Secret Order of Valkyries: Feminine Movement

Origin and History:

This Secret Cult Origin is vague and ambiguous surrounded with Mist of Long History...And this cult members are loosely combined party even before Syndics Ban. Cult Strength greatly decreased for shutting out from House Golden, Once flourished for King Talor Support, Secret Community of Women Warriors still influences Fronelan History.

The most of cult members are unorthodox Malkioni Logicians who want to communicate and harmonize nature of North Continent....Not force their view to Another World as Western Sea Religion Fandamental Liturgists.

Virgin Prince Hrestol?

GS wrote Seshnelan Kingline for explaining contact between Brithini Monotheism and Localism of Northern Continent...He hints existence of descendants of Hrestol
in Serpent Dynasty (Fifth King Sonmalos was son of "Grandson of Hrestol" Aignor) and with rather more bent to Genertelan Source than Nick Brooke (King Saval crowned with Serpentine Guardian... one Emperor of Middle Sea wedded with Brithini Woman)

Hrestol was banished from homeland against enmity of his Mother-in-law and Priestess of Earth. He went to Akem (Later become Land of Loskalm) without his wife. Some strict code Malkioni believe this point of History was from wrong Record and believes his virginity without foulness of women...But if some of Orlanthi heard this tale, they would laugh at the concept of Good Warrior without Knowing Woman.

Valkyries believe Knight-Prince Hrestol wedded with Pure Lady of Akem who was their founder and supporter of his Crusade (As Christ and Mary of Magdalene,) but she died for trick of Hrestol's envious followers and never be admitted as Legal Wife of Prince.

Talor the Laughing Warrior

He is rumoured One of Secret Supporter of Valkyries as current Corostis. He wedded One of Valkyries and killed Bull and Chaos Sorceror Arinsor with her aid, Closing Gate of Vanir. But Valkyries could not stop Talor helping Evil Arkat and Nasty King Gerlant.

Two Wives of Prince Snodal

Snodal is known for Infidelity to his Legal Wife...Valkyries believe that she was a member of their cult. She helped husband destroying Black Weasel, conflicted with his concubine Dark Veiled Altinae and her blood Siglat but at last was confined for her "Vileness". Snodal betrayed former Alliance with "Lover" of their cult. God of Silver Feet (Why New Hrestoli call him "God" merely a demon?) who controlled Communication tide of Fronela. (Syanoran-Orlanthi believes he was One Aspect pf Issaries.)

Dark Veiled Lady cut their borderly communication of way for Selfish Distorted Purpose...She cheated her husband for Selfish Warped Purpose and started Syndics Ban. King Siglat and New Hrestoli Power forced their New Doctrine even to Elder Races and Traditions...Yggites, Ouori, Aldryami, Grotarons, Hsunchens and Valkyries...Because of their Lost Magical Contact to House Golden of Sword and Wing, they lost many power for this damage but managed to survive with disguise of Mortician, Local Spirit Cult, and Feminist Party.

"They are raped by Sages of Loskalm." After Thawing, Communication and Earth Power gradually recovered...Valkyries seek Rapid Recovery for Confronting Direct Threat of Army of War.

Cult Nature

Valkyries mock strict meritocracy of New Hrestolism. If good fighter could not become good farmer as Talor, if capable sorceror could not become good knight as Zzabur, what would happen? They favorably point out Good for All is only for Superior under Hand of Irensaval or Other Great Will such as Hrestol the Good or Arkat the Evil.

Their purpose is War against Evil of generally prospers under man's urbanized vanity and blindness. Most evident case is Kingdom of War, it will swallow all regions of Fronela unless someone stop them and regain Balance. It occured from Warp of Loskalmi False Prosperity.

They abused magic of Altinae with their arrogance, even though Valkyries secretly supports Sir Meriatan's Business and Swallow Knight Order.

Entry Requirement

Only Woman Warrior (in Carmanian Culture, Waleesha Caste) is permitted to join this cult, one exception is Corostis Jumps Like A Salmon, now he is the only Wild Man who knows accurate location of House Golden. "Despicable Watchers" call him "Lover" of Bloodthirsty Vultures. (Corostis secretly doubted Kingdom of War is supported by "Chaos" of Eastern Lunar Empire...He has vague misgivings of Lunar Invasion after Charg Border Ban shattering Future.)

House Golden of Sword and Wing

This Half Otherside Domain exists at a unknown place for all non-cultmembers in Northwestern Fronela...(Out of Loskalm Border) High Members and Corostis use this building for planning against Threat of Evil. This Site contains many varied shrines of War Gods, Saints and Spirits for members. (Good Valkyries and Einherjars of St. Humakt, St. Firshasa, St. Talor and others.)

All Male Warriors are prohibited entering in Living Status, and Dead Warriors invited to this place were made into Guardian Spirits of sacred House. Though Corostis stopped this habit as Barbarous Practice, they still gather brave warrior's bodies and gain Some Magic from Funeral Rite to St. Humakt.

Associated Persons

Corostis Jumps Like A Salmon:

He befriended Leader of Valkyries after she failed to eat Salmon which is metamorphosed body of this Wise Old. He was called "Dad" by many Valkyries of Upper Janube (Image of Wotan and Valkyries in the Ring of Niebelungen)

Gunda the Guilty:

This "Half Valkyrie" Woman exiled from his father land and joined Wolf Pirates. She made many Adventures on Upper Janube and gained friendship of Harrek the Whitebear and reputation as Adventurer. She hates Loskalm and Man's Affair to Woman, and she voluntarily received curse of Zorian Witch.

Attitude to Others

New Hrestoli: Valkyries secretly infiltrated Structure of Kingdom and Church, supported their distorted Justice for their Greater Object, but they are pessimistic confronting merely a Hrestoli Orders to Near Threat.

Kingdom of War: Their Main Target, Minion of Evil. Their desperate attempt to Arming Zoria was Futile, and their plan to Defend Line fairly shrinked as Fait Accompli.

Jonatela: Syanoran Doctrine Strict Attitude to Marriage was Another Distorted Justice of Balance...They don't use this for supporting weaknesses but for their Own Power. And Opinion of Valkyries to Jonatela split into Two Sections.

Carmania and White Moonies: Nysalor was main enemy of King Talor. And his worshippers are conquered by General Syranthir. After Red Egg of Evil appearing over the Sky, many things go worse.

Rokari: Always Seshnelans are evil, Holy Malkion and Hrestol both died for failing to bring Justice to this Land, and Godlearners were Jesters who brought Desecration and Profanity of Irensaval, Malkionism removed center from Brithos to Seshnela, and now from that Evil Land to Northern Cool Pureness.

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