Alwoon kidnapped Golden Diamond Dwarf

The Cave of Army

Alwoon was betrayed by his mother and brother and handed to the Ferryman, but escaped later. [Idea is from Chinese Legend: King Shun and his family (but with more funny and delightful air of Alwoon's series), and Lucian's The Downward Journey or the Tyrant: Hermes and Charon. ]

About flaw of uz and mostali, I am not so sure about the parallel of Yelm (Mostali, centralized)-Orlanth (Uz, dispersed) combined with such non-humans, alien Elder Races of Glorantha suggested here. Their instinctive nature to stick "Status-Quo" of tradition (like Uz following Mothers of Castle of Lead, Mostali following Nedan Dacamony etc) seems far more stronger than any "traditional" humanity society. But even IMG, they are exceptions, not typical rulers even though Diamond Dwarves (=True Mostali) or high position relatively act "freely" after long labours more than 700 years, as Flintnail and Openhandism of Isidilian.

Nephews, it is long after my last story of Alwoon. (Sure, uncle!) I want to talk about Alwoon after he lost his uncle, Jamuz, and met him again in Wonderhome! (Yeah, we know Death is NOT AN END! And Kyger Kitor blesses us, even if Time is hard and hoomanz sing delightful song for hollowness of Komor!)

And my story tells why Alwoon failed to take the dwarven wicked city of north, called Norkananti. He tried to conquer it only by his music and poems, and nearly succeeded if the betrayal of his brother wasn't! (Oh yes, we don't like his brother! But Alwoon loved his mother even though she didn't like him!)

Kazam and Jeset
One Day, Kazam the Foolish went over the ice of North by his mom's order to catch hopefully some delicious fishes and meats with fur, ever faithful to his mother, he diligently but foolishly searched desolate ice without any help of clever uzhim hunters. (Yeah, we don't like him, but we admit he is always faithful to his mom!) So he slipped into the crevasse and fell to the deepest under Glacier, and the room between life and death.

There he found Great Palace of Betakang, where the vast army of Boztakang slept inside of Ice Coffins and so many chambers, Foolish Kazam excited his find and sought method to wake up them, but soon he found no one replied to his voice and the palace echoed only his darktongue, only disturbed the silence of their sleep waiting the Last Battle. (Oh, is it true? We don't know, but we hope it is true!)

Without escape route, he despaired he could not find way to go back Komor, and he could not find anything to eat but Sleeping Vast Army of Uzdom as food, and Kazam was foolish but not foolish enough to commit Uzger crime, he vainly wandered the Palace and found only way to return Komor was eating all ices and frosts to the way to upper world.

He collapsed from exhaustion before the vast lake of dept of earth, and slipped into nightmare under flickering over the shadow and blue light of magical lichen.

He woke up when he heard the unfamilar sound (of the rowing of boat), and saw the well-known Boat coming slowly to the place which was rowed by the Ferryman, one of Seven himself. Though Kazam was foolish enough to be brave Karrgi, but in fact he paniced he met his own death and unlikely murmured the name of shrewed goddess, Ziola Umbar. (Kazam, you are fool! But we are compassionate to you at least for now!)

But Jeset spoke to him that he needed a steward for recently so many uz died for many battles, and he overworked. (And we know Jeset sometimes convey other sentient races to their own place.....if proper fee is provided.) His steward must be smart enough to remember all waterway of Underworld from Komor to Wonderhome and to charge proper fee to many types of deads. "And." Jeset added, "He must willingly volunteer this work."

"Great Uncle, I think my young brother Alwoon will be a proper servant for your work and will volunteer your work." Kazam the Foolish thoughtlessly said, Jeset slightly grinned (If he ever grinned after his grandmother Kyger Litor cursed him to row eternally the Edzaroun.)

Jeset said Kazam must bring the servant to him, and Kazam agreed, so Jeset helped Kazam to find his way to home. Mother Gamuz scolded him returning too late, but after Kazam told her what occured to him, mother Gamuz agreed that was good idea and began to plot against Alwoon. (We lost compassion to you again, Kazam.)

