Timeline of Seshela and Ralios

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Commentary:: This chronology contains events limited to the lands which it describes. For instance, the fact that the Battle of Tanian's victory was fought in 718 ST is common knowledge yet it is not recorded here due to it having occurred outside the area. I have stuck mainly to published material and have shied away from interpretations and interpolations. If you have any questions, corrections and/or mindless trivia that you feel compelled to share with me upon reading this, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Revisions: Given the scanty knowledge about some periods in history, this document will almost certainly be revised. For example, the Book of Kings (an very old unpublished work by Greg desperately in need of a rewrite) has heaps of material concerning the Serpent Kings of Seshnela. I have not access to this work so its dates has not been incorporated into the timeline. If I do get hold of it, then I will add the dates in. In such a case, this section will contain a brief precis of the revisions to date.

16/2 Added new entries for 36 ST, 60 ST, 83 ST, 84 ST, 97 ST, 105 ST, 107 ST, 138 ST, 172 ST, 197 ST, 247 ST, 257 ST, 282 ST, 305 ST and 307 ST. The sources for these entries are posts by Shannon Appel in Glorantha Digest Volume 5, #422 and by Jorg Baumgartner in Glorantha Digests Volume 4, #468 and Volume 5, #417.

14/2 Revised entries for 425 ST and 632 ST. Another note has been added about Nralar the Old following discussions with David Dunham.

27/1 Revised entries for Nralar the Old (518 ST and 632 ST) and added a note about a possible parallel following discussions with Jorg Baumgartner. Deleted Slontan events (115 ST, 150 ST, 197 ST, 206 ST, 320 ST, 805 ST, 818 ST, 825 ST and 1050 ST) and added in more Ralian events (428 ST, 607 ST, 1604 ST, 1608 ST, 1610-12 ST and 1614-1621 ST). The Slontan events can now be found in the Manirian timeline.

25/1: Revised entries for 1198 ST and 1412 ST. Also added Notes for the 1198 entry.

Timeline of Seshnela and Ralios

0 ST History begins. Scattered Brithini Colonies are best by the Basmoli [G:CotHW#1].

1 ST Military emergency caused by Basmoli conquests of the Brithini colonies. Hrestol heroquests and meets Malkion [G:CotHW#1].

2 ST Prince Hrestol establishes the New Malkioni Way in Seshnela after recieving a vision from Malkion. Prince Ylream, son of King Froalar and Sehsna Likita is born [G:CotHW#1].

36 ST The Seshnegi conquer Rolfasland falls to the Seshnegi [GD5#417] Comment: Rolfasland can be found in the map of 2nd age Seshnela in the USC - PHM.

60 ST Avalalsland joins the Seshnegi [GD5#417] Comment: Using the map of 2nd age Seshnela in the USC Avalalsland includes the duchy of Ailor and much of Jorestl's forest - PHM.

83 ST Lamras becomes King of Kaanilland [GD4#468]. Comment Using the map of 2nd age Seshnela in the USC, Kaanilland lies between the river near Laurmal and Tanisor, and north of Nolos - PHM.

84 ST Relations between the Enerali and Tanisor grow increasingly adverserial [GD5#422]

88 ST The First Ecclesiastical Council of Malkionism is held by the United Church of Sehsnela in Frowal. The Serpent King Bertalor of Seshnela is cited as presiding [USC].

97 ST King Lamras of Kaanilland attacks the Seshnegi city of Calusket and almost succeeds save that his Lion Warriors, bereft of forest cover, are defeated by Seshnegi cavalry [GD4#468]

105 ST The Seshnegi invade Kaanilland and take the Pendali capital. They are unable to subdue the countryside because of Lion Warriors and Sun Priests in the forests [GD4#468].

107 ST After Seshnegi mercenaries destroy the remants of the Pendali army in Kaanilland, King Lamras negotiates with the Seshnegi for a passage under arms to Tanisor. The Seshnegi agree and find that upon occupation of Kaanilland that Lamras has cursed it [GD4#468]. Comment: The Pendali were soon expelled from Tanisor by the inhabitants and eventually settled in the Mislari Mountains - PHM.

