The City Simulation of Dara Happa

These are unofficial settings from the Workings of Terra Incognita, and borderline between official and unofficial materials is not clear even for writers, please mention it if it is contradict to futural material like "Imperial Lunar Handbook" or "Dara Happa: Among the Masses" etc... (2001 Winter) I love Dara Happa, but don't like upstart Lunars, my distorted intention is directioned to cut the unholy connection these two apart.

In the Past, I have only played the King of in the category of Computer Simulation Games, I regret I didn't have enough time to play Civilzation, or Simcity.


City Design

Archeological Explanation of Dara Happa

Note and Memorundom

About Buildings of Dara Happa by some of Greg Stafford's Statement

What my grandfather told me: Dara Happan Point of View in Yuthuppa

Dara Happan Patrician House Generator

History and Legend of River Oslira

Mystery of the Ten Tests

Polis of Astrology and Transcendence
Polis of Sovereignty and Intrigue
Polis of Underworld and Bloodshed
Under the pure blessing of Dayzatar, in the course of the teaching of Buserian, they learn and read astrology, but even of their transcendence cannot avoid the Great Wave of Hero Wars... The Capital of Solar Empire. With the decline of Dara Happan Influence in Lunar Empire, many people began to underestimate the importance of it, but soon they will realize their mistake.... Dancing the Dance of Destruction, this city has sought only the art of War during a hundred thousand years. Who dares not to fear the violence and fanaticism of these berserkers believe the Power of Fate as them....

Yuthuppa from French Fanzine Broo #5, Guillaume Fournier, Fabrice Lamidey and Frederic Weil
(English Version)

Original Articles of Description of Yuthuppa

Analysis of the article above and Application to Hero Wars Setting
Original English Version
Description of Raibanth: Original Version

The Map of History and Conspiracy at the Center of Dara Happa
Sorry. There is only Japanese Version....See the Articles of Enclosure
#1 & #2

Alkoth and Underworld
Original English Version

Map of Alkoth and constant Construction through Destruction
Original English Version

What is Truth?

Historical Changes and Maps of Dara Happan Cities

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