What my grandfather told me:

Dara Happan Point of View in Yuthuppa

(I used Yuthuppa modelled which my distorted view for Babylon and Tenochititlan (Now Mexico City) and many towers stood over around inner circle wall which surrounded by outer circle. I don't think my image for Dayzatar Mystics is fit for official. And I illustrate Astrology as in Roman Empire, Romans believe Star World is residence for Souls. Greg mentioned Dara Happans don't start "Bread and Circus" but some of Romanic Games like Chariot Race and Zasturnic Game (?I think it is something like Olympic Game as Achilles performed for his friend's funeral. ) )

*Who are you? (I used Loren Miller's Collection for Dara Happan Names)
I am Mandevu Kumada, Second Class Scribe of Buserium in House Kumada.

*Who are we?
We are members of Family Kumada of Royal Blood Record Scribe, our ancestors
were the Stargazers who brought Star Wisdom and Blessing of Oropum from East in
Starlight Era. Other Scribe Guilds: Researchers of Yuthubars (Deipolis),
Counters of Vrimakus Bird Feathers, Gardeners of Aldryami Forests (Now
nonsense anachronistic record-researchers?), Academy of Astrology and
Prophecy are also other factions of Our School, but we are most Honorable.
Because Imperial Purity depends on us.

When Tomastus restarted the Dayzatar Temple in our devastated Tower
after long starlight age, we Yuthuppans also started collecting the knowledge of our Empire, too.
After Emperors began the rite of Anaxial Dynasty, we have taken the main
role for their enthronement ritual. though the Captain of the Ark (Secular Governor of City) is not
always friendly toward us, we can always rely on the School of Prominent

*What makes us great?
We have hold Tradition in our Archives and the important secrets of Dara Happa.
(such like the Song of Kolasting which was stolen from the Queen of Digijelms.)
And Buserian is the son of Yelm who collects and puts together the knowledge
under the Light and Tutelage of Dayzatarians. Other Tripolis are, much
occupied by the whim and petty-political Raibanthians and crazed, man-eating
Alkothians, so we led them and we are the best.

After Yelm was killed, Dayzatar secluded from the Sky World because he felt the
Invasion of Lorion and Netta, and Sky World wasn't without pollution any
more. So he delegated the authority over it to his subjects, Polaris, Arraz,
Ourania and Lightfore, departed to Higher World and pledged to Ezelveztay
and Aether Primolt not to abandon us. So we can still hold the hope to the
Highest Realm. Our Souls are immortal and walk Sky World without flesh.

Of course, most of us cannot afford to do so as Dayzatarians do, so we
struggle for petty mundane affairs, for someday, Buserian and Yelm may
promote our soul to higher status. We study the Esoteric Knowledge in our Library and
learn Celestial Cleverness in the Imperial Court modelled to the Celestial
World, some of our family members unhappily don't have ability for studying,
thus they take more difficult way to Celestial World such as soldiers or crafters.

*What is the difference between men and women?

Women are inferior beings in Dara Happan tradition and are treated as
properties of Houses, but that is not ignoring or underestimating their power,
on the contrary, women sometimes hold much power than men in foreign land.
Lunars have spoken us men and women are equal, but different. We think more
cautiously about the term "difference".

We revere Ourania Virgin Priestesses though they are women, because they
notice their handicapped status and try to recover the status before they lost their role as man's half.
Do you feel their beauty? Very good. But never try to make them your own.
Because they exist as tools of trial to us for the ascension.
Some Dayzatarian Priests impose themselves grim restriction and blind or castrate
themselves voluntarily,
"Now we feel only invisible light of Dayzatar without seeing whim beauty of Mundane
World which Yelm provides us." It is their saying. Of course they were
minority even in the strictest Monastery.

We also take care of worshippers of Thilla and Oslira in the process of
city management, we take care of them but don't revere them, we also know a rumor
about the underground Temple of Gorgorma where Man-Hater Darsenites secretly muster
and plot intrigue to us. But they are not always hostile if you don't try to
oppress them.

Because Yuthuppa is City of Dayzatar, Souls and Spirits are sometimes removed
from Bodies, but Women usually prevent us from doing so, because they are
more earthly origin, and they always try to keep their children in their
womb. But Earth can easily be conquered and raped, because they don't know
why Souls should remain in our Fleshes at first place.

Mysticism is the way simultaneously to transform the fuel into the fire,
some Dayzatarians are said to become Aetheric Angels without abandoning
their mortal flesh after the long period of Discipline. (Some kind of Esoteric Buddhism?)
They are not always friendly to Lunars, Carmanianism, Jernotian Way
of Hermaprodite from Darsen, Others.

