How Eurmal brought the Doom of Orlanth's Storm Tribe

Why did Shepelkirt revive from Dirt Bog of Chaos?

Reference: Aedin's Wall
Norse Mythology by Old Edda

I have started to think about Direct Parallel from RW Mythology to Gloranthan Similar Places while to see parallel of Two from Aedin's Wall to "Odin let Giant Architect make the Wall of Valhalla (Snorri's Edda)", "Loki criticized Gods in Feast" repeatedly have hit my head with Barbarian Club and explained why many bad calamity For example, Flood, Illiteracy Era stroke the Dragon Pass before
Harshax Era in King of Sartar like after Fimble Winter and Ragnarok in Norse Myth. In my opinion, I can write direct line from Edda to Glorantha like Odin=Orlanth, Loki=Eurmal, Tyr=Humakt, Thor=Urox?, Bragi=Lhankor, Frigg=Ernalda, Barntar=Balder, etc...

One day, that started when Eurmal could not be heard from anyone. Orlanth had excused him again and again while in Storm Age, he supported dark creatures to abduct Ernalda, supported Daga to kill Esrola, broke Lhankor's Index of World Library and scattered fragments to all around the Glorantha. But Eurmal stealthily became Troublemaker for many phases even after Cosmic Compromise.

He tore tongues of EWF mystics, taught Arts of Trick to Slaves of Yelm and taught lies to People of Kethaela about Machine God Zistor, then eventually even most merciful Goddess Chalana Arroy didn't think to heal her former company of Lightbringer Quest in next occasion, and who would be most Generous of All Gods Orlanth could not say to want to see him again.

One time, Storm Gods held Great Feast and all of Gods are invited except Eurmal, and Urox led Legion of Berserkers to Battlefield of Great Waste and could not go it.

Soon after Eurmal heard about that Feast, he sneaked into Orlanth's Stead and sought the way creeping into joyous Companions and disturbing them with jealous and anger, but One of Orlanth's Dishthane, found him and foolishly tried to drive away Trickster solely, Eurmal killed him secretly and hid his corpse, sneaked in Chamber and sat on the Vacancy of Table where the Dishthane sat. Firstly, all of Gods ignored Presence of Trickster, but Eurmal talked to King of Gods:

Eurmal: Why nobody even dared thinking to invite me to this Banquet? Orlanth, you promised me to support in public when I taught you how to use Death.

Orlanth: Yes, I did. My family and tribemate, excuse him and please open the space for Husband of Sinjorta. But I order you keep your mouth shut.

Eurmal: But you always need my mouth and tongue when you were in short of Wit. Perhaps you should keep my mouth free, because you often need this when you cannot use your Arm, you always need Slyness of your Wife or Wisdom of mine.

Orlanth: Violence is always an option, my father said. Watch out.

Eurmal: Umath said, no one can make us do anything. But I think you should change this phrase we cannot do anything without Trickster. Because Orlanth always wanted to become Emperor, because you were Nephew of him, but he didn't want to evacuate his Throne to you, so you murdered your Uncle. You started Kinstrife, not Vadrus.

Heler: Stop your Wormtongue and drink this Minlister's Stock. That is very Good. At least Orlanth helped me from Aroka and I can help Minlister to get Flesh Water from my source.

Eurmal: Certainly, that is Good. But better is Flesh and Skin of Another man's Wife. That is Adultery, isn't it? Ernalda is more beautiful with you than with King. Where is Loyal Heler?

Humakt: Always virtue is coming from Silence. King, why don't you punish this Trickster?

Eurmal: You think you know all Secret of Death, but it isn't true. Always there is fact and Truth only Jester knows. Don't forget who gave your Sword.

Humakt: What is this Truth?

Eurmal: You are not the Strongest Warrior in Glorantha. All knows this Fact. And this Word hurt your Pride Asunder and so you God of Truth always have lied to yourself.

