Ages Ralios vs Seshnela (Tanisor)
Green indicates the superiority of Ralios, and Blue does that of Seshnegi, but after the collapse of Old Seshnela by Luatha, former Buffer Area of two States, Tanisor, took upperhand and began to call themselves as the successor of "Good" Western empire.
Darkness King Dan - >
++People of Eneral and Galanin versus Basmoli Empire++
{Broken Council Guidebook, Dorastor, TT #3, Galanini Myth of Shannon, Kingdom of Night #1 of TT#4}
Silver Age & Dawn <-Silver Empire
++Hrestoli Creed (Crusade against Basmoli)++
{Kings of Seshnela}
Dawn King Dari - >
++Hrelar Amali, Barbarian King conquers Seshnela++
{Kings of Seshnela, Broken Council Guidebook}
Gbaji War <-Crusade against Chaos
++Arkhome vs Red Ruin, Vampire King of Tanisor and Makla Mann, Missonary of Nieby spread Epidemic for their work++
{Glorantha: Intro, Genertela Box Set of RQ 3rd, Kingdom of Night #2 of TT#4}
Stygian Empire Autarch Arkat->
++Arkati in Four Scrolls of Revelation by Peter Metcalph, Shadow Warriors by Nick Brooke (YBOT #2?)++
+Wolf People (Telmori?) ravaged Seshnela++
{Troll Gods: Arkat Kingtroll, Elder Secrets of Glorantha, Dorastor: Land of Doom}
God Learner Empire <-Return to Righteous Crusade
++Kingdom of Nomia, Saint Nisaro, Panoplic Curse of Godlearners (Peter)++
{Kings of Seshnela}
Late God Learner Empire Rebellion of Halwal->
++versus Yomili of Pithdaros, Basmoli Ruin, destruction by Luatha++
{Kings of Seshnela}
Jorstland Kingdom Jorstland Kingdom->
++Delelan Orlanthi, Safelstan Arkati, Guhan Trolls versus Tanisor (before Bailifes)(1), Three Generals of Arkati++
++Delelan Orlanthi, Safelstan Arkati versus Guhan Trolls, Halikiv Trolls (Green Lion Towers was destroyed)++
{Uz Lore of Troll Pak, Tales #13}
Bailifes Dynasty <-Asgolan (Crusade again) & Ulianus 4th
++Ancien Regime was Established (Peter Metcalph)++
{Tales #13, Glorantha: Intro}
World Greatest Tournament Folly of Tourneys Vikard->
++Sentanos and Kustrian Rokari++
{Genertela Box Set of RQ 3rd, World Greatest Tournament}
Hero Wars <-Return of Godlearners (Union of King Guilmarn and Ecclesiarch Theoblanc)
{HW Schedule in the Future of Greg Stafford}
Hero Wars Return of Arkat->
++Five Incarnations of Arkat(Peter Metcalph)++
{Genertela Box Set of RQ 3rd, Glorantha: Introduction to HW}

Below is my attempt to grasp all of Ralian History from perspectives of many inhabitants of Ralios....(not from one group, Hsunchen, Orlanthi, troll or Malkioni....) but still unfinished, if you think somewhere should be corrected, please teach me..... And I have another notes for modern powers of Ralios...but it was written with Japanese......

Reference: Rise of Ralios Fragments, World Greatest Tournament Freeform Book, Glorantha: Introduction to Hero Wars, Uz Lore of Troll Pack and Troll Cult Book of Troll Gods, Broken Council Guidebook, Peter Metcalph's Unfinished 1st Age Ralios (April, 2003)

David Dunham's Site
Jonas Schiott's Site

Composite History of Ralios

What the matter makes difficult, many of gloranthaphiles use Ralios as a Black Box and used it for their material storage from "Outside" of their campaign, so many unofficial and official materials has mingled after some of LARP setting was set in this area.....

Maybe, some (most?) of these unofficial materials abandoned by Greg as some Heortland material....albitrarily, but I suppose Ralios is a sort of blank area for Issaries seems to treat other areas with importance for the Hero Wars schedule.....

