Near Area of Lur Nop

of Lur Nop

The coastal area is dotted with scattered small human farming community aside from larger areas, each of them divided by rocky unsuitable for living areas, magically dangerous ruins and gang hideouts all straight good people avoid to close them. Brass Presence Bell lines that cover to guard all of Kralori coastal area generally ignored or not worked well for (relatively many) foreigner presence.

The freshwater magically flown out from Shrine of Emerald Fish Lord of the Lake helped to keep good port condition for ships, and the belt area which freshwater of the Lord and Salty Sea Water of Thrunhin Dah mingle can be discerned by magical buoys inside of the bay that makes clearly distinct difference of inside and outside of the belt in fishing games and condition of water.

Blue Dragon Strait (between Hun Chang and Vaska Long)

This strait is weak in stream on the contrary of Yellow Channel, the currents of Seluro and Sedeni are generally offsets the influence of each other by the magical effect of Kahar Sea and the power of Harantara. From Sea Season to Earth Season (In Kralori Calendar, Months of Silence, Secret and Being) it tends to Stagnation of Currents for the Strait and good for navigation of rowing even for Slow Junks, Barges and City-Ships of Kralori Fleets aside from Doom Currents of Outer Seas.

On the contrast, Dark and Storm Season (Experience, Though and Spirit Month), Typhoons in the battle of Teleremo and Foreign Winds of Bitador and Serakaru (Orlanth) storms alongside of Eastern Sea Area, even the calmness of Kahar is disturbed, and its fogs threatening the city and many coastal ports of Kralorela with occasional raids of Zabdamars.

The entrance to Suam Chow is patrolled by many Black Galleys of Sea War Dragons, and the Lighthouse also routinely inspects the coastside even while Typhoons stop Galleys.

Island of Blue Wall

Among many isles of Gnow Chang Hia, the island locates on the outermost east of Suam Chow after the many lands sunk for Draconic Shudder in the end of Second Age, here Kralori divided Inland Sea and Outside Sea and Ocean influenced by Closing and during that safe time, Kralori never ventrued to Outer Sea. Wanzow turned into backward and poor Province derived from other Insular Policy of Empire.

After Dormal opened the Sea, Exarch of Wanzow (Can Shu) sensed the Fleet of Pharaoh approaching and strengthened Naval Force as Amethyst Dragon Navy, but it was robbed from him and disbanded later after the battle, and Godunya celebrated the Victory against Foreign Devil by building of the Temple of Thrunhin Dah in this Isle, the site of the battle.

In this place, usually Inland kralori ships are blessed with the Ritual of Dormal (though he is depected as Demonic Figure, for Kralori Official doesn't consider Opening is good thing. In the form that Dormal was defeated by Thrunhin Dah.) and fitted out for Outer Sea beyond Sea of Fog. (Ships of foreigners usually do the ritual by themselves.)

Lighthouse of Ban Yow

This Lighthouse locates southern most chip of Modaing Province, south of Hum Chang. The master of the Lighthouse has magical Golden Net which he got from one of caverns of Kylerela, Trickster Island. He can catch any ships without permission of Kralori Official.

Shrine of Un Lo (World Dragon)

This enigmatic Building was made by local dragonewts alongside architects of Emperor Yanoor's Court, and Master Dragonewt is the master of the Site though almost no one see him privately, many pilgrimage from LurNop coming from all around Empire performs the liturgy and adoration, sacrifice to the Shrine, south of Wanzow Province, deep of Ancient Jungle and the root of Jade Mountain Chains.

Yellow Channel (between Fanzai and Vaska Long)

This channel divides Fanzai Isle from Boshan of Vaska Long and infamous for its rapid stream current from Rozgali unlike that of Blue Dragons, and occasional raid of Marazi amazons during Earth Season (Being and Experience Month) threatens coastal areas.