Historical Changes and Maps of Tripolis

In the Note of History of Dara Happan Army, around 200,000 people have lived in Dara Happa in the reign of Khordavu. (I don't know how they count the slaves and low castes for this number.)


First, please see the French Broo site for the Original Map.

Though You might feel frustration for I cannot resist my urge to induce my irrelevant idea to the
original of French Broo, here is my revised version of Yuthuppa:

Please tolerate my poor rough handscript for I cannot find my illustrator.
And please accept if you find some controversy to the Imperial Lunar
Handbook Official sources, Greg's Greya's stories and/or Hero Wars
scenarios, I am not a member of official publishing.

<<I don't think the City Walls encompass farming lands since the
Dara Happans distinguish between Yelmic City Folk and Lodrili
peasants.  Open spaces within the city would be reserved for
pleasant parks for the citizens to walk in.---Peter Metcalph>>

As you know, I induced several my own sources to this city, like Sky (Hanging) Garden
that was listed and described in real world Seven Wonders of Ancient World.... I think
it is appropriate to the city of Stargazers as you have ziggurat style city
of original image. (See illustration of Broo site of Gregory Privat.)

I think the Sky (Hanging) Garden is balconized (baywindowed) over the
military port of original city map, I think I succeeded to put on beautiful
and exotic scenery to the original, and I think original map didn't describe
enough the stereoscopic 3D image of the city even if it was not like Minas
Tirith in Middle-earth (Tolkien, watch Fellowship of the Ring, one shot of
the movie-film). Please don't ask me how pumping up fresh water to the
garden....because RW archeologists don't know how babylon did it...
Even it is not actually galaxy or (Lorian or Selagern) the water inside of the garden in
the Yuthuppa, the fantasy city.

As the city of more than 100 towers, (so called) I haven't dare to use the
image of Prague nor (now lost) "the round city" of Baghdad, I used Tenochititlan's iage
before Cortes watched it as a city in the chivalistic Tale of Amadis de
Gaula.....So I induced encircling ditch and river that flowing inside of
Silver Quarter.

But certainly, if Raibanth is like  the Center of Aztec Empire, maybe
Yuthuppa had a role sort of religious center as Teotihuacan......

I think several ziggurats decorate the city with many stargazing towers and
composed the intermediary of the city upper (Skyworld) and below. (It seems
Greg portrayed his Yuthuppan Style stargazing towers like a sort of pillars
in Maya style......See here.

And perfectly my original that I used of City Central Tower (that Vuranostum
visited in FS) with the image of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.
Of cource, it might be in the completed form, not current under construction status.
(You can see the model image in the website. I think, though it is not symmetric....)

A: Acropolis: Esagila (Aether (Dayzatar): Ze)

Statues of Enverinus (Environs?): South, Errisa: North, Erenbaya (Yarm Tree?): West, Zaytenerus: East

B: Truth Gold (Yelm: Ze)

C: Love Silver (Ourania (Uleria?): Ul)

D: Harmony Public (Lodril: Lo)

E: Art Brass (Humakt? (Carmania): Hu)

F: Joy Bronze (Shargash? (Umath?): Hu)

G: Growth Copper (Oria? (Gata): Ga)

H: Beauty Azur (Oslira? (Sramak?): Sa)

I: Atheletics (Inland)

J: Entertainment (Riverbed of Oslir)

Original Places of Interest
1: Sky Garden (topped over Rise of Herustana)
2: Cathedral (or E-Temen-Anki) of Dayzatar: Office of Hierophant
3: Hill of Herustana
4: Buserium Grand Library
5: Citadel of Kalikos (Temple of Buserian)
6: Citadel of Young God (Murharzarm?) (Temple of Ourania)
7: Citadel of Arraz (Temple of Oslira)
8: Citadel of Polaris (Temple of Antirius? Vrimak?)
9: Citadel of Anaxial (Temple of Thilla)
10: Great Temple of Lokarnos
11: Shrine of Kestinendos (Ballack of Avilry)
12: Tomastus's Jeweled Vault?
13: Shrine of Karvanyar Dragonbane
14: Lunar Arena (Dedicated to Yara Aranis (HonEel?))
15: Tower of All Star Stories: Guild Center of Stargazers
16: Tower of Oropum: Porridge Star
17: Star Tower of Jenarong and Vuranostum (Cavalry Barrack: Star Captains?)
18: Star Tower of Burburstus (Throne?) Light House of Oslira
19: Office of Imperial Regalia
20: Palace of Satrap Taran-Il Family
21: Star Gazer Museum (Planetarium? Jeweled Vault? of Khorventos?)
22: House of Tarnils (Temple of Yanafal Tarnils and Irripi Ontor)
23: Torch Guild of Yuthu
24: Yuthubars Explorers office
25: Temple of Lukarius (Office of Senatus Ordanestyum?): Office of Carmina Pax
26: Palace of Ark (The Overseer (the Captain of the Ark)'s Office)
27: Temple of Carmanian HumKt
28: Gorgorma's Secret Temple
29: HonEel Amphitheatre
30: Star Tower of Dove (Broken Temple of Arkatus Nigrum?)
31: Towers of Mirror (Polaris Security Office): Office of Optimatus
32: Temple of Avarnia (and Vrimak?): Rinliddians
33: Noble Gate (Gate of East Theya?)
34: Merchant Gate (Gate of South Erindamus?)
35: North Gate (Gate of North Kalikos?)
36: Navy Port and Barrack (Prow Riders: See Martin Laurie's Set)
37: Commerce Port
38: Teelo Norri Nursery
39: River of City Inside (See Map of RW Babylon)
40: Remenant of Manarlavus Dome? (Anaxial Ship?)
41: Aremina Forest (Northeast?)
42: Grand Bazaar