Where is the Hsunchen's original home? <Kevin McDonald>

<Peter's Answer: God Learners seems to think that it was somewhere in Southern Continent as Basmoli, but later, other source materials denied this idea.>
<David Dunham's opinion: I go with Pamaltela.>

Galanini (TT #3) Beast Myth versus Basmol Empire, Humath gave weapons to two footed (human form Hsunchens) as the guardians of Four Footed cousins. The Cultural Center: Hrelar Amali <Broken Council Guidebook>

Mastakos Road of King of Sartar

Balance Split (Chill Queen: Inora?))
Short Steps
Wonderwood (Enchanter of Plundering Alon?)
Bakvister the Intermediary
Rarest Flower (Iron Man: Mostali? to First Tree of Green Elf)
Hrelar Amali (Lord of Seeds)
Outpost of Logic
Black Isle of Introspection

Hrelar Amali: Zorak Zoran, Storm Bull & Flamal, Devil? (See below)

Zoran Zoran killed Flamal <Uz Lore, many other myth>
Urox killed Devil (Krjalk?) as he did in Block <TT#3>
Zorak Zoran killed Krjalk <Uz Lore, Gods War Map>

Thunder Rebels: Mythology of Finovan and Thunder Brothers
Sevelis = Enchanter = Goventainer Shadowskirt
Plundering of Aron

Joerg Baumgartner:

[about Aron]

<<At one time the Enchanter (a figure otherwise unspecified in Thunder Rebels, from Seravus - a forested region west of Kerofinela, a southern part of the Greatwood bordering on the Chomal Sea) had stolen all the beasts,>>

Peter Metcalph:
<<I suspect from the beasts and the enchanter, that Aron lies in Estal (or perhaps Helby) in southeastern Safelster where the locals are known for their beast-worship and there's also strange magic floating around (purple rod of serpent sentience etc). IMO Goventainer Shadowshirt who lived in the Green Lions Tower was a successor and that Not-to-be-called is the current Enchanter.>>

<<(I think of something behind the Ancient Beasts in Ralios, who held Hrelar Amali as a holy place)>>

<<Hrelar Amali is sacred to the Enerali horse people, not to their hsunchen foes.
- --Peter Metcalfe>>

Capital of Dangan Confederation and Dari Alliance? (Later Conquered by Seshnegi several times....Dangim March) >>>>Ancient Beast Society

Ralian Elder Races in Gods Age
Nidan Dwarf: Center of Genertelan Mostali Decamony (Second to Slon Dacamony of South)
Halikiv Trolls: The One of the Oldest Stronghold of Darkmen as Dagori Inkarth (Shadow Dance), Charmilla Softspeak
Elves of Tarinwood and Ballid: Two of Six Great Forest of Genertela, Aldryan Great Tree (Flamal = Hrelar Amali <David Dunham>)

Many Unoffical Sources <Reaching Moon Megacorp, etc...>?
Yelorna? <Book of Drastic Resolution: Prax>, Center of Yelornan Worship
Worship of St. Ehilm? (Please don't make this area more confused...)

Enchanter and Plundering of Aron <Seravus: Myth of Thunder Rebels> (See below about Goventainer of Green Lion Tower and Peter Metcalph)

Silver Age and Dawn
King Dan and Dari (Otkorion, Surkorion, Peter & David)

Peter Metcalph:
<<In my writings about 1st Age Ralios, I'm positing the following:

Hykim: divided up into two groups, the servants of the Enchanter and the Reptile Hsunchen. (there's also the Telmori of the North and other fragmented groups but the world council has pretty much smashed up the latter).

Galanini: are three groups - the Fornao, the Korioni and the Utoni. I've modified my earlier thinking about the Galanini and now believe only the Korioni are militarized. The Utoni retain the ancient traditions of Hrelar Amali while the Fornao worship Ehilm. Among the Fornao are the Tanisorans that used to be allied with the Basmoli until Trickster stole their lionhorse (developed from a one-liner in the Questlines Trickster writeup). Now they are Malkionized.

Based on an old document from Greg's Wastepaper Basket that David once showed me, I'm positing an indigenous Malkioni civilization in Ralios called the Nradari, centred around a lake of that name. After Lake Nradari was sacked by Vustrians, the survivors, now the Chomali (from TR), founded seven cities including Bakeel, Syran, Helby etc.

To regain their lost unity, the Chomali factionalized their cities so that each contained a contingent from the Seven Cities. This forms the basis of their government (factional conflicts). Each faction is associated with a member of the Court of Seven, which resembles a cross between lightbringers and the primal runes. Hence there is a faction patronized by conflict, another based on healing, a third based on treachery and so forth. The lightbringer parallel is there so that the World Council and Malkioni can dismiss them as a mixture of Orlanthi and Malkioni.

The Vustrians are in two groups - the sheep-herding Norbu in the Vustrian Hills and the matriachal Wasali (the names are from ye ancient document). The Norbu sheep are actually a lost treasure of lake Nradar while among the Wasali live the Hali tribe of metal-workers.

