Tragedy of Dragonslayer Karvanyar
(Emperor Karvanyar and Dragon Woman)

(Hero Quest and Drama Play of Lunar Empire in their Amphitheater)

Godlearnish Attempt to analyze Hero Quest by confining them and exploiting them to acceptable part of Lunar Pantheon
Donandar and Molamin
From Sacred Ritual to Mere entertainment
Solon and Thespis
<<Thespis, at this time, beginning to act tragedies, and the thing, because it was new, taking very much with the multitude, though it was not yet made a matter of competition, Solon, being by nature fond of hearing and learning something new, and now, in his old age, living idly, and enjoying himself, indeed, with music and with wine, went to see Thespis himself, as the ancient custom was, act: and after the play was done, he addressed him, and asked him if he was not ashamed to tell so many lies before such a number of people; and Thespis replying that it was no harm to say or do so in play, Solon vehemently struck his staff against the ground: "Ah," said he, "if we honour and commend such play as this, we shall find it some day in our business." >>

The difference in the order of age, Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides
Divine Will and Characteristic Play (Deus Ex Machina of Euripides)
Aristophanes "The Frogs"

Tolkien and Shakespeare
Why Tolkien disliked Shakespeare and the reason of his writing "March of Ent" from his antipathy against Macbeth (read Tolkien's famous essay: On Fairy Stories)

(Perfectly my unofficial idea that Karvanyar unintentionally used GanEstoro, Karmang God of Darkness and Lie to invoke his own Power of Fire and White Sun Lord. But it is plausible that Lunars have blamed Denesiod and Karvanyar Dynasty for its method to achieve power allying with Carmanians, at least in their early days before Sheng (Doctrine from Yelmgatha's List (mainline of Fortunate Succession?) and Glorious ReAscent of Yelm), and I think Carmanians always doubt the rivalry of Light and Darkness....(if White God is almighty, why Dark God remains?) as Real World Persians....)

Martin Laurie's Idea Sothenik = Dragon Sun (Originally Tales #17)

My humble site Note about Dragon Sun

This Drama was firstly played in the Amphitheater of Haranshold, 2nd Wane supported with the great architect, Iphigios. But it lost the prize by the tragedy of "Jannisor and Sable Queen" (by Harald Smith?).

"O, people of Ever Solar Empire, hear the tale of Karvanyar, tragic Emperor, grandfather of Three Brothers, the Lord of Pure White Ignorance and Dragonbane! Listen to the Tripolis still shines under the heavy burden of the glory of Ancient Days!"

@ Kar (Karvanyar): Son of Urvanyar, Dragon Slayer and True Heir of Phoenix Throne
@ Dragon Sun: Monstrous Emperor of Dara Happa, Immortal EWF Overseer of Peloria
@ Sothenia: Illegal Daughter of Dragon Sun, Tragic Heroine
@ Urvus (Urvanyar): Fallen Prince of Denesiod Dynasty, Blind Beggar
@ Halkon: Evil Southern Barbarian Noble, Right Hand of Dragon Sun
@ Survilster: Overseer (Satrap) of Worion and Brolia
@ Karina: Mother of Karvanyar, Wife of Urvus the Beggar
@ Sarenesh: Son of Karvanyar and a priestess of Oslira, later called New Ordanestyu
@ Lord Menethiod of Raibanth: Patrician of Raibanth, Gentle
@ Lord Besedarus of Yuthuppa: Patrician of Yuthuppa, Loyal Friend of Karvanyar
@ Lord Sbarshan of Alkoth: Patrician of Alkoth, Assassin in Ten Tests sent by Halkon

Mobs (Chorus)
@ Jarra: Low Caste People of Dara Happa, especially in Henjarl "Mud People"
@ Sycophants: Senatus of Ordanestyum, Toga Men, representatives of local Imperial Domain and nobles with only minor political power
@ Carmanian Knights: Helpers of Karvanyar from West
@ Sable Riders: Helpers of Karvanyar from East

@ Yelm: Emperor of Universe
@ Antirius: Guardian of Imperial Blood and Ruler of Justice
@ Buserian: Scribe and Star Seer God of Yuthuppa, Imperial Magistrate
@ Deshkorgos: Monster Man, Enemy of Lodril and Ruler of Fourth Hell
@ Shargash: Dara Happan God of Underworld and War, Red Planet. God of Alkoth
@ Kazkurtum: Yelm's Shadow
@ GanEstoro: The Dark God of Carmanians
@ Rakenveg: Trickster God and Friend of Kar

Stage 1: Under the Bridge of Seven Saints of West and East Raibanth, circa 111,900YS in the Spring Annual Rite of Murharzarm and Nestendos

(Under the Great Bridge, as annual ritual, many slaves and war captives were bound in the middle of stake and rope. For the sacrifices of River Serpent, on the upper river of Raibanth, already Lodril and Shargash waited the Serpent coming. Kar staked in the middle of the River

Sothenia was also a captive of her father, and wasn't permitted to leave the underground waterway of Raibanth, but she wasn't prohibited to swim her grandmother's body, and many of Jarra revered her and called her a daughter of the River.)

Sothenia: I don't know why I was so fascinated by his young appearance, but so it struck my heart that though I know he is an enemy of my father, Dara Happan Emperor, and the Leader of Golden Dragon Society, I cannot help recovering his consciousness when he was nearly drowned. For I am also a prisoner of my father on the gorgeous prison of Anaxial Dynasty Tombs.

