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Entekosiad "Agadelos"
Websites of Nick Brooke and Loren Miller, especially "Carmanos"
Ikadz Cult Writeup of Loren Miller
Ogre Talon says in Shadows on the Borderland
Vivamort Cult Writeup of Ian Thomson
Krarsht Writeup of Lords of Terror (Avalonhill Inc.)
Eastern Mythos from Greg Stafford

Zends of Zoroastrianism
Old Testament "Job"
Plato "Symposion"
John Milton "Paradise Lost"

Ganesatarus, the Lord of Evil and Lie was called Estoro in the Mythology of Oronin (Entekosiad p. 52)
and as GanEstoro in the early cycle of Arir Huntress Mythology (Entekosiad p. 67, 75) with changed
characteristic as its counter part, Idovanus, called VioVanus in the earliest cycle of people of Log
and as a one of Seven High Jernotian Gods before Carmanos induced the idea of Romanakrin.

YarGan the Blue King also appeared several Pelorian Mythologic Cycles with different names,
as a patron of Blue Sorcerers of West, and leader of the First City of Kendesos, he was called
Arganum in the Myth of Dara Happan Emperor Urvairinus, Kiyargan by Some of Bull People,
or simply Blue King by the Pelandan city people.

This lecture was opened in 112,615YS deep tunnel circle of Gray Mountain with help for digging of
many Krashitide horde.

The Two Illuminated Jernotian Priests say:
Hail to the Sacred Statue of Agadelos!
Eloquence hear sacred speech from Mystics:

"King of Hell, namely, is King of Flesh. Blood is Wine"
"and King of Celestian is Key, Loser of Soul. Meat is Bread."
"I am Vivamorti, Fazzik Tilom Adolem, and a scholar of blasphemous God Learner Empire"
"The reason why I lead this rite of Ganesatarus is for practical term and purpose to make Great Moon
Empire victorious. Their great object to unify all over the world and coming of Hopeful White Moon.
I grip the One Face of Two Ganesatarus faces to West."
"I am Red Talon of Agathodaimon (Ogres call Cacodemon, damned nature as this), the bloodline
of Great Family from Wakboth: the reason why I participate in this worship of Ganesatarus is the One,
Creator always hating us. So I too is created as the Steel Whip of the One, the great Love of Paradox
to coerce and punish You, I grip the Another Face of two Ganesatarus faces to East, and I also learn
from working of Nigrus Arkatus or Trollish Arkat."
"And the Two Aim are same and different at the same time."

"We cannot descript the One as same as Infinity and Ultima."
"And We once saw a Saint coming from West & a Mystical Hermit coming from East seeing each other: the two Insight both burned their entire body mercilessly each other and exploded."
"His Great Existence obscures the border of his realm and only can be expressed by allegory and fable, but we try to express him as personality without horde of imaginary."

"When UlEria desired Emblace of his Lover, there are two but not any enmity between Two, yet."
"Once when Trickster installed the Trap, there are two but not any enmity between Two."
"When Crooked God wanted impossible, there are two but not any enmity between Two, again."
"Southern Ox people fear Chaos, Dara Happan has horrified by Darkness, Trolls dreads Light."
"We fear exposure of Masquerade. Carmanians hates us for this Deceive."

"Ganesatarus was One of Twins, Idovanus was his twin Brother. Ganesatarus was proudful and wanted impossible"
"Ganesatarus has substantially no name, he can become Sorceror and Mystic at same time."
"When he confronted his twin brother, the seven servants of his essence standing against seven sons of Light came from his body: "Despair" Oktaki, "Hatred"Deshkorgolos, "Pain" Ikadz, "Corruption" Black Prince, "Hanger" Wakboth, "Treachery" Gbaji, "Fear" Yargan.
"They each confronted against his enemy, and have fought since that time."

It is not clear which the two was entrusted with this World rule. But Ganesatarus killed Idovanus and Light shifted to Upper World where he cannot touch. Ganesatarus angrily distorted or broke all of Seven Sons of Light still lived in "Empire". When Idojartos (Lightfore) "fell", Great Brightness rose again, fulled empty glory of Idovanus.

YarGan Arganum was Sorceror from West, he had too many foes, but his power was strong enough rivaling with them. He poured poisonous water to Esel and Oronin, killed many magical fishes and Gods. When he sank King Oronin and Water Dragon, his capital Kendesos became the focus of Warp of world aka Center. Even western Zzabur himself sensed his power and feared. He drove the stake of tapping power.

