Alwoon kidnapped Dara Happan Princess

Alwoon's Fourth Kidnapping

First, please read Lovecraft's "Pickman's Model" and Swift's "Land of the Houyhnhnms" and turn into a misanthrope.....

 (No, not "Modest Proposal"!!)

Second, many bunch of "Entertainer" occupations of HQ with great is strongly insisted by us (uz) as our own, So Donandar is merely a thief, or follower of our great Hombobobom...

A tale of Amrita, member of House Veterdu in Elz Ast (Later, she renamed herself Amrita Dark Minstrel)

[Fourth Kidnapping of Alwoon]

Where should I start?
I was a member of Veterdu, Proud Elz Astian Family of Richland Dara Happa. My father was ambitious Patriarch of the House. I was carefully grown with many housemaidens and servants for marrying my fiancee in Yuthuppa, Prince Lagadavu of house Egginada from my birth year. I met him only twice, when he was surrounded by chorus in glory, and when his corona glowed just before his death.

I had a nun, she was a deneronae and very musical. She taught me how to play harp as other good dendara women, but I secretly learned from her playing lute, that coarse and vulgar "wild" tune that enchanted me, such feeling Dara Happa doesn't approve.

My nun taught me I have a great gift and I realised my ability which unknown to my other family, that makes each delicate sounds which I perceive almost distinctly [my nun called it perfect pitch]. And when my father found what she taught me, the barbaric instrument, he deprived my lute and my nun missed from my sight.

When I was only fourteen, I saw it in the fish market of Yuthuppa (though my father showed displeasure to my attachment to music, for I came to famous when I played harp in front of tyrant of Althil, my father could not prevent me to do so.) I saw my fiancee, Prince Lagadavu first time and last time under the Sun, he was called Noblest Prince of Yuthu, Eye of Buserian, Fame of Blue Mace.

And I enjoyed his handsome figure and manly gesture and considered my feeling true love. But while his father and my father decided to the wedding day of us, I found more fascinating object. It was handmade lute of famous maestro Lemininen, doomed genius of Spol.

Its strings were made from enchanted silver, its body was now extinct black wood and it was carved style of classic pelandan before it fell to modern decadent style, I saw it in the auction.

It was too expensive for me, even though my father was in very good mood for my wedding day was decided, drunken with lots of naverian wine. (Later I heard that it was knocked down by infamous Argar Argan Ebon City merchant...)

It was just three days before my wedding, Alwoon kidnapped me from villa of my family, in shadow of nights. Firstly, as you expect, I was in a state of panic, for I was kidnapped by cannibal digijelms!

Dijigelm and their music
But gradually, I realised the small monster which cared me didn't intend to eat me, or even to harm me. Surrounding cold, breeze blowing inside of tunnel, I fell to trance state of being, only accepting delicate whispers and enjoying harmony of Darkness.

And in Uzdom, it was very harmonious contradicting to my homeland, noisy and dirty rustling old city, which I always felt uneasiness inside of it. Songs of chirping insects and whispers of night people enchanted me.

Alwoon taught me my true lineage, that my great-grand mother was a witch of Spol and great uz-musician, and he had sought his five companions that would recover the Ancient Song of Peloria that brought Peace to the land, before enemies killed Queen, and he taught me uz music I never learned, and I was allured its complexity and power.

I nearly despaired many sounds which we hoomanz never be able to realise for auditory limitation. But as doomed Lemininen, I found that sounds are vibrations, that fill everything even places without self-righteous lights. I used full of all other four senses that was gifted from my mother, before enemies had taught me vision that distracts my concentration.

But these pleasant days were stopped when Alwoon's tunnel was found by adventurers, fire and blood, I was in a panic again and tried to resist from noisy hoomanz that distracted harmonious realm of uz, but when I found my family member among them, I went back to hooman Amrita, for last time. I know how I was looked at that time from hooman views, nearly naked and muddy and blood-sweat of many insects, only valuable was wooden lute Alwoon gave me.

My father grimaced to my looks, sentenced me that my wedding day was postponed to next week. But I cared little his grumbling for I heard whisper of Alwoon's song inside of forest, not far from my binding, but my father was also there, and I feel some shame to him ambivalent to my belonging to Darkness.

(He tried to remove the curse digijelms cast on me.)