Jarra (Chorus): And we are your faithful followers though we know our True Goddess is not always friendly to the flow of Oslira. Because we know you are graceful as our mother goddess and kind for you knows how are to be oppressed.

Kar: I think my father, Urvanyar, managed to escape the clutch of the Monstrous Emperor when the Overseer of Yuthuppa betrayed him and tried to sell my family. But the Golden Wyrm could not see him for it robbed him his heart and his eyes. It brought on its own misfortune it ironically could not find the lost regalia what my father hid in the secret tomb. So I am happy though I will die here and I know never true Dara Happa will rise again.

Sothenia: Wake up, you don't die yet.

Kar: I know True Empire will never rise again but True Sun and Every Man has their Fire in their own heart, as my tutor Dayzatarian taught me. Though the Water is very cold and I cannot see True Yelm over my head. I can still feel relief. But wait, who are you? Who recovered me with your kiss as if you were a daughter of Oslira, Beautiful Watery Nymph?

Sothenia: I am not such noble birth. But don't ask me my origin, it is not important now. But I wanted to help you when I found your fatalism on your face. The true heir of Dismanthuyar....why did you abandone your empire?

Kar: I don't know why you know my lineage if you are not a daughter of the River. But I cannot do anything but I trust you now, it seems all of captives who was caught with me all dead now. You asked me why I gave up hope? No, but I know Empire of Murharzarm is no more materially. For Others succumbed the Empire and all Pureness already left this world. I cannot bear this filthy.

Sothenia: But your father is still not dead, as you helped his escape, you are obedient to your father as true Shargash. Why did you do so? If you are so of the principle?

Kar: I am not so firm to my principle as you point out, but where can I find my power against the Monsters if you can help me to return Yuthuppa?

Sothenia: I will help you for I know you already got help from the Stream of Oslira, subjugated Nestenda. Dragon Sun's power is very strong and his power conquers every parts of the world. But I can find many blind spots of his Energy, as he is also an incarnate of Solar Energy as many emperors.

Kar: But Ordanestyu forbid many of Esoteric Arts to reach power easily. Do you truly believe such power can be obtainable without using such Dark Powers?

Sothenia: See East of Hungry Plateau, Sable Riders don't care the authority of their Precious Treasure much for they came from distant lands. See west of the Poralistor, where Brass Armored Warriors dominate and Sorcerers rules their castles. You can forge your sword in their smithery if you ask their help. Do you remember why Yelm took hands of his wife, Dendara?

Kar: But....why do you help me so much? Now I trust you, but I cannot understand my instinct.

Sothenia: I understand you well, for I replaced your cold pureness of Buserian with the passion of Lodril. And I love you.

Jarra (Chorus): My Mistress, we help him to return Yuthuppa. Though we feel some uneasiness from this man, we help him as far as he doesn't betray our trust.

Stage 2: The Hill of Herustana, the Corner of Poverty Quarter in Yuthuppa, Summer Solstice (Yelmic High Holyday) Circa 111,902YS

Urv: After my son escaped from the clutch of wyrms, I don't have face to him. Though he helped my escape and changed by that experience. I have lived long plain peaceful life with my poor, ugly but graceful wife, playing simple enznestu game, he urges me to recall my unhappy former life, as a Slayer of Howling Dragon and general of my father Emperor.

Kar: Father, if you don't want me to think so, why you informed me our true lineage? I have a right to be noble and the Throne of Phoenix, I am already a man, but you prevent me to initiate adulthood!

Urv: Foolish but beloved my son, the Dragon robbed my of the Heart Dragon, so I cannot find courage in me. But now I rather think it is good than I feel that brutal passion again in my heart.....

Kar: But you promised me doing so.

Urv (Reluctantly): Well, as an only survived Patriarch of your House of Denesiod, I must test your sincerity and obedience to the One, the Emperor of Universe.

(They sneaked into the Underground Temple of Yuthuppa, Yuthubars? Kazkurtum rules)

Urv: I hope you won't be disappointed the meaning of coming to your Throne, the Burden of Duty and Responsibility, ever threatened to your Kazkurtum, why do you simply enjoy your daily life?

Kar: Because I saw her and the beauty of the Golden Bridge of Raibanth, the Center of World, the Material Aspect of Empire what Buseri have never taught me.

Urv: At least I understand your aren't fit to the throne of Phoenix, but I cannot prevent you from trying, I hope you fail without any harm to your Six Chips....

(The Blind Prince Urvanyar brought his son to the Underworld of Yuthuppa, Heavenly City. Inside of Cavern, deep under the Earth, where the City of Heaven was founded, there was a root that fix the hinge of Sky Dome even with the Movement of Umatum and Urnbudud. Some of Yuthubars Style Architecture?)

Urv: If you cannot find your shiningness and Fire in this place, you must abandone your ambition to reclaim our right to Phoenix throne.

Kar: You lost your guts when the Monster stole your eyes and heart, where the hero who fought bravely in the battle fiend of Osthens?

(Urvanyar didn't reply and cast his memory to his youthful day...)

Dragon Sun: This is the your last scenary of Empire of Yelm, take it with your hollow dignity, Usurper Prince of Denesiod!

(The executioner mocked Urvanyar, and he lost his consciousness when hot brand took his eyes from the socket....and magically somehow stole his heart from his breast, later he heard that Dragon Sun ate his eyes and heart.....

