Alwoon kidnapped White Priestess

This is good night for stories, nephews. Tonight I talk about our great ancestor, called Alwoon the Poet, do you know him? (Yes, uncle.) We all know him, and we learn how we should obey our mother even if she mistreat us, and she will understand finally our good intention and we are also loved by our great Mother, Kyger Litor. (Yes, we obey our mother...if we can.) (1)

Alwoon was not blessed by Zorak Zoran, Vaneekara or Karrg, or Zong and was not good at arms or hunt, so his mother and his brother believed he was useless, always wanted to betray him and kill him. But he was smart, wise and blessed by Jakaboom, Hombobobom and Gorakiki. (Yes, they are also great.) And his uncle taught him uz great secret, Darktongue of Uzuz, what Subere and her followers only knew it! (All of them shivered ritually.)

Alwoon was short and was born as a preemie, and his mother Gamuz suffered long when he was born. For he was born upside-down from feet and Xiola's secret magic Couvade wasn't available for all warriors went to the battle, and she was nearly died for discouragement while she first saw Alwoon for she thought he was an enlo. For those years, kre uru (fighting trees) enlarged their territory (2) and we died too many more than we could eat them. Alwoon's mother Gamuz and her family cornered over the white mountain by the forest, and lived like a mountain uzhim family. His elder brother, Kazam the Foolish was a short tempered Karrgi, and nearly killed Alwoon lest his uncle Jamuz prevented Kazam from doing so. (Yeah, we follow you, uncle!)

But Alwoon grew without any Malia's visit and reached maturity healthily, but his mother didn't love him and called him "half-enlo", only his uncle Jamuz cared him and soon realized his cleverness and taught many arts, especially he taught the secret language (but don't talk it too much loudly, Subere might hear it and punish us!)

Six Caves of Kyger Litor

When the Chaos threatened us while our Great Mother Kyger Litor built her Empire along the Spike, she caught the whispers of Gorakiki children  an evil prophecy about her children. (Uz, be cautious!) She saw hurtplace was threatened by more dangers, and she was wise. She handed over six great treasures to Six Ancestors, taught her great children to dig a tunnel somewhere far from there and hid them for emergency. They obeyed her requests and went to the far reached place, but we were victorious in the Darkness and forgot the location of treasures, until Alwoon found them. (Yes, he was wise.)

Cave of Treasure (3)
When Too-much talk god (hoomanz call him Isariz) gambled with one of Ancestors (I forget her name.) as usual, Too-much talk god tricked her and she bet too much, (Don't gamble with hoomanz, eat them!) and she finally taught the location of Tunnel where she hid treasures, Too-much talk of course taught it to his followers, and the treasure of Kyger Litor became hoomanz own. (Uz, don't believe them!)

One day, as usual, Alwoon went hungrily outside of his mountain for his brother drove him out, he saw a dozen of hoomanz went to the root of hidden cliffs. While he hid and watched them near of them, he was astonished when one of them spoke loudly with secret darktongue "Open Sesami (4)". While they enter, Alwoon also sneaked in. (Yeah, hoomanz are always half-wit but not wise, not clever.)

Alas, he met a wondrous great tunnel which uz made in our Glorious Days! While he watched them from shadow, they spoke loudly another darktongue, "Close Sesami". and the wall shut, while Alwoon watched them, they put on metals and coins what hoomanz so love in that cave, and they finally speak "Open Sesami" again, and gone. (Oh, how was clever, Alwoon!)

Alwoon searched the cave and talked with dark spirits, they welcomed him and taught him he could bring treasures freely to his home, for he was the true master of the cave, and hoomanz didn't know long the true worthiness of the cave, and they taught Alwoon about other five secret caves.

But he went back to his home with what he could carry, his family firstly doubted him about the coin and lead and though finally uncle Jamuz convinced his family and appreciated his nephew's bravery, his mother and his brother, Kazam the Foolish weren't impressed at all! (We are lucky we don't have such.....umm, bad brother.)

"What kind of deed you did worthy for well done!" his mother screamed.

"You merely sneaked in their cave and brought only small amount of hooman coins and bolgs! Your brother will do far more good work for it!"

Of course, Kazam also sneered Alwoon and he boasted he would visit the cave next night and bring three or four times more than that Alwoon brought. Alwoon worried about him and taught the secret words several times to his foolish brother, but Kazam didn't listen well and went to sleep.

Alwoon kidnapped White Priestess (5)

Next night, while Kazam puffing up went to the cliff, Alwoon secretly tailed him though Jamuz tried to stop him. While Alwoon watched Kazam, he spoke loudly "Open Sesami" and entered. But he didn't come back long for he searched the treasure and finally the Enemy rose over the east. And in the burning ray Alwoon suffered, forty hoomanz who armed heavy metal and mounted on juisy but armored horses with cloud of dust, came at the root of cliff! He hid the back of cliff and watched.

Kazam could not go out for he forgot the herb of secret word, already 40 numbers of robbers and thieves all knew someone sneaked in the cave last night, and drew their weapon and spoke loudly the secret word, "Open Sesami!" Kazam screamed in front of the open and charged fiercely to the line of hooman warriorz, but they were ready for that and cast a net to him, and they caught him and kicked his side hard, but darkness spirits Alwoon already befriended intervened them by saying with hooman voice.

"Wait, the monster hid our treasure somewhere last night, find out it before we kill him!" (Don't underestimate your spirit friends!)

While they went inside of the tunnel, Alwoon found a white-robbed hooman female waited outside of the tunnel, and while darkness spirits confused the 39 hooman warriorz, he stunned her and brought back her to his home (6). (But Alwoon, what kind of worth your brother had?) Though Alwoon went back to his home cave and confessed about the consequence, his uncle Jamuz grimaced and his mother blamed him hard for Alwoon could not help his brother, but she didn't kill the White Female and kept her as a hostage, and sent messenger to near hooman town. (Oh he had a bad brother!) Though finally Kazam beaten hard but safely went back to his home cave, Mother Gamuz laughed happily and kicked Alwoon's hip. (This tale is not fine, uncle, please teach us more Alwoon's great deed!")

(1) Of course, Zorak Zorani and other "outcast" cult people know this tale differently.

(2) It was early second age.

(3) Maybe there was only lead treasure, but we can suppose human don't think it is worthy but maybe exchange them to gold and silver with uz.

(4) Perhaps it is not sesami in ancient tongue, but this term was later attributed to that herb.

(5) And this is his First kidnapping, we know Alwoon's kidnapping counts Seven Times.....and it finally brought doom to Talastar elves.
Other Kidnappings are:

Kidnapping of Grey Sage
Kidnapping of Hombobobom drummer
Kidnapping Hooman Princess (Parody of typical hooman tales)
Kidnapping of mostali king
Kidnapping of dryad seed
Kidnapping of Zugorteg's son

(6) Perhaps, clever uz might know kidnapping of Chalana Priestess might bring dear effect for orlanthi society and it is similar to kidnapping Xiola Priestess with many ZZ brothers.... but what else Alwoon could do for saving his brother? Maybe Chalana cult might know this tale and hypocritically say the priestess sacrificed herself as a troll hostage for scolding the avarice of her "companions".....

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