[Compare it with the incident of Eristi the Doubter.]

Attempts to let Alwoon tour beyond Edzaroun (Search more about Uz concept of Styx in BoDR: D, Edzaroun (River), Adzurana (Sea) and Dreneelo (Deep Pool))

Alwoon's family exiled again but it was after he got many friends among north tribes and hoomanz. (including Hooman Princess of Spol and Outlaw Dragonewt) His band of hombobobom was powerful magicians who sought the way to recover ancient Mother Power of Genertela by their music.

Mother Gamuz and brother Kazam had enough for Alwoon after Uncle Jamuz (who was only with Alwoon among family) died in the battle of Fronela. They hated poor Betakangland and considered their exile was Alwoon's responsibility, but then Alwoon already was powerful guardian of magic, had many powerful friends, and his Gorakiki servants were ever watchful the deeds of Alwoon's family.

(Of course before that, Alwoon was always careful when he shared food with his family, mother and elder brother, and brought small stones for his gizzards. Not to be poisoned...[Compare this with Sandy Petersen's Hoolar and Trickster])

[Gamuz and Kazam wanted to send him beyond the River of Styx, by the boat of Jeset, so they plotted to him by secret means and tried to rob his property, by Fire (Moth), Barrel (Termite) and Cave of Army (Cricket).]

One day, Mother Gamuz ordered Alwoon to paint the wall of Argan Argar's shrine near of the cave, though Alwoon usually let his servants do such menial work, Mother blamed Alwoon such holy work should not be done by servants, but by member of her own family, even it was lazy Half-enlo like Alwoon. So Alwoon started that work, with pots of leaden paint and Sacred tars without his companions, though they tried to stop to do so.

Kazam the Foolish had some friends among freakish Zorak Zorani (who were hostile to Alwoon's way of thinking), who could use the Forbidden Magic of Enemy. Secretly they put on some precious shrubs under the shrine, and Kazam let them call Amanstan from their binding. (We don't like them, but they are usually not friends of Karrgi!)

Alas, when Alwoon realised he was surrounded by the Wicked Fire inside of Shrine, Alwoon was helpless! But Kazam failed to do something against children of Asilak. So many moths soared while Kazam and his friends run about in confusion, riding on up-current air, they helped Alwoon to escape from the Shrine. But Alwoon didn't blame Kazam after that and mother Gamuz was angry about it.

Next time, Mother Gamuz ordered Alwoon to dredge the barrel of beer inside of their Hut, though Alwoon usually let his servants do such menial work, Mother blamed Alwoon such important work should not be done by servants, but by member of her own family, even it was lazy Half-enlo like Alwoon. So Alwoon started that work, with a shovel of bronze without his companions, though they tried to stop to do so.

Kazam the Foolish waited with some friends among freakish Zorak Zorani (who were hostile to Alwoon's way of thinking) on the side of his mother's Hut, who were ready to drop stones and clods to bury Alwoon alive. They dropped enough and with stones and clods until the barrel seemed to be completely full.

Alas, when Alwoon realised he was helpless the shower of stones and other dangerous things inside of barrel, Alwoon was helpless! But Kazam failed to do something against children of Drakokan. So many termites dug while Kazam and his friends was delight to success, they helped Alwoon to escape from the drift from the Barrel which was half-buried under earth.

Kazam foolishly went the Hut of Alwoon and check up his property for he believed Alwoon suffocated, but when he searched the last room of the cave, he found Alwoon played his flute peacefully there without harm. Kazam was so astonished that he apologized to his brother, said he was sorry about it.

But Alwoon didn't blame Kazam and mother Gamuz was angrier about it. (Alwoon, you are a good son! (Sighing))

The Golden Diamond Mostali and the Goddess sleeping under Ice.

