Saga of King Oddi Ralzakaakbane

"The results of the assault on the Lunar Empire, not known, for there is no record in the Lunar annals of any such invasion. All that is known is that Oddi led his entire tribe to a tragic end......"(Lords of Terror: Hahlgrim's War)

"Even if it meant following the madman. Such was the nature of the times." (Orlanthi Myth)

"I don't know why Orlanth cursed us so severely even if Lokamayadon, the Ancestor of Talastari, made such betrayal to the God...."(Oddi the Keen)

Ketil saw the divination from his God, Orlanth. That was the same as the God heard when he asked the White Goddess where they should go in the start of LBQ....
"Follow the way of Flesh Man." (Chalana Arroy)

Since the Illumined Uroxi King Oddi decided to follow the expedition of Ralzakaak's Chaos Horde, he found all of his subjects reigned wisely and prosperously in the previous five years, decided to follow him even if he was also of Chaos....Oddi knew that that decision risked their own soul to void and Apostasy, he knew that there was no other choice between growing powers of Hammer and Anvil.

But desperate Oddi didn't know how severely Orlanth cleansed their invisible taint and what he wanted to do.

He and Ketil found the forefront of Ralzakaak's Horde the Leader of Greyskins, Mad Sultan, Ketil told his vision to his Liege-Lord and Oddi realised what he might follow....but they were wrong, for they thought they were going to attack the Satrapy of Sylila and the center of Errio-Unit, but Ralzakaak was far more vicious and cruel beyond their foresight. Before they realised, they and the Army of Bilini already got lost their way inside the lunatic dream of Mad Sultan.

Bilinings realised they were going unknown, Devastated Land of Saird, ravaged by Horse Nomads, Oddi soon recalled his friend, Paulis Longvale's tale about Sheng Seleris and Mad Sultan, they got lost their way in the past! Oddi gradually understood the plot of Ralzakaak the Broo King, for It feared the return of Its masters, Nysalor and/or Arkat, as an incarnate of Wolf-Bear. It knew Mad Sultan knew his way going back to the Ancient Rinliddi, where Mad Sultan met Rufelza and Crimson Bat with his Army, there Ralzakaak could find Its master.

Oddi could hear the mockery and sneer of Ralzakaak while they were inside of Tork binding by Jannisor's Magic, for he understood the Broo King didn't expect, or didn't want to return their Army, and Oddi saw the devoted faces of his followers....only Ketil had common knowledge with him about them what occured, and when Ketil was killed in the march into Rinliddi, Oddi also saw the vision, Angered Face of Bull God and his little Brother, Orlanth.

"That was the Curse upon us when Loko Moko betrayed his Lord-God."

Ketil died at night, cursing his God, Orlanth.

And finally, one by one the warriors of Bilini died in the Red Light, Oddi saw the man who held the White-beard over a hill, he somehow realised the man's face, Loko-Moko the Betrayer, inside the glowing planes of Sky,

"O, I see the High Wind of Tarumath, may I ask a question, my Great-Grandfather? Why the God hates us?"

"Because he foolishly believes that only through hardship and death, you can clease your soul and inherited soul of betrayal. Come here, my grandson."

"Oh, I cannot follow your way, for I saw my God, Sacred Urox forbid your way, begone to the horizon of Chaos, I feel your Taint!"

"But you know your life and deeds all went meaningless, as your army all died in the Nightmare of First Sultan of Rinliddi. See Here!"

And Oddi saw the Mad Sultan was finally liberated at the hand of Red Goddess blissfully inside of his Madness, and he saw the Rufelza's eyes directed toward him.

"Come here, my grandson." Loko Moko repeated.

But Oddi saw the opposite side of the Valley, saw the Great Urox folding his arms, and Oddi grasped the hilt of His Sword, Ironbreaker. And he saw the ridiculing face of the Unicorn Broo beyond his God.

"I know it is meaningless, but I must stop his laughing!"

And he went go forward the folding of Urox, and beyond his Shortworld, he saw his devastated land, Kingdom of Bilini, betrayed by Ralzakaak. Oddi drew his Sword and ran off to the End of the World.

Characteristic of Bilinings: Chaosfighters? (Snakepipe Hollow (Ginijji), Dorastor)
See John Hughes Site (Taros Ridgeleaper was originally a Bilinings?)

History of Talastar "Saga of King Oddi, Ralzakaakbane"

Reference [Dorastor: Land of Doom (Talastar Paper), Lords of Terror, the Fanzine Book of Drastic Resolutions: Chaos and Darkness], Tome 3-1

Valarastans? (in Broken Council Setting, he is Aggari King, if so, he might be Vingkotling...and not of other sub-groups. But see Jeff Richard's Rastalulf's Saga, in this story, certainly Talastari was different group of Heortling.)

Lokamayadon (Loko Moko) (In BCG, he is a grandson of Valarastans and a stock of Bilinings) See Peter Metcalph's Tarumathi article:

Talastar Elf Kingdom (See Fortunate Succession 1st Age Elven Forest: p.18 (Rabid Expansion of Forest in Western Peloria) ->First Age Gbaji War, and Fall of Talastari Elf Forest by a troll hero, Alwoon the Poet (Troll Pak: Uz Lore), and Moonburn in 3rd Age, Rist Forest (See below about Hellwood Krjaki: Illuminated Elves)

Arkat and Hero Distan (Ancestor of Bolthor Brighteye) Sword Ironbreaker
    Curse of Talor: Telmori, Curse of Arkat: Dorastor and Talastaring? (Romantic POV of TI)

Empire of Wyrm's Friend
Hero Iddi and Dragon Scorch?
[Should not be showed into public.]

Kingdom of Highking Alakoring ->Alakoring ?(though Talastari might not be Heortling....)

Carmanian Hero Survilster's Half-independent Domain

Saird Kingdom of Verenmars

Intervention of Godlearners (Rebirth of Ralzakaak)

Red Moon Rising: Castle Blue and Karsten's Failed Attempt to LBQ

Bilini Kingdom (Appeasers (pro-lunar) and Traditionalists (anti-Lunar))
Bolthor and Oddi the Keen (Whiteshirt Day and Amnesty of Red Emperor)

Hrodar 1595-1605 D Red Emperor Agents
Eric 1605-1611 D Ketil
Hakon 1611-1621 D Hahlgrim
Bolthor 1622-1625? D Ironbreaker (Hahlgrim)
Oddi 1625?-1630 D Ralzakaak
(Ketil 1630-? (Saga of Gwandorling: Martin Laurie's Unofficial Argrathi Affairs))

Neighbor Lands


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Unicorn Broo Emperor Ralzakaak
Telmori Pure Ones and Cursed Ones (Talor Curse)
Spider Folks
Poisonthorn Elves and Hellwood Krjalki Elves (Illuminated)

Reminiscences of Paulis (Hahlgrim War)
Paulis Longvale
[Batman: Life of Moonson LARP unofficial setting]

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