Scenario Hooks to Lur Nop

Major Events

Secret of Silk

Du Tumerine Family of Nolos has sought the secret of silkworm and mulberry, (though trolls also knows this secret, they are also secretive and their silk is not so good as that of Kralori) Lord Mulberry might teach PCs if they can convince him it is good to share such knowledge as the proof of generosity to foreigners as a sage of Center of World. (But even he will not teach them the existence of Silkworm of Friendship in Chi Tin)

Perhaps similar plot can be used for porcelain, paper and glassware or something Kralori technical secret. (if such things exist in Fantasy Glorantha), for PCs, they might be ordered by their foreign masters of Esrolia, Melib, East Isles, or Lunar Empire, etc..

Five Lords of Old City

Somehow PCs get permission to enter Old City and met Ancient Five of Tree Spirits, all of them have strange customs particular for their immortality and "Beast Within" sect teaching, perhaps PCs want to learn from them the Ancient Wisdom of Kralorela, or secret of the City.

Tong Activity Research

Swordmaster Imolo (meeting them in Foreigners Market) asks PCs to search the plot of Blue and Red Tongs, as spies. Maybe consequently PCs reach their secret way to enter Old City through Krashitide Tunnel after many dangerous missions.

The Citadel of Seven Dragons

Elder Willow (disguising as someone in the City famed for wise and wealthy elder?) asks PCs in return (perhaps he helped them troubled with arrogant War Dragon scales or greedy lower Mandarins) to help Sewer Rats and Snakes in Citadel of Seven Dragons, Willow helps them to disguise as Kralorelans by magic? (Similar to one of James Bond Movies?)

Mad Experiment

Alchemists of New City try to exploit PCs in their Mad Experiment, PCs escape from the outcome of their derangement and finally asked help from Old City Astrologers and Elder Peach. Their prophecy to Hero Wars and PCs part in it.

Outbreak of Citadel

Demonic Inhabitants of Citadel rush to outside world in fear of more Nasty Entities from Upper Area, (maybe it is similar to Balrog in LOTR or more deadly, nightmarish (or very beautiful) entity) They wreak havoc outside world and PCs might face them directly.

Exarch of Wanzow Province

Plot against Current Exarch of New City, lower mandarins and war dragons have tried to overthrow him and replace him more suitable for their plot (and advantage.) secretly bribed by Sekeveran Tongs.

Minor Events

Paradox of Priests

A priest of Innatists of Cold Fists is threatened by Blue Tongs. They are defenders of poor people and street children in Shanty Town, upset by their strange creed and martial arts, eventually PCs meet their Abbot and his friends, Kan Wei One Eyed (Leader of Red Tongs) or Swordmaster.

Kralori Laws and Merchants

Make contract with Kralori for trade, cultural difference makes it difficult in the mutual trust, in culture, law and writing, etc...

Smuggler Guild Raid

Corrupted Bureaus secretly supported kralori outlaws to steal or rob cargoes of foreigner merchants (including PCs) by violence or stretched law application. (Attack in a night of portside, transforming into Orcas?) Show typical Kralori attitude to foreigners and way of thinking.

Street Battle

Street Fight Tongs between Blue and Red for breaching of contract by one side. PCs might face the complicated politics and affairs of local Kralori.