Alwoon kidnapped Hombobobom Drummer

Alwoon's Third Kidnapping (Cave of Music)

Cave of Music

Tonight is also good for story, nephews. (Yeah, uncle!) I want to tell you this night what occurred to Alwoon's family after they managed to escape Shadows Dance and came to North Land of Conflict, or, how Jamuz Gooduncle was betrayed and killed by Kre Uru. (Though they expected new home would have only scarce enemies and safe, despite food is in poor. But they are wrong, both food and enemy aplenty.)

Great War continued among Fronelan kin. Queen Borkrak was dead and her kingdom was sucked by Kre Mur and Kre Uru. So though plenty of food was, but many uztagor laid, killed by evil wooden arrows and poisonous iron weapon. They went to such place and joined one of fronelan war families relying on far relationship. But uncle Jamuz was great uz and many gradually joined his warband.

Do you know peace? This term was invented by "hypocritical" hoomanz, but we know what "peace" actually means. Food is not fighting back.....(But I don't want to pretend to know all of Ziola Umber's secret before she left Wonderhome.) But in fronela, enemies came to worse and worse and uz ate more often in their funeral than in war, but Zorak Zorani didn't care...

But only Alwoon saw the battle was hopeless, sought peace and tried to recover lost secret of Queen Borkrak after she died in Oral-Ta and Kropa shamans of Nubuchaxa cast curses to their own bands in frenzy of Zorak Zoran. (1) It was not easy work. And Alwoon was too late to rescue his uncle.....(Oh, what a sad story!)

Alwoon's uncle, Jamuz was great warior of Boztakang, not only against Chaos foes. But against any enemies. And one of his nephews, Alwoon also joined and fought side by side with him, though mother Gamuz ordered Kazam Karrg's son not to throw all of them into fight, worrying to lose her own property, but Boztakang men are such people, self-sacrificing and knew sometimes more than mothers about uz...(Uncle, you told too much! Watch out!)

One day, Alwoon's uncle and his war bands tried to assault and managed to kill many of elves, but many of other elves pursued them retreating. (Oh, Kyger Litor! They may have swift foot and keen dark eyes! ) And though it seemed they were cornered, Alwoon had many small friends among Gorakiki children, and drakokan (termite) children swarmed over elves from Great Nest that seems large craggy mountain. Its Queen already heard about Alwoon from her children, and when the music of Alwoon's flute was played. (2)

 The warband of Jamuz was invited to the castle of drakokan and feast was performed for glory of Subere's Darkness.

After the feast, Alwoon was offered one, any of wish the Termite Queen could grant. Alwoon asked her Secret of Cave of Music, she gradly granted. And she taught him that tale.

Peace of Borkrak Queendom (3)

Queen Borkrak,  one of daughters of Hombobobom, inherited Cave of Music from her mother, where all of secret of Melody and Rhythm was hidden, and Borkrak defeated too many times in Contest of Music in Zoria, against Forest Songs of elves and Tune of Metal Mixer of dwarves, so her husband was always land God of the region, named Zoria, perfectly enchanted by her drum beat.

Too many times to win that she gradually began to believe that she knew all of her mother's secret. And when she finally defeated whole of elves of Winterwood band by "Seven Harmonious Darkness" and ate all of them as salad, finally she exposed her over-confidence openly.  She boasted that she knew all secrets of sounds more than children of any gods. Hearing that, Gorakiki wanted to teach lesson to her. But the Goddess taught her too much. (4)

Gorakiki shamed Borkrak that merely a smallest of her children, a changa (cricket) proved to play more beautifully than her, and that  could play everywhere she could not play like side of cliffs or wrong-side up of their instruments, she was very upset and angered, and turned into madness. Many of her husbands were eaten by her next night. And enemies took advantage of confusion of uzdom. Attacked uz. Some of them sneaked in near of the Cave of Music and stole music instruments scattered around (5) , and later lied they invented by themselves.

No one knows what finally occured to crazed Queen Borkrak, in some rumors, she tried to make larger drum than that of Kyger Litor herself made from skin of Thed, but died in the process for she thrust her head into the drum, but could not remove it and  was choked. Many of her slaves didn't try to save her life....

Alwoon heard all of Termite Queen tale, and he said he would try to recover her music and peace among uz, Drakokan Queen gradly granted his ask of help and taught him where Queen Borkrak's great drum was and where in Underworld unhappy drummer was possessed by ghost of Queen Borkrak, playing disharmony in the bottom of large drum. And she taught him that, to recover the symphony of Hombobobom, he must gather all of five members of musical band. (6)

Another Battle of Nebuchuxa
Jamuz Boztakangson was once from fronelan uzdom, great fighter in overwhelming number of fighting woods from Winterwood and Erigia. Though always uz number was inferior in Fronela, for local Zorak Zorani were foolish, but always warband of Jamuz Enemyeater was victorious while he was there.

Uz enemies began to know his name and try to trick him, because they realised they could not defeat him and dreadful magical stones in open battles. But while Alwoon was side with his uncle, he could help Jamuz to find their trickery and escape route.

First, elves used Rathori humanz and let them invite Jamuz into trap, though that time, more than ten times of Jamuz's band was inferior in number, Jamuz and his companies killed and crushed all of hooman skulls by stones. Escaped from pit and went home.

Next time, Uncle Jamuz poisoned (eat dwarves in wrong stomach?) and blinded dark eyes, for local Zorak Zorani jealoused (?) to his fame, and tried to kill him by ambush of elven arrows, but he killed many elves by throwing stones (7) by the help of Alwoon, substituting his dark eyes (didn't drink) and managed to escape.