But after that, sarcastically, servants of Draon Emperor cannot find him for they could not distinguish heartless from Populace, Emperor became blind to the Prince......)

(Karvanyar enacted the Ritual, he entered the Deep of Yuthuppa, whuch connected to Ancient Underworld of Dara Happa....)

Shargash: (Demonic Face, threatening Karvanyar) Who came here without the permission of your Lord, boy? I am on your way to go, and I will eat you if you cannot answer properly your lord.

Kar: My Lord Shargash! I came here for dedicating myself to you, Lord Bijiif.

Shargash: What? Don't you intend to come here for going deeper of this World through my gate?

Kar: But I know you permitted only your Master and your Servants to enter your City of Fifth Hell, don't I? As I know I cannot become Emperor without entering your Gate.

Shargash: I understand, come here.

Kar: Now I am Bijiif and your are my servant! Reveal your Death and Mostrosity when you betrayed your master!

Shargash: You lost your right to call yourself Emperor for you called me your god.

Kar: Why you can limit your master's choice? Yelm taught me to do so. And he is always just and you don't have right to doubt this! When you betrayed Oslira and married BiselEnslib, you lost your right to keep your words, you are part of mine, I am not part of yours!

(Kar ordered Shargash to obey his Emperor, the Red God could not resist it.)

(Urv: He passed through First Gate with unprecedented way, as I expect, but he doesn't know he will pay greater if he toss more, I am seriously to his life pattern, Emperor is not should be intended to become, but when he will realise this fact....?)

(In second Stage, Davus covered his face with Dark Mask, and Karvanyar realised he wasn't shiny anymore and as same as many deads wandering the Underworld of Monster Man. He was Bijiif.)

Deshokorgos: Who came here, my Palace without Face? Your name is meaningless here, even if you are the one of Three Brothers.

(Kar began to sing a song of Honor and Bravery inside of the cage to call his sons and rebel gods)

Deshkorgos: Don't sing a song in my Palace without Comfort and Sympathy! Here is the place for your humility and meditation!

Kar (who regained his true face lightened by the power of song): Who ordered me? See my sons, Antirius, Shargash, Daseneras and Kargzant, and subdued subjects! My song contains Justice!

Deshkorgos: I cannot resist you, but I can call more horrible power from the Gate of Fifth Hell.....

(Karvanyar found a cage in the Chamber of Monster Man and he saw Lodril, the Father of Low Lights.)

Lodril: Who wants to liberate me by force, not by compassion or sympathy?

Kar: Here is the Center of the World. If you don't admit it, do you want to make the Mountain and call it the Power of Divine Light?

Lodril (Turos?): I, the God of Power, hear your words without enough consideration, certainly in the Center of the World in the Past, there was a Mountain, but it was destroyed! And now you call your Ziggurat as replacement, for proving, you must confront worst enemies!

Lodrilli (Chorus on Surface, over the Stage of Karvanyar): From now, we'll follow you if you can defeat the final Enemy of us...

(Urv: Oh, my son, why you cannot satisfy yourself with simple Enznestu Game or Ouranekki? Now you must confront your worst Enemy, your Darkest Urgent!)

(Suddenly, Insect-like Sihouette blocked Karvanyar's way to the World of Light.)

Kazkurtum: I am you, do I come with me? (If you deny you are Nysalorian, they you must also deny I am you...)

Karvanyar (paled): I deny you.

(Darkest Shadow emerged from the shadow of Insect-like figure of Kazkurtum.)

The Dark Lord (of Carmania): Then I am here.

Kar: I can't see you, if I see you.

GanEstoro: I come here, you called me, didn't you?

Karvanyar: Ahhhhhh...... I saw you in my Darkest Nightmare, but I deny you as I did to Kazkurtum.

GanEstoro: Even in this shape of me? (GanEstoro changed its form into a woman, Sothenia)

Karvanyar: I cannot resist you. (hagged and embraced her.)

GanEstoro (formed in the shape of Sothenia) Now I don't take your soul immediately, I can wait you so long. Rather I help you, Karvanyar, to conquer your Empire, with my power, so it will be polluted by my Darkness. And I bury this seed of despair deep into your Heart....(It faded into Shadow.)

Karvanyar: Why? Antirius never commit an error! And Lokarnos and Shargash will help me to show enemies how Yelm is omnipresent and invulnerable......

(Dragon Sun?: But your Empire will be fragile for it depends on your Power, not Justice. So much trust to your instinct and intuition, not humility and wisdom....)

Carmanian Knights (Chorus on Surface, over the Stage of Karvanyar): As we saw you defeated the Dark Lord, Father of Lie, we saw your sincerity to ally with us and to your iron will to defeat Monstrous Wyrms. We follow your order if our Shahs permit us to do so!

Urv: I never expected you pass through this ritual by this unusual way, you are honest and thinks you are sincere, but in reality you can take an oath easily and forget it easily too!

Karvanyar: I realized Every Man has a Sun in their Heart.

(Urv: But why don't you satisfy with the joy of simple Enznestu Games and want to soak with the blood of pupulace? You are now dancing with your Shadow!)

Urv: From Now on, call yourself, Karvanyar....But don't forget Gods are not men.

Kar (without listening carefully): Now my name is Karvanyar! (He stood over the top of Hanged Garden over the Herustana's Rise.)

Urv: And the End of Solar Empire began from you. (his father murmured from his back.)