Mastakos: Mead of Minlister today is bad. Perfectly Trickster became drunk.

Eurmal: Charioteer, Minlister brought me freedom. I have never feel such Freedom since I had joined to Storm Tribe. And you useless Tool can find true requirement to get into Well of Foolishness again, do you truly think Orlanth became Wise after Travel to Palace of Daliath?

Issaries: Your Tongue is too sharp today but your lost discretion about yourself went somewhere you cannot catch, remember we Lightbringer wandered the Most Horrible Place. We were One when we stayed there.

Eurmal: But if Orlanth didn't kill Emperor, we don't have any need to go such a Dangerous Place. So I betrayed Orlanth there. But after I punished him, I mercifully rescued him with Fire of Gustbran which I stole from Chained Vestkarthen of Obsidian Palace. He cannot do anything without me. Issaries, you also foolishly gave Tradetalk to Evil Sorcerors and lost control Art of Communication. Now they drowned in the Depth of my Temple of Slontos.

Lhankor Mhy: Usually you make much more trouble than solution, statistics indicate so. Why you can dare to say only you can control environment?

Eurmal: And you always seek way to use knowledge for smoothing over intelligence itself, as your patron always takes Weapon. And you cannot control your own disciples, many Greybeards betrayed your Towers of Ivory and became Heretic, minion of Chaos, atheists of Southern Sea.

Vingkot: Lord Jester, please change your mind before you will betray yourself, you fear something.

Eurmal: And you Vingkot Orlanthsson why cannot understand you are merely a Shadow of your father? You should know Orlanth wanted Ruler of Humans and inpregnated Janerra, because you don't have ability to sit on Table of Gods except as Role of First King, Trophy after Funeral Pyre.

Alakoring: I know you inplanted Arangorf to each Heart of Heortlings, how can you stand against these Horrible Crimes?

Eurmal: Who are you speaking to King of Jesters arrogantly, Ralian. You only converted Winter Tribes to Heretical Ralian Way, and disunited them again to Summer and Winter before as Heort.

Heort: Don't use my name before consulting to me, Trickster. Why you cannot see Flame of Anger in each eyes of Gods? Don't you forget how Logic People treated you and Orlanth rescued you before Lightbringer's Quest?

Eurmal: Shut up you Mimic of Only Old One. He taught you how to fight against Predark and taught you "Secret of Hengall".
You were only a Tool who reacted this Ritual as a Representative of Orlanth, and your peaceful reign was coming from support of Troll Gods and Esrolvuli Blessing, why you could become King? Because you killed Hidden Kings who were Last Surviver of Kodigvari because you wanted to become King of All Vingkotling.

Harmast: Do you think truly to insult your true Worshipper? I always revere you as One of Seven Equals. So I succeeded firstly Lightbringer's Quest.

Eurmal: I know you did. Friend, so you are worst. You brought Disaster replacing Light Nysalor to Darkness Arkat Deceiver, did you truly believe he was Son of Humakt? That is Impossible. I know Humakt has been Impotence. At least you find Lightbringer's Quest causes Only Disastor and won Only One Case for One Person. So you failed to contract with Talor. This Knowledge is result of your Unhappy Deed, "We should not do as Orlanth." "Never restart Lightbringer's Quest."

Vinga: Eurmal, maybe I can control you as my father, Orlanth bestowed this ability when he were Outlawed from his Own Tula, do you remember this?

Eurmal: And you Vinga Orlanthdottir wanted to become Warrior when One of Orlanth's Weaponthane rejected your affair, you got him with Sword instead of Beauty and Wit. How does he do recently? Maybe you enjoyed enough him and cut his throat with Sword of Orlanth.

Elmal: That is Last Chance of making Peace. If you don't want to rejoin us now, you will lost forever such chance.

Eurmal: Do you hear such word before this time? Perhaps coming from Fire Tribe. Chameleon. I still cannot recollect your true Name....Son of Emperor, how were you Outlawed from them?

