Celestal World of Kralorela

Report about Sky World according to the Research of City Kuchawn:
in his Majestyfs Great 720 th Year

From Chou Han Ru the Rocketeer

To Exarch of Kaisen Province and Our Majesty, Emperor Yanoor

For my petition for the support to make rockets to improve our art to Astrology by the magic crystal mine of Kaisen under Imperial Administration, here I gift our Majesty the result of my long research. (3-5)

Stellar Movement is very important for our Culture and the welfare of the Empire, for through it, we can understand the cycle of Cosmos and the breathe of Un Lo, inhaling of Kra and exhaling of Lor, gods donft rule the Cosmos, Cosmos rules gods, and dragons are the power beyond our Understanding to its cycle.

And from upper world to lower world, Celestial Hierarchy composes our Empire and the center of Glorantha, land of Kerendaruth, through Stellar movement, we can calculate minor cycle of World, like year, week, day and hour, under the Eye of Heenmaroun on the noon (it is called Malulaya by vithelans) and Ring of Seralaloon (It is called Farsanrana by Vithelans), we realise the wisdom of dragon emperors and Kralorelan way.

Sun and Wagon

With our Ancient Calendar, we can calculate Seasons, the cycle of Malulaya, when it is weak or strong, with its movement of Sky Dome (It was called Buserianfs Flame in western barbarian Star Pillar City), we divide Sky Dome into Six Signs, Silence, Secret, Being, Experience, Secret, Spiritc.for the location where it rose and set, we see the Grand Design that makes our World still alive, after the Utuma of Cosmic Dragon. (3-6)

Foolish Astrologers insist they can calculate each ordinary peoplefs future and destiny through the position of planets when they are bornc..but this art is very delicate and beyond their ability. We can discern the seasons of Mystical Age easily by the location of Sentharu [Lightfore]. (3-7)

Week derives from Wagon, (Vithelans call it Lomarthalonos, Dara Happan savages Lokarnos) when firstly Sun set to the Western Hell and Age of Daruda, Age of Lighthouse began, firstly it rose with other Gods Cycle planets Blue Moon and Black Goddess (Pelorians called it KataMoripi)) and it always turning around the vacant center of Kendararimin with exactly same interval. But it also set in the invasion of Herespur and Bodestu destroyed Imadsalash, World Mountain with other celestial bodies. (3-8)

After Yanoorfs enthronement, Wagon returned to the sky and did same for a while as in Gods Cycle, but eventually, evil and errors of foreigners way made the movement of Wagon erratic, eventually it slowed and delayed for their evil intention and wrong magic.

(But we realise the true power of the planet as the keeper of Sky World, when exarchs of Chern Durel called all of dragons to destroy ShangHsa gmay his name is Cursed foreverh. A scribble of a kralori scribe: though some followers of Red Gardener believe week was from Sedenya or Rufelzac.before history, this opinion is wrong, ignorant populace of Kuchawn. )

Day and Night derive from the presence of Sun in the Skyc.Barbarians of West said that once their Sun was lost from Sky in their long nightmare and they fought long and bitter war for finding it again, but we experienced the Age of Lighthouses, and never felt such difficultycas Chestelo, they were evil and so were punished for their villainous way, we wake while they slept. (Reign of Emperor Thalurzni) and reached the realization of true nature of Glorantha. (3-9 Long)

Sky Dome Tilt and Movement began when first Serakaru crushed to the North and Great Cataclysm shattered the North Pillar of the World, but it was the destiny that dragons chose, through the movement, we can distinguish the waxes and wanes of Kra and Lor as Cosmic Cycle. (3-10)


We also know that the Sky World is literally reverse and mirror image of Surface World, though it represents Upper while ours do Lower, it represents metaphysical while ours physical, and what occurs to Celestian also occurs to our Surface, Empire of Kralorela. Though Effect and Influence is varied

And we divide roughly Sky Dome with these terms aside from Six Signs: Kralorela [Stellar Draconis], Orb [City], Great Waste [Autumn and Winter Desert], Suam Chow [River], Thousand Isles of East [Spring and Summer Field], Summerland [Forest]

Kralorela [Stellar Draconis]

This constellation is the Mirror of Our Empire and itself, and Great Dragon of Sky World. It coils around the Orb and watches us with his almighty sightc.some of our Astrologists hypothesized that each of Stars attributed to lost Seven Provinces of Kralorela, but I still doubt about it. Some say they are peaks of Shanshan, others say they are actually Vaska Long each provinces.