But its feeling was completely changed when I was locked up in the Pit used for exorcism, and my father told me that he killed my nun and crushed my first lute inside of there, I long haven't known my father beated my nun again and again with my poor lute, until both of them totally crushed and crippled. I knew presence of everywhere Alwoon's servants then, and I called them.

His swarm of insects attacked our villa and I ordered them where the dowry of my wedding my father collected. They gathered up and stole whole of gold wheel coins, jewels and treasures and after I fled from there, they piled them up in front of their master.

How noble Dara Happan spoke to his precious girl
We safely returned to near of Yolp Mountain, Alwoon told me that the deadline was near he must have returned to go back his own realm of North.

And he urged me to decide I would follow him or not. He didn't force me to do something, and said all of my dowry his servants brought was mine. I never heard such kind word from my kin dara happans. But I was still reluctant to decide.

When we stayed in one of his hideouts, Alwoon said, "One of hooman adventurers at last found our location." I realised he was my fiancee, noble Lord Lagadavu of Yuthuppa, I caught the message from one of many Alwoon's servants.

I already heard his rumor that the Prince joined the notorious cult of Alkoth [ie Shargash] and fanatical crazy berserk band to slay all of "cursed dijigelms which stole his precious princess by enchantment".

And I was still enchanted the mirage last I saw in the city market, I suggested Alwoon a plan to test Prince's sincerity, Alwoon agreed and said that he would prove Lagadavu is showy but worthless. Though many fallen to traps Alwoon set against band of Lagadavu, Prince was still persistent. We waited his solitary coming.

When Mighty Lord reached the foot of cliff, only Alwoon waited just before of Lord, Lord swung brandishingly his famous mace that killed many foes of Empire and demanded to my friend to return me, while Alwoon stopped to play his flute, asked him secured from out of the reach of Lord's mace,

"You want to marry Amrita. Why did you choose her aside from affair of your family and hers?"

"Monster, we fell in love each other when we saw each other....."

Then I began to play secret tunes, though it seemed that Alwoon made all of these questions, in fact all of them were made from me, Alwoon merely translated it into hooman language.

"I want to ask you only one question, What thing is it which women most desire?"

Prince Lagadavu enraged for he thought he was ridiculed by Alwoon, but answered.

"Of course, our women are not bitches! They wants healthy children, and noble husband...!" I saw his bright corona dimmed, or looked so by me.

"Wrong answer. Listen to me, my riddle is from Amrita, she wants to decide her own way by your action now. She permitted you three answers" Prince Lagadavu suddenly realised he stood in many set of traps surrounding him and helpless without whim of Alwoon and me. I saw his corona dimmed again, but still shiny.

"They want beauty all over else! That I saw her last time in the market!" I was dissapointed what meant to him that was so important for me, I played my lute more intensely, but only Alwoon heard my tunes, Prince could not discern such subtlety from merely sounds of winds.

"Wrong answer! Before you state final answer, I ask you again, what let you want to marry her aside from demands of your family and her family?"

"Of course, we loved each other when we first met! Love is the one all women seeks and wants!" But what means love without light and vision you lost in Darkness? I saw his light completely dimmed and revealing mere mortal man, haughty, ignorant and callous.

Alwoon finally answered to the Prince, "Wrong Answer! She says all women would have their will. Though you listened only my voices, in fact all of statements was from Amrita, and she chose her destiny, you are refused. But she still doesn't want to harm you...."

And I stood up and shoutingly warned him not to move carelessly, for many pits were opened the sides of the cliff and many of them filled with traps, some were with many carnivorous insects, some were with desperately hungry enlos. But prince was still haughty but then completely lost his light.

"No, I can't trust you.....Agh!" He fell to the worst pit, trollkins and insects bit him from his hide, and I heard the heavy sound he falling flat and his metalic armour snapping, and I heard soft sounds munching and chomping, several belching and suddenly fell silent.

That was the end of Prince Lagadavu, Noblest Prince of Yuthu, Eye of Buserian, Fame of Blue Mace. Alwoon turned to my side. I shrugged. He gnashed his teeth (dark-) seeing my hooman gesture.

Next week, I bought my lute made by maestro Lemininen in the market of Xarkarsh, using all of my daran dowry, that was preserved by my father to marry me to House Egginada, and went north with Alwoon and his musician band.


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