Mythology of Storm Pentans


These Tales are coming from anonymous blind elder Bard of Isalebao in Chief Pao, 1620ST, High Holy Day of Storm Season.

"Once I was young and not blind as you, children. We find difficulty to imagine how horrible places exist in this World when we rest in such warm pao, expressly while we live and play in the Great joyous Steppe of Kargzant and Tamar. But once I travelled to Hell Crack...evil Dozaki crawled up from there the Abyss of Earth in Cold Age...And in my young days, I have visited many times to Sacred Place to Kargzant which exists the Foot of Dragon Korgatsu lay. Dreadful places which will appear in my Tale are more than that...Anger of the Earth. "

Horse King Gargarenge? and Kargzant
World Tree and Kargzant
Angels fell from Sky
Two Empires were controlled by Mother Spider
Wind Kings and Four Sons of Kargzant
Struggle against Uz Minions
Kargzant in Monsterland
Hyalor and Dirty Praxians

Horse King Gargarenge? and Kargzant

Before Spirit and Matter split asunder, Great Black Horrible Spider (Outsiders called her Arachne Solara.) was the Mother of all Living beings and lived in Depth of all Existence, and she only wants to eat her own children and mocks their poor existence. Because she knows their existence is nonsense as her Life, and her Hatred to Hollowness, distorted Characteristic and Coldness to Abyss.

So she routinely created New Races from her Ovary Womb and made her Labyrinthine Network in the Great Hall which sooner or later caught them with mucus liquid and cruel trick and trap of Spider, many tried to escape from the Mouth of Mother Spider and failed. That World was Perfect...but with Agony and Despair.

In the most Deepest and Darkest Cold Place, a man whom Mother Spider didn't know his Origin, was chained. his name was Kargzant before Djinnis of Light conquered that Darkness. But at that time, he was a prisoner of Spider and he was a only Djinn and Man in the World, later he took his wives from the obscure wandering Shapes and Gave her Obvious Shape and Form. Mother Spider feared him and never want to see him for Unknown Reason. She called him "Death".

And her children also feared and avoided him. Once she got jealousy to his power and made copies of his Shape, they were Dozaki, but they only had Frost where Kargzant has Fire, and always Hunger coming from Coldness drove them into Destruction.

Firstly, Great Dragon succeeded escaping from Labyrinth, he had Strong Body but Weak-Minded, and he controlled his colleague Prisoners with Relief which coming from sweet Lie, because he gave many presents to his supporters, but these presents are in fact his own parts of body, and always returned back to Main Body.

He said for relief of Fools these presents will never be lost by attack pf Mother Spider, he used them as a Shield against Mother's minion and Trick and only he could escape from Horrible Underworld.

But that is not enough. On his way to escape Route, he was dragged into the Most Horrible Place of Spider, Death asked him,

"Please liberate me, unless you can do that, you will never escape from appetite of your Mother..."

"What is your another Price?"

"I can bring you Great Beautiful Plain, and if you and I can make Contract, you will become my servant and accompany with my Godhead Pass."

Great Dragon nervously laughed at that proposal with Fear, and went to Surface World, but he could not see anything without Death there. And he became too fat because he betrayed and ate all his supporters for hunger and fear. And Mother climbed up to Sterile Field.

Spider herself caught him over net, bit his throat and sucked up his all Blood. But some of his supporters survived Purge after that Great Escape, and they became Dragonraces. Now we can see the Spine of Great Dragon as Great ShanShan Mountain. Kralorelans are also his Successors of Deception.

Secondly, Phoenix became Leader of rebel Animals, he had Power of Fire and Strong Will, though he didn't specifically need any supporters, many animals came to him and asked him to lead them from that Hell. Phoenix controlled Fire which was banned in the Underworld and tore up Network of Spider.

His very Existence could not conceal his location and both his supporters and trackers easily could trace his route, Spider didn't want to approach his Heat, and rather wanted to trick him into Trap. She sent Dozaki to Surface World. She hunted down all of supporters of Phoenix, but he didn't dare to help his followers because they followed him only as they pleased.

On his way to escape Route, he was dragged into the Most Horrible Place of Spider, Death asked him,

"Please liberate me, unless you can do that, you will never escape from appetite of your Mother..."

"What is your another Price?"

"I can bring you Great Beautiful Plain, and if you and I can make Contract, you will become my servant and accompany with my Godhead Pass."

