Got Inspiration from "Set and Horus" in Plutarch and fragments:
"Lightfore", "Hill of Gold Quest", "Objectivity and Subjectivity" argument in Nick Brooke's Site

(Quote from sayings of Jannisor)

Truth can be both absolute and relative, and neither of it. Antirian Judgement is terminal and beyond comprehension of human, but disobey to this final judgement means he is cast out from Murharzarm Empire. Truth is once Dayzatar's own...But think about the God which you call Yelmalio. This god also holds Truth Rune for the extreme trial in Hill of Gold...We can sympathize his Judgement because you can feel his agony while he made execution of guilties. Because you can feel the one who punish you also feel same agony in the Hill of Gold.

Hero Quest of Death's Judgement is for making a solution of mistake such like the way of afterlife for a member of some community, or try to make a acceptable solution for people who want Justice rather than their own profit. Usually Judge in the center of Underworld was the Man who firstly Died (Havan Vor, Daka Fal or Murharzarm, Bijiif). But another gods can took this role, my god Jajagappa was always assistant of the Lord of Dead, people of Orlantio were ignorants who always try to become who is judged rather than judging his own. They call it "Lightbringer's Quest." (Belintar used Tessele as Judge)

Jajagappa tries to induce many facts as much as possible for the Justice, (we cannot choose the Judge himself from participants because that limits the role of Judge unless he is very strong Hero for this Quest. ) Yelem died because Orlantio tricked him to Underworld, so the world of earth became the gift of winner of Rivals. That is conflict between Life and Death, Eternal and Temporal, Straitline and Cyclical, and...Vanyoramet comes to Land of Dead with his master Antirius, but his rival Vergestus also came in front of Judges and Juries. He became facelese and you must find which one by trick, or lawsuits or using the common nature of humanity, or sympathy which one was True Vanyoramet and ...Heliacal who died in the Hill of Gold.

You must persuade jurors why Heliacal is true successor of Sun Empire and Orlantio is not. You must make a list of your focus' Bloodline for preparation as Heliacal revealed it before Land of Dead, because both are the kin of Ancient Gods, each sides may try to take oppotunity from their merits. your Defendant (Prosecutor) must try to become superior through Justice, not trickery which the people of Orlantio uses. (You lose Trust which is required for next trial.) Each of memories of him are checked by Gods, though he is not Dead.

Last trial was the Truth of yourself, because the nature of gods who participate in your suit were in a sense, parts of yourselves and try to change or distort yourself to their immortality side, if you failed, you will lose your reason why you must win the case. And you must make an excuse and space for Losers (Orlantio) as much as you can because if you failed to do so, they will anger and return back to the hall of Dead, with their army by this turn.

Gift was some temporal power as an Incarnation of Sun's Son. Like an Bow and Arrow which was used for shooting down Blue Moon by Lukarius. Of course the God (Shargash, etc..) who will gift to you must be invited to the place of Judgement as a Juror or Judge. Of course, simply Justice can be enough for the participants because the world itself may reknit the group through magic as in Cosmic Compromise. By contraries, Yelmalions who desperately need Allies for defending themselves also use this ritual, because they know they can gain power for us if they properly pay for it after they succeed this ritual.

(This Hero Quest was invented for the Yelmalion role as a conciliator between Storm Barbarians and legitimacy Dara Happan Lords ignorant to each other, but you can arrange freely it to Kargzanite and Dara Happans, Trolls and Elves?, and it is also main example how two myths from other different cultures connect)

Dara Happan Rebellion
Friendship is in a sense both the miracle of relationship between proudful
indivisuals and trial to reach to true soul of our world. Heroes were
relatively free to make unusual relationship to the member of antagonistic
society and have made greater cataclysm than mere conflict and tensions.
Chaos-Binder of Mad Sultanate Jannisor and 78th (Because Alkothians denied
the legitimacy of TakenEgi as the unusualson-in-law between Teela Estara and
Yelmgatha and called him Usurper of the Throne of Phoenix.) Dara Happan
Emperor Vinyardavu categorized to such case.

