Alwoon kidnapped Grey Sage

Alwoon was born in early Second Age. After Gbaji War ended with the Victory of Trolls by Arkat, but Arkat could not remove the curse of Gbaji from his race.....that was because the downfall of darkrace began though he left Great Empire after his Apotheosis......

Stimulated with the contact to James Frusetta, about Troll brailles and Darktongue script, and Daniel Boorstin's "Discoverers" for its history of Art of Memory to christian's rosario and cathedral complex....(Or Name of Rose....?)

Second Tale of King Midas of Greece (Barber and Merry King Cole)
(About Alwoon's grandmother, biography of Pietro Aretino...?)

Book of Drastic Resolution Darkness

Another End of "Delicate Sound of Thunder" (Author of Ranyart Finn Series)

Unspoken Word: Uz p.39
Asilak (Moth), Drakokan (Termite), Changa? (Cricket)

Alwoon's Second Kidnapping (Cave of Memory)

Tonight, I will talk about Alwoon's second kidnapping nephews, if you want. (We want, uncle!) Before I start my tale, I ask you. Do you know something about writing? (No, but we know our uncle make notches to dangerous places, my mother notches over her cave as it is guarded by Zugorteg.)

Enough! Writing is originally a skill of uzuz, but our enemies stole it and halfwittedly used for their own.... do you know any hooman writing? Foolish hoomanz. (Yes, we have some enlo for such tedious work.) Now I want to talk about the original graph of our Darktongue, and how hoomanz stole it. (Bite them hard!)

History of Darktongue Script (1)
In the Womb of Formless Darkness of Subere, Magic, Shape and Sound are all same, and Ancient Three tried to carry that secret in their Exodus, the three was Hombobobom, Jakaboom and Boztakang (Some ignorants said not Boztakang, but Eristi the Doubter, but I don't believe it.). Hombobobom captured the sound and confined, Jakaboom enbossed her magic into the confinement and Boztakang put them into the Shape over the Kygerlith that Gadblad firstly made. Uzuz began to notch the events they should remember.

Uzuz scripts was special, for they had their own lives unlike dead scripts of kre mru (intoxicant metals), zin mara (hoomanz) or kre uru (vegetables).

They reply the contents of writing and the whole knowledge about the event it depicted to our dark eye....when uzuz spoke to them. (Uncle, your tale tonight is too difficult!) Okay, it is another magic of Uzuz to keep memory but it also hide secret from careless hands and enemies, for only Dark Eyes of Uzuz could read the detail beyond rough impression.

But later, enemies stole this secret half-wittedly, but could not steal the secret to hide.....and they spread dangerous secret and wreaked havoc to the they did to Death. (2) That was why Arkat easily stole their secret back from them.

But only Alwoon could refind the Secret from the Cave of Memory. (3)

Alwoon's Grandmother (4)
Alwoon's Grandmother, Queen Jargnaz was very powerful priestess of Gorakiki and Subere, and her family power was greatly from Gorakiki children.  (Yes, they are everywhere and in everything!) Alwoon's grandmother had very good memory, she knew when someone spoke bad things about his mother, where he hid his secret saving bolg and food, and how they initiate into bad son's cult, like that of Zorak Zoran or Arkat! (Yes, her power was very anno....ugh, formidable!)

She was very good at slan...sorry, advising to great mothers, everyone feared her family and clan among Yolp Mountain tribes of Six Peaks. (Oh, we are lucky there isn't Queen Jargnaz near of us anymore.....)

But after she died, her eldest daughter, Gamuz tried to inherit the business, she didn't have good memory as her mother, and didn't have knowledge of uzuz script, so she could not make her feared enough.

And many of her mother's enemies caught the chance to revenge, eventually her family was cast out from Yolp, and took a residence over highland of Talastar, just before Alwoon was born.

So, Alwoon's Mother Gamuz decided their clan-and-a half should have moved to the land more food plenty south, though uncle Jamuz agreed, he didn't forget to add, "more enemies."

Alwoon's Three Servants of Gorakiki
One day, Alwoon herded ham-beetles as usual outside the city of Laca (5), elder Brother Kazam forced him to do that enlo work, he was very hungry but banned to eat any of these beetles, he saw an Asilak (Giant Moth) was captured in the web of one of Orani Mor's Children, and struggled to escape,

"Alwoon, help me, I owe you!!" The Asilak said, so Alwoon picked up a stick and broke the web, freed it. Though he was still hungry.

