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First, I should recognize the aspects of Fantasy World, (if it is required,
read Greg Stafford's psychological movement, though very dangerous. to do
so.) Gameable World and Actual World, for example, if you want to use the
continent as a place of temporal visit for your campaign as wolf pirates or
so, you might make your Pamaltela to odd and bizarre, weird as much as
possible as Sinbad or Galliver. (I remember Sandy Petersen was the designer
of CoC.....) On the contrary, if you want to makeup longish campaign only
gamed on there, you might want to make this place as comfortable or exciting
for all of life place. Simon Bray or David Dunham might want to do so.

Second, if someone want only symmetrical beauty and harmony of the whole
complete Glorantha, as Peter Metcalph and Joerg Baumgartner do for Fonrit
(though I love both of their works, Joerg might not "love enough" Fonrit as
Simon), I cannot discern their effort is fruitful or not in the future,
because if only minority want to stay Pamaltela long as a player character,
an unified World View has a possibility to damage the each of creativity of
each narrators (or gamemasters) as my poor attempt to makeup overview of
Arkatism in Second Age.

Third, HW and HQ Rule System should not be ignored, even if a sort of like
TI's foolishness urge others to ignore that.....history only knows who is
Trickster.....(I think) See KODP and the Saraska's Tragedy (Comedy?)

Sandy Petersen's Note in RQ Con Compendium #4. It is very important for deep
understanding of (exploring) and exploitation of this area. Nick Brooke
taught me the parallel change of rule systems in RW game circumstance and
development of the South Continent. And there is always Peter Metcalph. His
Glorantha ITHW and Greg Stafford's RM and ML.

*Area Guide

@Fonrit: Personally, most fascinating place in Pamaltela
Official Site and Fonrit & Umathela
(Nick Brooke said: Once Pamalt was friendly to elves in oldest setting (No
one is perfect....))
Enclosure #2 Fonrit: Simon Bray and Martin Hawley, and his Garangrypha.
Fonrit Animist Culture or Theistic Culture?
Old: Sun Worshipper Culture (David Dunham's Note in Enclosure #2)
New: Distorted Version of Pamalt Pantheon by Garangordos the Cruel (Greg's
Note in Revealed Mythologies)
Scroll of Revelation: Hedonistic Malkionism Saint Ebbesh
Maybe Peter's New Note for Fonritan Magic and History

After the release of Revealed Mythologies, Tradetalk #14 and Arcane Lore....
Note on Fonrit

David Dunham's Note in his Website
Yranian Leapers
Temporal Empire of New Oabil
Cult of Silence and Sedalpism: See Glorantha Digest Archives
Orlanthi (Helerans in Umathela, Waertagi, Sofali (Dirot people in KOS?) in

@Jolar and Pamaltism
Jerome Blondel's Note and Peter's Argument against his concept of Animism

@Thinobutu and people of Maslo
Ship Note of Joerg Baumgartner & Efendi: Reggings and Navgation Technology
Eastern Antigods and Artmali, Gougers and demons
Ship Note of Joerg Baumgartner & Efendi
(Only Japanese Version is Available)

@Errinoru Forest and Empire of 2nd Age
I don't know anything like "Shannon has a plan to write for Errinoru and the
Elven Great Sailor."
And other elder races like Slon Dwarves, Lascerdans and Slarges, merfolks,

@South Sea and Mythology: Very Important because majority of visitors are
temporal visitors.
Estingitorox and Terthinus
Ship Note of Joerg Baumgartner & Efendi
(Only Japanese Version is Available)
Waertagi and Sofali
Wolf Pirates and Harrek the Berserk

*Magic System

Debate between Jerome Blondel and Peter Metcalph about Animistic Mysticism
Jerome 24/June

Peter 25/June

Jerome 27/June

Peter 28/June

Jerome 29/June

Jerome 02/July

Peter 17/July

Jerome 17/July

TI and Nick Brooke's change of Gloranthan Magic System
Joerg Baumgartner and Peter Metcalph about Fonritan Magic and Mixed
(Animistic/Theistic) Way, and the whole world system of Glorantha
Animism Ecstatic Worship (SurEnslib?), Adoration (Waha? and Shargash?),
Shamanic Conjuration (Amuron and Firefall?), Hsunchen Transformation, Battle
Magic of RQ 2nd (Some or most of these old settings are deleted.....) Any
Greg's current Comments about Animism

*Historical and Mythological Change of the Continent:
Map of Steve Lieb and Peter Metcalph's Outline in the Digest Archive

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