Their relationship was always strained because Jannisor always stood
straight and firmly in front of under the Footstool, his Trickster-Bodyguards always
talk "No one can make us anything, even Orlantio always request to us when
he want to us something to do ." and
Vinyardavu could not speak "please" to his subjects as a legitimate and
orthodox Antirian Emperor. And their connection is short because we all know
Jannisor was betrayed at Glamour by Sable Riders, and Vinyardavu died soon
after the Death of his friend and the eventual Siege of Alkoth .

But their short but thick connection to each other and Quest-seeking the
Test of Alkothic Cultural Righteousness and the Contest between Dayzatar and
Shargash was too important to ignore for criticizing the Lunar Philosophy.
Both of this Great Guy met Horrible Trial from inside of their Domain and
outside, eventually collapsed before the hardship. But even worst enemies
admited they bravely fought against their Fate and died like True Men.

Jannisor, the Greatest Imtherian Hero of his Era, was surrounded his
Laramite and Wilktar Tribe Bodyguards (their head is Onestheus), and "New
Ordanestyu" (Vinyardavu the "Perfect Gentleman") was surrounded by Shargashi
Elevens. They always seemed to speak harshly and never choose their words
before public. And their devotion against "Empire of Other" looks like
before the collapse. But Vinyardavu was unusually well to the Tradition of
Southern Barbarians and Jannisor was very unique attitude toward this war

Sable Riders and CharUn Nomads barely stayed under the order of these Two
Commanders and wanted to play freely the loot of plunders, but they also
possessed common hatred past treatments of Lunars and it managed to unify
them, and Jannisor's Guardian Daemon Karashaal stayed outside of Viyardavu's
Great Hall, and Legion of Footsoldiers of Rist Aldryami stayed silently but
firmly at the corner of there. River Oslira was controlled by ships of Cults of Anaxial and
Yestendos-both under the influence of Vinyardavu.

After the Public Meeting, Jannisor spake to his friend.
"When can you awake Destroyer and destroy Lesilla? What kind of help do you
need to rebel against Lunars with Whole Region of Dara Happa?"

Vinyardavu stated,
"As you know, Shargash always need permission from Yelm to use his whole
Power because he know the risk of his power without restriction against
Kazkurtum and I succeeded Ten Tests, so I SHOULD have right to Succeed
freeing Shargash."

Jannisor Asked,
"What's wrong?"

Vinyardavu talked,
"Apparently TakenEgi intentionally destroyed the record of requirement
because he think he never permits other to become his successor, and Yelmgatha
found the Ancient Yelmic Tradition salvaged from Library of Alkothian

Jannisor stated grimly,
"But I crippled Doskalos, why should I need more to harm that wretched existence?"

Vinyardavu closed his eyes.
"Who remember the Day when Dara Happa still hold the real power over Authority to Dara Happa?
Only Flag of Tripolis flutters with the Divinity of Khordavu and Power of Castokum.
Shargash Warriors could not feel change,
they feel only cycle. So everything is justified without Inspection of Dayzatar's Light.
I know the history when Oradenestyu banned the whole Worship to Nysalor
as that to his Darkside Gbaji. Blood of Erzanestyu and Denesiod faded long before our Time.
We must go to Underworld of the Library where Yelmgatha found his Fortunate Succession."

(When Jannisor found Vinyardavu. (As Harmast found Arkat in Underworld.))

He met Vinyardavu at Hill of Gold, Jannisor sought to find the way to drive Chaos from
the Empire of the Sun. But he was merely a barbarian in the Dara Happan court.
So he went the path of his god, Jajagappa who fought for his master, Tunoral.
He was there in the atop of the Hill, and he was young and held delicate feature
which only inheritated by Dara Happan noblest bloodline. He seemed melacholic
but capable character by keenest eye of the Chaos-Binder.

Vinyardavu wore a necklace which shows the crucifix...Jannisor asked him,

"Who are you?"