Stage 3: Raibanth, Dragon Sun's Lair in the Palace. Autumn Equinox Circa 111,908YS

(The Dragon Daughter has helped several times Karvanyar to build his resistence power in the half independent power of Ascetics of Yuthuppa. (For Dragon Sun doesn't want to intervene this most Sacred City of Dara Happa needlessly...))

Sothenia: He is young and determined and doesn't want to know what occur between I and he. He is cruel without intention and I am too weak to resist his agenda... I know I should NOT do it....for I know it will lose his love for each time I try to the tenet and web of my father's Golden Dragon Society...each time some parts of my humanity lost.

Halkon (from the side of stage): I don't like this place, I just want to ravage Fire Tribe and return to my homeland with their treasure, as Harangot did after Gbaji War.

Sothenia: My father recently watch me carefully, but he doesn't say anything to his slaves and subjects. For if I can reach his aganda, that time is I lose all of his love and humanity. Now I lost half of my body with the serpentine feature and scales. But his subjects are not so talented to Draconic Consciousness and more concerned to worldly influence....but wait, someone comes!

(In the Chamber of Broken Ordanestum, Halkon talked with sycophants of Empire and Golden Wyrm, Emperor of Dara Happa)

Halkon: By that guilty, I bring a charge against your daughter, your Majesty. For I have a proof that she has contacted several times with the rebel of false sovereignty. Named Karvanyar, the rebel master of Western Soulless Atheists and Eastern Beast Nomads.

Dragon Sun: I heard your words. But I confirmed that his insistence is not faise. Karvanyar is a true heir of Denesiods. Although I can deny his sovereignty for I has inherited more noble birth and true Dara Happan tradition through Ten Tests (declared through great his latern jaws.) I don't abdicate my throne to him.

Sycophants (Chorus): Our Emperor's words are always wise and noble.

Halkon: Then, do you want to tolerate such treachery for your rightful reign under your long jaws for your beloved daughter did so? Southern Gods of Eye never be pleased such indecisiveness.

Sycophants: (Silence)

Dragon Sun: I confined her in the dungeon under the wave of Oslira for she was designed to betray me and already got too much penalty by that betrayal. But I understand what you want to do. So I have a solution, I will make a marriage contest for her as Yelm did for his rightful bride. Then the winner will be my successor of my House and the next challenger of Ten Test for I doesn't have any son.

Sycophants (Chorus): Your Majesty, that is truly in the case of Tradition!

Halkon: (Grinned) But you are immortal and never need to abdicate your throne to mere mortal man like Karvanyar....Your majesty, I will prepare for the contest, as far as I can catch him in the severe race.

(In the Dungeon of Dragon Daughter, Sothenia chained in the watery tunnels locked magical means.)

Dragon Sun: My daughter, your disease will not be healed without some magical method. For you lose your humanity by deepening both your draconic perception and your attachment to the cannot retain it unless you may sacrifice your love, by killing and eating his flesh.

Halkon (sneering): Your highness, if he won the contest, you will give him the Throne of Bijiif, for you will realise only she can survive if you show true loyalty to your father. And you can retain your beauty with your lover...inside of your body.

Dragon Sun: If you don't want to such horrible death to your lover, you can stop helping him in the contest, allowing him to die trying to obtain your hands. Monstrous Scaled hands without knowing....

Sothenia: And I don't have any chance to inform this contest is a trick to him. Yes, my father, I don't want to lose my beauty in such foolish play.

Halkon: You spoke a lie. But I don't care.

Sothenia: (To herself) I know Halkon is truly an evil barbarian and cruel man so I have no wonder that he came here with such suggestion. But what my father wants to say? I can help him in the contest...for I know it beyond Halkon.

4: the Marriage Contest, Winter Solstice 111,909YS
(Dragonsun sent seven messangers to each seven Rebel Leaders of Rich Land, messangers taught them the contest and winner would get the hands of Dragonsun's daughter, and he would be the successor of Dragonsun.)

(In Yuthuppa, Marine Port, many of Dragonslayer retainers and traditionalists then took refuge on that city. )

Lord Besedarus of Yuthuppa: Ha? Are you kidding? We are sworn enemies, we and Dragon Sun. What on earth the reason had you believe my lord would go to the nest of Yellow Wyrm and be killed voluntarily?

Messenger: You misunderstood my master, he is not an enemy of Lord Karvanyar. Rather your master provoke our power to fight back.

Lord Besedarus: What a lie are you talking as if we don't remember the past evil deeds and vicious damages your Golden Dragon Society commited!

Lord Karvanyar: Wait, my generals. I want to hear his words. (pausing) But what was merit on the contest for me in the risk of Assassination? I know the Golden Wyrm will live without senility and try to grasp the Throne of Phoenix eternally.

Messenger: Three Oaths to Antirius, Hospitality to Brothers, Gifts whatever of Each Victories of Nine Tests, and Marriage to Princess Sothenia. See this portrait. (The messenger showed the Yuthuppan court people the portrait of Sothenia before she lost much of humane body.)

Lord Karvanyar: No, but we promise our future...why didn't she tell me about it? I cannot abandon her. Are you sure she will be mine if I pass all of Ten Tests?

Survilster: Are you foolish enough to be sacrificed in these Anachrnistic Ritual?

Karina Mother (outskirt of the Stage): Why my child laughed to the messenger?

Urvanyar Father: (outskirt of the Stage) I know, but I don't want to speak you about it.