Nephews, before I go on next, I want to teach you some. I want to tell you some cold uzuz lessons to rule us, (Lowering voice.) "Foolish son is easy to control than Wise one, but sometimes not useful.", "Wise son is difficult to control than foolish son, but sometimes useful." Very simple manner in Komor. (Silent.)

Did you imagine something else? You are a fool. Power is Power. And bosses are cold like Darkness of Subere on the matter of their powers, or helplessly corrupted as rulers of Hooman Empire, or just weak and unsuitable to follow. There is no exception in Komor even among our enemies, even among spiritless Kru Mur.

The Golden Mostali (they are teachers in their "society", if it can be called so.) turned into Diamond Dwarf just after Gbaji War, and found the Goddess sleeping under the Ice, and mated with her.

That is not evil for uz, but for stupid and soulless way of dwarves, that was grave error and sin. (Don't you know they pretend to ignorant how to produce themselves? Ha!. They deny love and friendship, everything which Kyger Litor bestowed us to sooth the pain from Komor.)

So the Golden Diamond Dwarf moved the Norkananti to the place just over the crevasse She Slept. Without telling anything about its subjects, it mated with her and getting her power to control blasphemous machines where its colleagues of South couldn't perceive.

Only Alwoon and his Musician Band sensed it and used it against Mostali.

Battle of Norkananti and War against Dwarves.
When Alwoon considered the proper Time come, he mustered all of Uzdom to attack the north city of Dwarves, many came to the successor of great Jamuz, including Alwoon's brother Kazam and his brother Karrgi. (Oh, we know why he came to help loathed brother, but it is another story just now!)

After his uncle fought vainly long against elves, Alwoon found that they were not only those who hid the Goddesses last diappeared. Who should be blamed was in fact, also Mostali. They shamelessly tried to analyze them but couldn't for their inflexibility of mind. When First Council gathered around Ezkankekko, Mostali lied to Uz that Goddesses was of elves. (They were better liers than Kre Uru or Zin Mala!)

Musicians found that was the mostali who hid songs of their goddesses inside of their (so called) World Machine, warped and entwined its life force as the Enemy did to our beloved Kolasting, and it moved their vile machinations. (Oh, we still remember the pain!)

That discovery owed greatly on the activities of Alwoon's musician band (they gathered around Alwoon who wanted to recover Ancient Peace of Genertela ruled by Mother Goddesses, by releasing them from chain), and they defeated Mostali only by its symphony. Their symphony confused bastion of Iron Mostali by its sounds, when Mostali came with firearms and other wicked machines, they retreated until Mostali brought more intricated machines. (You are clever, Alwoon!)

The Golden Diamond Mostali of Norkananti found the Song, and used it to entwine the power of Stones and Earths which was from Goddesses, which controlled many machinations of North which centered upon the fortress, that was controlled by the Ancient Song, but Mostali killed its life and called it "Code of Program". They believed it was good because World Machine is always there, and goddesses are just parts of it.

When they brought the machine with own-thinking, Alwoon knew that and musician band filled it with different song of Ancient, so machines began to do something wrongly, but mostali could not find why it was wrong. So machines began to destroy each other and stopped by its own mind.

Mostali confused and retreated to Norkananti, it moved over Ice tnough it was large Fortress over sledge. And they thought they were safe while they were inside of the Fortress, (Dwarven Nokananti City (Marble Palace over Ice) Similar to Dwarven Walking Fort, Harajallenburg?) but they were wrong for Alwoon was clever enough to find the way inside of the Fortress, where they hid their Leader.

Alwoon reminded his bands that:
1) Dwarves are nothing when not as a part of whole.
2) Dwarves don't know all of their works, and usually they don't know anything about what upper class castes (like Diamond, and Golden) do to maintain their structure.