130 ST The Dangan Confederacy is contacted by the World Council of Friends [BCG].

138 ST The Seshnegi conquer Orphalland [GD5#417]. Comment: See the map of 2nd age Seshnela in the USC for the whereabouts of Orphalland - PHM.

150 ST End of the Serpent Kings Dynasty of Seshnela [G:CotHW#1].

172 ST Tanisorians invade Fornoar [GD5#422].

197 ST Seshnegi invade Fornoar [GD5#422].

200 ST The True Hrestol way seizes control of the Malkioni church and condemns tapping, primogeniture and all the other corrupting pagan ways of the Serpent kings [G:CotHW#1].

204 ST World Council Forces under Iron Blinding Sword destroy the Kvitti at the battle of Elephant Pass [BCG].

210 ST Dragonewts establish a nest in Ormsland. Regular fighting occurs between Ralian settlers and Vustrians [BCG].

212 ST The Decamony of Nida declares the Greatway conclave heretical [BCG]

228 ST The Second Ecclesiastical Council of Malkionism is held in Laufol under the auspices of the Argentine Emperor Tragon [USC].

247 ST Tanisorians invade Fornoar [GD5#422] Comment Since there just had been a civil war in Tanisor in which the Enerali were involved in, it seems this invasion was for punitive purposes - PHM.

255 ST Dari begins to consolidate an alliance in the Dangan confederacy [BCG].

257 ST Seshnegi invade Utonia and Naskorion [GD5#422]. Comment: This invasion is described as "nasty". The Seshnegi apparently have a foothold in Ralios and this is probably the Fornoar valley which has already been invaded by Tanisorians - PHM.

265 ST Dari founds the Dari Alliance unifying the Galininae of Ralios [BCG].

282 ST In the wars between the Dari Alliance and Seshnela, Dari starts to turn the tables by launching an invasion of Tanisor (and later on Seshnela) [GD5#422].

295 ST Dari conquers the land of Tanisor [BCG].

305 ST Prince Keridonos of Seshnela leads an assault on Dari in Fornaor [GD5#422].

307 ST Dari and Kerikondos battle and are both slain. Bereft of its founder and the City of Hrelar Amali, the Dari Alliance collapses [BCG, GD5#422].

320 ST The World Council sends an army to Zebrawood in Otkorion to fight Barbarian Armies. Although both sides claim success, they withdraw into defensive lines [D:LoD].

350 ST The Second Dari Alliance is formed with aid from Dorastor [BCG].

375 ST The Sunstop [G:CotHW#1].

400 ST A Brithini Army liberates Arolanit. They then attack and are defeated by Tanisor. Arkat who was among the Brithini then goes among the Seshnegi to preach against Gbaji the deciever [G:CotHW#1].

410 ST Arkat is excommunicated by the Brithini and is immediately accepted as a Hrestoli candidate in the House of Gerlant Flamesword. The Vampire Kings of Tanisor are overcome by Arkat's crusade [G:CotHW#1].

417 ST Arkat is named Grand Marshal of the Seshnelan crusade against Chaos [G:CotHW#1].

425 ST Arkat is rescued by Harmast Barefoot on the Lightbringers' Quest. Arkat quits his post as Grand Marshal and becomes a Sword of Humakt [G:CotHW#1]. His Ralian allies invade Seshnela [LoT]. Anirestyu, Emperor of Dara Happa besieges Kasda (in Delela) [FS].

428 ST Proprogation of the Borist Theses [LTDAS#1]

450 ST Arkat kills Nysalor and destroys the Land of Dorastor. He returns to Ralios and establishes the Stygian Alliance [G:CotHW#1].

453 ST The Third Ecclesiastical Council of Malkionism is held. The place is unknown but King Gerlant is known as attending. The heretical influences of Gbaji and Arkat were condemned at this conference and a creed was issued that there is no higher truth than the Invisible God. The Vadeli attend the conference as observers [USC].