Wakboth the Devil was incarnate of destroyer to Southern barbarian Lands, crude Bisosae smashed his physical body with splinter of Spike. But Goap, Dragonsnail, Agathdaimon (Cacodemon), Nephirims (Fiends), etc were born from beneath, they cannot liquidate these remains. And Wakboth's worst weapon, Void has appeared on several forms, Kajabor, Jotimam, inconsistently has continued feud with Magasta & Arachne Solara. His Master was GanEstoro, Enemy of Elder God Kenstrata & Orogeria with kidnaping.

Agadelos was Dark Prophet when Dara Happan hollow Light burned and forced Trollish minions to exile even far to Northern plain, he teached Power from fear, and Jernotian Teaching was abused by Ferdichi Artifacts from Dorastor. YarGan's Manes Erstoro or GanEstoro revealed his true face before his wisdom.

Ignif was Friend of Shah Ammas the Black, and enlarged Magical Effect of his Cult with contacting other cultures and God Learnish demonology with Agadelos Teaching.

Cult Ecology
Monotheist people all heard worship to "Prince of Darkness", and pragmatist or men see himself as Whip of Invisible God accept this power as Shadow of God without comprehension.
Though this cult is brought about from Carmania, Local change and variation is many. Even if Spolites insisted upon all of Mastery, they don't have influence over Dark Society in all Genertelan continent as when Carmanian Empire flourished. Some Sorcery Sect fundamentally setup Ganesatarus and Vivamort worship as source of worship, There are possibility of conflict between Civilized region and "Barbarous" region for their different concept to Evil, and Feud "Evil" against "Chaos"

and IMG, some Lunar system (Darkside school of sorcery under TakenEgi or Underground Spolite Witchery (Countess Yolanela is member of this) still remains some influence of this cult in most inner system even after repeated suppression from more light side of society , only most supreme member of cult can access this cult fully. (Yesterday (circa First Week of 00/03) I read Whitewolf: Vampire clanbook of Setite....)

their cult power is:
1: Calling dark power under Earth (for Dara Happan and Pelorian nobility: Deshkorgos and Derdromus), Necromancy (conjuring Dark Ancestor Shahs, dark Digijelm Gods for Dara Happans, Parg Ilisi for Thrice Blessed...)
2: Godlearnish Demonology: using Magic of Poisonous Water (YarGan) and Yara Aranis, Gorgorma for Pentan and Char Un horseriders.
3: Sorcery Magic: Connection to corrupted Jakareeli and Blue Moon Assassins. Ikadz cult torturers and magic of agony. (But current version of cults Description denied link between sorcery and Jakareel...)
4: Spirit Magic of Evil (Bad) Man: Gorakiki and Malia desease spirit (as King of Fly)
5: Worst connection to Lunar Underground: Vampire and Broo Legions, Krashit mafias, Cacodemon Friendly Society (ogre) and other "sophisticated" demon minions. Krjalki means Monster and Deceiver.
6: Jernotian Worst cyclical magic: "Ganesatarus is incarnate of Jernotius"

Cult in the World: Gloranthan Infernalism & Satanism
: Spol became pioneer with acceptance of Philosophy "Illumination" (Probably Jernotian School) used it for material prosperity. It is for resistance to Dara Happan Influence. So most used was Powers of Darkness. Trollish Gods conquered Pelanda with Element of Cold and Gloom. But this power caused and induced all the more Enemies of Other System, and utilized other "Evil" to defeat them.
Carmanos was very mysterious personality and appeared as Mediator of Light and Darkness. He and His Successor-Shahs, One Hundred Magi had privilege to use Evil as tool. It seemed that Worship to "Darkness" spread whole of Continent, especially West. The deterrent to this cult was formerly Yelm = Idovanus cult or Carmanos school, but the two cult was disbanded by Lunar power. Today House of Magi and Behind-power Lunar authorities act as this agency.
Ikadz, YarGan, Derdromus and Oktaki is most important servants of this region. But once useful servant Trollish God is now rejected as Antatagonistic power. Graves of Spolite Kings and Dark Shahs are favorite center for this cult.

