Homeland Description of Kralorela


Kralorela is the eastern land of Genertela Continent, and long stretches from north to south. But it is barred by ShanShan Mountain Range from rest of the Continent and holds quite different history and tradition aside from other areas. It is called Dragon Empire, for its benevolent rulers who postpones their Ascension to reach True Dragonhood and chooses to help subject populace. Current Emperor is named Godunya. (1-1)


Its history has independent from gTheistich Genertela for it also inherits the influence of now lost Eastern Continent named Vithela. (Only remained as bits and pieces as East Isles, Vormain, Verenela and Forng, etcc.) And it relatively not so damaged by Gods War for ShanShan defense and no Great Darkness was as other Vithelan parts. So it still keeps Gods Age legacy and strong magic remains in ancient form, land is rich and fertile, and they donft show any ambition to foreign lands for this reason.

But in history, at least two times foreign powers conquered the Empire, overthrew rightful emperors and ruled it with oppressive and brutal way. Kralori remember these only as dark days and always show suspicious attitude toward foreign custom, influence and power.


Centralized bureaucracy under Magico-Theocratic Government of Dragon Emperor rules populous area. It boasts long tradition since Gods Age and urban culture thrives in great cities, but tendency of decentralization can be found in farmer class, every local area culture and arts, and its harmony to two opposites can be called the one of the characteristic of it. (Good farmers are more revered than bad bureaucrats.)

Its insularity toward foreign influence is famous and they think their Empire is the center of the world, and other parts are worthless to subjugate or conquer comparing to required effort. (They performed funeral for outside world recently, for they have a vision of the fall and collapse of itc)


Most of them are Kralori (1-2), but over ShanShan, various tribes of hsunchens live and resist Empirefs rule. Some of dragonewts live in land of Hun Chang of Three Colonies and the south of the Isle Fanzai (here enigmatic Shrine to Un Lo existsc ), but they and kralori both show indifferent attitude toward each other unless necessity forces communication. In Sea of Fog, Merfolk Zabdamar is enemy of Kralori from immemorial days of Shavaya, and they sometimes attack coastline of Kralorela when the Fog from Kahar is thick and Ysabbau Warriors help them.


Kralori (People of Wanzow uses Southern Dialect influenced from Teshnanc?), it is the Official Language of the Empire (since Emperor Vayobi). Dragonewts speak Auld Wyrmish a little bit relating to Kralori. Zabdamar speaks Triolini (Language of Piscoi) influenced from some Vithelan tongue.


(1-3) Archexarch of Seven Dragons and Wisdom (or simply, Archexarch of War) commands all of Four Imperial Corps and Three Fleets of Kralorela (that symbolically form Seven of Celestian Dragons), and Twenty Elitest Warriors, named Five Dragon Warriors are personal bodyguards of Emperor, under tutelage of Martial Artist School of Heseroon Marn the Faithful Dragon.

Dominant of Kralori Army is still Heavy Footsoldier regiments approximately number 1000 members, and half are armed with crossbow, rests have spear and lance. All of them have swords and Shield. Even among Marines, for the calmed Sea of Fog and Suam Chow, Fleet of Barges and Junks usually works as Floating Fortresses and not good at Driving over Waves. (1-4)

About Cavalry regiments, though Kralori despise the practice of Horse Nomads since Ancient Age, after invasion of Sheng Seleris, the practical necessity overwhelms Tradition, especially in Siyang and Boshan province.  (1-5)

Certainly magical regiments exists though quite it is minority group, various and mixed type of Battle Magic is practiced like Spearbird Riders and Sunboxers. Dragons are rarely used in Battle, but causing decisive effects it was used in several times in History.


Magico Centralized Worship to Emperor, aside from various local deities and spirits. (1-6)

Kralorelan Glossary

(Exclude some words like Feng-Shui, or made italic that indicates unofficial.)

Archexarch: See Ko Xia Ko

Boshan Province: One of two Southernmost Provinces of Kralorela on the isle of Fanzai, its people is famous for their (sometimes, vengeful) passion and beautiful songs. Their national hero is Shia Oh the Poet. Its capital is LurNop.

Chi: All of Existence consists of the substance (no matter it is of spiritual, material or energetical) in the World. Its circulation makes this World alive, and its good composition of specific area links to human welfare and spirituality.

In Glorantha, flow of mystical Kra and Lo can be seen in the earth, called Dragonveins.

Dragon Mother Company: Women Regiment maintained to fight against Trowjang Amazons [Marazi]. It was founded in early reign of Current Emperor Godunya, for geographical closeness, The Exarch of Wanzow holds great number of them in its Capital, LurNop.

Dragonvein: Concept of Feng Shui to understand draconic chi (energy) which flows under the surface of Glorantha.