Third time, elves turned to desperate toward him and willingly tried any possible means, like allying with worst enemy of them, dwarves and darkest Power of Taker that related to Hidden Stream of Styx. At that time, Alwoon was not side with them for he tried to the Drum of Queen Borkrak, and enemies forced him to eat entire of iron dagger.

Alwoon's Third Kidnapping
In the deepest of Cave in Fronela, Alwoon finally found the Drum, inside of great drum, a hopeless drummer of Queen was possessed by Spirit of Borkrak and played incessantly smaller drum of Queen "Disharmony Beats" that made War of Fronela continue. The drummer was reluctant but was forced to do so by the Spirit.

Alwoon challenged the Ghost with contest of Music, and though Ghost was victorious all of rhythm of past music, her beat lacks vigor of living and compassion of Alwoon that made him great hero. Released drummer was very thankful to him and immediately agreed to join his musical band. Alwoon returned to hurtplace as soon as possible, but it was too late to rescue his uncle.

The mysterious Uzuz Queen from Tagor Mahaquata (8) and her family surrounded Jamuz and his bands, and forced him to eat cursed weapon of dwarves, for Jamuz was tricked to boast that he could eat everything with the blessing of Kyger Litor last night. And Jamuz thought that neither of hoomanz and elves have something he could not eat, he showed Queen he could eat even fire of Enemy. But finally Jamuz realised his fate was decided and all of his warband would be killed if he wouldn't die right then. Jamuz could not avoid mother's foodgift.

Alwoon and his drummer emerged to Surface with symphony that aldryami army fled in fear that once they did to the threat of Queen Borkrak, fearing her return.

Alwoon made with Holy Laughing in the funeral of his uncle to help him go back Wonderhome safely and in a hurry. Though other uz hesitate to bless (eat) poisoned body of Jamuz by iron of Kre Mur (Mostali) Alwoon bemoaned and ate much of his dead uncle while his brother kicked him again and again. He didn't stop. Alwoon wasn't poisoned miraculously. (Oh, uncle! How we love you!) Alwoon ate uncle's heart and liver, so he inherited Jamuz's braveness and cleverness.

(Alwoon's family retreating to North, where they would find new hope and destiny...(9) )

(1)See Sandy Petersen's note in Lokarnos: uz is controlled by id: so they aren't be possessed by humane grudge and hatred, maybe. But ZZites are exceptional, their god is Hatred...and I think their stigma are branded while their initiation to the cult, to face and confront Enemy, mewing inside of cover......

(2)Alwoon got his (flute?) in the first Cave, greatest treasure but ignored long by foolish hoomanz

(3) [Borkrak Queendom Oral Ta and Battle of Nebuchaxa Oral-ta and Giant Centipede? (Spirit of 1st Age troll....<-Gorakiki Ritual?) Borkrak was defeated by Gorakiki, punished for her arrogance. Changa's Music. (Queen Zoria asked Gorakiki to defeat her?) (But enemies stole her instruments? Alwoon recovered them...drummer)

Contest of Gorakiki Composer and Hombobobom Drummer (Apollo and Parn, play upside-down instrument, japanese love to insect music?)

Uz: Rhythm Beat of Drums (Hombobobom Art): Queen Borkrak
Aldryami: (Song of Forest (Shannon Appelcline))
Mostali: Tune of Mixer, Accurate but Monotonous]

(4) Apollo and Pan, Athene and Aranea in Greek Mythology Cycle.....

(5) [ How enemies stole instruments from Hombobobom?
Gorakiki defeated her (Cricket music)

Donandar: Bagpipe ?
Hyraos: Harp
Molamin: Lute?
Drogarsi: Rattle (Sistrum?)

In some legend version, the men who tricked Queen Borkrak to commit suicide is hooman sorcerers from West, but it is another story...]

(6) His most famous band member is "Amrita", who was once a Elz Ast Noble (hooman) lady, but enchanted by Spolite Worship, betrayed her fiancee and killed and let him eaten for Alwoon, and used all of her own dowry to buy expensive Lute from Argan Argar trader of Yolp and began to help Alwoon's Great music ability. Her kidnapping is told in Alwoon's Fourth Kidnapping.

(7) [ Boztakang's Stones of Arrquong:
Old Troll Gods, UW: Uz and James' New Tale about Smart Broo

Razkanko (Brown? Air) Explosion <Eat killed by Lightning?>
Boljaanko (Blue? Water) Draw Enemy Magic <Eat Sensual Being>
Habkando (Black Darkness) Cancel Chaos Feature <Eat Heart of Dead uz>
Kridarola (Green Earth) Healing <Eat Earth Cultist>
? (Yellow Fire) Bypass armor <Eat Salamandar, Thrown by other sentient beings>
Kavanag (?) to Blind
Shtokanka (Brown? Air) Last Weapon, attack from otherside <Eat killed by Lightning? >]

(8) Why both sea trolls and corpse called Uztagor? I think it is related to uz concept to water and Jeset, Styx's ferryman. And though the old role of Styx as Oath-binder might be gregged as remnant of Greek mythology source remnant, I think several forces are secretly commanded by minion of Styx's furies, like Humakt, Blue Moon, Robber, Drospoly, Earth Avenger...etc.)

[In fact, some version of this story, Jamuz's warband surrounded great army of aldryami, but Blue Moon Priestess (Eraiyalaia the Veil) offered him help to escape his warband from the clutch, if he prove "he could eat all of these evil things by second stomach". Jamuz managed to eat chaos Gorp and Fire, but could not eat Iron Dagger.]

(9) Story about Fifth Kidnapping will be about Siege of dwarven Norkananti by elves and trolls, and mysterious larvae city under glacier.

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