Center of the Dragon [the Shackle] is not such a bright star worth to call as the center of the Constellation, but it is identified with Emperor or called Heart of Dragon, and the Office of Minister of Mobility [Green Star of Broken Ring], and each time Farsanarana visit the Court for the report, we can watch Green Star glows most brightly because she was once a part of Emperorfs Council. Iron Forts [Wing of Burburstus]of course guards the Empire of Sky as in Below World against Nichung.

Orb [City]

Many theses for Orb were made since the Ascension of Our Majesty, Current Emperor. Some of sycophants of Emperor Vashanti called it Hum Chang and Kendararimin is Chi Tin, but we know our Imperial Capital is eternal Goropheng and Chi Tin is merely a Vashantifs Temporal residence for meditation. Some of Anti-foreigners called it Jewel is that of dream which the Dragon strives to destroy it (a graffiti of scribe: Or Argrathfs dragons toward Red Moonc?) They call the Center of Sky[Polaris, Kendararimin] Jodadilili of Loso. I canft agree either of them. I simply call it Orb of Mystery and Polaris is the Office of Minister of Stability.

East Islanders revere greatly the Star Tanye [Ourania?] the Messenger, some of Kralori Populace follow this teaching.

Great Waste [Autumn and Winter Desert]

Here we discern the most of Dangerous Foreign Powers outside our Empire. In Chern Durel, we saw the Amethyst Dragon [Bagoka] which roars against the assault of Minion of Sekever. (In Plateau of Statue [Conspirator], we see our Emperor Godunya mediatating in the Middle, and west of there, we see demonic Empire of Dara Happa Red Moon and here, once Demon Khan Sheng Seleris made their own Home of Sky World, just in the middle Nichung Waste. But Red Moon demons reversed his curse and his star became Dark Spot, and we keep him there fighting with demons. ) Nichung cattle and beasts are found there in the Signs of Silence and Secret. 

Suam Chow [River]

This Inland Sea roughly divides the six Signs into two, and continent and Thousand Isles of East, which keep us from Summerland Heaven. In the North of Siyang, we see the Emerald Fish Lord [Erenbaya?] waits Wanderer visitors like Mikaday or Sentharu. And further South of the continent along the coast, we saw Sechkaul [Everina] and finally, Elemental Dragons of Hemkarba [Lorian] which taught lesson to us. Inland of the Continent, We can see the evil Cross of Death [Urnbudud] as the sign of Storm Barbarians of Serakaru [Orlanth].

Thousand Isles of East [Spring and Summer Field]

We can see Thousands of Isles here, but be cautious about Vormain [Bull?] and Mokato [Erkonosf Food Contest]. We see Thrunhin Dah [Willow and Lariat] swam in Kahar Sea / Sign of Experience. And southern Lucky Stars keep lives and welfare as north Death Stars control Death. (3-11) In Love Stars, Minister of Life controls South Stars, while in War Stars, Minister of Death do same for North Stars.

Summerland [Forest]

Here good Kralori lives afterlife and waits the Ascension of Next Emperor, in the land of Goddess Halisayan [Swan (Frogwoman), See RW Chinese moon folktale], Wife of Emperor Thalurzni. Here Archer Hensarava guards the Sky World with his bow from Antidragons. And see the Blissful Life of Summerland Heaven.

Six or Seven Dragons of the Sky

We can discern Seven Dragons stretching and moving all around the Sky, Kralorela (Stellar Draconis), Elemental Dragon (Lorian), Amethyst Dragon of Chern Durel (Bagoka), Thrunhin Dah, South Dragon of Life [Spear of Balumbasta, One Night Wish, Fire Arkcetc], North Dragon of Death [Ice Palace of Valind?] And traditionally, the leaders of All of War Dragons have this title: Archexarch of Seven Dragons and Wisdom as the righthand men of Emperors. (See also Argrathfs Saga in King of Sartar)

Bad places in the Sky

Chern Durel [Bagoka], Dark Spot [Star of Sheng Seleris, Center of Seleran Empire], Plateau of Statue [Conspirator], Sortum [Throne? of Young God?]

Popular Star Mythology
Mr and Mrs Hard Working Paddyworker (3-12) and their sly Cat can be found as constellations. (Maybe this myth is also known by Pelorian Rice farmersc..for Plentonius knew this constellations)

Cat is popular trickster figure among Kralori.

Thunder Man [Lightning Boy, Dayzatarfs Eye (Arraz)?] is popular in Kralori folktale for his short temper and easily moved by tears. He punishes evil of Surface World with his thunderbolt, but often fails in his duty (maybe, against Cat).


(Later his scrolls were burned by mandate of Emperor Godunya, for his heretical, mechanical and Atheistic point of view induced the tolerance of Western visitors and Martalak speculators in Yanoorfs court and caused Unfinished Cycle of his reign.)