Phoenix felt same Power from him and he didn't want to become servants to anything, so he rejected his suggestion and went to Surface World, but he could not see anything without Death there. And only Digijelms wandered in the middle of Sterile Field. Because already he got hungry for getting Dissapointment to see Surfaceworld, Phoenix started to catch Trolls and swallowed them, if he had a wise adiviser or at least a carnivor follower who could eat with teeth, consequence would be different.

But that is another trick of Spider. And Hellish Ice which she poisoned before they departed took Heat of Phoenix. His body shrinked to a small size and Mother Spider came from Hidden Place, ate him. Rinliddians still believe he won against Spider, but in fact no.

Thirdly, at last Gargarenge became Leader of Rebel Animals. (We applied him Gargarenge which was Dara Happan Beast God Name for Gryphin, but maybe that animal was not Gryphin at all and more oftenly depicted as a Winged Horse (CharUn's belief) or Other Mammals which were regarded as Relative of Horse.) Neither he was crafty as Dragon nor Proudful as Phoenix, Gargarenge was Good Friend to Other Animals, and accepted any help from others because he well knew his own weakness and strength coming from that understanding, he made first distinction for control to each species. From sheep, cattle, goat to Vile wolves coming before him and made groups. But he still need more wisdom, so he reluctantly went to the Most Horrible Place of Death. Death asked him,

"Please liberate me, unless you can do that, you will never escape from appetite of your Mother..."

"What is your another Price?"

"I can bring you Great Beautiful Plain, and if you and I can make Contract, you will become my servant and accompany with my Godhead Pass."

"I am not wise enough to stand up against your Intelligence, but I think at least you should explain more about your words."

So Kargzant taught him what existed and didn't exist over Surface, and also he prophesied about Future, and Power which he could wield that would confer all Spiritual Things Shapes, Heat and Shadow. All of requirements for Reallife, and he would become Life while he was Death in the Underworld. Galgarenge found his Soul in his Words, and agreed. Chieftain of Beasts taught Kargzant how to shapeshift from body to body, that would be also helpful for escaping from Labyrinth.

When the Chase started, Galgarenge became a Decoy for other animals could escape securely. Kargzant firstly rode his back and killed Dozaki on their Way as many as possible. Spider could not reach them because of Brightness of Kargzant. But finally, they were cornered by many Ice Demons.

At that time, Galgarenge and Kargzant made Contract, and Kargzant cut Body of Beast King, cooked his flesh and ate them, Magic of Contract worked precisely, And Kargzant shapechanged to Beautiful Golden Horse with Burning Mane. His Flame and Swiftness melted down All of Hollri, and managed to escape from Labyrinth of Spider. They reached to Surface World, and One became Two again with Magic. That is Star of Separation of Matter and Spirit World. Because Death and Life is our Father.

When Khan of Khans went to the Top of the Fire Ridge riding over his Beast, three Rivals (Basko, etc...see Book of Drastic Resolution: Chaos) stopped him, but each was defeated by his Own Light, Wisdom and Power. He and his Riding Horse ascented to Top of Fire Ridge and his Fire and Heat warmed all Spiritual Residents of Surface and Beasts, raised Green Pastures over Wide Plains for Animals who refused to eat their Kins, bestowed Shapes and Shadows to Obscure Entities. Kargzant became First Khan and Ancestor of First Human Tribes and Golden Horses when he wedded with Ungariant, while Galgarenge married to Arandayla and became First Ordinary Horse Ancestors.

World Tree and Kargzant

When Kargzant rose over the Top of Fire Ridge, Green Great Plain widened to Surrounded World. But Spirit people who dwelt over Surface World and grew with his Warmth still didn't satisfy Way of things, and petitioned to Kargzant to make something for their own. But he didn't bother with them because he had his own People in the Sky. So they pleaded to Mother Spider instead of him.

Mother Spider heard their plea and intrigued how she could warp their intention to hurt Kargzant. Spirits of Wild (Elves) once denied Spider's request order for her untrustworthiness, but they also knew potence of Mother Spider and how they choked with her net. Their Spirit Talkers reluctantly climbed over Ridge of Fire and asked her in the Depth how they could help her. Mother Spider taught them how they could gather Essence to Heaven and made way to Blissful Skyworld of Kargzant. She secretly deployed Dozaki Army to the Root of Fire Ridge.

