Romances of Glorantha

Some Example of Romances in Glorantha

Before someone naively brush before such matter, and before sober malkioni (british?) priests pretend to have no concern such "lowblow" stories.... I think still aren't enough romances in Glorantha, especially for Malkioni West. (Thanks Trotsky for many answers....) And we know most easy-made stories are about those of Wars, next are those of Romances.

Both of them are fan contributions of Jamie Trotsky (Read works of Joseph Campbell for Chivalry)

The Nature of Harmony and Fertility
(Greg Stafford)
I think spiritual love, somewhat induced from Plato's Symposion, might not exist in Glorantha.....

Note: this section isn't for Elder Races, like the romance of Ironhoof and Lady of the Wild, for alienity that makes Glorantha colorful and fertile itself made difficult to empathic attitude to romance of non-humans. For example:

Uz Boy: Eat this, I will talk while you feed.
Uz Girl: (Chomp chomp, munch munch, burp.) I love you.
Uz Boy: I love you, too.

Uz Husband: My dear, I will die, don't feel so sorry.
Uz Wife: Oh, my precious....(Chomp chomp, munch munch, burp.)


As most developed area, you can find plenty of their stories in Oliver's Mything Links, for their fertility ritual is firmly connected to romance, enacting that of Orlanth and Ernalda like "Garhound Contest", I am sure plenty of stories they have treated love affairs more than I can imagine. (2003: December As I expected, I found plenty of romances in Dragon Pass: Land of Thunder....see about Karstenstead (Cattle Raid of Cooley?), Sacred Top (Tristan and Iseude?), Stampede (p. 30 Helene and Paris?), Swanvale...) Though I think something it is soft and weak feudal image comparing epic, Barbarous Ancient.

*Umath and Asrelia
(You can find this story in "Storm Tribe", as a classic Origin Story of Love and War.)
*Orlanth and Ernalda
(Do you want more my poor words? But I feel some nostalgy to "Wyrm's Footprints" Old Story. How Ernalda tricks Orlanth, and always tames his temper and exploits him in her advantage, unpleasant but feel some sympathy to Orlanth....)
*Vingkot and two wives, Summer Wife and Winter Wife
(Maybe rivalry of two houses to achieve affair of their Husband, using children....See Enclosure #1)
*Errarth and Olfreda
(You can find this tragic love tale in "Enclosure #1" Fanzine and #A Sharp "King of Dragon Pass" computer game, tragic love affair of King and his brother's wife...)
*Heort and Ivarne
(Freezed Beautiful Woman, maybe good for arts and musics, poems. See "Storm Tribe" and James Hawkins Story, my scribble about Winter Deer...)
*Arim and Sorana Tor
(Joyous tale of Tarsh Kingdom foundation story, but "Storm Tribe" seems to diminish this tale into that of bloodthirsty, ancient goddess in ruins (Ana Gor) and obsessed hero Pauper....sorry, maybe I am biased by enmity to Lunars....See below about Hon Eel.)

Dara Happans
For its patriarchal nature, they never feel "chivalrous" urge to woman. And maybe "moderate" stance feminists feel their romance is somewhat unpleasant. Like custom of sati, following husband to death in India. (I don't think any "radical" feminists agree any kind of "Chivalrous" attitude and man-made romances....)

*Yelm and Dendara
(How good wife you are! Obedient! Useful! See "Glorious ReAscent of Yelm")
*Lukarius and Gerra (Cerulia?)
(I vulgarly think their tale is in flavour of somewhat sadistic-masochistic relation. Though hidden many meaning of Archer (Destroyer of Mernita) and Gerra (as a symbol of Agony, Aspect of Red Goddess, etc...))
*Karvanyar and Dragon Woman
(Maybe some barbarian Influence from Sairdite and Carmanian Influence in "Three Brothers" age, I drew him as somewhat tragic figure, YGWV.)

As most culturally developed area of Peloria, I think they have plenty of romance, as those in Greek Mythology. I think Goddess Uleria worked very well in this area, see below. Carmanians like stories of robbing Woman, as another patriarchial culture near of Dara Happans, and they have such custom to steal woman from enemy houses (See Loren Miller's Old notes)....

*Idomon and Delderia
(Entekosiad p.56, Ulawar and Utheneos, Oldest Tale "Love is stronger than War.")
*Syranthir and Charmain
(Maybe she ate him, as spiders.....their son is great Prophet Carmanos. See my tale and make your own theory....)

Lunars and Rinliddi

I think somehow Lunar attitude to romances is impure and practical. (That destroys the fundamental magic of it!) But of course, I am biased by Hon-eel and Jar-eel....Anyway, I don't blame you if you like her and bold head Red women....

*Vrimak and Avarnia
(A tale in "Anaxial Roster", I like this tale. But of course, they are no Lunars....)
*Hwarin Dalthippa and Ingkot Axe-and-Half
(A couple parents and their children died in young, good story, but I like Mithuinn and his household story than that of Hwarin...)
*Hon-eel and Pyjeemsab
(Yeah, yeah, I love you. So you will be good fertilizer of our fields....good revenge to Yelm and Dendara story. See Unspoken Word: "Wintertops Shadow"....)

I think Greg has kept sharp concern to this aspect of Real World knight story of Xemela and Froalar, and of course, Snodal, his first Glorantha Figure. I think West should have next to many romances in Glorantha by heortling aside from "boring" catechism and war stories, even if you don't use Pendragon rule and inquistors are busy to burn vulgar and licentuous donandari poets at stakes....

*Froalar and Xemela, Seshna Likita
(Maybe mother-in-law and unhappy son...? (Hrestol), Serpent Dynasty and its goddess much despised by later age poets...Joerg Baumgartner knows official story about them.)
<<Actually, Hrestol's life was spared by sending him into exile after he had killed Seshna's daughter, the wife of Pendal and magical link of the Pendali to Seshna Likita. I think this "he killed the lion men's ancestress" is remembered.>>
*Keralamalos and his Immortal Wife Somali
(Kings of Seshnela, Emperor of Middle Sea and Brithini wife. I think this tale might be tragic as other romances treating difference of pairs....even in most glorious flourish of Western Culture and Civilization of Godlearners...)
*Snodal and Wife, Damsel of Dark Veil
(Similar of Lancelot and Elaine.....Guinevere? Classic Situation.)

(Though China has plenty of Romantic stories....)
*Harantara and Kahar
(Origin Story of Sea of Fog and its mysterious residents, like Glorantha Digest about its influence to climate, but it can be counted as one of romances.....)
*Affairs at Dusk
(Love Story of Queen and two Mystics, maybe Greg influenced by some Indian legends...but I don't know well about its source....)

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