Alwoon the Poet

Alwoon was a troll hero of Southern Peloria after the Gbaji War, and his life was just during the great war among Elder Races, elves, dwarves and trolls for the Hegemony of Inhuman Realms in Early Second Age. And their struggle induced consequently the surpassing of human and Imperial Age....Alwoon didn't intend so, but his acts caused that end. But Alwoon well knew the end of these evil powers in future, with lesson he learned and persevered for his family and mother....His family travelled long and finally made home in Halikiv. This is the tale for "half-enlo".

This tale is for my uncle....sorry, great authority of uzdom, Jamuz Fruzeda (James Frusetta) and his Great Troll's Wonderhome. But uncle, do you think if Uz have a poem, what kind of poem do they have? (Inspired with our talk about Darktongue...)

Kidnapping of White Priestess (Cave of Treasure)
Kidnapping of Grey Sage (Cave of Memory)
Kidnapping of Hombobobom drummer (Cave of Music)
Kidnapping Hooman Princess (Parody of typical hooman tales)
Kidnapping Golden Diamond Mostali (Cave of Army (Anti-technology))
Kidnapping Dryad Seed (Cave of Curse)
Kidnapping Zugorteg's Son (Cave of Irony)

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