Vinyaradavu stated with Firespeech,

"I am Vanyoramet, who came here for seeking the lost treasure from Dara Happa, the Orb of the Eye."

Jannisor puzzled and asked again with simple mundane language,

"But you are not Emperor, as Vergustus was not Emperor. Today, TakenEgi occupies his throne."

Vinyardavu spoke sorrowfully,

"I lost my bow, that was once the one of my uncle, Lukarius, Cap of Mernita don't truly
substitute the role of it, and I found it will be recovered by the Shargash."

"Why don't you come here with your family?"

"I know I will meet here catastophy as my master Antirius mentioned. But I know
he also said this act is required for the welfare of our world, I think my father-in law
wronged, because he sheltered his empire and the center of the World, the Orb
of the Eye always stayed over the Head of Antirius, but Roofer shut out him and cut
the orb and Antirius, so people of the world forgot where was the center of the world,
some barbarians thought the center is here, the Hill of Gold. But we Dara Happans
know why we must make a Ziggurat as the artificial mountain. Because we will be
conquered by the garden of the Wild if we submit to the Others."

"I see."

Jannisor said,

"I got a prohecy I will meet a man who I want here. You are the one. I know what do you
want now, and you will martyr yourself and become the got of plant whose death
would feed other vegetations, but Kazkurtum is too strong in your heart, your Empire.
Postpone your desperate quest and come with me until I can prepare better condition."

(Now Vinyardavu roled Vanyoramet, before Jannisor roled Jajagappa the psychocomp,
they started their rite when they sailed upstream from Raibanth to Alkoth,
the river flow changed to that of Time and cycle of Yelm...)

"Seek the lost souls in the Library of Alkoth with your net, when Yelmgatha warped the Truth
with the Lies of Gbaji. Librarians will help you to find the knot of Noss. Here started
the Lunar Empire because if Yelmgatha could not find GROY, he couldn't deceive himself.
And wait here because the Underworld of Alkoth linked to the Deepest Hell,
the Court of Silence where your master Bijiif waited there, we must gain the favor
by the city of God of Alkoth, Shargash! Because he only
knows how we can destroy the Bloody Taint in the Sky."

"But how?" Jannisor asked to his friend, "I cannot read any Dara Happan script."

Vinyardavu smiled and taught to Jannisor,

"That is one of your advantage rather than your defect in this plane the residents will imply you
which book you should seek, why don't you try to learn reading?"

Jannisor replied,

"I know the disadvantage of writing of wisdom, because everything change in the nature
beyond any circumspect, but Gods bestowed us how to arrange wisdom, but Dead
wisdom in scrolls and Kralorelan papyrus bind a person to stagnant status."

"Good Answer, Alkothians "know" they never permit their library to deface, but there
are nothing which cannot be defaced or changed in Mundane World....we can take
advantage from their pride and we can see how Lunars tricked this innocense, and if you
can took enough proof of sin to Solar Empire for Sedenya and Bloody Rufus, the God of
Yuthuppa (Buserian) will persuade Yelm to order Shargash to execute them!" Vinyardavu departed.
"Yelmgatha said he set Three Traps in the Library of Alkoth."

Vinyardavu stated,
"In the Hidden Part of the Deepest Section, the Knot which was hidden by the Greybeard from South
and Buserian himself, it was very unique for Buserian has never tolerated his archive to be in such disorder,
but it was required because Lunars came her, Buserian hid it with many ciphers and secret signs,
and Daemons who living in that labyrinth never tolerated invaders to find it."

"Perhaps Irripi Ontor could find this lest he had enough time before Four Arrows of Light,
and even his greatest disciple, Kana Poor, could not find the Knot and unwillingly
ordered his servant-demons to prevent Lunar Enemies to reach the Knot. But I don't know how they can.
Anyway, if you can find it, we can be tried to without any Lunar Jurors or Witnesses."

Amrihelm was once Sorcerer from West, but abandoned his way while Rufelza ascended to the Sky
and Blood Kings War was lost by the Death of Prince Joker, he secluded Buserium in Yuthuppa,
and recently he came Alkoth for the Political Affair in Dara Happan States.

