History of Lur Nop

Vithelans are indifferent to recordc.in a sense we Kralori knew the importance, and you can see their indifference manifests in their record in the Dream of Avanapdur, (3-1)

The Ancient Name of the city is Lay-luan, later renamed Lurunpu, means "Green Watery City "

Daruda's Kundalini Power burned the land of Kerendaruth and made the Suam Chow. That was the start of Naval History of it. When Emerald Fish Lord sacrificed his daughter to help his people and Emperor Mikaday rescued her from the clutch of demons, the Shrine of Emerald Fish Lord was consecrated. (It is the oldest remnant of the Old City.)

Here is the Naval Fleet Place of Sekever's Invasion to Sechkaul and Verenela was began when Vayobi secluded to the depth of Suam Chow and planed his War Dragons. And Vayobi's War Dragon Fleet Place to sail to Vormain was from here.

But in the reign of Vashanti, this city port was dried for their effort to bring back Ancient Provinces under Suam Chow, for Kralori didn't love Sea more than these realms are that of Thrunhin Dah, Dragon king of East Sea that helped to destroy the Ancient Land of Abzered. (3-2) Though Shia-Oh's Shrine was also founded as the national hero of the Province Wanzow under Vashanti, for its complicated relation of the hero and the city, he never fully shows good attitude to Lur Nop.

In Yanoor's Reign, the Suam Chou eventually returned to the City and the City returned to Old Status, the Five Guardians were named by Yanoor to keep and care the welfare of the city, it was betrayed for one of them took priority to the prosperity of the city rather than all of Empire itself. Though Five Guardians had begun to doubt each other's allegiance since that age, they haven't reached the conclusion who was the betrayercfor they are immortal.

The city was also the One of Five Centers of New Dragon Ring aside from Goropheng (later it was perfectly punished by Thrunhin Dah for its vice and sunk under the wave), Chang Tsai (Ogre King (3-3), and two Other Great Cities of Vices.

When Heseroon Marn rebelled against ShangHsa and founded the stronghold of Rebellion in the South, (3-4) the second victory of his occurred outside of the city (West) against Immanent Masters of False Emperor. And in Godunya's reign, the grave of fallen deads of Yanoor was made in the south of abandoned Seshnegi (Chestelo) Quarter, consoling the ghosts and evil spirits of eastern part of the city.

In the current Opening, limited trade has been permitted to Chestelo and Hankalo Isles, (though they find some difficulty to classify Kethelan of two categories) new Exarch of Wanzow abandoned old office of Can Shu for it is too close to Ancient New Dragon Ring Field and the Citadel of Seven Dragons.

Timeline of Lur Nop

Golden Age: One of Metsylan Cities existed here? As a subordinate City of Goropheng

Storm Age: Wedding of Harantara and Kahar made many lands of Abzered and Metsyla drowned, Shavaya founded Fifteen Provinces of Kerendaruth. Black Sun and Sekever came, Bloody Rain. Shavaya commited Utuma over Closed Hill.

Lesser Darkness: Daruda's Kundalini made Suam Chow, Thrunhin Dah helped him to drive antigods of Sortum out of Kerendaruth.

Lesser Darkness: Thalurzni enlarged the spine of HeenMaroun (ShanShan Mountain) and taught the practice of Feng-Shui to his subjects.

Great Darkness: Romance of Mikaday and the daughter of Emerald Fish Lord, a descendant of Thrunhin Dah. Mikaday rescued her from the clutch of Evil Prince of Mountain and married her.

Great Darkness: Sekever and Vayobi fought for the Soverignty of KraLor. Sekever attacked Teshnos from South Province, Vayobi made a port Lay-luan and shipyard to conquer the homelands of Antigods, like Sortum, Vormain and Other Isles of Antigods. Black Sun again.

Grey Age: Civil War, Shia-Oh was finally banished from Lay-luan and wandered Northlake area (that is before Suam Chow enlarged) and later drowned in despair. Later appeared as a Great Spirit Guardian of Wanzow.

Grey Age: The Lord of Silver Sparrow (?) from Modaings called the army of all good remnant provinces on and many answered, defeated the Army of the Kingdom of Tiger and Wolf. Later, Vashanti enthroned.

0 ST: Vashanti finally transcended the Mortal World and went Summer Land, Yanoor Enthroned.

25 ST: Dragon August first awakening. Many Miracles.

424 ST: Fen Watha Loo visited the City Lay-luan and ridiculed and humiliated, he played flute and went away with all enchanted women of the city.

425 ST: Dragon August second awakening. Fen Watha Loo interviewed with Dragon August.

432 ST: Fen Watha Loo travelled to Underworld.

436ST: Fen Watha Loo visited the Island of Virtue, Boloastagos [ML] during his voyage to East.

440 ST: Astrologers reported Yanoor that Great Poet Fen Watha Loo died in Vormain.

560 ST: After the Battle of Warring Ford against United Army of Babadi and Dozaki, Yanoor's Fleet arrived Lurunpu (Lur Nop) and appointed five great tree spirits as City Guardians.