Other day, Alwoon saw a Drakokan (Giant Termite) was captured by a host of Black Toadstools (Voralans) and they made a cage for it, tried to do something evil magic to it for making a new portion,

"Alwoon, help me, I owe you!!" The Drakokan asked Alwoon's help, so Alwoon swung around stick to them and drove them out from the cave.

More other day, Alwoon saw a Changa (Cricket) coiled around uz-eater vine, and waited only its death for it could not catch any food.

"Alwoon, help me, I owe you!!" The Changa chirped beautifully and Alwoon was struck by that melody. Alwoon cut the vines with his knife and freed it.

Later, the family of the three visited Alwoon in One Night, and promised him to serve at his will. (6) "We are all your grandmother's servant, and we want to serve you as we did to your grandmother."

Alwoon smiled to them and spoke about the Cave of Memory. Alwoon was not hungry everafter for many of his friends brought him plenty of food! (Alwoon has many friends!)

Cave of Memory (7)
One day, Alwoon asked his three servants to search the location of Cave of Memory, many of their family looked for long and wide,  family of Asilak searched the Sky, family of Changa travelled the Hurtplace far, and family of Drakokan dag deep and went to the grotto of kre mru.

And finally in the hooman land of West, they heard that the Bearded Thieves holding the location of the Cave....(that hooman city was called Laravar by hoomanz)

So Alwoon went there and sneaked into the city by night, and he waited the man of Knowledge Thieves who had longest Beard coming from their home, for he knew that among them, who had longest beard was the most eligible.

(Yeah, hoomanz are so foolish that they don't know how to hide the wise man..) After Alwoon kidnapped the man who had longest beard and asked him the location of Cave of Memory.

That hooman was of course reluctant and demanded high price for the knowledge, but after Alwoon pulled his Grey Beard long and enough, finally he convinced the old hooman to tell the location.

That the cave existed in their Bearded Thief God abandoned Sacred Place since Queen Gathanaz sealed it, (for hoomanz could not use it) Alwoon found it and finally recovered ancient secret and knowledge of Kyger Litor's Queendom. (How wise you are, Alwoon!)

How the family-and-a-half escaped from Dagori Inkarth
Alwoon didn't talk about his find to his family except uncle Jamuz, for he remembered what occured to his find of Cave of Treasures. (Yeah, we...sometimes don't talk all to our mothers and sisters.)

One Day, Mother Gamuz saw that Alwoon was cheerful and full though he ate only minimal and worked as an enlo, so she became suspicious and asked Loyal Son Kazam to tail him and find what Alwoon hid. And Alwoon was not so watchful that day.

Kazam saw all that Alwoon found the Secret Cave and talked many with his Gorakiki children, in jealousy, Kazam told all to his mother. Next night, good beaten Alwoon taught his mother the secret of Cave and Gorakiki friends, mother Gamuz enraged and called it betrayal to Kyger Litor, barely uncle Jamuz stopped her to lynch Alwoon.

Alwoon taught her how to use the cave, but though beaten again, Alwoon warned her that the Cave could not contain too many secrets and his brother shouldn't move the stone of entrance clumsily, but mother Gamuz were eager to resume Old business that her mother Jargnaz did in Yolp though Uncle Jamuz didn't like it, and his brother didn't listen well Alwoon's saying as usual.

But she wasn't so clever as her mother Jargnaz, and always greedy to seal too many bad rumours and slanders to the Cave that was gathered by Alwoon's Gorakiki friends. But it was enough for her for a while to accumlate power among Dagoli Inkarth. But the cave was always full and gloaned for too many bad slanders and rumors.

But one Night, always foolish brother Kazam clumsily stumbled over the sealing stone in front of cave, moved it and unleashed the all memories. (Oh, no!) Each of secrets went home and echoed throughtout these areas.

