Pentan Tribe Variants

I have read Article of Nick Brooke's "Horse Peoples of Glorantha" with great interest, but in my humble opinion that still omit something...for Whole Body of Pentan Nomads. (This note was written before Nick revised his note for Pentians.)

Tendency to the Origin of Grazers currently almost shifted from "Theory of Saird (Funeral of Vuranostum Reaps over the Wall Emperor have similarity to that of Grazers (David Dunham? See my scribble Macabre of Vos Vorainu)" to "Theory of Black Net of Aravan Argay (King of Sartar)". But that is still Problem of Origin of like Etrulians or Ancient Indus Civilization of Real World....Because we could not learn what really occured, and in a sense we don't want to know about it precisely. (We didn't know even how Pentan Residence before Time connected to Genert Garden!)

I wrote World Dragon Korgatsu with Image of Great ShanShan Mountains, World Giant Ymir (or Chinese Pan-gu.) past. I wrote about Pentans as same as Praxians in this Scheme for Riding Animals.

Greg Stafford and his comrade Mr. Trotsky wrote about many of Gloranthan Horse Species and Knowledge. Still we don't do enough effort to link between discription of Pentans and Horses, Vuanso (Small), Sered (Middle), Churan (Large coming from Palangso and Sered). Londarios Library and Redline History of Glorantha keep some Website Information about them. Some of Tribal Name appeared in Redline History, Bao, Kroft, Huang, Davgarsh, Vay Hang as relatively friendly tribe of Pentans before Emergence of Sheng Seleris. Southern Peloria Opili Tribe visited.

That is completely In my humble unofficial parallel North Pent and South Prax:

Kargzant<->Storm Bull
Hippoi, Arandayla<->Eiritha
Golden Bow Jardan<->Tada

First Tribe: Happy Age
(Hero: Yamsur and Hyalor / Homeland: Flame Ridge of Axis Mundi / Horse: Hyal, but Degeneration of Darkness made most of their blood weakened into Sered / Magic Style: Animist)

I think that People with Image of Noble Barbarian and Scythian, they lived Middle of Plentiful Pent under the Guidance of Kargzant Great Chieftain of Great World Yurt (Tent). Griffins and Hippogriffs were Children of Kargzant and Vehicle of Gods. But Evil came to Earth, and the worst was Uzdom coming from the Hell Crack.. Hyalor was a descendant of Yamsur, and he tamed Goddess Hippoi, former Hippogriff Goddess and then Horse Goddess for she lost her own Organs by Attack of Enemy Gods. Many scattered to Four Direction during Darkness.

Wyrm's Footprint, Peter Metcalph once denied that Mythology to Natural of Pentan Origin for Yamsur coming from Genert Garden Myth of Praxians, but he also denied once "Myth of Hippoi" which lost her Organs and crippled.

Western Scratchers: Grey Age
(Hero: Jenarong, Vuranostum (Dara Happa) Lendarsh (Pelanda) / Homeland: Peloria Bowl / Horse: Hyal & Lenshi (Pelandan) / Magic Style: Theist suited to Pelorian Way)

They came to Western Land for an Unknown Reason (Religious? Practical?), and they ruled / conquered / guarded Lowlander Farmers after Kuzkurtum. My image of them is White Huns of Attila, but Greg Stafford used the Image of Charioteer of Real World ancient Orient Rulers in GROY.... They eventually lost their War with WCOF, Battle of Silver Flame, Argentium Thrielle.

They returned to Sterile Mother Land and saw Sunstop.

Blood Drinkers: 1st Age
(Hero: ? / Homeland: North Eastern Pent Plain near Chern Durel?/ Horse: Churan, but Sered and Ekus also coming to their Herds from Near Foreigners/ Magic Style: Dark Theist?)

They made an Altar for Blood Drinker Kargzant who drank Blood of Dead during Night and used Blood for Splendor of Noon. Image: Huns? They annihilated for Unknown Reason. But their Custom making Altar of Blood Drinker went to Western Pent.

I wrote "Tale of Emperor Thalurzni" though Knowledge Leaker of Nochet prohibited to use it openly before Godlearners in Public. I should not make same mistake again for revealing connection between Ignorances and Pentans for Worship of Blood Thirsty Sun. (See my Cosmic Explorers of Pent)

Though I think "Gathering Unconsciousness" always linked to Glorantha Publishers. Because I wrote that before Secret Leakage of Obduran. (You might know such Phenomenon was mentioned as Synchronicity by Pseudo Occultist Carl Gustav Jung?)

Gongarilli: 2nd Age
(Hero: Gongaril? / Homeland: Western Pent Plain/ Horse: Churan, Sered and Others, but perfectly lost Herd of Hyal / Magic Style: Animist?)

During Erzanestyu Dynasty of Dara Happa, General Castok and (his comrade Alkothi Turrogus?: (No, he was a hero of Seleran Empire: (Martin Laurie)) made Cavalry Army against Horse Nomads and conquered them, (Always successful Military Masters without Political Power were killed by their Liege Lords feared his ability.) World always had changed after Dawn and little by little Power of Ancient Magic Weakened, so most of them abandoned Ancient Way which bestowed them Great Races of their Beloved Horse. And they started keeping and eating Cattle and Sheep. But some of them rejected to abandone Old Way and became Pure Horse Tribe.

Pure Horse Tribe: 2nd Age
(Hero: Joras Kyrem / Homeland: Prax and Great City of Giant Pavis / Horse: Hyal (Very Small) and Others, and Joras made Zebras with help and compromise of Eirithans of Paps / Magic Style: Theists and Animists?)

Some of Pure Horse Tribe went to the Southern Land answering with EWF request, Hero Joras became the leader of City Dwellers and made Pact with many Praxian Way and Imperial Way of EWF, one of his allies is Arinsor and Yelmalions of Bastard Dara Happan Way. But after EWF fell, they also was defeated before Uz and Praxians. