The Cult of Dayzatar in Esvuthil

"Vrimakus performs Fighting Dance before Berneel Arashagern"

The intention for this writeup is to make some unified ideas between Greg Stafford's current and older booklets, and driving to a small wedge (Spike).

Reference: Shargash cult and Dara Happan View from Enclosure, Website Peter Metcalph's Cult of Teshnos, Prosopaedia from Gods of Glorantha, and old Wyrm's Footprints, some record of website and Pelorian Trilogy. Sandy Petersen's Writeup of Dayzatar Runequest#2 Version

and some hints from Aztec myth and Babylonian myth (conflict between Tezcatrypoca (turkey) and Quezalcoatl (snake), Babylon Ziggurat Theme)

It is unofficial perspective, and note that members of this cult are far from adventurers in "RUNEQUEST" and "HEROWARS". High cult members are inhumans for their longevity and notorious to cruelity to Lodriltes (ordinary commoners.) His cult sometimes attended as war general for religious aim in the history of Dara Happa (like Holy Estorex and the Priest of True Golden Horde, Dragonkill.)
The circumstance of the current Lunar Empire never admit this cult to gain such power. Because their view to mysticism and illumination in a sense, adversed Lunars (Strait-upward vs Cyclical. See Article of "Fifth Quarter" in FS)

Staff of Rule:
Three-brothers divided the world of Ezelveztay, who is ever Aether Primolt, and Nine Other-Glorantays. The brightest of the Ten had the staff of rule and tried to hand it to his eldest son, Dayzatar. But he, purest, refused mandane mastery and gave it to his next-brother, Yelm. Yelm descended from the empyreal plane and became the Torch. (Yuthuppan famous sacred torch?) of blinded Gods and People. (Lodril? Shut up your mouth from that like thing fulfilled with Dirt!)

Spike footstool vs Murharzarm footstool:

One day, Yelm thought about others, Dayzatar advised his Brother-Emperor as wisest, "Light lights itself, and Others only make destruction of Murharzarm's limited Empire." but Yelm didn't hear his advise, and married "Goddess", Dendara. The Other with mandane "Love", Degenerated Uleria, first Woman.

Snake and Bird:

After all, Evil, Darkness, and Void invaded from Hell and Out. Rebellous Terminus crashed Murharzarm with his new weapon. and Yelm disintegrated, Dayzatar cried about this lost, and called his essence, Vrimak. This Bird flew from middle celestian Sky to Empyreal palace. Other parts, organs of Rest, crawled from corpse the snake, Berneel Arashagern. It tried to catch the soul, but it was too fast to do, failed. Berneel went from Yuthubars to west. This region was the realm of evil Goddess, Karasa.
(Later, Vrimak went to east area of Kestinenni, and made this place resistance against Demonic Snake.)

Lost King:
Others little by little raped the Holy Realm.
Yelm's organs of rest, Antirius glowed as a substitute of the torch. But he couldn't avoid the watery snake, Lorian, invading the holiest palace of Primolt. Dirty water made the Golden sky into the Blue of sadness and tear. Dayzatar, only one time, descended from his throne and made the word "Ourania" His only daughter, that is a solitary woman who without evil otherness appeared from "head" of his word. And he decided to go to the Path of his father's trail. And he called general Polaris and consul Arraz. The two tried to stop and wish with mourning, "Don't go too far!" but he gracefully answered, "Holiest Brightness is Allseeing and Almighty, and insofar as your Belief is strong enough to reach, I can hear any weak Cry of Goodness." And he went.

After all, Polaris revived "The Young god"," the first and last incarnate" of Yelm, Ourania found her father's palace in the most Empyreal Roof. Truth, the last survivor of Glorantay, sat aside his throne. Buseri from Jenarong-grey age began to collect the star lore, Dayzatar's Hidden will to the cosmos. They thought the Road to oneness remaining now and future, and sang the old liturgy.

The Two, Dayzatar and Yelm coloured Dara Happan empire like a light and shadow. (But both have Light aspect, which represents Shadow are decided by One's view of Watcher. Emperor Yelmgatha and FS saw Yelm as Light.) Their association and discord often drived the Two reverse side by side in their religious area.