Much is in rough disjointed notes and may change.

--Peter Metcalfe>>

From Tradetalk_First_Age List

<<Peter Metcalph (Original Setting for 1st Age Ralios:
Now in the Ralios chapter in the Genertela Book, we have the four directions that are oddly significant in Ralian geography: Nas, Sur, Ot and Ves. Even more curious is that these prefixes are attached to territories that do not seem to merit the description. Naskorion is the easternmost part of Korion while Otkorion is the westernmost portion and due south of Surkorion (now part of Lankst)!

If these lands are seen instead as parts of Korion that were ruled by the Banners (Naskorion becomes Korion ruled by the Nas (Northern) Banner), then the nomenclature becomes more understandable. The names of the Banner would come from the Banner's place in Hrelar Amali, the City of the Gods, hence the Nas Banner would get its name because it guards the North Gate of Hrelar Amali.

So what I like to propose is that the First Dari Alliance (or Dangan confederacy) was a reorganization of the Enerali tribes along military lines in order to combat the Malkioni better while remaining faithful to their ancestral traditions. The older tribal identities were deliberately downplayed to enhance banner solidarity.

Now since Hrelar Amali was so important to the Dari (the first alliance collapsed when the Malkioni sacked it), we can posit that the Galanini rule the lowlands on behalf of the City of the Gods, giving them a divine right to rule. The titular head of the Dari Alliance would then be the Chief of the Court, the mouthpiece of Hrelar Amali (RC p9). Actual power would rest in a council consisting of the princes of the four banners (given the banner - gate connection made above, they might be called Sublime Portes, haha). I suppose the Council of Banners might be headed by a Priest who acts as a go-between for the Banner Princes and the Chief of the Court.>>

<<David Dunham: Objection.>>

<<Now in the Ralios chapter in the Genertela Book, we have the four directions that are oddly significant in Ralian geography: Nas, Sur, Ot and Ves.>>

<<We do? I don't recall seeing them anywhere else, and I don't see anything to indicate that they are directions:>>

<<Even more curious is that these prefixes are attached to territories that do not seem to merit the description. Naskorion is the easternmost part of Korion while Otkorion is the westernmost portion and due south of Surkorion (now part of Lankst)!>>

<<Which is why they aren't directions. On some of the really old maps, Surkorion doesn't appear at all. For all we know it means New Korion. Or they are colors (of banners?), like Belarus (White Russia).>>

<< If these lands are seen instead as parts of Korion that were ruled by the Banners (Naskorion becomes Korion ruled by the Nas (Northern) Banner),>>

<<Ignoring directions, this could work.>>

Note of Terms by Terra Incognita (for Efendi)
Galanini was originally a folk of Ralian Horse hsunchen, but most of them later forget their ancestral way, (Mainstream of Modern Safelstans), Galanin is identified with Ancestral Entity for Worship, his son with human body is Eneral, and his four sons, named Korion, Uton, Vustr and Fornao. <Broken Council Guidebook>

(All of them got lands, but only Vustr was "Evil" son and without reverence of father's words, and lived over highland (not lowland). His family later choose Worship of Orlanth, and "stubbornly" fought against Second Council and Nysalorian Empire....)

Around Dawn Age, King Dan appeared and built first civilization, Dangan Confederation near of Hrelar Amali.....and his successors of Dari fought against Seshnela, Tanisor and won. Time passed, Council was "Broken", King of Otkorion, Makla Mann Ironblade was a worshipper of Humakt (Humath?) and followed red-haired hero Arkat, and fought against Nysalor and Bright Empire....

Dawn Age
Councilic Way: Bright Empire / Dark Empire <Dorastor: Land of Doom>
Dorastor: Charmilla Softspeak <Book of Drastic Resolution: Darkness>
Dragonewt of Ormsland <Broken Council Guidebook>

What's the origin of Storm Worshippers in Ralios?
<Nick Brooke: They are from Slontos, after Council People was destroyed all in Gbaji War>
<Peter Metcalph: They (at least, Lankst) are from Valarastans People of Talastar differ from Vingkotling> Lankst & Delela, Saug East Wild

Gbaji War <Kingdom of Night by Shannon Appel, TT #4,5,6>
Halikiv & Guhan Troll Domain established.
Telmoria (Talor's Curse)