Because Monastic Way of Alkothian Bijiif, Yuthuppan Dayzatar, Nysalorian
Illuminators are all our traditional ways of Dara Happa to reach Enlightenment,
they are most revered by us. the Lunar Order of Day taught us Verithurusa
and Zaytenera are incarnations or daughters of Dayzatar,
we don't care such their ignorant statement.

*Where do we live?
We are living in the quarter of Scribes near Grand Buserium.

Our Ancestors are consecrated by each Towers of Enlightenment, we usually
let our dead birds from East eat and liberate their souls. (Zoroastrian
Exposing to Vultures?) Because we live near the Sky and Mystery, we don't
touch with the destiny of dead corpses, as Raibanthians or Alkothians.

Yuthuppa has ruled around the lake of Thilla near Oslir River flows. This city
was founded when Anaxial first landed to the Hill of Herustana (named after
his wife) and refounded when Buserian first set his tent for his star
watching, and Handsome Vuranostum permitted Tomastus to reconstruct
Dayzatarian Cult. We have thrived on the support of Oslira River Control and
center of Worship to Highest Light, and many barbarians have roused their
avarice and tried to occupy our Magic and Cleverness. But they always failed
to grasp the our most precious treasure, Gnosis.

*What do we do for our lives?

We earn income from Buserium for investigating the vast library of Old Age
and working for City Management. But most of other Yuthuppans aren't lucky
as we, and spend a hard working life, but they are far more lucky than
Pelorian Farmers, because they also receive the bright blessing from Heaven
in the circle of the Dara Happan City, and Yuthuppa is most Sacred City.

(See Glorantha: Introduction to Hero Wars,
articles about Dara Happan Society,)
Overseer, Ten Sons and Servants, Commoners, Polemarchs
Foremen, Wheelers, Tribunes

As the one of Yuthuppans, we are expected to behave as holders of Ancient
Tradition and Wisdom, and we keep rivalry in the Lunar System of Bureaucracy
against Irripi Ontor cult, Ontorite sometimes claims our way is archaic and
anachronistic, but you know there is always thing which never
change as Anaxial mentioned, Lunars cannot know it.

*What is important in my life?
Famous Yuthuppan Torch is Symbol for our Life. It lights long, even when we bury it deep inside of earth
its light never darken, we managed under Kazkurtum, Karmangs and Sheng Seleris,
our light has never been polluted as Dayzatarians.
(Symbolize Yuthuppan Way of Life.)

*Who rules us?

We know the authority of Ten Tests and Dara Happan Emperor's legitimacy,
Staff of Right to Rule which Dayzatar entrusted it to Yelm. We know the
Highest God blessed this city in Anaxial Era, but we cannot see him except
most honorable and enlightened Dayzatarians. Practically, the captains of
Ark rules this city from Hill of Herustana about the petty and materialistic
matters, but the presidents and priests of Buserium Academy also keep great
power over this city.

There is also the hidden power in the labyrinthine inner structure of our city
and highest star towers, some say Greatest Dayzatarians died when Sheng
Seleris destroyed our Highest Cathedral Tower to Sky, but we know they can
live without any life supply, and freely move through the walls of cities,
and meditate for the glory of Dayzatar. They are invisible for us, as
Khordavu cannot see Holiest Angels, as we cannot watch the Sun directly.

TakenEgi as known as Rufus by Pelorian Commoners is also the Emperor of Dara
Happa, though he has tolerated the outer pollution to invade Dara Happan
cities and showed preference to Pelandan and Lodrilite decadence, we know
Masks are merely superficial persona over the Doskalos, who have long and
wisely ruled us before Sheng Seleris. And Ten Bad Emperors are better than

Our City is belonged to First Blessed Satrapy, where Rufelza founded her first firstfoot hold.
This Satrapy is ruled by Taran-il clan, their leader is Gul-Taran.
Torang has been one of Greatest Religious Center for Lunars. Many Pilgrims visit
there for this Goddess's First Birth Place, and
we can get great profit from these visitors. Because Yuthuppa is one of transit places.

*What makes us great?

Gnosis is a knowledge for souls of people to reach higher status, Buserian
taught it to us under the permission of Yelm and the guidance of Sacred
Triad. But we must do petty everyday life works because that is important to
sustain our body which still need it. And Other Gods over the Sky teaches us
how to go same goal from different pathes, don't underestimate it.

*What is evil?