After departed from Yuthu-Anaxial ark, Karasal people has always hated Dayzatar cult(?) Anaxial oppressed their wickedness on ship board under Dayzatar's advice.
Kazkurtum and Jenarong Dynasty often oppressed the underground-Dayzatar cult. (But never was the purest part invaded with the support of Star-Captains and Seers.)
After all, Emperor Vuranostum and Khordavu reconstructed their Cult perfectly, but Elder arrogance of Yelm couldn't reach lesson of Murharzarm, and made same fault to tolerate Dragons and Outer hollowness. Dayzatar's effort to remain pure Light avoided active intervention to politic of Mandane Empire, the endeavour made some success in Gaping distance from Nysalor Empire and Gbaji-Arketus attack.

Ordanestyu Reformation made Empire healed, and Carmanian teaching, "Oneness of Darkside" ironically strengthened the cult again. "Shadow cleared Brightness."
But the Worst was Crowning of Dragonsun. Goddess Karasa and Monsters never admited Light Transcendence.
Contrary to this, the Cult's secularized Power rose to Pinnacle at the Age of "Three Brothers Divided the World."(Emperor Karsdevan) the Dayzatarian Pontifex Maximus handed each the Sacred Scepter to the Three Princes of Emperor Sarenesh.
And thoroughly broke in Dragonkill.

Later, Yelmic Religion with modelling to Dayzatar cult's nature weakened both Cult influence (and attained some access to Sorcerous magical Power?) Lion Shahs supported Dayzatar cult, but Bull Shahs turned against this Cult thinking "We Extinguished Fire for Night-Power " made Esvuthil one of Martial Protectrate, hardly oppressed and cornered this Cult forming Cult of Aesthetic Brotherhood. And made some discontent cultists in Subcults, like Irripi Ontor.

After the Apotheosis of Seven Mothers, they more and more have made intentional,
superficial pompous face in Lunarized Empire, Imperial Dara Happan Tradition doesn't admit Security-Order (like Spoken Word and Danfive Xaron cult) to oppress this Cult now, but there are Possibility changing this Condition.
The Aim of this Cult is to Ascent all Ten Stage of Glorantay in Lifespan, (One Stage makes intiates accessible to some longevity spell like sorcery), so this cult don't offer and/or assurance of afterlife like current lunarize cult, and those who expects like that benefit initiates other cults,too.

Dayzatar is usually portrayed as the starry vault which contains ten-stage structure, or as a tall enthroned bald man with a look of nobility(disdain) on his face and cult's white candide robe of stage primolt.

Invasion of Godlearnish idea to Dara Happan structure by support of evil Dragon
(EWF?) thought Dayzatar's rune as "Truth", "Infinity", and "Dayzatar (Ring Light Rune with Inner horizontal Line or simply right-Angle Inclined Moon Rune) " but today, Dara Happans stack old-type Rune and abandoned foreign influenced-Evil. Rune of Yuthuppa

During his dethronement in Darkness, his Rune's Horizontal line doubled.
"Seduction"? Naverian rune (Book of Drastic Resolution / Chaos): Illumination but another version different from both Rufelzans and Jernotians perhaps includes this cult in this Category.

Cult Ecology
Dayzatar, the shining sky, was once situated much closer to the world and was more accessible to his worshipers. During the Gods War Dayzatar retreated from the world, setting himself far away in space and worship. His monks now rely on secrets of mysticism beyond normal understanding to maintain their belief, but their spells are costly and seem silly.
This God was revered as most traditional and truth-containing in Dara Happa, but their disdain to non-Fire worship culture often set this Cult under pressure and antagonism of other cults. The support of Dara Happan society and their intentional indifference to political power save this Cult from past Large-Scale Destruction, and the few cult's High Members are true powerful Demigods and Mystics who have powers in other cults and Hero?quests unaccessible to other Cultists. And this cult requires vast effort and time to rise from one Stage to Next. The case have been rarity who advanced Highest Stage "Primolt Aether" and participated in Invisible Court
of Aether with Flesh body since Golden Age (unless you have Solar-Fire lineage of God's Family,
it costs more than Thousand years for Accumlating of Discipline!)

, and there haven't been case after Sheng Seleris blew up Yuthuppa and hermit Pontifex Maximus disappeared from Cathedral at that time.
High Holiday? in Theyaran Calender?
they also used Sacred Calendar which Timekeeping Week as Five days.

Cult in the World
Dayzatarian Cult is proud of themselves on long Tradition since Yelm's first Descent on Yuthubars: Legendary Foundation of Yuthuppa before Flood.

Cult structure maintained since Age of Carmanian Antagonism: Three Generation of War as Aesthetic Brotherhood. Non-political and some Mysticism flavoured in this Part of Lunar Empire as steadfast Pillar of Sky-tradition.

