Concept & Worship of Beastmen & "Fantasic" Beasts in Pentan Nomad

I have read Tradetalk #7 Demihuman Special. Peter Metcalph wrote for Beastfolk living in Beast Valley of Dragonpass, and made good suggestion and concept to their worship which they keep and worship which they may get from their neighborhood. Grazers were mentioned in this article.

In RW, many imaginative Writers before "enlightenment" created composite stitched Beasts and Beastmen derived from RW species of Beast, I don't think I should mention here about Dragon, Gryphin, Sphinx, Manticore, Hippogriff, Pegasus, Centaur, etc, etc....But exception is around Horse Nomad in Pentan Steppe and Plain.

IMHO many tried and failed to clarify Grazer's Nature from the angle of Connection to Horse. Wyrms Footprint and King of Sartar mentioned their connection to Centaurs in Dragonpass, but perhaps they are reorganized Mythology like Elmal and Yelmalio Business. For Dragonpass Beastfolks are Artificial Constructions as Seshelan Kanthor Beastfolk by Magical Experiments and Disaster of 2nd Age.

We also have Hsunchen Mythology including (almost-extinct) Horse Hsunchens (Enerali, Galanini) of Ralios, Praxian Beastrider Mythology coming from Contracts which was made in the course with connection between their Riding Animals and Human. Horse People Mythology in Pent is greatly obscured by many publications after Good Old Day Setup of 2nd Edition RQ Glorantha.

In Gods of Glorantha, Yelmic Religion (equal Kargzant Religion) was unifiedly written in One Category, because Hyalor caught Hippoi who lost their Wing, Fang, Claw...against Enemy Gods...and made contract to her...But where did he live? Pent? Southern Peloria? (Orlanthi Berenethtelli, Lendarsh in Entekosiad, Vuranstum and Jenarong in GROY) Animistic Perpetual Plain of Green in Otherside? We still don't know.

Vestige still appeared in King of Sartar (In Vastako Indo's Tale of Jalk's Book, Vestige remained Classic Material about Hippoi...Storm Bull took her Fang, Maran Gore robbed her of Claw and Zorak Zoran took her wings, Hippogriff in Gods of Glorantha RQ#3 and WF.) against King of Sartar, Anaxial Roster tentatively mentioned about connection of Hyal Golden Eye and Other "False" Horses. But not enough.

I don't think particularly there is need to mention about Black Horse Troop and their Diokos Demons. but Mythology is in a sense Reason de Etre of Folk Lifestyle. In RW, Fantasic Monsters are creations of Imaginative Poet and Writers...but we should return back to that original point. In RW example, Scythians IIRC illustrated their Horses attributed with Wings. Because they run so fast as if they had had own Wings...Many Oriental Ancient Relics kept Winged Lion Reliefs and Mammal-Bird Statuettes on their gate, wall and other constructs.

In Glorantha, Fragments explained how Kargzant shapeshifts between Horse which has Burning Mane and Body....that is another explanation Myth such as Centaurs of Grazers. Char Uns want to revive their Winged Horses (like Scythians) maybe they think that is their Ancestral Riding Beast. (Is there influence of Rinliddians?) Gryphin is Riding Beast of Yelm in Older Version Glorantha (Orlanth met Golden Gryphin at the Gate to Hall of Dead (KoS: Orlanthi Myth)) And some articles mentioned Gryphin as Dragonrace as magisaurus and wyrms. One Gryphin guard Block in Prax. In Anaxial Roster, gryphin is descendant of Galgarenge, Pelorian gryphin god.... Hippogriff was carf of Gryphin and Mare in RW legends.

In the case of Grazers their Ancestral Riding Beasts are Goldeneye Hyalor Horses. Because they breed their horses with their Ancestral Ritual, maybe the more Pentans bastardize their their tradition, (eating Cattle, revering Sheng Seleris, changing Worship from Sun to Storm, bent to Decadant Civilzation, etc...) made their Ancestral Horse Image into the more composite, "non-natural" Horses in otherside.

Ancestor of Hyalor was called Yamsur who abandoned his Riding Beast, hippogriff, daughter of King Gryphin. That is maybe very sorrowful story for Pure Horse tribe of Prax...Many RW Old Tales mentioned about spiritual bond between Hero and his Riding Horse, Trust, Fealty. That will be task for Future Gloranthans who seek Perfect Fantastic World.

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