Scrolls of Lay-Luan

By Lord Willow under the permission of Benevolent, Magnanimious Emperor Godunya

Articles below originally as parts of "Lur Nop" material contributed to Zin Letter #2, but excluded from it for space limitation, time bounds, or just too far or too esoteric from other "official" Glorantha materials, or just simply for my poor English. I am not sure.

Personal Comment and Errata of Zin Letter #2
Saying of Lur Nop Bureau
Near Area of Lur Nop
Additional Factions of Lur Nop
Stellar Lore of Kralorela
Timeline of Lur Nop and Kralorela
Kralorela Homeland Description and Gazeteer
Alchemy of Kralorela
Theory about The Elements

Footnotes of Lur Nop
Scenario Hooks of Lur Nop

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