Great Tree rapidly grew to Large, and reached to Heaven. Shamans ordered Gathering Spirits to connect all of World with its branches and twigs, its root also grew to Deep and reached the Nest of Spider. Spirit-talkers presented themselves to Great Khan's tent and requested understanding how all became One.

Kargzant saw both of their foolishness and beauty, he foresaw how Trees can be useful for Descended and Fallens for Warmth and Living, and called on Wind Kings of Four Direction for help. But he tried to keep their Beauty in the Shadow, while Shamans all visited the Yurt of Kargzant as guests.

Jardan, Bravest Son of Kargzant went to the Root of Great Tree, and gave a signal to Four Directions, Four Brothers gathered their Kin and called / blew on / opened a bag / liberated Winds. Magically Strengthened Winds spirally attacked Great Tree and twisted the substantial Part of Tree, and Leaves were caught off from it and scattered to All around world. Great Tree eventually disappeared from Ridge of Fire after Long Feast. Because Kargzant
used magic for Eating and Drinking in this Feast. Turbulence didn't disappear until the Tree would disappear, too.

After Shamans enoughly drank and ate, they saw how Kargzant treated their Work, and were infuriated. They returned to the Yurt of Kargzant and accused the Swindle of him. But Kargzant set a Bowl of Wisdom showed them the Reflection of Water, still their Great Tree remained its Great Shape in it. Kargzant taught them how Dead and Alive, Spirit and Flesh would split into Two for the Evil of Spider. But he said their work wasn't fruitless for even Kargzanite could see how their family can be and should be as One. He bestowed them Magical Sight and Sense to them as Entities between Death and Life, so they accepted his order and returned to their Family.

After that, Shamans always live with us and teach how they can see Invisible Things for Ordinaries, they generally lived outside of our Kargzanite Society and ignore the Habit of Ordinaries for they can see Grat Tree. Khans should treat them fairly because they are very useful and able to do which we cannot do. But many great Khans have trouble with them. Only Sheng Seleris perfectly subjugated them because he knew both of Way as Leader and Shaman, and more.

Angels fell from Sky

At first, Kargzant ascended to the Sky Dome Yurts riding over his Horse, he met Three Rivals, (In Saird-Hyalorian Myth, they are called Bazkurt, Molandro, Jokbazi. Book of Drastic Resolution: Chaos p.69 Fragment) And he defeated each of them with Light, Wisdom and Power. At the Pinnacle of Sky Ridge, he called all of Powerful Spirits in the World, and gave them Shape and Shadow as Djinn which is the Link to Spiritual World. Kargzant made his War Council at the Top of Center and made the World itself as his Pasture for his Horses.

All of his Subjects lived in the Sky World peacefully at the Beginning before Sky and Earth split into Two. They freely descended to Surface with their Riding Beast and hunted animals for their master Kargzant during these Long Days. But Disruptors appeared in the Stormgate, their leader was She who Preach Liberation, and brought confusion. She was very beautiful Woman and seduced many Stars, and they fell from that Noble Status and started mundane life with their wifes, daughters of her.

Eventually a grandson of Kargzant, son of Ialam dropped down Disruptors. But one of her Daughter Blue Ungariant? (Dara Happans call her Uleria?) was saved for her virtue and sincerity, and was adopted as Housemaiden of Kargzant's Yurt. Kargzant let Ungariant raise Four Sons: Their names are Josad, Henird, Jardan and Dastal, and Four Daughters: "Light within Darkness", "Summer Stream of Mare Pleasure", "Sweet Odor of Spring Flower", "Gentle Wind over Pasture". They are all beautiful and heroic in One of Kargzanite Skills.

Two Empires were controlled by Mother Spider

Kargzant conquered Surface World with Four Great Sons, Josad, Henird, Jardan and Dastal. Minion of Spiders and Coldness went to Edge of World and avoid contact to Sky Generals who were Supporters of Great Khan. But Spider jealoused with him, and plotted a Conspiracy to pull down him from Fire Ridge.

They enjoyed Divine Life and Housemaiden Ungariant safely kept their Yurts. But after many Kargzanite fell to Earth, Little by little Kargzant lost his volume of Blood reducing which his supporters sacrificed before his altar and changed his Color to Yellow.