East from Peloria
: In Eastern World, depersonalization devours even Chief God of Evil, this situation makes the anger face of mystical gods rather more fearful.
In Dara Happa, Antirius cult acts against all of darkness, evil and chaotic minions. Most of other Lunar Areas, Humakt cult hunted Ikadz and Ganesatarus cult abusing Power of Death. Antagonism to Telmori also has continued since Gbaji War.The kind of Jernotius, though Nysalor which have nature of Eastern Mysticism absorb the persona of Ganesatarus, there is possibility to exist suppliment of worship to Antigods. Dag the Ogrelord of Rinliddi was important as one of these, but he was killed by HonEel.

: Upper valley of Janube River, Corostis Jump-like-a-Salmon is watching over "Ganesatarus cult" with Valkyries, sometimes collides with local dark society\corrupted civilized way. (See Cult of Valkyries) But today Scavenger Mercinaries hired by Kingdom of War actively support this Marshal "Government" and seek plenty source of meat provision. Many of 100 War Gods are Servant Gods as which Ganesatarus Cultists called. In Loskalm, Some of large Ogre community exists, One of them is in Northpoint. In Dilis Marsh, there is secret Altar for "Lord of Fly", it dedicated to Distorted form of Malia and Golakiki. Worship to "Prince of Darkness" also prosper, this subcult is intercepted by High King Elves of Winterwood. Telmori has been in rivalry to vampires since Arinsor (he was symbol of unity?) was killed by Laughing Warrior.

Brithini Community
: Greatest Arolanit has wizards who lost immortality to fight against Godlearner Invasion with use of Forbidden Spell of Urostio, but some of them are too important spell matrixed body or successor of secret arts, and was admitted to use Vivamortus Spell in condition to kill only Outsiders and Foreigners. (Their cruelty to "Demihumans" is natural for their Worldview.) At least a number of them are allowed to live in borderland with tacit permission of Talar Leader Malaskan Phillipe. (Officially they denied this fact as a matter of course.) God Forgot and Sog City also have possibility.

: It is natural and easy to imagine that many serfs conceal rebellous idea to Tanisor Rokali choking Dogmatism and Authoritarianism. Some of them run to Arkati Darkness worship and Others go to Warped variation of Old Serpent Dynasty Worship to Serpent Queen (Seshna Likita (Lilith)). They opened periodically Sabbat, and as Schism in Rokali church increasing, their activity coming brisky. It is rumored that Childers Grakamagakan the Vampire rebuild their stronghold secretly at Red Ruin.

: Infernalism & Satanism may greatly connect to Existence of Arkat, Constellation Dove which contained palace of Arkat also revered. But some of "Destroyer" or "Deceiver" subcultists believed another heavenlybody as his house. One of them is people that see Lightfore as Incarnate of Before and After Arkat God. (Lucifer?) Who conflicted with Sun and gained Night. Chaos Monk Guild utilizes Arkat Deceiver worship as their illuminated-tool, see below.

: In Genertela Book, Waertagi plot annihilence of Dormal Cult, (this enemies inevitably crashing with Navy involving Vadeli) and their exploring to Lost Brithos made old allies return to Surface World politics: please forget Brithini caused Closing and most of Waertagi crashed by the Sideeffect of Zzabur Magick. Vadeli " Atrocitiness" is their inheritance and maybe they must do evil as their own obligation: historical ancient circumstances stated in Gods of Glorantha description their insular conflict profited their enemy Brithini
(Gods of Glorantha: Cult Book)IMO, this condition is made by absence of Blue Vadeli Noble, Red Soldier and Brown Farmer when Blue Vadeli returned to Glorantha, inner civic warfare reappeared in Vadeli Domain in Hero Wars (Platonic Caste System has great similarity to elder Indian Varna caste institution: see "Nation"of Plato) How caste restrictions dominated races? Friendship to Hrestol (they helped his refuge when he was on the lam from Brithini sorcerers from Seshnela to Sogolotha Manbrola: his "freedom sense" broke their eternal concervativity and erupted Vadeli tricksterness in Malkioni Area. Evil helped Justice. If "Atheism" hints they never worship concept of Gods as Lord Of Terror Vivamorti description...
If some Blue Vadeli used barbarians as their devotee (I think this condition is very useful unless their" caste " restriction permits) and took fashioned "False God" style of Brithini view. They can easily do indulgence with fool's Power and energies. Diabolism and Satanism fashion in Modern Glorantha.