Eunuchs: Sexless or Castrated People for serving purpose of Noble House, in Kralorela, for some of Dragon Emperors had wives and concubines (like Thalurzni and Mikaday), and they begot immature dragons like dragonewts, and human castration also permitted to serve the need of Imperial House, though they donft have any draconic power.

Exarch: See Xia Ko

Fanzai Island: Southeast Isle of Kralorela, and it holds Wanzow Province in northern area. Master Dragonewt, enigmatic person lives deep of Southern Jungle, and some of Kralori went there to sacrifice in the Shrine of Un Lo.

Five Dragon Warrior: Elitest Warrior of War Dragons named for their power to transform into Dragons at least five times, Swordmaster Imolo Wen is one of them.

Gnaw Chang Hia: One Hundred Rice Islands. Once they are mountain chips of Lost Seven Provinces. Most Important Ruin is Goropheng, Ancient Capital of Whole Empire.

Guan: Religious Buildings for Kralori Native Origin (translated as Shrine for the sake of convenience). Such Buildings for Foreign Religion (even incorporated enough as the teachings of Larn Hasamador and Nenduren, Mashunasan) are called Si by native Kralori. (Temples)

Hum Chang: Jeweled Island of Wonder, Center of the Empire. It holds two Provinces, Kaisen and Modaings.

Hsin Tu: Mandarins who passed draconic examination of Emperor Mikaday. Their highest rank is Exarch.

Immanent Masters: Draconic Belief of 2nd Age now condemned as Corrupt Way for it was once exploited by New Dragon Ring. Godunya has permitted them to work as imperial bodyguards for their strong martial ability and way to rapidly achieve strong power.

Ko Xia Ko: Archexarch, the highest title of Kralori subjects be able to reach only number Ten in member at one time. They watch the acts of celestian movement and Othersides (Like Udam Bagur, the Judge of Hell) aside from the administration of Surface World, like that of Circle of Imperial Ministers.

Kra: In-breath of Un-Lo, or Inspiration, Kralorelan equvalent to Yang.

Lo: Out-breath of Un-Lo, Perspiration, Kralorelan equvalent to Yin.

Mandarins: Civilian class which administrates daily Imperial affair, to achieve higher class as Hsin Tu, they must pass the test of Mikaday and appeal their understanding of Draconic Way.

Ministers of Emperor: Lords of Empire, holding great powers, can make petitions and advices directly to Highest Mandarins and Emperor, but have no specific duties. In fact, many Kralori Pantheon gods have this title (including Vithelan and Genertelan divinities, like the Minister of Fire: Karkal) as subjects of contemporary emperors. They are all watched by Ten Archexarchs.

Missing Seven Provinces of Kralorela: It sank under Suam Chow in Gods War, and succeeding wars. Each of them attributed to Seven Magical Bridges of Godunya. Their recovery is rumored in Hero Wars.

New Dragon Ring: Under ShangHsa may his name is cursed, they ruled 2nd Age Kralorela and abused practice of Feng-Shui. They ruled Empire from Five Elemental Attributed Cities and controlled its resource without enough check and restriction.

Orca: [Latin: Killer Whale] Some of War Dragons learn the specialized magic to transform into Killer Whale form. Its practice was from Thrunhin Dah and Vayobi in Legend.

Suam Chow: Inland Sea of Kralorela, it was made from flaming Kundalini of Daruda in Lesser Darkness and enlarged its territory in the worsening condition of Gods War, and now missed seven Provinces are all under its wave. Many mountaintops of it are now Gnaw Chang Hia.

Vaska Long: Mainland of Kralorela attached to Genertela Continent, but holds ShanShan Mountain Range as barrier against rest of it.

Wanzow Province: Another Southern Most Province of Kralorela in Vaska Long, and its people once followed Sheng Seleris, so suffered great damage in Seleran War by both sides, and later by punishment of Kralori officials for treachery and as example. Its capital is Shah Ming.

War Dragon: The Regular Naval and Land Army of Kralorela, first mustered by Emperor Vayobi. But it includes many unorthodox (sometimes, foreign, that is equal to evil) magical practices and its practitioners. And some of them gets political power by "Uncivilised and non-just way".  So traditionally it has rivaled with the people of Hsin Tu Class and Draconic Orthodox teaching of Kralorela. Its officers are called talons and rank-and-files are scales.

Wind and Water: [literally translated term Feng-Shui] Geomancial practice of Kralorela. It systemized the relationship of the Land of KraLor, its dragons and Earthly Feature as Dragonveins with its long tradition. Chi is invisible flow (from the point of view of materialists) but can be measured by the direction and flow of Wind and Water in the specific area.  

Xia Ko: Exarchs, overseers of remained Eight Provinces all have this title.