500 ST Arkat retires to Stantham Well [TCB]

518 ST Nralar becomes King of Seshnela [G:CotHW#1]. Comment I originally thought Gerlant Flamesword died in this year. But it has been pointed out to me by Jorg Baumgartner that since Gerlant was king for several years in 410, he wouldhave ruled for at least 108 years making the length of Nralar's reign unexceptional - PHM.

530 ST The land of Guhan in Ralios which was given to the Trolls by Arkat as a land grant, becomes a Queendom [UL].

607 ST The Galvosti Dynasty is established in the Kingdom of Nomia [tWGT].

632 ST Nralar the Old, King of Seshnela dies. Civil War begins in Seshnela, as Nrlar's brothers and relatives refuse to recognize Bretnos as the new King of Seshnela. Tanisorian Barbarians invade Slontos and Seshnela [G:CotHW#1, BCG]. Comment: Jorg Baumgartner has suggested that the lack of Nralar's heirs and his long life was due to the habit of Nralar to sacrifice his kids for extra years of life, following the tale of Ane the Old of the Heimskringla fame - PHM

660 ST The fourth Ecclesiastical conference of Malkionism is held in Seshnela under the auspices of King Bretnos. As Seshnela was wracked by brothers and relatives of the previous king, Nepur, this was primarily an attempt to heal the kingdom. However the conference dissolves after Bretnos is assasinated while he addresses the conference [USC].

716 ST Sir Kernie Vandervasse killed the steed of the Dark King's nephew [G:CotHW#3].

719 ST A huge fleet numbering hundreds of ships land at Pithdaros. The people are all dark skinned and explain that they have come to fight Gbaji the Bad God. Exploited at first by King Ullmal of Seshnela, they finally seize Pithdaros and promise to wait untill he comes back [G:CotHW#2].

734 ST The Return to Rightness crusade completes the liberation of Seshnela by crowning Annmak the Peacemaker King of Seshnela [G:CotHW#1, ToTRM#13].

737 ST King Saval of Tanisor destroys the last of the Return to Rightness Crusaders after the failure of the Crusade invocation at Arvinopel [ToTRM#13]. Comment The source for this entry is difficult (for me at least) to interpret and the above represents my understanding of passage - it may be totally wrong given that the Crusaders go on to defeat the Dark Empire in 740 ST - PHM.

740 ST The Kingdom of Seshnela, aided by the Return to Rightness Crusade, defeat Emperor Paslac and the Stygian Alliance, and destroy the Cult of Arkat [G:CotHW#1].

751 ST King Annmak the Peacemaker of Seshnela dies [ToTRM#13}

789 ST The Empire of Land and Sea is created with King Svagad of Seshnela as Emperor [G:CotHW#1].

813 ST Warnings concerning the ecology of the Invisible World are published by Valastos With Seven Pens but are ignored by others [G:CotHW#1].

818 ST The Hurricane Years begin in Slontos [G:CotHW#1].

821 ST The Fifth Ecclesiaistical Council is held under the auspices of Emperor Miglos of the Middle Sea Empire. Representatives from every faction of Malkionism were in attendance as well as priestesses of Zoria and Vadeli as observers. (The Waertagi were noted as being absent). The Council unites behind the Creed of the Emperor Miglos. [USC].

823 ST The Emperor Miglos attempts to invade Brithos with the vast army and navy of the Middle Sea Empire. The Emperor is killed and his followers all drowned to a man [G:CotHW#1]. Umaliath appears and is calculated to be heading for Brithos.

825 ST God Learner Monks begin a savage reign of repression in Safelster thus pacifying it [G:CotHW#2].

850 ST Valkoro the Good Wizard leaves the corrupt Jrusteli Empoire and preaches the Malkioni liberation in the East Isles [C#2].

852 ST The conclave of Belskan in the Iron mountains falls to a Nidan Army and is purged of Individualist heretics [DW#24].

917 ST Emperor Ilotos upon hearing of the destruction of the Machine City declares it to have been an interesting experiment [KoS]. The Windless Typhoon strikes Seshnela [G:CotHW#1].

