Note about Dragon Sun

In another way of Orlanthi, Dara Happans also knew Existence and Importance
of Draconic Element in Glorantha, adopted this in Glorious ReAscent of Yelm.
Berneel Arashagern (or Berneel Arashagorm) is one of six parts of Yelm the
Great after his disintegration and Berneel (or Dragon) represents form of
Man's six Elements in Dara Happan Philosophy.
(If it even only can be indicated as Phallhic Symbol aka Sexual Impulse in Lunar Modern Culture)

In Fortunate Succession, Sothenik is a Emperor of Erzanestyu Dynasty
(reign539-561) and abandoned his position for desire to become adventurer
foolishly before pinnacle of Dara Happan Empire (his successor Helemshal and
General Kastok made this prosperity). In Dara Happan Standard Worldview,
though some of historical personalities can be identified as adventurers
such as Questors of Hill of Gold (Vanyoramet), Ten Paladins of Kordavu, etc,
those who voluntarily abandoned his position of society and duty of life is
strange, irresponsible and perhaps impure.

In FS, Dragon Sun (Dara Happan Emperor reign 878-910) reigned Dara Happa
with EWF marshal power for unknown reason during the age between Dynasty of
Denesiod and Karvanyar. As is often the case with Gloranthan Dragon,
Martin Laurie, in Tales #17 personally jointed two attractable idea (Nick
Brooke commented about Golden Dragon Worship of Sun County in RQ Convulsion
#4) for illustrating what occured to important mystics of Empire of Wyrm's
Friend (aka YUF) To my regret, I don't have "Pavis and Big Rubble" which
hints about Golden Dragon Cult and Wyrm Priest Wind Whistler...

Karvanyar was grandson of Last Emperor of Denesiod Dynasty (Dismanthuyar
reign: 866-878) and famous Dragon Slayer, his "Every Man a Sun" Movement
expresses his heroic but less-political nature. In FS, He nearly became
husband of Dragon Woman who was daughter of Dragon Son at Contest, but he
killed this inhuman ruler of Dara Happa and "the father-in-law" I don't know
about working for Sairdite Dragonslayers (most of which area Harald Smith cultivated
in New Lolon Gospel and Enclosure)
In some sources hints reappearance of Dragon Sun at
Dragonkill War, Dragon Sun ate Dayzatar Priest and clashed Dara Happan Golden Horde
(In Introduction of Hero Wars & Genertela: Crucible of Hero Wars) It might only
suggest nature of Utuma reversible reaction.

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