One of Kargzant's son, disobedient Ialam spread lies about his father to Western People of World Edge, and prompted to stop sacrifice to Kargzant and started worshiping him as "God", taught them to start "Civilization". In Eastern Land, still Draconic Race survived who was rescued from Spider with Kargzant's Horse help. But they still remembered their Black Lotus Illusion, Spirit without Flesh. They think this World is too Bad to live, and let it to be too bad for their Belief justifying.

Kargzant called his most wisest son Josad (who already had White Beard) before him and counseled with him,
"I don't drink enough Blood recently."

Josad replied to his father,
"Always Mother Spider eagerly plots our Corruption and Downfall. Maybe that is another Conspiracy of her, Someone stole your sacrifices for her..."

"I can burn any Enemy with my Brightness, Where can I find my enemy?"

"Source of this Corruption perhaps exists in the Underworld, your Former Prison. You can go there but I cannot think how to flee from there again."

"That information is enough for me." Kargzant said,

"Maybe Old Escape Route exists no more, but I will be able to find new route there."

(But he could not have found it long.)

Josad commented to his father,

"Stream and Blood always will flow to Low Place after you descend to Underworld.Maybe you can drink enough in the Underworld. But how we can control western Ialam and eastern Dragonrace without you? They already came to believe and revere False Demons."

Kargzant answered,
"We should use trick against trick. We can deceive them."
and talked about his plot.

Wind Kings and Four Sons of Kargzant

Kargzant went to Stable of his Golden Horse, his Horse perceived something troubled him and asked about it. Kargzant explained him about what occured at the Edge of the World. His Horse enthusiastically told his master,

"You cannot deceive them without Scapegoat. Mother Spider is the Founder of Wiles. We made sure about that when we tried to escape from her Labyrinth. Do you remember our pact which certificated our ability to exchange our Shape and Body? I can become your Proxy and Scapegoat with that Magic."

Kargzant kept his attitude pausing long reluctantly but finally made decision and agreed. They exchanged their Shape with Magic. Ungariant invited her Four Half-Brothers to Kargzant's Yurt. They are Noble in attitude but neither Arandayla's Blood nor Kargzant's Blood. So they surprised when Kargzant's Housemaiden Ungariant invited them to Feast. They doubted Setting of Trap. But One of them West Wind said,
"If even it were merely a Trick, I don't want to be seen as a coward by Kargzant, I want to go there. And I will prove my Luck and Virtue."

So other three also agreed to go there.

Kargzant and Ungariant, and other Sun Tribe Members graciously accepted their Visiting and invited them to Yurts. And after an hors Doeuvre, Kargzant tell them about his plot. The Four Brothers also hated Ialam's Lies and Draconic Opium so they agreed to participate in that plot. But North Wind asked to Kargzant.

"I can understand your Idea. But how we can trust you? Generally shrewd Schemer requires assurance for Trust."

"What type of Assurance you need?"

"If you accept your Housemaiden Ungariant as your Legal Wife, I will trust you."

So Kargzant founded First Adoption Rite to his Blood and Clan. And Four Brothers rejoiced. They drew their Scimitars from their Scabbard and cooked Kargzant's Beloved Horse, he seemed as Kargzant. Horse asked his Master to remember their Bond and Way to revive his Life. (But Kargzant couldn't return back long to Sky World, and Magic faded and Memory virtually lost.)

After Maindish was finished. Four Brothers proclaimed they assassinated Kargzant, so Two Empires astonished at that news and went to Disintegration. Golden "Horse" solely departed to Western Edge of World and didn't return back long.

Struggle against Uz Minions
After Kargzant departed, the Vacancy of Ord shaked the Top of Fire Ridge. Henird was selected by his Clans and became the Khan of Kargzanite. But all things didn't go well as when Kargzant sat upon the Stool of Khan. Most Vile Beasts, Wolves ate Foals, Arandayla's beloved Daughter Hippoi went to south as Riding Horse of his Lover.

One of Youngest Son of Kargzant Yamsa "Valorous but Stupid" went to Southern Land which was ruled by his Friend Giant, but he was defeated and utterly destroyed by Minion of Coldness. She strayed without any companions and disappeared for Long Time. Arandayla became Sick because she so loved that Daughter, so Magic uniting Tribes weakened for her Condition.