920 ST The Closing radiates from Brithos, striking hundreds of merchant ships simultaneously and sending them out to sea. The few ships which escaped brought terrible news across the Neolimi sea. A Loskalmi Fleet confirmed that an invisible wall was slowly moving out from Brithos at 300 kilometres per year [G:CotHW#1].

925 ST The Ice Summer strikes Ralios [G:CotHW#1].

930 ST The Closing reachs Sehsnela and Slontos [G:CotHW#1].

948 ST Sir Oleg Vandervasse exiles forty nine of his relatives for treason against Count Homarr Hedenveld [G:CotHW#3].

975 ST Jonat leaves his home in Eastern Fronela and seeks the Secrets of Kingship in Seshnela [C#2].

1049 ST A single ship landed on the shore of the Kingdom of Seshnela. It was shaped like a white swan save for the fierce eagle head at its prow. It bore several Luatha from the Farthest West who destroyed the regional army that tried to repel them and then smashed a larger force of troops and ships. A dozen days after landing, they cast a terrible spell which made the land roll and the cities fall. A mountain high tidal wave turned the southern land into islands and a wave of blue and red light washed across the land killing thousands. The Elves of Kanthor's forest betrayed their oaths, killed all the livestock and escorted all humans they found to the border [G:CotHW#2].

1112 ST The city of Yod in Ralios is sacked by Trolls [UL] .

1127 ST Harlophine Lastros, a cruel interrogator, using morally questionable but magically reliable methods proves that Marilion Varstanos did not know anything about the Closing and was quite bitter about being abandoned [G:CotHW#1].

1180 ST Provoked by Uz raiding of the province of Tanisor, the Kingdom of Jorstland declares war upon Guhan. This prompts the Guhan Uz to ally with the wizards of Arolanit, the knights of Pasos and even the raided province of Tanisor to fight the Kingdom of Jorstland [UL]. Comment: The kingdom of Jorstland seems to be the same entity as the Kingdom of Sentanos which is stated in other sources as dominating Ralios during the Third Age. I would naturally presume it to being the same as the Ralian Alliance that sacked Tanisor and which was formed by three rivals, Goraint, Valastar and Mabodinarne. However Jorstland is so named for its leading personage [UL] which means that it is a different entity from the Ralian Alliance. Furthermore these dates are seemingly based on Seshnela sinking in 1120 ST so it may change - PHM.

1190 ST The War between Guhan and Jorstland ends with Tanisor achieving independence [UL].

1198 ST Sir Henrag Vandervasse becomes Supreme Advisor to the Ecclesiarch at Leplain [G:CotHW#3]. Comment The source claims this Ecclesiarch was Rokari which is impossible since Rokar was born in 1310 ST. We provide a dialogue in the notes to see how the Vandervasse family reconciles this historical impossibility - PHM.

1200 ST Indeterminate conflict begins between the Kingdom of Jorstland and the Uz of Halikiv [UL].

1247 ST A Red Orb rises into the Heavens [G:CotHW#1].

1310 ST Saint Rokar is born in Leplain [ToTRM#13].

1320 ST The Hedenveld Family is outlawed by the King of Seshnela [G:CotHW#3].

1327 ST Retter the Stalker becomes prominant in the Jorstland conflict against the Halikiv Uz by recruiting trollkin armies. He later betrays them [UL] .

1349 ST Saint Rokar is martyred [ToTRM#13].

1350 ST Retter the Stalker is ensnared by Halikiv Uz in Corolaland. He fights his way clear of them and kills as many of them as he can when doing so. This weakens the Halikiv Uz so much that humans are able to move into Corolaland [UL].

1366 ST Retter the Stalker, Duke of Delela, and some other powerful companions raid deep into Halikiv and kill several Mistress Race Trolls including the Queen [UL].

1368 ST The Hedenveld family is pardoned and restored to its lands [G:CotHW#3]

1371 ST Retter the Stalker is killed by a Jorstland assasin [UL].

1410 ST Balifies is converted to the Rokari faith [ToTRM#13].

1412 ST Balifies the Hammer, Duke of Rindland crushes the flower of the southern knighthood at the Battle of Arsgolan Field. Thereafter the Rokari faith is established as the State Church in Tanisor [G:CotHW#2].