Disobedient to the Gnosis is Evil, which derives from Ignorance and
Avarice. And Antirius is the holder of Imperial Absolute Divine Justice, if you
cannot see Invisible Light of Yelm's Elder Brother, you must be obedient to

Kazkurtum is one portion of Yelm, but the source of Evil, do you
understand? Because he is the leader of Material World, accepted it as a
part of it, and so Bijiif accepts the purification in the Underworld. We
know how to avoid it as far as you can truly keep tradition of Yuthuppa.

*What is my duty?
If you have ability to pass to the initiation of Buserium Community, you
will enjoy the Ancient Wisdom and knowledge of Celestian in our Library, and
if you want to know more, you will try to know Gnosis. But most of us go to other
occupation, like soldier or Bureaucracy, but don't hesitate before Hardship
over the Material World. Because your House is always to your side as far as
you know your place.

*How should we treat outsiders?
We are all citizens of Lunar Empire and residents of city of Anaxial. We
know where we should live. We must treat Women and Children with proper
manner, because they also live in this city and Buserian chose us.

We should treat other Dara Happans with respect as same Celestian
residents, they also know the Glory of Sky World and go the same way of us,
but they don't always admit the fact that Yuthuppa is the most Sacred City and our
Sages are the wisest. And other Lunar Citizens must be accepted because Yelm
assigned us to do so. We know Raibanth is not the center of Empire anymore,
but Masks still have enthroned themselves in the Ziggurat of Raibanth.

Rinliddians and Other Pelorians were our inferior friends, they abandoned
many good ancient ways for living, but they still hold old memory of
friendship, we must consider about their welfare if they need it.
Their Bird Rider cavalries and some of Horse riders are outer guardians of our city
against Evil Horde of Nomads. Stargazers came from there.

Foreigners outside Empire are not our concern, they usually mistreat us so
we also mistreat them, we usually keep Dayzatarian indifferent Attitude
toward them, even if they are another Lightworshippers like Imtherians and
Teshnans from somewhere of Glorantha.

Elves and Dwarves were once subjects of Yelm, but they forgot it long
before immemorable days. And they had good relationship with us in older
days, after Lunars burned down Elven forests, they became their Enemies. And
they consider us as their enemy's friend. Dwarves are relatively frendly to
Lunars, but they scarcely show such attitude.

*What is our enemy?

We usually categorize our enemies and divide them to inside of our Empire and
outside of our Empire. And we haven't defended our city in a sense other DH
cities do, because we know material is temporal, while soul is eternal. We don't
know which is true whether Knowledge and Gnosis is required for
Enlightenment or not. Buserian usually says yes, so Buserium exists for it.
But Lunars sometimes deny the importance of knowledge without
experience...as their goddess suffered in Underworld as Rashorana or in
mundane world with humanity.

Coming from East is not always Evil as the Starlight Tribes and Stargazers,
Rinliddian Friends. But Horse Riders from distant Pentan Steppes are always
our enemy, because they could not see the Soul which flames within our body.
And they always try to replace with their False Horse God Kargzant our Yelm!
Sheng Seleris was as bad as Kazkurtum.

Several times, southern barbarians who worship Thunderer came to our Empire and took
advantage from our city or damage, they are not sophisticated as Alkothians,
and revere similar deity, but both of them deny this similarity, leave this
matter off. Raibanthians usually have tamed them, but sometimes not. Because
they joined the Jannisor's Army, Emperor doesn't trust them enough. We
usually have welcomed different students like both Lhankor Mhyite from south
and Ontorite from Lunar City because though they always try to new way and
fail, they are expert to explore for new knowledge which Yelm still haven't
named, and Buserian was once Ontor's tutor.

Digijelms are monsters which came from Dead World and always hungry because
they cannot fill their hollow inside, we cannot fill such void as Murharzarm
do in Ten tests, then we should kill them as soon as possible. But some Lunars
used them as an ally against more dangerous enemies, but soon they will
reveal their true nature again.

Sorcerers from Fleshwater Sea and Carmanians are Soul-eaters, once
Carmanians tried to replace our Sun to their Deceitful Solar Disc, Idovanus.
Lunars and Blood Kings have fought long for their hegemony, and Vakthan
Ilart's won that struggle but for Sheng Seleris, Carmanians regained
upperhand again. Masks of TakenEgi and Arronius Jaranthir changed it. Night of Horror
diminished their power greatly, but they still hold great
power in the Lunar Court. Hinder their influence.

