's front every day in Some reason.

No.2 Yuthuppan View: Last Avatar of Dayzatar or Zayteneras: see Mithos below.
Family of Lost King. Flex Arraz in GROY, Lux became brother of Dayzatar from members of Dayzatar's child, Polaris and Ourania in WF. They have been made from only his will, without Womb.
He watchs out disorderous deeds of night Goddess, Netta. and he swims Sea of Mystery every night, and rules the Half of the Cosmos. (The rest half is dominated by Yelm as Daytime.)

No.3 Some Raibanthi: Corpse or Revived Body of Murharzarm or Khorventos. He lives a live a live of Human in Night of World, Mandane Agony. Annual traditional rite and liturgy only makes his annual Rebirth. If it fails once, Kazkutum reappeared. He reigns the Dead World after Bijiif returned to Heaven.

No.4 some Alkothian insistion: Crucified Lodril or Ghelotralas?
He hastily sank too Deep, and was grasped by Dark Monster and robbed of his Heart (Mind?). He was released with Yelm's Illumination. But again hastily tried to defeat disorder Planet, Kargzant. His weakened body was overwhelmed and eaten by Barbarian Horse. Hopefully, the digest system of the Horse couldn't accept his fire, (poison?) His self-sacrifice was not worthless. Kargzant should constantly and unsteadily flee from front of Yelm. (In spite of his condition, great Shargash oversaw night sky, for just order.)

(No.5 Pentan view, weakened Antirius=Yelm )

(No.6 Lucifer,See here if you want to see the idea about it).

Yuthuppan Mythology of Lightfore:
Bijiif-Yelm still was confined beneath the Underworld, polluted with Darkness. His first messenger, brutal Shargash was bound to Southpath by order of Kargzant. Though he tore Kuzkurtum in pieces, condition became worse.

Because the unconscientious servant of True Sun divided the Cosmos selfishly to his Subordinates like Vettebbe and companions. One of those was Umathil the Disruptor, and another was Black Netta, son of Umathil Urnbudud, Living-Corpse of Tyram, blue Lorian, Ulurda, etc. Kargzant has called "New Yelm" himself, they repeated the Cycle of agreement and rivalry, trying to stir up and break the law of Primolt.

In Celestial Court, the Three already returned. And debated about this.
Polaris steadfastly spoke to his uncle, Arraz about how much Lodrilite suffered and anguished. But Arraz who was most sebservient to Dayzatar's word replied bitterly,

"Sufferings always betrayed Brightness of Primoltus."

"Though Time is not over yet, please teach the way, Uncle."

Ourania interceded her Uncle, and said,

"Yes, Time is not over. The Time Dayzatar returning, and Lodrilites still want Torch."

Polaris questioned irritatingly
"So why cannot Antirius reascent heaven?"

Ourania gently answered,

"The remaining Pneuma of Dayzatar we keep this Court prevents him from Ascending once more. For he is ashamed of Pollution, unless we give up this, he never can."

Polaris was at aloss for a while, but at last nodded.
The Three sang an Ancient Song, and the Pneuma distilled by their will, bore "the Young God". The Child God have a golden Bridle-rope with right hand, and Obsidian Kriss-Knife with left hand. He drove the horse Kargzant and bridled. Main others frightenened Dayzatar's glory and submissed. After this event, all of Rebellous Stars keep their movement constant (even Disruptor), and subordient to General Polaris and his Wife, Goddess of Dance.
The Dara Happan people much pleased to see Antirius again, except Dayzatarian priests: they grieved their god and Primoltus going further. but Tomastus Singer consoled them with his word,

"The time will come. Primoltus will return. And Holy Flame will burn all Evil."

Non-Committal Note of Crazy Buseri:
Prosperous Era of Dara Happa:
1: Of course, Golden Age of Murharzarm (fall by flood)
2: Anaxial Dynasty, Urvairinus reign (fall by collapse)
3: Nysalorian Empire (fall by greed)
4: General Kastok or Castokum (fall by civil war)

Anti-Lunar powers in Dara Happa:
(Dara Happan rebellion again)

1: some members in cult of Shargash and Dayzatar mystics
2: Illuminates against Order of Day, traditonal Jernotians, Nysalorians and Arkati
3: White Moonies
4: Followers of Lukarius who shot the moon goddess in Godtime and enslaved her as slave.
5: Cult of Kuzkurtum, Zolathi and Sheng Seleris, Ganesatarus, Parg Ilisi and other Dangerous Terrorists.
6: Dragonewts and other Dragon society in unreasonable drive, one more Dreams agitated by Jar-eel and
7: Feminists of Entekos and Gorgorma=JagaNatha

Glorious Reascent of Yelm Ivory Edition

p40: reign Vuranostum111,035-072 (35-72ST) Tomastus, whose songs heard by Dayzatar and brought him back to wakefulness. As a result, the stars were more visible to the priests there.

after Vuranostum died:

111,111 (111ST) p42: this was signalled the end of Darkness, for the day and night switched places. Comment2: Switched places. this confusing statement was interpreted to mean that Antirius and Kargzant rose at same time, and that Kargzant was eclipsed or (less commonly) renamed, and that later (in111,221) the true Sun rose in the same manner

p.83: "Young god" , nomad belief

FS (1995)
p.15: Dardaggus the Carnibal aka Eater of Flesh
Antirius declared that all other heavenly bodies would fall away from him, invisible during his passage, and day would no longer be confused with night.

In Aztec Mythos of RW, the Sun have changed four times:

In Grey Age, (after Kazkurtum,
before Sun making other stars invisible as RW.)
"Kargzant", "Antirius", and "Lightfore" are perhaps confused even with Yuthuppan constant eye of Buserian. And, these Planets have Yellow color and go Sunpath, return to almost same position with day interval. GROY and FS don't mention which Two or Three existed during one period.

And Today, Pentans believe the Sun is "Kargzant" and Dara Happans believe it is "Yelm" which one time switched or changed from "Antirius", and "Lightfore" (some Dara Happans thinks it was switching "Antirius") accurately rises and sets in position as Sun in night period.

Sometimes Gloranthan Sun stopped 375 and even went Backward? 475? (AFAIK in River Styx head of cult book: Troll Gods) in history. Barbarians in the World Council of Friends believes "Kargzant" or "Lightfore" is "Antirius" which never rose in GROY at 0ST of their Calender (Reference to timeline of Lastpage BCG.)

"Lightfore" is always merely a title for people who cannot access his inner secrets as well as that of "Polestar".

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