Why didn't Sironder return back to his people?
  (And why did he lose all of his challenges in the Underworld?)

Syranthir, the former Duke of Jorri, fell in love with the mysterious lady of the Lake Oronin Charmain. He met her before the City surrounded by horde of Spolite and pledged to fight for her. She was a Daughter of the Lake and the Goddess of Water, they had relationship when he visited in the City Wall of Kendesos.

She said she prohibited her lover coming to her Castle Blue in the Lake Oronin so they usually met at the small island in the lake. But Syranthir would not take her prohibition seriously. After long she returned back to her home under the Depth of Lake, Syranthir again was anxious her beauty and wisdom.

There was another reason Syranthir needed to explore the Underwater World of Oronin, King Aegrastus had a Magical Mirror which could be used as Mighty Weapon against Loskalmi Knights and Armours, which was called "Mirror of Gbaji". It could easily find weaknesses of everything, Spolite also feared it but they always won a Battle while they dared to use it and saw their own weaknesses. So Carmanians defeated Spolites but could not chase their retreat.

 Minister Periotri (Loren Miller) said,
"Now is not Good Time for King's Traveling while your Kingdom in the process of Founding."
 Chief Theologian Estrekor (Greg Stafford) said,
"Fighting for Heathens isn't good even that was not fighting for Evil, you will pay in the risk of entangled by Trick of Fronalakino."
 Komos Seer (Nick Brooke) said,
"Omens are Bad, you will meet misfortune under the Hill and the Depth of Water."

 But he knew they should not pretend themselves safe from the Mirror of Gbaji, he could not help trying to gain her wisdom because once she hinted the Hidden Secret treasure of Water which could defeat even Evil of the magic of the Mirror. He armed with Herediary Surcoat of Jorri and Brass Armor of Three Eyed Blue, and his only Squire was Accomplished Blue Eyed Smith, he drove a small boat for his master and advanced into the Mist of the Oronin. He brought the Regalia of the Patriarch of Ten Thousand.

 When Syranthir reached to the small Isle which was used for trysts of him and Charmain, he let his loyal servant back, and found a spiral way into the Depth of Water encircling the root of that small isle. Armed Syranthir rode his famous White Stallion into this road to Mystical Underwater.

 At the First Hall of the cave (That was a magical place where set on the shore of the Lake which water stood like a piller and miraculously not spilled), he saw two groups fought each other. Each of the One Group wore bronze armours and rode Black Horses, each of the other Group were Footsoldier Dwarves who wore White Gleaming Heavy Chainmails and armed with Polearms. Syranthir sided with the Bronze Armour Cavalries because they had similar appearance of his homeland people. He defeated Dwarves and drove them away.

But they weren't grateful to his help at all, and asked why he helped their side. Syranthir was embarrassed by the consequence, but replied they seemed his kin in Loskalm. They accepted him grimly and gloomily, they pressed wine on him which is prohibited to him by the oath of his Chivalric Path. But they forced him to drink with trickery, and he fell into Coma for the intoxication.

"He doesn't have eyes to find Truth."
"He doesn't understand how he changes, and is changed by his Innerself, as an ordinary Westerners."
When he realised himself again, Knights left him and disappeared from the shore of Lake. (Note: Tension between Pelanda and Loskalm)

 At the Second Hall of the Lake, he met two Knights on the horses jousted with Lances. The Stronger wore Yellow Coatmail with the Emblem of the Mane of Lion and the Weaker wore Black Armour with the Symbol of Spolite Nail of Arkat, was driven to the corner of the Vale. The Black Knight asked Syranthir for Help. Syranthir clashed the Yellow Knight and beated down him from his horse back, Yellow Knight and Syranthir then fought fiercely over the land with their Swords. But soon after Syranthir defeated Yellow Knight, Black Knight backstabbed him with his lance, the head got stack to his side and the precious blood of Prophet's Father dropped to the Lake. Syranthir fell down over the Body of Yellow Knight.

"Why don't you want to see the Truth?" The Black Armour Knight arrogantly asked Syranthir from his horse back. (Note: Source between Dara Happa and Spol)

 After he bandaged his side, (Two Knights strangely disappeared from his front) he went to the deeper Area of the Lake. At the Third Hall of the Lake, he saw Blue Armoured Knight who waited his arrival, he already knew his appearance when he went through Adoption Rite with Pelandans. He was Sword King. (Note: Humakt) He challenged Syranthir Death Duel with only gestures. Syranthir well knew he could never defeat the King, accepted. Syranthir again and again charged to his Body, but every turn, Sword King beated down Syranthir and finally broke his Sword forged in Loskalm into Pieces, Syranthir stopped his movement and waited the Fatal Blow. But the King also stopped his Edge of the Sword beneath Syranthir's throat and asked.

"Why did you accept my challenge? You know you cannot defeat me."

