Yann Suu Inn's Tale about Hankalo Isle
(A tale of Port Control Bureau of Hankalo Isles: Point of View of Kralori to Outsiders)

Administrating Port City is not easy work, to expect landing of coarse sailers and half-pirate merchants, especially if it is that of Lurunpu (Lur Nop), for ignorant savages, and even nonhumans always test and harass our restraint, and we always risk our purity to contamination. And most hard is working in Islands of Foreigner Districts, without watch and glance of War Dragon's Keep (But I think I am rather lucky to work in this Hankalo Isle, I heard that all scums of Chestelo Isle are corrupted by bribes of foreigners)..... but someone must do it and be accustomed with foreign manners to regulate their demands and their unlimited greed as Our Emperor once did in the Land of Hemkarba (2-1)

As you know, Two Isles serve Emperor preventing the avoidable trouble from inducing damage to our Imperial Possession and Order. For example, once I met a Sortumite Ship [ie Andins] coming with the perfect signal and manner asking land permission, and these Andini temporally stayed here, in Hankalo Island (they called them subjects of Dech Oru and spoke about their difficult voyage crossing Bezarngay Boil), though they are not permitted to land the Mainland of Wanzow after all, that was the hardest duty I ever met, though I don't want to mention here like occasional attacks of Zabdamars when the Fog of Blue Dragon Strait is thick, and I have experienced some unusual events, like Dozakis permitted to land mainland (they said they would like to visit Koromandol), and once, I saw a ship from one of hinterlands of Vormain, and the woman was called "princess" by her coarse mercenaries, she was really beautiful even in my eyes hardened by the beautiful girls of Guiching...sorry for deviation.

All landing must get permission at the island office right for their occupation, and their ship must be in proper rigging and manner, flags. All ships failing these conditions are sunk by War Dragons and Galleys driven by Zombies ruthlessly. (I don't want to see the pathetic sight again....) After we check them paying tax, formal inspection of their ship and paper work, they manage to get permission only staying in the Province of Wanzow one year. They must routinely visit our Office and report their deeds, and must fill their papers. Only after that they finally be able to visit our Land of Splendor mainland. (Oh, How I desire to return the city Guiching beauty again...!)

I am not good at the knowledge of Chestelo Isle enough, though I don't believe all of mandarins there are bribed.

Two Ancient People, Waertagi and Vadeli live there and still survive long parting from their kin, pitiful. But I heard about most hideous and abominable in their acts, too hideous to mention here. But what do you expect from the soulless oldest people of Meksornmali? Recently, I heard that ships of Orange Guild of Jrustela permitted the landing in Vadeli Ghetto, but they are not permitted to go beyond Wanzow province

Martalaki People of Hesezmedi (native calls it Seshnela) now call themselves Quinpolic League, but we can 't trust them as we can't trust Zabdamar or Andinni, though they are also human and many permitted to stay Wanzow. For their ancestor once destroyed our Empire. They are divided into two family, Don Capratis and Du Tumerine. But I don't know the difference.

Handrans are another Martalaki from land between Hemkarba and Hesezmedi. And I don't believe they are better than the two of them.

Kethaelans are people of Hemkarba and recently permitted to move from Chestelo Isle to our Island, after our Emperor taught them a lesson for their Dormal opened the sea and exposed us to foreigners again, but we still keep most watchful eyes to them. They soon began to forget the lesson. Three types of them are found here. Rightarm People are simple folk. Heortlanders are bushy ignorants, brutal and always try to violate our law not from malice but from ignorance. And upside-down people of Esrolia is said to be ruled by women. Men are all slaves to their wives. Ridiculous Folk but they are far more better in manner than Trowjang Marazi from Yellow Channel.

Lunars? I meet an emmissary from Karse, the one of Hemkarban Cities, they are drug dealers and I heard that they bring much trouble to north Province of Siyang, I don't have any difficulty to find his concession among Kethaelans, I wouldn't want to make a deal with them, if I was a merchant.

Other Hankalo people? They must come here firstly.

Haragalans now occupy the Ancient Quarter of Eastern Golden Mokato, their tallships are called to be made from totally magical component, though I doubt that. I found them good manner and noble intention if I can find such thing among foreigners. I want to expect such characteristic from the people of Dawn, as distant kin of Kralori.

But I cannot find any such characteristic from teshnans and melibites, aside from the fact that they now fight in their homeland, I saw enough in their oily dirty roads and streets, and disorderous manner and bad behavior to our tradition, even though they are also our kin. They now occupy just here and another opposite side of this island, I hope they don't bring any difficulty to our work, at least while I am in this isle.

But even they are better than Marazi of Trowjang from Yellow Channel, they raid Wanzow and Boshan coast, and kidnap men for their horrible purpose. Their are merciless, soulless savages shaped like women.

Non humans? Yes, I don't have experience to meet with Nichung or Hsunchen, but I have seen others, like Keets or Noisy Birds, we don't like them but they are also citizens of Metsylan Empire if the legend is true, but they fell to Avanapdur Way later. ......And I should confess I like roast duck of Tung Shui An very much, very nice to eat.

Black skin Fonritans and Dozaki from Jrustela come from far land beyond sea, by visiting Teleos, I am ignorant to Dozaki aside from that Yanoor defeated them in his reign and many troubles Exarchs in exile met in the Kingdom of Ignorance. Fonritans drive small but very swift ships (they call that "catamarans"), they are slave masters and have some unknown connection to melibites. Red Vadeli of Orange Guild also came from Teleos.

Zabdamars? They never drive ships. They are our Enemies from ancient time, they have attacked us with Sortumite in Oldest Age, and sank Metsylan Abzered. In Ancient Age, they came with Sekever and his Huan Too Army. Recently, they attack us with some unusual allies, like dreadful demons from sea, (called Ysabbau) They can swim fog as if it were sea.