(Circa 720 ST? Cho the Rocketeer made his report about Kralori Sky for Emperor Yanoor.)

724 ST?: Gilam de Estau and his Seshnelan companions stayed in Yanoor's Court.

753 ST: Gilam founded Five New Dragon Ring Cities, Goropheng, LurNop, ChangTsai, ? and ?.

768 ST: ShangHsa (former Gilam de Estau) forced Yanoor to commit suicide (ie Utuma?) over Hill as Shavaya had done. Many of Yanoor's Followers also followed his death. Great Mourning.

780 ST: ShangHsa's Reign, his Overseer Fen Ko Roo entered the Forbidden North Gate of LurNop thanks to the betrayal of one of Five City Guardians. He destroyed Tower of Silver Sparrows.

790 ST: Overseer Fen Ko Roo made Yanoor's Subject Graveyard and Immanent Master's experiment field to the northwest and northeast of the City.

825 ST: ShangHsa tried to stop Dragon August's Third Awakening. But failed and the dragon spoke him many Bad Omens for New Dragon Ring.

830 ST: Completing of Construction of the Citadel of Seven Dragons.

950 ST: Heseroon Marn's Revolt began and First Victory in Boshan. He gathered "Green Wood" Gangs.

978 ST: Heseroon's Second Victory against Overseer of LurNop, Fen Ko Roo just West of The City.

1050 ST: Heseroon Marn killed in North just before Dragon Awakening Shudder.

1051ST: City Goropheng sank under the Wave by Dragon Awakening Shudder, ShangHsa and his subjects tried to conceal the facts of Closing and other Magical Disasters.

1120 ST: War in Heaven, ShangHsa was utterly destroyed by Archexarchs and Immanent Masters were eaten from Inside.

1124 ST: Godunya enthroned as True Emperor of Kralorela. Old City was closed by Elder Willow.

1225 ST: Fourth Rising of Dragon August, many miracles.

1352 ST: Sheng Seleris appeared from the ruined Instant Torture Camp and made many miracles in the Province of Boshan, many of Boshani converted.

1363 ST: Godunya defeated Sheng in the Contest to Rule, One of Sheng's General, Burst Trianuf parted from his Lord.

1363-1372 ST: One of Sheng's Bursts, Trianuf, killed many Kralori in the first Invasion. Trianuf realized the Secret of New Dragon Ring.

1442 ST: Sheng Seleris came again with many foreign magical resource and powers, Godunya was temporally overthrown, leaving Bloody Rain over Kralorela. Willow hid from the City and Trianuf entered the Old City from North Gate.

1460 ST: Sheng was chained in West by the effort of Kralori Mystics [ie: Battle of Kitor]

1461 ST: Trianuf sent spies to Other Four New Dragon Ring cities, many local heroic deeds.

1463 ST: Trianuf was killed in the Battle of Yuthuppa, maybe by the betrayal of Turrog of Alkoth. Willow shut the North Gate again.

1500 ST: Godunya launched to rite of consecration of Seventh Bridge.

1506 ST: Night of Horror, perfectly threat from Great Waste was lost, Kralorela was then secure. Remnant of Band of Trianuf later became Cosmic Explorers with help of Orathorn Sorcerers.

1519 ST: Swordmaster Imolo Wen gained a fame by defeating Two Headed Demon of ShanTunn in Boshan.

1580 ST: Can Shu made his shrine of North Amethyst Dragon near of old Port Splendour. (Maybe at that time, he didn't consider his act is Evil.)

1587 ST: Sea Battle between Fleet of Pharaoh and Godunya, almost all Kethaelans were killed or crippled. Can Shu protested to the Court and dismissed from the post of Wanzow Exarch.

1588 ST: Next Exarch of Wanzow moved his office from the Port Spendour to the New City.

1590 ST: Godunya permitted limited Trade only at the port of Lur Nop.

1595 ST?: Godunya's seclusion began.

1605 ST: Mikaday's Dragonsons, Royal Eunuchs of the court ordered War Dragons to execute some of Mandarins under Godunya's Order.

1610 ST: Kethaelan Quarter was permitted to move from Chestelo Isle to Hankalo Isle.

1615 ST: Imolo Wen inspected inside of the Citadel of Seven Dragons and safely returned with precious treasures. Imolo suggested Imperial Official to destroy the Citadel, but rejected.

1621 ST: Funeral of Outside (All of Glorantha except Kralorela) World performed by Kralori.

Future Events

1623 ST?: Harrek the Berserk and Wolf Pirates win over Kralori Fleet along with their plan to Circumnavigation of Homeward Ocean. (Harrek used much Fire Magic?)

1625 ST: Fifth Rising of Dragon August, it will make prophesies of Hero Wars. Farsanrana met Kralorela in Unusual Time. [Dragon of Jarn rising in the Land of Hemkarba.] Return of Ship Planet to Sky River.

1630 ST: Fen Watha Loo returned from Vormain?