When Alwoon kidnapped the Golden Dwarf (called King) who controlled all of works of Norkananti as mastermind in front of the heart of the Fortress, it stopped and its minions began to confuse themselves. It was very fat to do menial work, and dwarves ignorantly believe that they were holy because someday, they will attain the status of Diamond Dwarf, though they don't know how it was. Alwoon told truth about their Leader and they turned into totally mad. (How Alwoon could kidnap such powerful demigod? Because though certainly it had quite strong power in mind, it was physically quite weak, without its slaves!)

Long Norkananti stopped over the glacier which enslaved the Song of Goddess, but when Alwoon came and removed the curses just the voices without any harm because he was just another Voice and how it is as a Voice, the Goddess liberated herself and recovered her ancient own form, pushed aside the Fortress of Mostali.

That fell down like a turtle upside-down, and in their inflexible way of thinking, all Mostali inside of the city was helpless for its entrance was blocked by the Ice Ground. Shouts of triumphal uz echoed all around the glacier. (Alwoon, you are great, you conquered the city of dwarves not by arms, but by music!)

Kazam and Gamuz
When the Army was triumphal, mother Gamuz called his sons, the brain and the main hammer of the Army from her hut. Ever loyal sons of Kazam and Alwoon, went there to visit her, for they heard that their mother was sick and sought medicine which would heal her sickness.

Mother Gamuz said her medicine, the liquid of Dreneelo could be found only by magical method, and hands of her sons, so Alwoon agreed to help Kazam to find the medicine solely during the magical journey. (Alwoon, we cannot stop you, but watch out your brother!)

In fact, Gamuz's sickness was from her sons, but she didn't tell her sons about it. Gamuz bored with so many failures of foolish Kazam to hand clever Alwoon to Jeset, Sacred One of Seven. So she said Kazam that the medicine could be found the place where he just met Jeset. She knew well about Kazam and he of course didn't remember well where the crevasse was he fell.

So Kazam went with Alwoon to the north. Alwoon was prohibited to bring any companions, except the Cricket (Changa) which hid inside of his bag.

When blizzard began, the brothers hid together inside of the instant snow huts.

"Hey, brother. Where do we go?" Alwoon asked.

"Good place. My brother." Kazam replied though he failed to tell he lost its way to go to the Secret Palace of North.

When wolves surrounded the brothers and the horrible Hrognar led its lesser siblings, Alwoon helped Kazam to fight them with magic, maul and weapons.

"Hey, brother. Where do we go?" Alwoon asked.

"Good place. My brother." Kazam replied though he failed to tell he lost his way to go to the Secret Palace of North.

When Snow Giants [Remnants of Ancient Vadrudi] came and tried to eat them, Alwoon helped his brother to crush the head of it by mace.

"Hey, brother. Where do we go?" Alwoon asked.

"Good place. My brother." Kazam replied though he failed to tell he lost his way to go to the Secret Palace of North.

Kazam tried to send Alwoon directly beyond Edzaroun several times while he slept, but each time, the Changa chirped sweetly from Alwoon's bag and he woke up, so Kazam couldn't hit his brother's head with his Mace.

The brothers went to many wrong places like the Hidden City of Enemy Worshippers [See Oliver Bernuetz's Website] or Playground of one Hollri clan, hostile to all lives with blood (even uz). Both of brothers often fell to the status of silence and coldness of Himile, they began to reach the status of exhaustion and starvation, unless they stop their travel and began to eat something, though they reached to far North to find something mundane food. The brothers collapsed.

Already Alwoon had found that Kazam didn't know where they go, and lost its way to go the Cave of Army, Alwoon didn't blame on Kazam because he found what his mother expected, but he knew more about the intention of Sacred Seven. Starving over ice, sleeping. [Alwoon, now you are sacred, more than mere wise and clever!]

The Changa inside of Alwoon's bag chirped weakly last time, and said to Alwoon that he must eat it to recover the power and to call the Power which brought the brothers there. Weeping, Alwoon ate the ever-faithful Changa since he firstly saved its life. Alwoon recovered the power to resist the North Cold Wind for a while, and played his flute. The crevasse opened under them and swallowed brothers.