And at last, Earth itself split into Two, because that lay over Sticky Lump which Mother Spider failed to make her New Web. Hell Crack opened straight under Flame Ridge? And Dozakies crawled from there because they saw Burning Kargzant in their Dark Home and got Scalds by his Burning Sword, Kargzanite prepared that but that preparation wasn't enough. Things went more worse but Kargzanite well knew Henird did Best Job which he could, so they didn't blame them.

Dastal, Youngest Son of Ungariant gathered many animals for hunting because he knew their Life would come to hard, but after thinking more about that problem, taught them how to flee from him, because he thought new Agreement was required after Khan of Khans disappeared. He went to the Tent of East Wind, because he was famous for Hunting Skill, His uncle, Wild Hunter gladly accepted his nephew, he taught many of his Art of Archery, Tracking, and Setting of Trap.

But East Wind was also very Bad Hunter because he had never thought about the number of his game because he could hunt as many as possible while Great Kargzant sat on the Stool of his Yurts setting upon Center of World. Firstly Eastwind laughed at his nephew's Idea, but later he regretted his word as Coldness gradually conquered World.

Bravest Son of Kargzant Jardan counselled with his eldest Brother of Kargzant and Ungariant how they could defeat them, so Josad told him about Secret of the Golden Bow. Which was hidden under the Rock of Law because Kargzant realized that Weapon was too dangerous to possess in better Days. After Long ang Famous Adventure, Jardan got this Horrible Weapon and sometimes took the Aspect of Great Golden Warrior who only knew Combat and Victory. He shot down many enemies, Dozaki and kins as well while Conflict went to desperation and guarded his Tribes and Kargzanites.

After Disruptors crushed to the Earth when then fought against a Son of Ialam, gradually he and his sons born from Blood of Dandara former Concubine of Kargzant (Lilith?) got a swollen head and gathered Own Armies, they were called Star Captains by Ignorant Dara Happans. But after tilting of Sky Dome, Khan Henird called elder brother Josad to Tent of Kargzant and counseled with him.

"False Stars now stalk our beautiful Plain with shining armor of civilization and they mock our rule, pretend them as True Supporters of Kargzant. How can I treat them?"

Josad replied,
"False Stars cannot shine itself, they steal Light from our Hearth and Torch, but we cannot stop them to do, because that is right of Children of Ialam, Kargzant himself bestowed this right to him and his children."

Henird protested,
"If so, we cannot stop them to spread Evil."

Josad answered,
"Soon their Ability will come to their Fault. From North, I feel coming Frost far more colder than Ice of Hollri and Himile. They will die out because they cannot find Fire which they can wield properly. We will conceal them in Crystalline of our Solt."

So Henird went to the Valley of Arandayla, where was once Fertile Grassland and Beautiful Stream, but then it went to Barren keeping Caves contain many Salts. He went there and saw that crystal far more beautiful than Jewelries of Civilization.

"Kargzant may only have such intention to teach about such Facts." (NB So "Star Captains" could not resist against Kazkurtum.)

Kargzant in Monsterland

 In the Better Days of Kargzant, Both of Two Empires located on the Border of Sun Empire, and they strived against each other for many but petty reasons. Using proxies who took mutual damages because Emperors were too fat to move and hit another. West "Evil" Emperor tricked East "Good" Emperor to drink poison voluntarily for Eternal Life, and East "Evil" Emperor forced West "Evil" Emperor to eat grasses as Beasts, and both Empire once were drowned by Blue People, but now they also felt they were foolishly tricked by his own Gods which they selected, and wanted to return back Kargzant, but their voice only slowed his pace to returning.

Finally Void Coldness came to Northern Camp, there Storm Chieftains were ready to fight against them,  but they only knew Power of Central World, they didn't know Potential of Void and Nothingness.

Their Leader asked to them.
"Where is your Leader Kargzant?"

Storm Gods answered,
 "After his Proxy Golden Griffin was assassinated by enemy Gods, Kargzant dethroned himself and went to Luathela. "

 Lord of Void smiled for that answer, and ordered his army to go forward. West Wind sensed Great Danger supernaturally and ordered his brother North Wind to retreat, he could dare to retreat after crushing his Vanguards. They managed to flee Battlefield with Guidance of Light of Henird, Scapegoating of Dozaki and Dragon Eating. That was apparent they could not defeat them without Superior Power which now struggled in the Underworld. So they retreated and planed to go to Underworld for joining Army of Kargzant while Dozakis struggled against Void.