People of Darsen were ruled by Witches who debarked early from Anaxial Ark
and polluted, They were an ally of EWF in the Reign of Berneel Arashagern,
and oppressed our erudite schools. They and people of Vrimakus have always
been rivals.

*Who is our God?

Buserian is a son of Yelm and the wisest god of One Hundred in Gods Wall
except sacred Dayzatar and Yelm, but the two they were too high beyond to
reach their wisdom for us ordinaries, but Buserian taught us how we can see
the Celestial World while Lightfore conquers vile Netta in the night sky in
Starlight Age. We maintained this art since that time.

We can watch the sky as an Ideal World because its inhabitants are noblest
in this world, people who lived well went to it in afterlife. But it also
connected to Mundane World, because you can see the change when Great
Cataclysm struck over the surface, of course its change is much less little
than our world. So we can always see what truly occurs to Mundane World
without deceived by Raibanthian sweet Propagandas or threat of Barbarians,
sometimes we can watch Future through the omen of Celestian, we call this
art astrology.

Thilla has been the goddess of Fertility of this city since Jenarong Era,
So commoners and clients outside of our city revere her. Anaxial and
Herustana were the city founder couple and we sometimes call him "Yuthu"
simply as "God". And our city leaders have been called "Captain of the Ark"
since the Flood.

We revere some parts of Yelm, but didn't about other parts. About Antirius,
we don't revere him as Rabanthians do. They believe Antirius holds Absolute
Justice, we don't believe it. We revere him as only Guardian of Emperor and
Footstool, Guardian of Anaxial Dynasty. We can say same words about Bijiif,
which Alkothian greatly stress. Many of our Nobles worship Vrimakus, Eye in
the Sky. We know sometimes Souls form themselves in bird shape, and Yelm's
Soul is also Bird Shape which obedient to his elder brother, Dayzatar. We
never revere the parts of Kazkurtum and Berneel Arashagern, because they are
Gods of Enemies.

We revere Anaxial though his star was lost long ago, and his attribute as
Sailor and Lokarnos Cult have closely related since Anaxial Dynasty, We
don't worship Arraz with Sacrifice, and Deneroni only know how to call on
Fire Spirits.

Priestesses of Erissa and Ourania are revered as manhood Gods exceptionally
in the Yuthuppan City Wall, because they abandoned woman pollution by great
sacrifice. And we should think their existence as our God's test. They
taught us how mistake should be fixed.

Red Goddess calls herself as Granddaughter of Dayzatar. It is impossible
because Dayzatar has no daughter except Ourania, and his disciples cannot
make any children. Anyway, Rufelza was called in Verithurusa in our Glorious
Reascent of Yelm which based on our Yuthuppan Copper Ledger. Maybe she is
also a sister of Shargash, or not. It's not our concern as far as they know
their place and don't try to intrude our realm!

Polaris is our main martial deity since Emperor Alenvus chose him and he
took his role as grand commander in Darkness, he trains Traditional Dara
Happan Phalanxes keeping on line, as he controls the rotation of Sky World.
And even Yanafal Tarnils must show respect in the circle of Yuthuppa, our
Star Captains were his teacher when the Duke studied the tactics before his
exile. But some of other Dara Happan War Gods revered in Dara Happan

Some Horse Emperors like Jenarong and Vuranostum are revered by our light cavalry
and for their connection to our ancestors and the relit of the Light of Star Towers and
our torches. But beware these powers because they are affected by the outer pollution....
and Demon Sheng exploited their weaknesses greatly.

Hastatus=Avivath is such case, and he was an avatar who brought Khordavu
Dynasty to us. We don't like Alkothian Shargashi because they are too
brutal, but they are also traditional Dara Happan War God, so he should be
tolerated, as far as they are obedient to Raibanthians and Antirius.

Other Dara Happan and Pelorian gods are also revered and hold shrines
inside our city wall, but not tolerated to build Large Temples.

*What do we do here?

In Yuthuppa, cold weather prevents us from playing some southern sports,
nobles enjoy playing Falconry in the northeast Aremina Forest, God Hyraos
taught us how to play Harp, Chariot Race and traditional Zasturnic Game are
also played and enjoyed by Yuthuppans. Though Lunars adopted it and changed
it in many ways, you can see and will be upset how Lunars in Foreignlands
changed and warped our Game.

Ouranekki is played as Stategy Game and Polaris Cult respects it, Ravenkaaz
(Pelandanized) are foreignland game and some traditionalists don't like it.
Arronius and Magnificus played it in Kitor and changed Greatly our imperial
structure. Avoid it.

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