Karvanyar: No, but I cannot prove myself without passing the Ten Tests, though you foreigner might not understand it. And it will keep her as a hostage.....

Survilster, Guest from Brolia: But they can cheat you freely...outside of ritual!

Karvanyar: And Lord Menethiod of Raibanth might be the best among these candidates. But who can oppose the idea of performing Ten Tests if he was rightfully a good patrician of Dara Happa?

Survilster: Do Freely. We are friends, but I don't have obliged to help you.

(In Court of Raibanth, New City of East Side River)

Messenger: We think you are the man who will pass the Ten Tests for the virtue.

Lord Menethiod of Raibanth: Why do you invoke me to risk my life? Even if I try to go this ritual and succeed, it is from the will of divinity, the consequence of Ten Tests are only known by gods and Ezelveztay.

(In Court of Alkoth over Red Hill)

Lord Sbarshan of Alkoth: But you suggest me to kill the rebel leader, Tyrant Karvanyar in the contest, so you don't believe I will pass these contests.

Halkon (disguising Messenger): No, but Dragonsun is true Emperor and Alkoth is loyal to him....and you can freely escape these ridiculous rites after you can securely kill Karvanyar....

Lord Sbarshan: Don't insult our Tradition, tattooed Barbarian! Okay, I will try to kill him as in the past, but don't expect me anymore.

(Over the Magical Bridge of West and East Raibanth Seven Contesters already appeared magically or physically.

Karvanyar was one of them, costumed with the Symbols of Yuthuppa and Scepter of Dayzatar, Garb with Celestial Signs. Rakenveg, the Trickster was a jester of his escorts, hid in the shadow of Bridge and watched the contestants.

Lord Menethiod wore the Antirian Toga, with immitation of Ceremonial Garb (that was lost during the Youf War) and spear of Hastatus.

Lord Sbarshan armed heavily with traditional gears of Dara Happa, red soaked Mace and Mantle, skulls of enemies of Alkoth, braided his hair and beard, and his Girdle of Strength gave him great power.

The representative of Birin and Elz Ast wore gorgeous armbands and covered with gold, shells from Keniryan Sea from his infamous brigand works. Bright Eagle Phoenix Lord of Diavizzi wore colorful garbs of bird feathers. Lord Sankenite of Melsorkoth also wore the Ordanestyan Toga and Lance of Sable Lord. And finally, Enigmatic Lord of Red City wore the symbol of Balance and Bow of Dominion.)

Imperial Chamberlain: Here our Master, our Majesty mustered contestants, one of them will be his successor, Empire of Yelm and Footstool of Antirius, he will get the mandate in the Ten Test, and our Prosperity and Harmony of Eternal Justice will be succeeded Eternally!

Citizens, Jarra and Imperial Subjects in Raibanth (Chorus): Hurray, Empire!

Imperial Chamberlain: Lo and behold the Seven Contestants and Paladins from Great Seven Cities of Richland, Prince Karvanyar of Yuthuppa, Prince Menethiod of Raibanth, of Lord Sbarshan of Alkoth!

<< In Karvanyar's Age, the tyrants of Birin had strong power in Northern Area by brigand work in White Sea (See ILH-1), while Darjiin is a sattelite country of Carmania rather than Dara Happa, so I don't include Haranshold (Shah Haran's Hold?) to seven cities) after it was liberated from Youf.

(Representatives of Tripolis
Marriage Suitors
Yuthuppa: Emperor = Hero, Incarnate of Divinity >GanEstoro
Raibanth: Emperor = Keeper of Tradition >Dragon Sun
Alkoth: Emperor = Father >Shargash or Entekos?) >>

(Then Dragon Sun raised his gigantic head to the representatives)

Dragon Sun: Before the beginning, I ask you one question. What is Emperor?

Lord of Elz Ast, Pirate Tyrant: I, the Successor of Lodas Birin the Enduring can make you wealthy, and as the name "Rich Land", I can make this Empire with Gold again!

(Rakenveg: Already Dragon Sun made our Empire golden with its scales....)

Lord of Diavizzi, Bright Eagle: With the gracefuness and beauty of my feathers, I seek your love to me and the Land itself, I will decorate our Empire with the Spiritual Beauty of Sky World, as Vrimak and Avarnia did in Golden Age!

(Rakenveg: But can't you see Dragon Sun wants to eat another chicken?)

Lord of Melsorkoth: As Warlord of my People and descendant of Sankendavu, I promise you, you will get the blessing of Dragon Sun and Sable Riders. I will keep the Rich Land democratic in course of the Ancient Tradition and the will of our Emperor, Dragon Sun.

(Rakenveg: Then you are another claqueur, though Karvanyar loved his people...)

Lord of Red City, Enigma: I came here as a voice of Women's Land, Naveria, Dikoria and Arira. And I don't want to make myself Emperor and want to help True Emperor as Dendara and Entekos do for Yelm.

(Rakenveg: I don't know where is his city, and (if he isn't another decoy of script writer of this drama.) I don't know anything about his role.)

Lord Sbarshan of Alkoth: Emperor is Father of Empire, and I will care and overlook the welfare of it with paternal love and mercy. I promise you I will teach Green Way of Alkoth to be spread as in Golden Age.

(Rakenveg: Alkoth is now occupied by Youfs, I am always amazed by their propanganda as Invincible City to Outsiders, but don't say in front of them such words....I think he came here to ambush Karvanyar.)