: They don't believe any God as Atheist and they can become barborous "False God"

Special Sorcery Spell
Order to Servant Cult Members
: This spell lets this cult members to gain power of order "lesser cultists" as they think "lesser. (But it is another problem "lesser cultists" accept their inferiority without power of magic)
Curse of Krjalk
FThis spell effected Soul of Guilty and metamorphosed their body suited to their Soul.
Caress of Oktaki
:This spell corrupts Life and gave False Vigor.
Anger of Lightfore

Attitude of Other Powers
: Uzdom see simply Ganesatarus as humane distorted variation of their Great Lord of Demons, Zorak Zoran. And they despise their "civilised way" and laugh at.
: As Trolls, they see this cult as "Devourer" and avoid as possible.
: Sometimes Mostali accepted concept of "Central Virus causing all out of Order"

"Finally we teach you Westerness Absolute Solitary"
"And Easterness Void and Hollowness!"

Reference between Gloranthan stars/ Real World stars sometimes hints Greg Stafford (and Stephen Martin?)'s most covered intention.
most interesting is greek-style Venus for modern Europian was cross-overed Judaic Lucifer in Latin Term. (This link reveals in One planet represents Uleria and Mastakos at the same time) The Planet Venus ascented on horizon line as Regent of Sun at Dawn and Dusk in same manner and color copy of Sun (Pseudo Sun?), and I think Ancient people see it as Promethean "try to do more than one is able to do", copy Great God Sun as Supreme Ruler. His role in Legendary Mythology sometimes tragedic heroism, sometimes tricksterish fool, and sometimes ultimate arrogance. Sometimes Ancient people cannot understand "Dawn Star" and "Dusk Star" are same. called differently Two. (In Glorantha, this is Theya and Rausa)
This source came from older Canaan Mythology, Desert and Irrigation God Ashtar arrogantly tried to sit on Great God's Throne of Baal, because Winter and Death God abducted this God of King and Rain. But he was laughed at by other gods, because his body was too small to sit this throne and his leg was too short to reach stool (IMO, tragedically). His existence blended by existence of "Dawn Star" and was kept in poetic litany of Jewish Culture. Isaiah use this again in his prophesy, Romanic term "Lucifer" became symbol of rebel to supreme being: Christian Demonology eventually uses his name as of Great Adversary or name before banishing from Heaven. John Milton "Paradise Lost" is final style of this idea as far as I know.
I think Dusk Star is hopeful in Semi-influenced cultures because it teaches coming Peaceful night after hot and violent Red Fire. So Jews say "Shalom" and Muslims "Salaam" (peace) as ancient people, but ancient pagans apparently saw as Dusk Star as Dawn Star paganistic one personality. So at last, we can see Lucifer as Lightfore. (Arthur C Clarke used "Lucifer" term after Jupiter exploded and becoming fixed star in Near Future.) Kargzant is in a sense, Lucifer, as Alien cultural God to Dara Happa in Gloranthan sense.

Note for Ganesatarus
Broad Interpretation
Of course, this description here is Unfinished GS work Entekosiad, adverse to "official", please remember majority simply thinks "Ganesatarus worship" as some Darkness worship plus some sorcery magic. (This is natural unless you can view Carmania as World-wide Empire.)

"Truth" in Glorantha
Truth of Glorantha is extremely limited by Time and Space, Occasional things. Worst act is that of God Learners. That rewrited "Map" created by "Compromise", not only subjective memory of people, but also historical construction like record was changeable. Without four-dimensional sense, as we cannot truly understand ths sphere floating in bubbles of Chaos, in an Extreme way we can play in older isolated age enough to ignore most "modern" circumstance (or may have obliged to become so). Timetravel and Paradox crushed, making understanding to Speaking Parrot.

IMO, Polytheism Vampires and Ogres have different Mythology from Montheism Cousins. Gloranthan development started from Orlanthi culture, their around-neighborhood Chaotic cult (Vivamort, Cacodemon) also has influence from it, FREX, Mythology of Delecti set up as Orlanthi antagonists teached in Chaosium & Avalonhill document. But when I think how West & Sorcery Society treat their "civilized" Chaos cult, we can assume existence od another mythological system.
Of course, Many may say "Guilty Feeling" or "Absolute Justice" is alien in Gloranthan "ancient" circumstance and Gothic Horror (White Wolf: World of Darkness) is distasteful.

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