 Ialam=Antirio, most vile and disobedient son of Kargzant wanted to become Khan of Khans because he foolishly thought his father was dead. And though he once hoped so, then he realized he could not fight against them. He histerically ordered his servants to guard his hide and secretly went to South, many of his servants were killed and eaten. Hell Gate opened and Ialam fell to underworld for petitioning to his father's Help.

 Vile Mother of Ialam, Dandara already tamed Dark Veiled Woman (Xiola?) in the Underworld because she showed her True Body as KataMoripi. Mother Spider treated Ialam as if she were Gentle Hearth Grandmother. But we know always such Grandmother are really a Hag who want to eat flesh of Human...But Ialam was deceived. And he foolishly thought he could make truce and negotiation between Mother Spider and Army of Kargzant.

Great Kargzant and his Army destroyed horde of Dozaki in the Wide Hanroo Plain of Underworld. He always defeated his Enemies Invincibly. But Kargzant still didn't find the Source which stole his Sacrifices over Surface World and Route to returning back.

Mother Spider feared Destruction of her Dirty Labyrinth and Nets. Because she digged Great Hole under the Prison where Kargzant was confined as all of Blood spilled over the Altars of Surface, she knew retribution would soon come before her, and  fearfully rushed orders toward her Servants and Demons. She ordered Ialam to trick in the side of the Well of Blood because there were River of Oblivion, and if he could make his father drink the drop of this River, he would be a Slave of mother Spider. Ialam built Jiggurat in the Center of Underworld for waiting his father because he didn't have another choice.

But after he found the Jiggurat of Ialam in the Underworld, he felt only Disgust and Vanity. But Ialam begged before his father and taught how Chieftains and Khans pleaded to his return. In fact, many Great Chieftains of Western World Edge petitioned to both Ialam and Kargzant as they could make truce. This fact angered Invincible Warlord of Hell. Their voice was far louder than that of Loyal people.

"What makes me weak? They are disloyal to me and weakened my power. They don't understand what brought them misfortune and lose. They were coming from their lack of loyalty and strength of soul." His Anger the Clear Water of Oblivion made into Bloody Color of Hatred, and so he drank the Water of Bloody Hatred from River of Underworld, and became Horrible Red Drinker of Blood.

Kargzant wrestled with Red Warrior and easily defeated him. He squeezed Ialam's Fat Body to the Well of Blood and mocked Ialam, "Now you are Lord of mine. You now rule all of the World at the Center of World. Drink all of Blood which I bring you and you can consume all of them, soon you will become Lambsack of Blood, Emperor of Underworld. You needn't move from there, you can eat anything. And degenerate yourself to Deepest Pit!" Kargzant furiously attacked Otherplaces of Underworld, and forgot the affair of Surface and Sky World.

Four Winds descended to Underworld where Hellroar running over Plain of Hanroo and heard the Cry of Disloyals. Each Four Wind Kings went to the horrible General and petitoned for his help. But he refused them at first,

"I am jealous and never forgive Disobedient Sons and Daughters, I didn't punish enough them at that time. If they want need help, they must show reverence before they demand."

But Four Wind Lords were more sympathized to Surface Fallen Pentans and decided they would have him recall Good Memory of Beauty of Pentans.

East Wind chanted before him how Ungariant and his Wives had been Beautiful under the Shine of Kargzant, Kargzant made slight nod to him but didn't do any action.

South Wind sang how was Beautiful Hunting Steppe and Animals, Kargzant smiled and gave some presents to him, but he didn't do any other action.

North Wind taught Kargzant how Wind blew over the Steppe ferociously, and how Kargzant guide their Route, Kargzant roared with Laughter and gave him promise how he would treat enemies of Surface World, but he didn't promise anymore.

West Wind finally came to Kargzant and whispered Secret, how Spider bound All of the World, and Secret which Sheng Seleris only knew that secret ever after that. Kargzant stood over his Weapons and ordered to return back Sky World.

Four Winds stung their Scimitars to the Gut of Ialam, and Flow of Blood unleashed from his Belly. they rescued him from Well of Blood and made him call Spider before him, and Spider fearfully taught him the route to returning back, because Kargzant spared their Lives for their existences themselves were Punishment of our disobedient and vile Ideas and Actions. Kargzant first freed Red Warrior. Kargzant weakened for Long Struggle in the Underworld, he eventually recovered his Great Strength.