Lord Menethiod of Raibanth: Emperor is the keeper of Great Tradition of Rich Land, and I keep this center of World as the overseer of Gods Wall and Footstool.

(Rakenveg: I heard he is a gentleman and good at ancient tradition, maybe he might succeed Ten Tests, if Karvanyar cannot succeed....)

Karvanyar: Why do you pretend nothing happened since the Reign of Murharzarm? Dara Happa contains change, whether you like it or not. And you can't do with them simply do as you did, Anaxial changed the way, you should change it again. Empire was threatened by Civil War and I don't want to prevent you from seeing these apparent facts.

Emperor is Yelm, but everyone has its own Sun, only hero will can find it inside of themselves and incarnate it. I will teach you how to seek it....Gods are no men, but Emperor only knows how to use their power withoud defiling them!

(Rakenveg: He talked with ignorant enthusiasm as always....)

(Quotation of Martin Laurie's Statement about Mahzanelm, Usurper in Enclosure #2 Fanzine: The Injustice of Tyranny p.26-27)

All Contestants: Death to Us if I defile this ritual. And only one of us will reach this test, but behold us, Dragon Sun! You are not an exception. If you cheat the contest or try to choose one of us unfairly, Yelm may strike you as Avivath did to horse Tyrants!

Dragon Sun: Aye, I promise you.

(Contests of Ten Tests: See Gloranthan Vision and Glorious ReAscent of Yelm for detail, I didn't finish this part yet, maybe these were performed by actors as Pantomime?)

Halkon began to set traps to Karvanyar, but he passed all by unusual novel way, not suited to DH tradition (sometimes, with the help of Sothenia (though reluctantly), or his inner GanEstoro?).

(1): The Hinds of Pelanda

(Pelandans magically summoned to before the Contestants in the suberb of somewhere northeast of Dara Happa, they asked them help to defeat the monsters)

(All of contestants succeeded, but Karvanyar did so with very unusual way.)

(2): The Hungry

(Digijelms: Trolls was summoned and began to eat citizens of Golden Empire for their hunger to satiate their inner emptiness.)

(All except one succeeded by filling their hollowness by magical method. Lord of Birin died for he was succumbed by Same Hunger and Gluttony.)

(3): The Tall Birds

(In somewhere of Rinliddi, the tall birds thought they are great because their height is highest. But contestants taught them humility by making other bird flying.)

(Lord of Rinliddi perfectly forgot the purpose of Contest and went with the flock of Flying Birds....displaying his beautiful tail feathers....)

(4): The Sharing Problem

(Near of Southern Border, brothers fought for distribution of father's legacy (Yolp or Jord? South? Mountain Gazzams?), contestants show their generosity humbling their conflict, and their fairness.)

(Sorcerers of Halkon tried to intervene the ritual of Karvanyar and nearly succeeded, but Sothenia killed them by using more dragon magic, her body completely changed into Serpentine....)

(5): The Remembering Problem

(Quarrelling over an old debt between Aldryami and Human, (See Fortunate Succession.) Contestants invents novel idea to make records by using Naverian Pots.)

(Enigmatic Act of Blue Moon Trolls and Enigmatic Red City Overseer (Caution: This tragedy was written by Lunar), they showed some miracles for the Naverian Pottery and disappeared from the Stage.)

(Halkon paid to contestors (Especially, Lord Sbarshan of Alkoth) to ambush Karvanyar during contest. But eventually Alkothi Sbarshan betrayed Halkon for he understood finally Karvanyar's sincerity (even it was misled in the eyes of Shargash) and died by saving Karvanyar's Life. Alkothi began to follow Karvanyar.)

(6): Judgement between Wives

(Dara Happan Attitude to Lodrillite Vice.)

Halkon: As a representative of Inner Brotherhood, I will execute you for the treason, Karvanyar!

Karvanyar: Why you southerners want to judge us by your Barbarous way?

(They struggled inside the wet chamber of Ancient Anaxialian Waterway. Finally Karvanyar robbed the barbarian's sword and killed him.)

(Sankenites abandoned dying Lord of Melsorkoth (he, a follower of Dragon Sun, see ILH-1) and began to follow Karvanyar.

(7): The Raibanth Bridge

(Karvanyar did new things for his Ancestor God Raibamus prevented him from making new bridge and opposing Denesiod Tradition.)

Raibamus: Don't try to challenge my authority! I am the head of House Denesiod!

Karvanyar: But you weakened Solar Empire!

(Their sexual Energy provoke Dragon Sun sneaking into the court of Raibanth....Raibamus as Phallic Symbol)

(8): The Daughter's Share

(Dara Happan Attitude to their women: Sewer System in Yuthuppa?)

(In the night, desperate Sothenia tried to kill her lover as Little Mermaid, but could not do for she saw his face in the light of Uleria?)

(9): The Brightness Challenge

(Sunflower Garden, people seek Truth of the Struggle. Urvanyar appeared and demanded to Dragon Sun, though he knew the consequence.)

Urvanyar (appeared from the left of the stage): Don't you remember me? The slayer of Howling Dragon. Return my eyes and heart!

Karvanyar: Father, it is a breech of Hospitality!

Urvanyar: Yor are not accustomed with ancient tradition as I intend, the Father of Groom can expect anything what was done in the past by the house of his enemy in reconciliation.

Dragonsun: I agree, but you don't know what the meaning of your action, even if your foolish son manage to destroy my body, you can't survive your Good Day Dara Happa, it will die with us.