Dayzatar cult of Dara Happa centered Yuthuppa from the day of Tomastus, but other two great Polis and other Dara Happanized cities also have some worship-site of Noble class. And although vast Sacrifices required, traditional Dara Happan Noble Family very honoured to let one of their son, their second or third son who doesn't have inheritance to join the cult.

Their memory of Darkness and Sheng Seleris (Kuzkurtum) made this cult pessimistic to other cult absolute Safety for Salvation. (Sheng Seleris invaded even the Moon Face, and cut many Egi. Who can forget this memory?) Though they are first Inventor of Alphabet, today's cult forced Priesthood to illiteracy Circumstance (like Celtic Druids in RW) because even the adamantite God's Wall is change-available.

Some Cosmopolitanic Internationalism to Kralorela? (polluted by Dragon) Teshnos (Zitro Argon)? Elves?
This cult's enemy is Yelm's Enemy. But their indifference made the border between enemy and friend obscure. Other Truth Rune-holder, Yelmalio, Humakt, Daliath, Lhankor Mhy cultists are disdained(?)

this cult are watcher of Illumination cults in past Empire?

Humans and Elves, Golden Wheel Dancers, and race having Acceptance to Fire worship who have Imperial Citizenship and Dara Happan cultural acceptance (but Lunar Empire perfectly antagonize Aldryami from past history.) can initiate this cult.
Women cannot initiate this cult, (in contrary, men cannot initiate the cult of ourania)

First Stage, Uleria's stage
Love: This stage canditate simply initiate this cult with normal sacrifice?
but merits are none. only access to the right of shallow rite.

Second Stage, Lodril's stage
(pink, surface)
Athletic: Forbidden marriage, proud action, memorize intricate rites and liturgy this is nonsense in modern age. Access to middle rite. Most of cultists are never rise to next stage.

Third Stage, Erenbaya(Aldrya)'s stage
(green, ladder)
Growth: Virginity, forbidden to speak Darkmen and Kargzanti, access to some sorcery power?

Fourth Stage, Dendara (Shanasse?)'s stage
(purple, pole)
Beauty: In older days, priests castrated himself, forbidden to speak storm barbarians (include Doburdun and Shargash?) forbidden to tell a lie
no hair? access to deep rite

Fifth Stage, Lokarnos' stage
(orange, air)
Art: Some illumination power? forbidden to speak Lodrites and touch the unsacred Oria (earth)

Use firespeech or old dara happan

Sixth Stage, Khorventos' stage
(blue, celestian sky)
Harmony: Forbidden to speak woman except Ouranians, power access to direct advice to emperors

Seventh Stage, Arraz's stage
(yellow, firmament)
Joy: Access to inner knowledge of Lightfore, forbidden to break meditation and go out without Dayzatar's permission

Eighth Stage, Lightfore's stage
(grey, heaven)
Entertainment: Forbidden to speak anyone except Emperors and member of the cult.

Ninth Stage, Keskeskenni's stage
(brown, roof)
Truth: Power access to Truth

Tenth Stage, Dayzatar's stage
(white, empyreal)
Primolt Aether: he gained full power access to Aether, Ezelveztay, the one.

High priest is called Pontifex Maximus, and he is at the highest stage person at that time, he wields Absolute power over other Cultists.

Subcult and Important Person

Esventheus, Scribe: Originator of first Alphabet from Buserian's Sacred Alphabet (Golden Age of Murharzarm, this age non-dividing Dayzaytarian and Star Buseri)(his secret was stolen by Plentonius (who had tricksterous aspect?) later

Manarlavus?: he Roofer challenged to attain both high priestship of Yelm and Dayzatar? later Emperor-Monks wanted to participate in this subcult as Emperor Anirmesha.
(Anaxial Dynasty)

Tomastus, Singer: he cleansed Sky road with his Voice and became first Dayzatar's priest after Kazkurtum. Grandson of Oropum (God of Fasces)?
(Grey age, Emperor Vuranostum)

Estorex, Holy: his holiness in the Cult and his tragedical end in Gbaji War is well known Legend. And cult's Doctrine warned the risk attaining power over Surfaceworld.
(Broken council and Nysalor Empire)

Ordanestyu, Advisor: in cult Legend, he initiated Dayzatar cult after he dethroned willfully. He was perfect gentleman and his name is used as a type of Toga.

Shafanyu, Warlight: he participated in Kastok's expedition and plundered too far Teshnos.
(Erzanestyu Dynasty)
this Warlike subcult was prohibited under Lunar control after Dara Happan Rebellion, but some people tried to reconstruct this for the welfare of corrupted Heartland Corps.