Amrihelm was astonished for Jannisor found the trick that many candidates had died for trying to find it.
"How can you find this simple trick?"

"Though I am illiterate, I'm no fool. Vinyardavu said anyone of them could not find the Knot,
but they could kill all who could find it. Simple."

(the Librarians and the Hero, Jannisor cut down many Demons which converted to
Lunars in the library and they found what they hid.)

"Come here, here is what you want, illiterate hero."

"Teach me, Amrihelm, were you truly Carmanian Soulless Sorcerer?"

"Fuck off, Dara Happa itself lies on the fabrication of the Yelmic Religion. Do you know
how Westerners and logical people of logic analyzed their system? Bastard races
made Great Hibe of Ants from Illusion, primitive villages and hamlets changed
to their illusionary God Plane."

"You don't answer my question."

"There is no time for you to interrogate me, barbarian."

In the "Knot"
The Two saw Two Bearded Man sit around the Game table and play Ouranekki.
(Dara Happan Chess) Jannisor closed to them, Buserian and Graybeard without fear.
During the Two played Ouranekki, Jannisor waited the end of one game and then asked them,
"Where is the Court of Silence where the Lord of Underworld judges the Souls?"

Vinyardavu went to the Hill of Opossum with his supporters,
each of them were great gods, he knew he would meet misfortune in the Hill,
but he also knew that loss would brought Justice, because Antirius shone brilliantly over and traced his way.
He felt the Eyes of Underworld, Just reverse of that Center of his world, watched carefully his movement
with his friend.

(Horrible Heroquest both in the Deepest Part of Alkoth and Hill of Gold.)

Jannisor sunk to deep his divine-half and he worried for he could not help his
father-in-law from attack of Orak and Orlantio, Vanyoramet felt his great-grandfather's
bow, Bow of Lukarius was lost again, and he knew he could not struck down the
Moon without the aid of both the arrow of Shargash and the vision of Buserian.
In the world of Old Books, everything didn't go rightly because something stopped
the change and erosion of writings in the eye of Chaos. That is unnatural in the World of Heroes.

(Vanyoramet was executed, defamed and profaned over the Hill.)

Jannisor now appeared as Incarnation of Judge of Justice in the Dead World,
Dog Head God Jajagappa, and Vinyardavu seemed to be an Incarnation of Heliacal...
he was called Vanyoramet in the Mythology of Dara Happa. In such extreme situation,
Participants of Dara Happans and Imtherians possessed same perception together.
Jannisor felt he must judge his beloved master...he felt nervous because
he knew Shargat would not admit his Judgement, and Buserian
and he would try to destroy the unity of Tripolis.

Over the Library, famous Scribe Amrihelm felt something went wrong,
and he checked his past writing work, and screamed that ink writings
gradually erased from page to page. Amrihelm dropped his pens and
desperately tried to record with a stylus and clay tablet as in Buserian
Age but it was too slow and too late. Amrihelm tragedically saw his
lifework going to nothing, and he died for rage because that he knew
the consequence of his foolish master's Quest. A Guard of Library asked his colleague.

"What occured?"

"Maybe ancient people liked strange ink for that scroll, or...."

Around the Green Wall, Darjiinian Horde attacked the wall of Alkoth as a faint to
the Magical Working in Underworld within the Enclosure, though City Red King
knew that will consume the magic of his master linked to otherside, he used
the Spiritual Attack to the leader of Darjiinian because he didn't trust Jannisor
and knew Jannisor wanted to replace the Light of Yelm to Yelmalio.

(Vinyardavu and Jannisor found they were tricked by the "betrayal" of Alkothians.
They still keep ancient hostility to the God of Yuthuppa.)








After this combat, Alkoth still held staunchly over the marsh of
Biselenslib, but Vinyardavu was horribly wounded, and he could not participate in the Jannisor's great army,
because the Quest was failed.

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