(The battle stormed the Palace, but Karvanyar did another thing....for he knew the base of Dragon Sun was mainly from its connection to the Land and Raibanth itself....?)

GanEstoro (From inside of Karvanyar): Stick deep into the Monster Land itself... as your friend Survilster said to you.

(Karvanyar's Iron Sword cut Dragonland into two, and broke apart and the substream of Oslira rushed in it and went uppriver as in Gods Age)

Dragon Sun: Thank you, Karvanyar. Now I commit Utuma....(Died and reincarnated.)

GanEstoro: (And now you got your render! See your lover.....)

(Karvanyar fell to the waterway of Sothenia finally.)

Sothenia: Don't come here! My Dear! Please.....

(Karvanyar at last saw her body and shrivelled in fear.)

Karvanyar: Ahhhhhh.......

Sothenia: You tricked yourself, without using your Power to the godhead, you must have worked with the way of deceiver, but your enemy is not your Other, so you destroyed yourself, though the Deceiver could make excuse for it.

Karvanyar: Why no one taught me?

Sothenia: Because you wanted the Dark God, your Darkest Shadow to deceive yourself. But you cannot kill me, for as my father was linked to your father in their shared heart, we already share our spirit.....

Karvanyar: Don't tell me anymore! (Rashing to Surface World)

(10): (Karvanyar enthroned magically in Yuthuppa, Karvanyar magically climbed up the Shelshena of Raibanth and went to the Gods Wall (in Storm Age or Great Darkness?) as an emperor by 100 Gods of Dara Happa.)

(Lord of Raibanth tried to kill Karvanyar, just keeping for DH tradition.)

(Lord Menethiod and Karvanyar at last fought over the stairway of Footstool, Lord Menethiod blamed Karvanyar as he betrayed the Justice of Yelm itself, though Menethiod nearly won, Karvanyar tricked him and killed the last rival barely.)

(At the top of Footstool, Karvanyar confronted Yelm himself beyond Antirius (See FS), Karvanyar blamed Emperor he didn't have object (as divinity in Great Compromise?), in return, Emperor blamed Karvanyar for his blasphemous acts to Cosmic Order. Though Yelm named Karvanyar Emperor, he struck Urvanyar with Avivath's Sunspear.)

Karvanyar: Father, Father, why you didn't teach me you knew this consequence?

Urvanyar: There can be no two Suns over the Sky, and he stole my eyes and heart when he wanted to the Throne (again), Karvanyar, I don't blame you, but it is in the course of our World after Murharzarm died....(died)

Karina (Crazed Mother of Kar): Kar, Kar, show me your glorious Garb and teach me your true Justice....

Karvanyar (Try to keep distance her from this pathetic site, death of his father): Stop that woman! Now I am Noblest in the World, don't touch me with your filthy hands!

(She was blinded for his Everglory of Yelmic Bright, and his hand threw unintentionally her under the balcony, she was crushed and died!)

Rakenveg?: Thus you cleansed all of your low birth and now reached the highest. Do you feel it is sweet? Agh!

(Karvanyar stabbed the Carrot God, it died and absorbed into GanEstoro. Now sitting on the throne, he was covered by blood soaking his Antirian Mantle. Karvanyar buried his face to his knees curling up as if he had been a child.)

Karvanyar: Shargash, strike me! (But the Red God didn't reply, for Karvanyar ordered so in his youth...)

5: Raibanth, senile Karvanyar Apathiclly sitting his throne of dragon skulls in his Palace over the Dragonwoman's Grotto, Sacred Time of 111,945YS

Sable Riders (Chorus from Right Side of Stage): We must fight these filthy Horse Nomads for they are our Ancestral Enemies! You must come with us because you pledged us to do so when we helped you to kill wyrms!

Karvanyar (From inside of Throne Chamber): I know, I know!

Carmanians (Chorus from Left Side of Stage): Excuse me, we can't help you anymore, we must go to West! You must also go to West as you pleaded before our master, Shah Nadar waits you!

Karvanyar: You cannot do it! You promised me to fight Youf with Dara Happa....

Alkothi (Chorus from the center of Stage): We hate Darjiin Usurpers!

Darjiinite Ambassador (Chorus): Don't forget the bounty of Oslira....You are none if you lost the trade and route of the Empire's Blood. We demand compensation!

Karvanyar: I know, I know well! Bring my Jarras to your rite of SurEnslib!

(Besdarus, former favorite retainer of Karvanyar was tortured and confessed the intrigue to assassinate Karvanayar (Theme of Alexander the Great?) and now shackled on Deshkorgos Tree, Sable Executer asked him his final word to Emperor....

Former Imperial Chamberlain Besedarus: I don't want to see you anymore, now you wore savage Sable Rider pants, Iron gears and armor as brutal Karmangs, and have many wives as Khorzanelm the Arrogant....(executed outside of the chamber)

Karvanyar: As my father said, my Phoenix Throne is called and soaked with blood of my friends, many kijarras dead by my treachery.....I feel coldness within my Ever Glory and Brightness, for I evacuated myself to the Carmanian Dark God.......(shivered)

Sarenesh (Inside the sealed grotto): Thus only Power of Shargash rules us and Emperor, now I and Carmanians, and my younger brother and Sable Riders share the Empire and the divide the rule.....My father now wants to transfer the Throne to my younger brother!

Sothenia (from sealed Grotto, perfectly changed to Serpentine, except her head): But Ten Test shall choose only true heir of Empire.....