Hyalor and Dirty Praxians

Hyalor was Grandson of Yamsa, but he had wisdom which prevented him from making same error of Pride of his Grandfather. He was a Good Advisor of Khan Henird and became Good Chieftain of his own Tribe, Hyaloring. (Later, his Successors herediary gave their name as him, his Blood contained Great Potential, and produced many Excellent Leaders, many went to Western Land of Ialam for searching Stolen Treasures.)

After long Straying, Hippoi took refuge in the House of Southern Wind, he was famous warrior against Outer Coldness. But his Wife Eirisa was Vicious Woman and her children were all polluted by her vileness. She became Mother of Animals as our Arandayla, but her children were inferior to anything of her Horse children. So she very jealoused to her Presence and taught her Three Big but Foolish Sons Earthshaker, Storm Bull and Dark Morokanth to harm her most beloved daughter. And she sought way to pollute all of her Children with her trick.

First, Eirisa compulsorily forced her marry to her animal brother, from this unhappy Bond, she gave birth to some of illegimate children, later they became Ancestor of Bastard Horses, but Eirisa amplified her hatred and jealousy after she saw even her poor-birth children far more surpassed her children. Her sons saw their mother's dissapointment against them, and decided to trick her to Doom.

Southern Wind put pity over her and proposed his sons to make contest and confirm whether her kin distinguish her from Disguises of Eirisa's children. Eirisa admited this term because she was convinced they could not distinguish her from her children with her strengest Magic.

Hyalor became a famous Horsetrainer and could understand all of Arandayla's Secret, but he worried about her sickness coming from sorrow. Hyalor sent out his men to search her beloved daughter and found her in the Enclosure of Paps, where Eirisa made her filthy Home, but he could not do anything which had possibility to harm her.

Eirisa challenged famous Chieftain of Kargzanite Hyalor to take back Hippoi, he well noticed in her words they took some of dirty trick, he came. her children Animals taught her her kin coming to there and wanted to return back to her homeland, poor Hippoi believed their words and joined the band getting ready to a banquet for her kinsman, but in this place, they betrayed Hippoi and Enemy Animals dismembered her parts and plotted to trick Hyalor to believe she is not true kin of them.

False Horse Disguises were created from Fragments of Hippoi but had no soul assurance of Arandaylans. (They later were coming from Ralios, Seshnela, Vithela and other Filthy Places.) And Eirisa used them for contest. Hyalor invited to enclosure and was showed many of Horses similar to Hippoi, because she lost "her Fangs, Wings and Claws" which Kargzanite discern her from other Four-footed Kin.

If another went there instead of him, Eirisa indisputably deceive him and she would be dead for her Wounds of Pride, but Hyalor found her and his companions broke their Enclosure, fled to Wide Field. But many of her Bastard Children and disguised False Horses were accompanied with her and Hyalorings. But he knew trick and whispered her ears where she should go. They went to Crack of Distinguishment concealed over Cliff and challenged all of them to jump over it. All of Hippoi's children knew nature of that Crack and most of them succeeded, other didn't try. But many disguised Eirisans failed and fell to Depth. Later Hyalor went there and cooked their meat. (NB: Pure Horse Tribes believed he only killed them with fire, not ate their Filthy Meats.)

Hyalor discerned bastard children of Hippoi and permitted them to join his clan and Kargzanite Tribe. But Hyalor never showed mercy Children of Eirisa and killed them without Rebirth Ritual. Arandayla was glad to see her Daughter again but was dissapointed how great she did lose. Hippoi ate Filthy Food of Eirisa during her Slavery Day, so she lost her ability to communicate her kinsmen. After that Evil Will coming, men became unable to speak whith his Horses.

(Praxians believe Eiritha saved Hippoi from Attack of Enemies, but Hippoi betrayed her own debt of gratitude and let Hyalor desecrate Holy Places of Paps and massacre her children without dignity in the Challenge of Crack of Distinguishment. Since that time Praxian Animal and Evil Goddess Eiritha are our Worst Enemy. They don' t eat meat of riding Beast wach other, and try to kill as soon as they can.)

Horse King Gargarenge? and Kargzant
World Tree and Kargzant
Angels fell from Sky
Two Empires were controlled by Mother Spider
Wind Kings and Four Sons of Kargzant

Struggle against Uz Minions
Kargzant in Monsterland
Hyalor and Dirty Praxians

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