Imperial Age
Stygian Autarchy
<Its center was located that Harmast rescued Arkat from the Hell.>
Tanisor versus Seshnela: Telmori ravaged Seshnela (See above, <Kings of Seshnela>)
Galvosti & Boristi? (Arkati Amoral (Trollish?) Experiment?: TI's opinion)
Galvosti of Nomia is Supporter of Godlearners
Heroquest Secret
(Nick Brooke: Shadow Warriors <Ye Booke of Tentacles #1?> Guardians of Hero Plane)
(Peter Metcalph: Arkati Mystics <Four Scrolls of Revelation>)

Godlearner Empire
Return to Righteous Crusade under King Annmac killed last Autarch Pazlac & Saint Nisaro destroyed Arkat's Tomb
Astelkel Horse & Cosmic Explorers (One of God Learner Society failing to find Stantham Well of Arkat) <Troll Gods>
Rivalry of Halwal of Ralios & Argalis of Seshnela? , Yomili of Pithdaros <Kings of Seshnela> accelerated the schism of Middle Sea Empire, Ended with disappearance of these Strongest Three Sorcerers

Aringor (East Wild?) & Alakoring (Lankst)
<Glorantha: Introduction to Hero Wars> Lightbringer's Quest and Dragonslaying. It seems that their work was not linked to greater movement for the supremacy of Orlanthi, maybe it is derived from the lack of "Making of the Stormtribe" Perspectve of Vingkotling? (Maybe Julian thinks so....)

Ingolf Dragonfriend <King of Sartar & Greg's Note about EWF>

Sir Ethilrist <Hero Wars 1st Edition> and Bazkalia Oskor (Bounty Hunter Shaman)

Third Age
Jorstland Kingdom <Troll Pak: Uz Lore>
Three Generals of Arkat, Mabordinanne, Valsatar, and Goriant <Genertela Book of Genertela Box: RQ 3rd, Tales #13>
Retter the Stalker versus Guhan and Halikiv Trolls (See above)

King Frithorf and Handra Liv <TT#11> (Baranwolf? about Metallurgy of Glorantha)<Elder Secrets of Glorantha>

Yelorna <Book of Drastic Resolution: PRAX>

Bailifes Dynasty in Rindland & Tanisor
Seshnela Ulianus 4th & Vikard of Tourneys <World Greatest Tournament>
Kustria & Sentanos Rokari

Peter Metcalph:
<<The standard interpretation is that Lady Erengazor overthrew her Rokari father (circa 1604 ST) and instituted the Proven Appearance of Arkat. I don't think Sentanos in the days of Erengazor's father was solidly Rokari but rather Rokarism was the creed of the court and that the vast majority of Sentanos were Stygians.>>

World Loser's Movement

Goventainer Greenshirt was defeated by Trolls <Troll Pak: Uz Lore> (See above about Peter's idea attached him with Enchanter in Plundering in Aron Myth (TR))

Henotheist Church of Otkorion
Argin the Terror of Tinaros
Garundyer of Lankst

Vesmonstran (Lankst: 600,000, Otkorion: 400,000) Heortland? Tarsh? (Lowlander Farmers)
Elder Wild (Keanos: 100,000, Saug: 100,000 Delela: 200,000 Naskorion: 400,000) Sartar? (Highlander Shepherds)

Terra Incognita (Me):
<< I cannot find your kind old reply about your idea for the friction between the champion of Lankst and the King of Jofrain in Glorantha Digest archive.>>

Peter Metcalph:
<<Not really my idea as the split came from the Rise of Ralios freeform. But to surmise, Garundyer found and liberated Sigolf Cloudcrusher and gifted the spirit to King Kochalang of Lankst. But the King was worried about the power and prestige of the champion and so shared his knowledge with Surantyr the non-heretic in return for loyalty of Surkorion (who really don't care how great Garundyer is). Surantyr then promptly used his knowledge to crush the army of Sentanos (which was intent on curshing the henotheists and restoring the Galvosti to power).

So Garundyer is now hacked off with the king for abusing his gift. He can't do much yet since the King has the support of a lot of people who don't care about how great Garundyer is. However he is still a Hero.

King Kochalang feels a little more secure now that he has the support of Surkorion as well as the Lankst tribes that support him. He doesn't have to worry about Garundyer ousting him at tribal moots anymore since the numbers are on Kochalang's side. He is worried about a coup and may be embracing the witcheries of Surkorion for additional protection. If so, he would keep this a secret.

Surantyr has Sigolf and Otkorion and is feeling a lot secure now that he has defeated the Sentanos army. He may count on the Surkorion to civilize the Lanksti from within and then rejoin the Henotheist theocracy.

--Peter Metcalfe >>

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