Syranthir replied,
"I know all Old Ways, but I choose the New Way as Hrestol chosen. Talor fought for Arkat though he well knew Arkat would betray his trust. There is no hope if I cannot embrace Mystery of All Existence as Jernotia and Paradox of Double Sword Edge as Bisos when I will confront Godlearners and Franalakino in the Deadland."

The Sword King smiled sadly,
"Good Answer. I also remember my disloyal son and Brave Talor, I give you my sword as the proof of Founding New Truth, as a compensation for I broke your Old Sword. Though I love you, I cannot help you in the next stage. I know you will die for seeking New Way and your Son will recover your soul from YarGan."

Syranthir got the Sword of the King.

 At the Fourth Cave, he met the Green Knight, he was a Magical Puppet of Sorcerers who stole the Realm of Loskalm for they making their Slaves to Automata and then waited him for killing while he was alone. It charged fiercely with its Lance to Syranthir's Shield with mechanical swiftness. Syranthir soon got serious injuries and barely survived for the Power which was bestowed from the Sword of the King. But his lifelong loyal Horse was finally killed by the Machine Knight and he fled from that cave when he found a small pit. He fell down to the Fifth Cave and saw the Beauty of the Palace of Blue Men.

 He saw a Blue General with Horrible Trident [Wachaza] and the Lord of Mabakarisarro who emblaces both Death and Life [Magasta] but he managed to go stealthily their domain, because the Blue Men captured many Pelandans as Slaves, and they hid him from the eyes of their masters. Pelandans in Slavery knew what happened in the Surface World and hoped him to liberate their soul. Syranthir safely went into the Sixth Cave and saw Palace of the Wounded King. [Daliath? Oronin?]

 He met the Wounded King and revealed his true self, his Subjects enraged for Dirty Existence of Merely a Human in their Noble Palace. But the Sly King stopped them because he knew the relationship of Charmain and Syranthir, and asked what he wanted. Syranthir told him about Mirror of Gbaji, Lost his Wife Charmain, and Horrible Stain which was sullied by Godlearners to the Regalia of Patriarch of Ten Thousands.

The Wounded King knew all of these Answers but coldly adviced he should not take such horrible trials, but Syranthir refused and asked again. The Wounded King asked him his Son, the Crown of Oronin, a stolen Goblet, the Method to recovering his Health because once YarGan hurt his secret part. Syranthir drank Poison [of Nelat] which gave him the resistance in the Atmosphere of Arganum and was led to the Deepest Area of the Lake...The Seventh Cave, The Palace of YarGan Arganum.

 The Underworld Water of the Mirror [Styx] reflected the Magic of the Mirror of Gbaji. And Gbaji and Arkat fought in the Mirror as the Double of another eternally and made the Wave of Underworld Water. There existed Black Obsidian Palace of YarGan which was the reflection of Castle Blue, but not Mirage as Castle Blue. The guide of the Sly King taught poisoned Syranthir where YarGan and his Master GanEstoro enslaved Charmain. He stolein the palace and sought the Dungeon which concealed his Wife.

 But he found his Wife sleeping in an elegant Bed and his Son in a cradle in the Gorgeous Carram of the Palace, he saw a baby wrapped in a baby blanket and was consoled by the smile of Carmanos for a while, and shook her out of her sleep. Charmain was astonished and embarrassed before she could show a pleasure, and asked him how and why he could come such a horrible palace.

Before he could answer her questions. the Slaves of Master of the Palace came to her room and taught her visiting their master, Charmain hid him the Next Room. She told Syranthir never see her room before she would open the door again or they would met Worst Doom. Syranthir promised her to do so.

 Syranthir could not resist the impulse and peeked in the Next Room, an saw she slept with the Demon Lord. In the Anger and Sorrow, he could not help making a small voice, he sensed YarGan saw him, rushing into her room and struck at his hide. But the Poison of Lake Oronin already stole his power from his Blood, and YarGan mockingly drove him into the corner of the room, but Charmain drove herself before the Spear of the King, and seriously wounded. Syranthir took Carmanos from the cradle, and ran away from the Balcony of the Castle. Enraged YarGan conjured the Power of GanEstoro from the Depth and his Slave Demons pursued him.

 The Babygod Carmanos already had Great Power and Knowledge and secretly revitalized his father. Syranthir found a small boat in the Shore of the Lake [Styx] and drove it into the Gate of Upper World. When he found the pursuit, for his surprise, Carmanos telepathized his father to drop the Regalia into the Lake, though firstly he refused.

Soon Demons approached to the boat. Syranthir unwillingly dropped the Regalia of Loskalm and made the Many Streak of the Black Surface of the Water which cracked the Magical Mirror of Gbaji. And Demons who touched the Crack found themselves freezed. Syranthir saw a Goblet which appeared from the Waveless Surface of the Lake which was concealed by Charmain and caught it followed by his son's advice.