Yaron, Nobleleaf: this apostle? Aldryami was a Rist Elf and initiated in this cult, religious passion drove him to participate in the True Golden Horde, and he was withered by the fire of Dragonkill. (Karvanyar Dynasty)

Ilushma, Hermit: he created the temple of Dayzatar in Saird, and became first Chief priest in the Age of "Three Brothers divided the world"
he was lost with Sheng's attack, there are variety of opinions for his Final fate, (Alkothi view vs Yuthuppan view?) he was the most Conservative cult fundamentalist.

and now:
Tatius Assiday, Bright: this ambitious man plans Renaissance of the Feudal warcult. He hates Fazzur Wideread, Scimitar who mocked his thesis in Lunar Academy. His ambition devote himself to combine Sky magic to Lunar Mass Magic. Cult elders still objected his deed, and warned bad Change occurance.

Associated Cult
Anaxial / Yuthu: After his Planet disappeared, his cult often districted in his City wall except as Boat men. God-Ship Captains are priests hoping the Opening as their Star Liberation. But its future is not clear yet. (His ship-subcult in White Sea associated with the Kalikos cult in spite of their cult's Nomad Origin in Lunar?)

Arraz: Godlearnish name Lux, Spirit Lord of the Fire and Light. Celestial Choirs and four Archangels (Combat, Song, Guardian, Seer) served him. Yelm-Arraz cult was thrived in Old Age as Commoner-Supporter and conflict with Imperator Antirius cult sometimes made Dayzatar cult make their side?

Buserian: This most intimate nephew constantly watch his world of Celestian. Though he served diligently him in Mandane world after Darkness, Buserium has never been admitted to Direct contact without Ouranian cult helpness in Lunar Empire?

Chips of Yelm
Dayzatar's traditional way still divide Six Parts of Yelm in reference to GROY and change their attitude at every parts:

*Antirius: Though Dayzatar tolerate his position as Interrex in Absent age of Yelm, Raibanthi's insistence of perfect Justice is insignificant for Dayzatar's perfect eye. His war and judge aspect is replaced by Polaris cult in Yuthuppa. (Neutral aspect) and Yuthuppans don't believe that Antirius becomes Lightfore. see the head of Lightfore.

*Berneel Arashagern: this abominable deity (his family includes Watery Dragon and Throne Dragon in Realm of Polaris) is hated (at least Cult doctrine of today) as much as Kazkurtum. (Evil aspect)
This attitude is perhaps influenced by Lunar strategy "Divide and Rule" same like to Darjiin and Alkoth. So, Karasal satrapy and Arcos river valley (Rinliddi) still conflicted under Imperial watch with Dart War or other measures.
both two Darjiin and Karasal, are hinterland of old Carmanian sympathizers?

*Bijiif: Ash constantly prayed for Salvation, and he was rescued by Dayzatar's eternal retirement from Sky world. This cult simultaneously loved and hated this entity. (Neutral)

*Enverinus: This cultural hero (in Teshnos, his name is Fire of Man, or Kaliz) and entity never being fail for Important rites is also important in this cult for smoking spices and perfume. So he always attends his position in rite. (Good aspect)

*Vrimak: Soul and Intellect shape like Bird. these Aviators are created by Dayzatar's pure will (Good aspect).

Jernotius: this foreign-liar insisted Light before Aether ascent, but he cannot understand this word is Absurd itself. And this god devotees are enslaved Dark One which they created themselves. See also Rufelza Head.

Lightfore: if you think to know about his Mystical cult, Check some of note.

Lodril: his youngest brother forever is polluted with Darkness and Dijigelm. But Yelm still needs his dirty hands.

Nysalor: Attitude to this cult still involves contradiction after more than 1000 years has passed, some priests insist the god is the earthly incarnate of Young God, others say this Light-half of Destroyer intrigued with another Dark-half to make great havoc over the world, and fulled Yelm with Impure Pneuma of Golden Age Alien-substitution.

Other cult goddesses: even Yuthuppan family of Goddess, Dendara, Erissa, Herustana, Thilla, and etc cannot get direct contact to Empyreal Palace, only Ourania can do.

Ourania: see Cult write-up of Virgin-queen.

Polaris: Lord of Star Captains, Warlord of Raibanth and Yuthuppa, see Nicholas Effingham's Write-up and some note is Here (Japanese). He was also popular in Barbarian areas.