That night was just after Great Tax Slaughter, and that was why Shadows Dance Uz could not properly suppress the food people's revolt, for they were busy to beat each other. All of Gamuz secrets were gone with the Wind. And that was why Alwoon got good beating from his mother and brother. Though he helped their lives. (8)

For Alwoon's friend Changa chirped a song before the gate before the usual time, the gatekeeper of Laca was deceived and opened the gate, and they managed to escape though Queen of First Tribe made death sentence to the family of Mother Gamuz. The family-and-a-half managed to escape to the north, where they had left before. (Alwoon, you are unlucky! But don't worry, we are with you!) (9)

(TI: I don't want to write his tales with any serious mood, but....Uncle Jamuz will die in next tale, the battle of Fronela, sorry, James. but that event is needed for Alwoon should live by himself without his support. )

(1) History: For most of trolls are illiterate of Ancient Dark tongue, and even literates are under lack of knowledge to carve glyphs as in Ancient Uzuz Kingdom. And weak vision of their handy to read human language or risk to rely upon literate enlo slaves much prevents uzko to learn read, and so they naturally rely on more "primitive" method (too humane concept) and reverence to their elder priestesses for their stock of knowledge.

In Yolp Mountain, under Queen? Jargnaz, the Art of Darktongue helped greatly its society until she began to abuse it by storing rumors and slanders that ridicule the Queens of Aksena.

(2) Only some trolls say that Kralori under Emperor Vayobi stole half of this art of concealing from them, (So trolls of Dozaki's Newhome insisted) but Kralori of course denied such opinion.)

(3) James' reply about my question for Darktongue script:

<<According to Greg, written Darktongue is "extraordinarily rare." The way I've approached this is that the uzuz language is written with very intricate pictograms that essentially "depict" the scene rather than represent teh language. From this, a few uz (the cult of Subere, uzuz elders, and the like) have created a pictographic written form, but it's not used commonly.

Yes, sort of like braille, but very intricate -- an uzuz not only is looking at the raised ridges, but the texture of the various parts of the pictogram! And uzuz especially can make out *very* small details...

For common usage, I think uz tend to use written forms of other languages -- I was thinking in terms of embossed text on lead plates. This is why I was asking about Dara Happan / Lunar. The way I've been thinking of it, those uz most likely to use written language (Argan Argarites, other non-traditionalists) tend to use non-uz languages. In some cases, however, outsiders (the First Council, the Godlearners, the Lunar Empire) have created "scripts" for uz that some uz use.>>

(4) Family of Alwoon the Poet

*Alwoon the Poet
Great Uz Hero of Southern Peloria in Early 2nd Age, Initiate of Hombobobom, Gorakiki and Jakaboom. His mother called him "Half-enlo".

*Jamuz Steeleater
Alwoon's Tutor and Uncle of him and his brother, Initiate of Boztakang and Gorakiki. Wise and kind to Alwoon, but died at the battle of Nebuchaxa.

*Gamuz Enlobiter
Elder Sister of Jamuz and mother of Alwoon and Kazam, Leader of Jargnaz the Greedy clan (her mother founded), merciless and greedy, stingy. Kyger Litor Devotee.

*Kazam the Foolish
Beloved Son of Gamuz and Nasty Brother of Alwoon, Karrg's Son, A typical bad brother and good son.

Family-and-a-half History
For the Mother Jargnaz's Greedy deeds, her clan eventually expelled from her Yolp kins, and they settled in the Talastar hills (when Alwoon was born), eventually elves and their hired human mercenaries expelled them to South (less food but more safe place, Gamuz kicked Alwoon for frustration.)

Jargnaz Family went the far south of counting on far relationship to the distant kin, but at that time, another (foolish) Great Queen's deeds, the war began against Dwarves and Elves.....

Jargnaz was clever and had very good memory, so she was good at, speak about too much Truth to the mothers.

(5) Maybe same name city in different location (of 17C Shadows Dance), but had more populations of Uz, though they prefered caves to houses of hoomanz.....

(6) Maybe these insect retainers are that of his grandmother Jargnaz', but mother of Alwoon lost its connection for her deeds, maybe Alwoon performed some kind of Heroquest for recovering the legacy.)

(7) Discription: The cave was found recently by Grey Sages of Laravar (Modern Tarsh) long forgotten for the Queen Gathanaz's prohibition to use and enter the cave and its spirits with death sentence in early First Age, the spirits of it are all specialized for keeping knowledge of Ancient Uzgor by the complex of the ancient darktongue shape and the echo that makes delicate sounds of knowledge that are helpful for specifically skilled uz to record and association to knowledge. The shape and stream of air itself made the complexed structure to dark sense....and it incessantly change its own shape for the command of guardian spirits and new users.

(8) Maybe the cave itself shapes the Darktongue script.......(id est: a sort of Rune....)

(9) See Chinese Legend in Warring States Period

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