Kazam found the place where he visited last time, the Great Palace of Uzhim and Boztakang. Kazam ordered Alwoon to wake up the vast Army of Uzhim under Glacier with his magic, but Alwoon refused to use them against Surface, though he was proper magical power to awake them from slumber, "Time is not yet to come." Alwoon said, though Kazam scolded him but stopped soon for another plan.

Kazam led his younger brother to the Place facing Underworld Lake where he met the Ferryman, he said to Alwoon that they will find the medicine for their mother by waiting. Alwoon followed Kazam with silence.

When the Ferry arrived slowly from the border of their darksense, Kazam couldn't hide his emotion, he began to laugh, "Hey, brother. What makes you look so joyful?" Alwoon innocently asked to his brother. Then the Ferryman appeared, and Alwoon looked at the one of Sacred Seven.

Kazam sneered at him, "You are honorably chosen as an assistant of Great Ferryman, brother" and added, "I am sorry because I will meet you again, when I cross the river again!" Jeset kept silent but looked at Alwoon.

Alwoon replied innocently, "Certainly, this is the highest honor I deem, but how can I serve you? For I didn't hear anything about this honor until I heard here and now....."

Jeset looked grimly at Kazam and he began to shrivel by Ferryman's gaze. Jeset is certainly a grim, humorless and sometimes greedy, but always fair and never lies unlike his cousin Gadblad. [Yeah, we know he will visit us sooner or later, certainly if we are uz and properly perform our funeral, even surrounded by the light of Enemy, for the Shadow casting to us everywhere and everything!]

Jeset coldly said to Foolish Kazam,

"I said my steward must volunteer this duty Kyger Litor bestowed me, so you failed the task I imposed upon you. Though I know you will be not good steward of mine, I can use you as a oarsman of my ferry by your fine mustle, while I get tired to row."

Kazam lost his way to return Hurtplace and sobbed, Alwoon felt the emotion of Ziola Umbar and lured by the secret of Jeset, though he remembered well about the army facing dwarves, and said to Jeset bring back his brother instead of him. Jeset nodded and said that he would teach Alwoon about Underworld and secret of Poems. (Oh, that was why we lost the War!)

Before departing, Alwoon let Kazam drink the water of Styx without informing and forgot wholly about himself and Alwoon, so he was quite eaily driven. Alwoon said, "You must go back to help our mother." So Alwoon sent back Kazam to Hurtplace while he went deeper with Jeset.

Anyway, Kazam's head didn't hold much even before the travel to the Palace, so his mother didn't care much about what was lost in the Underworld and accepted Kazam to return home. (Alwoon, we miss you for a while! But we know your story doesn't end now!)

The defeat of North

Without Alwoon, the triumphal army of North began to break up for the greed. Zorak Zorani commanders just wanted to suck both of the Fortress and Goddess, while shamans of Seven believed the lies of mother Gamuz, for Alwoon was betrayed and his mother outlawed him as uzger, for this crime, floating down into Edzaroun.

No one could prove her lies in the army, so shamans also wanted to take the Norkananti and to exploit the Goddess, only Alwoon's Musician band without leader tried to prevent the split and to liberate the Goddess, but failed.

While the two armies of uz bullying each other, gradually, the ice under the Fortress melting down, for the seasons passed and Fire Season came. When they realised what occured to the Fortress, it fell under the water and began to swim like a sea turtle, it escaped the siege of Uz Army and attacked them again from over the water. The Uz Army was crushed and dispersed, that was why we lost in the War of North. Kazam and Mother Gamuz went back to South, their homeland as unwelcomed visitors.

(Hey, uncle. What occured to the gold dwarf king? Oh well, I don't care much about it, I think it was eaten by Alwoon's musician bands, but I heard someone else claimed that it was recovered back by mostali and "properly" repaired, I don't care, for names of dwarves are meaningless while they work for their Evil Mastermind, and I don't know even its name.)

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