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The Map of below is my first attempt to grasp the most Historical City of
Glorantha since Golden Age. I have a plan to replace it if I can do good
work for it. In fact, it is very bad scribbling for this great task, I'm
a very bad mapper and illustrator, I should not expect a good mapper like Steve
Lieb help me and try to make good work for it. And I will change freely if
some portions of them seem inappropriate.


I agree it is sarcastic that the Center of Empire, is not circular or
symmetric as other two cities of Tripolis, I think in the Ancient Day of
Raibanth, certainly it was circular and entirely symmetric as the Inner City
Ring of Baghdad (I remember Abbasyds didn't maintain it long...), IMHO but it
has been destroyed, fixed for materialistic or practical neediness rather than
religious and cultural adherence in the long history of Dara Happa. I think
the width of River is much shorter than that of modern day.

For considering about this city, most difficult thing is the width of
Oslira. I know many rivers go across the inside of walls of a fortified
city, as Babylon or Constantinople, Rome or Paris, etc...But for Raibanth,
in the map of Martin and Wesley taught us the River width beyond 3miles, and
the river shore of west and east, seems to have jointly same system for
management and defense for the community. GROY and FS are useless for
supposing the system of the city....only symbolic explanation with Runic
Symbol and it didn't teach where Raibanth was located  (west or east) in the
mystical age. (I think the River of West explained they were near of the
direction of Sunset and Nature of Anaxial Dynasty. I don't think Yuthuppa and Alkoth
were originally located west of Oslira.)

There are three choices:
a) Raibanth is located over the River as a island of the River (In GROY,
there was such case in the past, but after that, the river subsided.)
b) The two parts of the city have worked independently and defended their
own communities, and made circular city walls independently.
c) Raibanthians magically connected the two city parts (magical bridge like Modern Kethaela and Kralorela,
magical ship and fortification, etc...) and didn't find difficulty which RW
people cannot to save their property and life by that way.
d) They tried to return Old Way, but always have failed under the Shadow of

I chose d) , maybe they used the River for defense. I used the image of
Constantinople and Persepolis for mere personal preference.

I don't add Lunar Temples or other facilities for modern Lunar Culture
intentionally such as Public Bathes and Arenas, or Lunar Cults. I think most of them can be
seen in the Dayzatar Quarter or New City, but I don't think it should be listed here for

Oslir, Old City & New City, Amuli (Darjiin)

Old City
A. Antirius Quarter (Divine Quarter)

Most of the remained buildings in that area were Ancient Gigantic Monuments which mortals found it to recreate great difficulty even it isn't impossible. The traditionalists of Yelmic Culture think it is the proof of the Glory of the Golden Age. Some of these Buildngs are created by Adamant, others are Stones which brought from very distant land.

B. Dendara Quarter (Palace Quarter)

Many emperors have lived near of this area, and palaces are placed until the power of Emperors were much depleted. Though Dara Happans didn't want to make Woman Quarter specifically as Carmanians, they think the living space of Women and Men should be divided.

C. Dayzatar Quarter (Ceremony Quarter)

Many Lunar Temples and other Foreign Religions are mainly induced in that quarter, Raibanthians hasn't complained anything if Lunars could prove their cult as an aspect of 100 Gods of Gods Wall. In this Quarter each emperors performed their own Enthronement aside from some exception of Emergency Time. (I think Karvanyar performed Last Tenth Test entirely in God Plane from Yuthuppa.)

D. Lodril Quarter (Ancient Poor Quarter)

This area was commoners Slums when the City was thrived 2nd Age, but after the Destruction of Sheng Seleris, Carmanians (Karmang aka Turosi) has occupied this Quarter since the reign of Magnificus and his daughter HonEel.

E. New Polaris Quarter (Phalanx Quarter, Garrisons)

This Area was used for Garrison Troops during the Army Reform of Elmexdros of Denesiod Dynasty, Garrison Troops has occupied this area after Death of Dragonsun and Dragonkill devastated Dragonland. (See History of Army of Dara Happa files.) There is the new temple of Polaris, Castokum and Elmexdros in this Quarter.