1413 ST Balifies the Hammer, Duke of Rindland lays many sieges in Ralios and exacts tribute from most of Safelster by autumn. The Archbishop of Leplain crowns him King of Seshnela and presents him with most of the royal regalia of the old kingdom [G:CotHW#2].

1414 ST Balifies the Hammer, King of Seshnela crushes the Barons who disagreed with him at the Second Battle of Arsgolan Field. They flee to the old castle coast and all around acknowledge Balifies as King of Seshnela [G:CotHW#2].

1427 ST The Sixth Ecclesiastical Council is held in Leplain under the auspices of King Bailifes the Hammer and the Rokari Ecclesiarch Mardron. Representatives from Loskalm, Fronela and Ralios attend the council with observers from the Aeolian church of Heortland [USC].

1455 ST King Ulianus III conquers most of Safelster [G:CotHW#1].

1496 ST Arolanit refuses to send further homage or Scutage to the King of Seshnela [USC].

1499 ST The Duke of Pasos refuses to swear loyalty to the King of Sehsnela and the inland sea fleet allows him to maintain his independance [USC].

1511 ST The Most Grand Tournament of History is given by Vikard of the Tourneys, King of Seshnela, marking the height of ceremonial chivalric opulence and the end of his Ralian possessions [G:CotHW#2].

1547 ST The Inquisitorial Order of the Golden Lance is established in Seshnela by King Romaine IV and Theoblanc the Pious [ToTRM#13].

1564 ST Theoblanc the Pious is elected Ecclesiarch of all Rokarism by a Council of Bishops ToTRM#13.

1578 ST The Duke of Nolos breaks with King Romaine IV of Seshnela in a dispute over feudal rights [USC].

1581 ST Dormal the Sailor lands in Nolos beginning the Opening of the Oceans and is met by the Shipwright's Guild of Nolos. Duke Ariston pawns his birthright to the Shipwrights Guild [G:CotHW#2]. Dormal then sails through the Seshnegi Isles and onto the Vadeli Isles. He spent the rest of the year seeking Brithos, but discovered the Red Vadeli Isles and entered there [RQC]. First Lunar merchants enter Ralios [D:LoD].

1582 ST Dormal sails from the Red Vadeli Isles to Laufol, where the Zzaburi tried to detain him but failed. Dormal then sailed up the coast to Fronela and landed in Sog City beginning the Opening of the Oceans there and the Thaw of the Syndic's Ban. The Kingdom of Smelch is organized and constructs a fleet. The king then arms them with soldiers and seizes the nearby cities and begins raiding. The Mornsea Triolini send for aid from the Pharoah who sends a fleet. The Pharoanic navy is defeated by the Smelchite fleet and many cities along the Mournsea pay tribute to Smelch [RQC].

1585 ST The Quinpolic league of Pasos attacked Alatan and sacked it but was unable to find the fleet. The Holy Country combed the Mournsea and with help from the Triolini found the Smelchite Fleet and sunk it. Pasos and Kethaela then signed a treaty to suppress the pirates of Alatan [RQC].

1597 ST The Count of Jorglaban is drowned and his fleet destroyed by the Partanian Fleet. His widow sacrificed her three children to gain revenge and then reportedly lay with the Devil to beget Argin Terror. The Partanian Fleet was burned the day he said his first word and the city razed by the Estali Army when he walked [G:CotHW#2].

1604 ST Erengazor seizes the throne of Sentanos from her father, Sir Brute [G:CotHW#2]. Surkorion joins the Confederation of Jofrain [tWGT].

1608 ST Garundyer liberates Sigolf [tWGT].

1610 ST Erengazor establishes the Proven Appearance of Arkat movement [tWGT].

1611 ST The Sack of Valantia [tWGT].

1612 ST A Humakti Temple is built at Istakax [tWGT].

1614 ST Otkorion converted to Henotheism [tWGT].

1615 ST Darmangon boasts of being the Agent of the Boristi. Arkat fails to occur [tWGT].

1616 ST Duke Ariston of Nolos dies. His son Mullium the Generous becomes the new Duke of Nolos. He uses the tremendous treasury he has inherited from the Shipwright's Guild to pay off the mercenaries that were ravaging his lands [G:CotHW#2]. Otkorion imports Sigolf Cloudcrusher from Lankst. Duke Rainard de Faucille of Naskorion declares himself a member of the Argan Argar chain [tWGT].