 After Yargan saw what happens, he used the Black Magic of his Spear and called many Black Ravens to attack Syranthir. Carmanos saw it and sensed both Sorcerors of the West and Spolite Priests found the advantage of that situation and tried to kill his father in the extreme situation of the possibility. Carmanos called the Power of Romanakrin to Underworld to drive Ravens, and secretly warped Sorcerors' power against Godlearners'. The small boat was crushed for Great Magic was conjured but Syranthir reached to the stairs to the Palace of Wounded King.

 As suggested by the Baby, Syranthir grudgingly healed his father-in-law Oronin with the Water of Styx which the magical Goblet brought, that was the miracle of the One God. Subjects of the King cheered his Healing but never pleased that method. Soon the Envoy of YarGan coming to the Gate of the Wounded King and ordered to extracate Syranthir. Though Carmanos protested, The Sly King decided to drive him to the Outer World.

So Carmanos called Romanakrin again, and Power of Erstoro was also called by King Aegrastus and YarGan, the Two Great Powers tried to play a bet. GanEstoro brought Syranthir to the Top of Castle Blue, direct Reflection of YarGan's Castle, There was a Bridge of the Sword as neither they could extracate nor let him go.

 That bridge had Sharp Edge like two sides of a sword, and under that bridge, the Hell of Fronalakino, the Place without Truth existed in the Blackened Water. And the End of the Bridge was a Void which led to the Will of the Outer Mind.

Though Syranthir was a Good Man, the Will of Arganum made his Body big and drove his body to the Edge using his pride. But Carmanos whispered the First Voice to his Father, and let his body shrink to the normal size. Then Goddess Charmain drove herself into the Underworld Lake. That made a streak which brought temporal switch of Underworld and Surface. GanEstoro and YarGan could not see Romanakrin because Jernotia secretly covered their vision.

The Shower of Blessing fell to Carmanos, shattered the Curse of God Learners and the Mirror of Gbaji. Syranthir saw that scheme over the bridge. His Body was already destroyed by the many trials and the Wise King demanded Sacifice of his Soul, his son helped him into the Salvation beyond Demiurge. Charmain also was secured though she betrayed her husband for her people, and met her independence in the Castle Blue.

 After that time, Carmanos soon reached Adolescence in the court of the Wise King, Blue King never demanded the Body of the Prophet, because even in every time he tried to kill him in the cradle, Carmanos burned his hands with Sacred Flame, and before he abandoned the role as a Divine Child, he already liberated the Veth Ethidisi and Five Coloured Fishes from YarGan.

History of Lake Oronin

Gods Age

(Late Green Age and Early Golden Age?)
VisaruDalan ruled the Mount Fire, his son, Turos curved many living animals from clay. That was Center of Wendaria and the Land of Five Mountains.

(Middle or Late Golden Age?)
Many Tribes of Blue (and Stream of Water?) invaded Pelanda, one of them made Mabakarisarro, Sweet Sea (Peter Metcalph wrote about this lake). One of the Detachment attacked Old Dozy DidalaDalan aka VisaruDalan. The Leader of the Blue People was King Oronin and eventually defeated King of Wendaria. Mount Fire was no more. There was Lake Oronin. Oronin's magic and fertility appeared as the Beautiful Five Coloured Fishes.

(Storm Age or Early Great Darkness?)
YarGan Arganum came from the West, he killed (or hurt?) King Oronin and got the Crown of Oronin and Rulership over Blue People. He started (a) City Culture from his Capital Kendesos and patronized Western Sorcerors. His Cruel Rule lasted until Jernotian High Gods, King Bisos, General Daxdarius, Mystic Jernotia, Prophet Idomon finally drove him and his minions to the Depth of Sweet Sea. During YarGan's period, The Fertility of the Lake (Five Fishes) also was depleted

(Great Darkness)
Bleak Period

In my humble opinion, after Degeneria relit the Flame in the ruin of Hagu, the part of the Life of King Oronin also revived as under the Cosmic Compromise in Orlanthi Myth, but that is imperfect and not Fertile as his reign. YarGan still lived in Depth of Pelanda and demanded Blue People's servitude. Struggle between Spolite and Dara Happa worsened this situation. I think Castle Blue (see Redline History 0th Wane, Appendix) was a consequence of Compromise, King Oronin and YarGan, God Age and Time. (There is no refering about Fishes about this period...)

(Carmanian Empire)
Next Great Change, was of course that of Syranthir and Carmanos. Sironder married with a Mysterious Goddess of Castle Blue and helped the Fertility of the Lake, the Power of Brinnus finally defeated or absorbed the Power of Enthyr, and Carmanos started Worship of his mother.

(Bull Dynasty)
As they also stood for Carmanian Dualism, they remained the superficial Worship though they hunted down the Bloodline of Carmanos.

(Lunar Empire)
Apotheosis of Teela Estara was a consequence of Battle of Castle Blue. Lunars destroyed the Cult of Carmanos in the Battle of Four Arrows of Light, and the supernatural War of Lake Oronin caused Fishes: see Rune Quest Genertela Book about Lake Oronin, Five Fishes again disappeared.

Maybe in Hero Wars, the returning of Coloured Fishes indicates some Great Cataclysm....

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