F. Oslira Quarter (Ferry Quarter)

The Mighty Bridge Connects Old City and New City, this Bridge was called by many names in each history (Emperor Anirmesha called it Bridge of Angels: FS p.19) and took an important role in Dara Happan Annual Ceremony. Once Lunars destroyed it after Jannisor Rebellion.

New City
G. Lokarnos Quarter (Merchant Quarter)

Lokarnos and Etyries merchants has opened their own shops and bazaar has thrived under the support of Imperial Policy.

H. Buserian Quarter (University Quarter)

The Raibanth Military School and Buserium has long thrived though Yuthuppan Great Temple always show some displeasure to their practical (Shortsightedness) of their attitude. Today Lunar Cults and Assiday Family greatly took control of this area.

I. Shargash Quarter (Outlander Quarter)

This Area was usually crowded and filthy with the atmosphere of Shargash. And foreigners sometimes met trouble with Shargashi and city Foremen, sometimes Foreigners cannot enter the north of this area without permission of Lunar Citizenship or Power of Raibanthi Local.

J. Dragonland (Land of Lunacy, Old Polaris Quarter)

In the Oldest Age, it seems that this area was the center of Dara Happan Empire, but after Berneel Arashagorm cult occupied this Land and built their own Temple, Monsterous power could be seen in this area. After Karvanyar slew Dragonsun and his unholy daughter, the power was turned to Madness, except Shargashi who already went mad, Dara Happans has used this area only as a place of Ceremony.

K. Ourania Quarter (Virgin Land)

No Setting

Places of Interest
1. Selshena (Footstool) & Palace of Erzanestyu, Temple of Yelm?
2. Raiba (Pillar or Statue of Raibamus)
3. Senatus (Ordanestum)
4. Forum Erzanestum
5. Palace of Murharzarm
6. Palace of Khordavu (Khorzanelm?)
7. Palace of Denesiod (Corpse of Dragonsun?)
8. Palace of Karsdevan
9. Pantheon of 100 Gods
10. Lokarnos Temple
11. Temple of Avivath Hastatus
12. Yelmgatha Square
13. Golden Fang
14. Dragonland
15. Temple of River Conqueror
16. Griffin Gate
17. Phoenix Gate
18. Bridge of Seven Saints
19. Triumphal Road
20. Hunting Ground of Emperors
21. Original City Wall
22. Star Dome Temple (Nick Brooke: Buserium?)
23. Grave of Anaxial Emperors
24. Gods Wall
25. Wall of Khordavu Dynasty
26. Wall of Erzanestyu Dynasty
27. Wall of Karvanyar Dynasty
28. The House of Valare Addi (Now Near of Good Shore)
29. Lighthouse of New City
30. Military University of Raibanth
31. Temple of Rufdayen

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Reference: Enclosure 1&2, Glorious ReAscent of Yelm and Fortunate Succession

I think Alkothi by their religious nature have constantly and routinely
destroy old buildings and construct new ones on the contrary with other Dara Happans. Because Shargash is the God of Cycle of Death and Rebirth itself.

I think most of time the defensing moat dryup while without external enemies, I think irrigation canal and water supply works while these Defenses are not in ready, but I don't know how much Alkothians know about such technic and consideration for weeders paddyfield and other crops.

Places of Interest of Alkoth

Alpha: Green District of Alkor

Beta: Red District of Dancer of Power

Gamma: Black District of Ash Bijiif

1. Green Wall (Necklace of Shargash, Shargash's Greatest Enclosure)
2. Sanctuary (Acropolis?) and the Great Arena of Shargash
3. Palace of Dancer and Hill of Red King
4. First Shargash Enclosure of Lerustum
5. Temple of Bijiif Yelm
6. Palace of Alkor and Hill of Green King
7. Great Temple of Yelm Harbinger
8. Shrine of Turrogus and Castokum
9. Buserium and Grand Library of Underworld
10. College of War
11. Destroyed Black Monastery, New Xaronea
12. Enhedu Atras Roh Tourist Information Center
13. Second Enclosure of Eusibus
14. Lokarnos Temple
15. Etyries Temple
16. Starstory Tower of "Savior through Destruction"
17. Underground Way
18. Evisceration Gate & Fish Market
19. Decapitation Gate & Great Market
20. Flaying Gate & Flayer's Square
21. Impaling Gate & Meat Market
22. Eleventh Barrack
23. Temple of Oslira
24. Burnt Temple of Yestendos
25. Temple of Lodril & Mohengus
26. Temple of Biselenslib
27. Horse Field & Playground of Polo

The Red King's Palace (Enclosure #1 p.40)
The Palace is a full fortress within the walls of Alkoth. Perched on the Red Hill, it commands a view of the city and surrounding countryside. The Palace serves an arsenal and training ground for the warriors of the Red King.

It is also the high temple for the Red Path of the Destroyer.

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