Larnsti Brotherhood

Perfectly unofficial, not related to official Material of "Larnsti" and Sartar Rising Campaign......But according to original idea of Peter Metcalph in "Glorantha: Introduction to Hero Wars". See also Ben Waggoner's Opinion.

"We are the Freedom, last remnant of true Freedom! After Urox beheaded Monster, Hantrafal the Godi consecrated Old Wind and Nar Sylla made high nests over the cliff, we already rode Chariot of Mastakos over Storm...."

History: Originally, this band sect is founded in the turmoil and desperate battles in Old Highlands (modern Heortland), by Hero Hendreik Freeman, in Gbaji War. For the difficult task in the many failures against Palangio Iron Vrok, the commandos sought great power during their hiding in the highland and forests (it is before urbanization of lowland by Andrin the Golden and Pharaoh)

They considered that is another failure as Sword and Helm of Vingkotling, heortling community permitted the rise of Lokamayanism and intervention of Dara Happanism to Orlanthi. They sought magic in the Otherside to unify them without oppressive way of North, or without removing the Freedom they consider worthy to pay their life as most high virtue. But not disorder of Haranding or Bloodshed of Kodigvari.

Hendreik the Freeman sought the power of Communication and Mobility to strike the balance of unity and freedom for the virtue of Heort teaching. One day, the band was nearly crushed to Palangio's spies and they sought the escape way in the Footprint and Stone Forest as usual, and they finally found the Power of Mobility and Communication at the center of Void Hole, there he saw the blood of Old God drooling from scar, and the Evil River of Syphon was swallowed up in the airhole inside of the Lake.

He saw a precious remnant golden blood of Old God Krashit left. The guardian made from Precious Ichor offered him help he sought in the return of Oath to serve the Guardian and guard the Gate into Anarchy and Chaos.

Hendreik founded the warband of the Mobility, each of them had great power of Teleportation (Mastakos) and Communication (Issaries?), and that helped them greatly to escape the clutch of Bright Empire soldiers and evil machineries of mostali, even after the battle of Vanntar. But in the secret ritual of Hendreiki, they all cursed and bound inside of the Old Highland, never go beyond the boundary. And they made oath to serve King of Hendreikiland faithfully, not seek to personal fame or power.

During the many victory and losing battles of Arkat, the band offered the refuge for the Highking of all Heortling, but after he sent the army to Dara Happa, Hendreik could not leave Hendreikland, and he was left from the marching of Heortland army.

After that, all of Hendreikland kings were chosen from the band, and each of them served or tolerated the overlordships of Only Old One and Highkings of Orlanthland of Greyland by the ritual inside of Footprint. They shunned civilization of lowland and attached to the traditional way of life since Hero Heort..... And they fought ceaselessly with south Monotheism and Black Arkati of Kitoriwood, they annually gathered the capital of Hendreikiland, Whitewall, old battle site against Palangio Iron Vrok.

For their great magical power and "policies to keep people innocent ("ignorant", from point of view of southerners....) the people of Hendreikland keeps neutrality between Only Old One and increasing power of North Walzing and Hunting Band. But the threat of South grew with their alliance with Godlearners, Larnsti reluctantly began to communication to lowland again, and it led Hendreikland into the Machine War, allied with Youf and other five nation traditionalists of Kethaela.

But after Dragonkill, the alliance turned to evil and refugees from north under Highking Daranvolath (TR p.152) made the band activity difficult, turmoil and civil war, corrupted way of North threatened the security, but for sea and north closed and the threat from God Forgot and northmen removed, they could feel relief from south, but it was until Andrin was chosen among the Hendreiki as High King.

Pharaoh converted him after killed and revived him, filled him with heretical thought and southerners and Aeolian Monotheist helped him to break old way to make New Order. He moved the capital of Hendreikiland (now renamed Heortland) to south Mount Passant and began to purge surrounding area with Aeolianism. Though Larnsti Brotherhood got support from Storm Lords and Walkers of Old Wind, they could not stop lowlanders adapting Malkioni way.

In Orshanti Vale, one of Larnsti broke the Curse with the prophecy that bound him inside of boundary of Heortland, and followed route of his ancestor, for Golden Guardian of Footprint permitted him to build kingdom to repair the Red Scar of Orlanth north of Sky. His name was Sartar. He pleaded severe oath in return for leaving Hendreikiland, never shed blood others even that of vilest enemies. He did many miracles in his newly founded kingdom and making many cities with the magic of Larnsti that used only secretly in Heortland.

Many of Larnsti built a resistance stronghold against Andrin the Golden in the old capital of Whitewall, but finally, now Whitewall was sieged by Fazzur and Privincial Army of Lunar Empire, now only ancient magic of Larnste helped the last rebels to escape and seek power to retribute the minion of Chaos.

Entry Requirement: Must be Heortling, no Atheism or Lowland influence. They now hid inside Stormwalk Mountains and befriend Nar Sylla, Uroxi of Stormwalk and Old Wind Priests, fought against Lunars. Members could not leave Heortland, and isn't permitted to use secret Ancient Magic of Mobility and Communication openly.

Disadvantage: Lunars banned their activity in their domain, Esvulari sheriffs seek their power and magic to rule Hendrikiland in Peaceful Days by violent means, many members now abandoned old way and choose to hide highland in evacuation, only some faithfuls following King Broyan and Kallyr Starbrow in Whitewall.

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