Sarenesh: But my father passed it by using Power of Others and proved it was also the way of he proved nothing can prevent us to use farther to divide the Empire into chips.....

Sothenia (from the blocked cave of deepest watery pit of Raibanth) Karvanyar! Karvanyar! I can still console you.....

Karvanyar (huddling up over his throne): I cannot hear anything....I cannot hear anything......Shut down more hard the Cave under my Palace!

Sarenesh: My father doesn't listen to you, he now regret promising me next throne, when I defeated the Pentan Nomads as in the glory of Erzanestyu and Castokum....

Carmanian Officers: Prince, the betrayers already died, except a few escaped and now hide in the throne room!

Sothenia: Prince, don't commit such a crime! Why do you want to burn the last remnant of his humanity?

Sarenesh: Who told me such thing? Who is the woman betrayed by him again and again under the beautiful name of Yelm's Justice? He embraced the Darkness of Ganesatarus in the course of recovering our Empire, he chose Lie when he chose my mother and abandoned you!

Sothenia: (Silent) But my life and his linked, if I live, he also cannot die....

Sarenesh: I know, Dragonwoman. But you long suffered his treachery....(He left with the Officers, Sothenia sobbed.)

Sarenesh: The enemy is inside. Shoot them! (Address to his Carmanian Praetorian Guards)

Carmanian Praetorian Officers: But your father is also in inside....

Sarenesh: My father already burned all of his mortality and you might not see him inside for his brightness.....or you will be sentenced to death as betrayal, hear my order and take it!

(Carmanians crushed and opened the door and began shooting, the Throne of Phoenix glowed brightly again and they could not see the Emperor, terrified, they shoot him in blindness. Some of arrows penetrated Karvanyar's mortal body)

Karvanyar: My life ended. I hope you, Sarenesh will do better than I. (Burning and his fire soaked the Palace.)

Sothenia: Kar! Kar! Kar! (also Died in the Fire and Water rushing to the Chamber)

Sarenesh (from outside camp of Raibanth with the Praetorians of Carmania): My father ascended to the Heaven, I saw the Bright Phoenix. Now I am the Emperor!

Imperial Soldiers (Chorus): Hurray, Emperor New Ordanestyu!

(Thus until our Father and Red Moon rose again over the Empire of Sun, again it agonized shackle of filthness of other....until True Liberation and Enlightenment come......)


Later Dara Ni Revolt against Lunars by raising attempt Old Light (Redline History)

(Below is almost from Fortunate Succession)
Prince Urvanyar killed Howling Dragon in the battle field of Zeranos

Dismanthuyar (Denesiod Dynasty) died in Yuthuppa

Prince Urvanyar and Poor, Ugly but good Woman (loves Simple Enznestu Game FS p.40) Lost his Heart (Berneel: Important for Golden Dragon) and Eyes (Vision:Antirius, Orthodoxy of Dynasty) to Dragon Sun
Dragon Slayer Karvanyar (See also FS p.74,79)

"He was noted for his ruthlessness, brashness, for he was the only person ever to give notice to Yelm himself."

Fanatical, Rash and sometimes clumsy to the Method and Object.

Marriage Contest of Dragon Woman: (Trickery of? to? her father? Lord of Yuthuppa was induced to the Marriage Contest? to kill (eat?) for healing her daughter's "disease" (Little Mermaid of Andersen)
The Foundation of Dragon Land in West Raibanth?

Enthroned (Very Magically) in Yuthuppa
910-945 (913 Liberated Raibanth)

Every Man a Sun Movement
White Sun Lords with very difficult condition: Few Elite Heroes can obtain
(Yelmgatha and Nysalorian (Rufelzan) Method to Heroquest, banned by Ordanestyu for God is not Human, (New Ordanestyu: Sarenesh, son of Karvanyar))

Sable Generals, war gods of Carmania (Support of Shah Samandar, later Nadar rejected the alliance for he wanted to battle with Westerners rather than Dragons)

Enemies from North Korer and Horse Nomad 925-945 (Imperial Lunar Handbook)

920 Alkoth Liberated

Original Plot

Tragic Hero lost friends (Alexandoros?) lost lovers (Dragon Woman, later, Oslira Priestess) Solitude, Small Domain with many Outside Enemies
Killed by his own son, Sarenesh? (Similar to Chinese King of Zhao, (inducing Nomad Costume and Life Style))
Connected to Dara Happan Rebellion, Raibanth and Yuthuppa Map
Quarter of Poverty
Once Young disciple of Ascetic of Dayzatar (Drowned in Oslira, helped by Dragon Woman?)
Alliance of Karvanyar and River Oslira against Dragons (A daughter betrayed her Father)

Yuthuppa: Stronghold of Anti EWF (Half Independent against Youf for Religious Importance?of Dayzatar Cult?) Annual Rite of Sacrifice (Young Man Karvanyar) to Beautiful Oslira
Underworld of Raibanth against Deshkorgos and GanEstoro (Against the Evil of Carmanians and Saird in the River Oslira)
Dragon Woman sold her humanity for getting the weaknesses of her father (but it costs her beauty to Monstrosity and lost of his love)

Tragic Love of Dragon Woman and Poor Woman's son

Friedrich de la Motte Fouque. Undine. (1811).

Hans Christian Andersen. (1836)

See also my concept of Ten Tests and Peter Metcalph's List of Regalia of Dara Happan Emperors

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