Yinkin: I never permit you if you cannot use your trick to always insult my half-Brother and his Rule. I am true Brother of Orlanth, because Staunch Kero Fin was our Mother.

Eurmal: I have seen Mountain moving before merely Fear from Rats, you Flatterer. Why didn't you retaliate Orlanth when he was Baby who blew off you from Slope of Kero Fin? Because you are Coward who couldn't show yourself your Pride
before Brutality of Storm God.

(Eurmal criticized Other Gods again and again, all of Gods got rage to Trickster.)

Chalana Arroy: Mercy. That is all, stop to think harming my Companion of Lightbringer's Quest. (to Othergods.)

Eurmal: And you want sleeping with every all man, Chalana Whore. Your Principle of "Mercy" is primally coming from Sexual Desire as Uleria. Do you truly believe Love without Flesh as Fire Tribe and Nysalorians? I know you are a Daughter of Arma Meter Glorantha...but who is your father? I think you only want to repair Damage of Glorantha which your Father Wakboth made.

Ernalda: Stop my sons.(to Othergods.)

Eurmal: And Ernalda, do you know who killed Barntar Truehope in Gods War? This is Me, not minion of Vadrus. Then near future Argrath will tear All of You, let Spider eat Flesh of yours. And you must appreciate him as Hero and Liberator, this is Doom Wyrd which Orlanth will bring.

Ernalda: You are stupid and crazy! This is Fate of World and not Fault of Orlanth!

Eurmal: I wanted such Words when Orlanth was Outlawed, but you never remembered him during that Time and made many makeshifts, but Orlanth disguised himself as Veradash, you fell to Pit of Shame after Orlanth revealed himself before Orlanthi Carls.

Thunder Brothers: Mother, please give me permission to kill him.

Eurmal: Mother? How many of you truly Son of Orlanth and Ernalda? Bastards.

But Finally Chaosslayer, Disorderous as much as Trickster, returned from Fighting against Monsters and tirelessly found the Situation of Feast, Urox stood Entrance of Chamber with his Great Horned-Silhouette: He saw Eurmal and felt smell of Urain, and heard last word of Eurmal.

Urox: Shut up. I will cut your Jaw to the Shoulder and kick your liver to Front of Mountain. You reeked Chaos Smell, Taetarisus. For you lost support of Orlanth.

Eurmal: Who orders me? I am King of Gods. Do you forget I tamed you with only Stick and Rope, Bullroarer.

(Eurmal insulted Urox again and again, but at last, Urox charged to the trickster, its speed was too much and Eurmal was blown away rather than crashed.)

But Eurmal in fear fled from Feast for he then well understood he became worst enemy of Orlanth Housecarls after awaken from Drunkeness. He ran about trying to escape from Storm Gods, one day went to Mother Land of Floating Kylerela. (He thought up a new type of hunting net for Wachaza in that land)

And he stealthily went to Hole of Dorastor and took out Heart of Evil Ancient Chaos God from his Treasury of Trickery, let innocent girl of Peloria eat that meat.

At last, Orlanth ordered Babeester Gor to catch up him in Valley of Sorrow with Net which he invented where Eurmal made her drunk with Beer of Blood. Orlanth cannot kill Eurmal but cannot free him, either for many reason. King gulped down Fool to his noble stomach. But he could not digest the body of trickster and Eurmal made his shack near the heart of King in Otherside.

Orlanth wanted to save the world from Evil of Trickster, but Shepelkirt sang a Magical Song at Battlefield of Castle Blue and Eurmal woke, he bit the side of Orlanth and made a hole, that came to Red Scar (or Red Moon) in Middle Air, Eurmal escaped and started to bring the End of World.

So it was done, and Orlanth let Argrath come and kill them.

This was End of "Quarrel of Loki" in Glorantha: Why Shepelkirt revived from Dirt Bog of Chaos.

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