Rufelza: Lunars insist Rufelza was the granddaughter of Dayzatar, but this insistence is not reliable for Brotherhood in source. They gave her the same position as other God's Wall goddesses, Indifference and/or Caution. They believe Darkness is merely void of Brightness, Primoltus superiors Darkness, Lewdness and Greatest Evil, Dragonness.

Shargash: this barbarous deity of Alkoth shows similar to Southern Storm Demons. But he is honored with dismembering Kazkurtum in process. So Dayzatarians allow their violence in condition with guidance of Yelm. This traditionalists say Cyclical Pattern of both Shargash and Sedenya was shot down by the Bright-Arrow of Lukarius before Kazkurtum.

Note of Dayzatar

Vrimak/Vrok Phoenix: Human Soul made Bird-Shape in Dara-Happan Religion, Dayzatar
Griffin/Galgarenge: old Wyrm's Ffootprint make King Griffin as Vehicle of Yelm /Half Bird / Horse and Half Dragon
Dragon / Berneel Arashagern / Dragonsun: Southern Evil and Corrupted by Otherness / Lodril?

Planet Dayzatar at the End of World
Once, after Yelm disintegrated, watery legion invaded to Sky World, allied with Southern Blue Moon Artmali Surface and Secret Water Power as known as Nelat and Styx. Earthly Dragonriders with Burburstus and Lorian struggled with Star Captains and shattered themselves as Galaxy River.
After Dethroning, Dayzatar descended to Rausan Dusk Gate with keeping of Meditation. At the moment of reaching Gate, One of Earthly Dragon waked from Surface of Luathela, and opened her mouth for welcome to Bright Jewel. Dayzatar sensed her action without opening his eyes, he smashed and burned her eyes and mouth without action. Great scream switched off Light of Dayzatar.

Barbarians believe Dayzatar descented to even Darkness Domain and rescued One of Great Star after became as name of Lightfore. Truth Goddess Orenoar in Celestial Court also was salvaged by the Star Captain, returned to High Empyreal Palace (Especially Imther?).
Dara Happans believed he reascented to Sky of Outer Dome and Firmament
(Chaos Domain?) after defeating of Dragon, and has lived Up of Roof as Illuminated Entity (highly Lunarized Concept) since he disappeared from normal eyes.

Ladder of Yuthubars

Before Waters invaded to Dara Happa, people could see Yelm directly sat on
the Throne over Soil. That was best. But while Others wanted to see their
Emperor, Yelm avoided their dirty fingers and appointed his greatest son as
his Successor, ascended to his Brother's Position. Murharzarm safely
defeated Nestendos and kept on ruling his Empire.

But some of pure people were still permitted to meet Yelm and saw Light of
Dayzatar directly, because Murharzarm made Long Ladder from Yam Tree (Later,
Anaxial used same Tree for making his Ark.) and installed it to back of his
Throne Raibanth at the Center of City Yuthubars to the Sky for such people
could freely achieve to the position of Yelm.

But that is not enough, when Terminus came to palace, he could not see his
Weapon because Bat Mahaquata blinded him with her Wings. So he became first
Dead. And other his subjects also started to walk Downward after they met
Misfortune and Accident, too. Bijiif also descended to Underworld and didn't
return back long. Dijigelms and Serpents wanted to climb up Ladder of
Yuthubars, so Antirius cut down that Ladder and gave secretly its wood to
Anaxial. But when people of Yuthubars saw their Ladder cut down, they raged
and looked for a thief. Anaxial hid it dismantled and safely keep them

After Flood struck and receded, Anaxial managed to return back Homeland and
started to distribute Lands to his Surviving Supporters. Antirius said the
Hill of Herustana would become Great City of Dara Happa because Ship of
Anaxial still lay long over that Hill. But former Yuthubarsians and
Alkothians argued about which should be better for the Capital of Dara
Happa, Yuthuppa, founded over Holy Yuthubars and Raibanth, city of
Murharzarm. They also disputed about how to recover their city because
Yuthubarsians always wanted to make Towers for Watching Sky and Alkothians
always wanted to dig Ditches and make Walls, and their argument went to too
hot. Even Gods joined to one of two sides. And they started to bring Flails
and Maces to Agora.

Anaxial and Raibanthians took Compromise for two Sides and made both cities
as Capitals by Two Years shift. But later, an Alkothian General broke this
idea with trick. And Yuthubarsian Priests long resent to this Insult and
always stopped Emperors free Shargash from Binding. And Empire gradually
weakened itself for this Inner Conflict.

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