1617 ST Harrek the Berserk leads half the population of the Ygg's Isles southwards plundering the coasts of south and western Genertela before settling at the Three Step Isles [G:CotHW#2] Naskorion acquires parts of Delela and northern Sentanos [tWGT]

1618 ST Mullium the Generous, Duke of Nolos leads an army of mercenaries against the lands of the King of Seshnela [G:CotHW#2]. Construction of Zorakarkat is begun [tWGT]

1619 ST Arkat fails to occur and Sigolf Cloudcrusher destroys a Sentanos Army [tWGT, G:CotHW#2].

1620 ST The County of Dangim is conquered by Guy, Count of Estaurenic for the King of Seshnela after Count Lodreuse is slain [tWGT, G:CotHW#2]. Count Foyalfine begins to make conditional defense alliances with other princes against Seshnela. Zorakarkat is completed [tWGT].

1621 ST Janus de Chevaliar, the Tournament King of Kustria, marries the Countess of Galin [tWGT]


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Rokari Ecclesiarch in 1198 ST?

Eager to solve the historical contradiction in the claims of the Vandervasse family, Nick Brooke eavesdropped on the family. The following dialogue was recorded:

Pa: "Four hundred years ago, our ancestor Sir Henrag Vandervasse was Supreme Advisor to the Ecclesiarch."

Son: "But Fas-ther... I heard old Wizard Marlet say that all the Ecclesiarchs before Pope Mardron the Good were hopelessly lost in heresy and error..."


Pa: "Our ancestors were good Rokari, son! And they never questioned their elders and betters, neither."

Ane the Old

"King Ane, son of Jorund, fought against King Dan the Great of Denmark, and was pushed out of Uppsala to live in exile in Vastergotland for 20 years. He had been king in Uppsala for 20 years before being pushed out. Finally King Halvdan (grandson of the Danish king) died of a sickness in Uppsala, and King Aun returned to Uppsala at age sixty, and made a great sacrifice to Odin, and sacrificed his son. Upon doing so he received an answer of Odin that he should live another sixty years. Ane ruled for another 20 years when Ale Fridleivs son pushed him out of Uppsala, again into exile in Vaestergotland, where he spent 20 years until Starkad the Old killed Ale.

Ane returned to Uppsala and ruled for another 20 years. When his promised lifetime approached its end, he made another great sacrifice and gave his second son to Odin. Odin promised him that he should continue to live as long as he would sacrifice a son of his each tenth year. (some stuff about that for each son sacrificed he should give one village to Odin under the name of the number of that son)

When he sacrificed his seventh son, King Ane couldn't walk about any more, but had to be carried in a chair, and after sacrificing his eighth son, he lay in bed all the time, after sacrificing his ninth son he had to drink from a horn like a baby. Now Ane had only one son left, and he wanted to give him to Odin as well and give Uppsala itself to Odin, and call it Tiundaland (Tenthland, a landscape near Uppsala), but the Svear (his kingdom) forbade it, and there was no sacrifice. So King Aun died and was buried in a great barrow in Uppsala. Since this time death of old age is called Anedeath."

All this paraphrased from the Norwegian translation of Heimskringla by Jorg Baumgartner.

Nralar or Nepur?

There are two different names for the Old King of Seshnela according to our sources. The timeline in the Glorantha Book claims that the King was called Nralar the Old. Breakout #34 names the Seshnelan King in 580 ST to be Nepur the Old which also is followed by the University of Sog City Guidebook. The epithet indicates that these are the same guy. To further muddy the waters, Nralar also happens to be an archaic name for the Felster Lake in Ralios (cf Uz Lore and RQ-Con Compendium Lore Auction Transcripts)! I am prepared to put this down to either differences in accents or a cock-up in one source (or possibly both!).

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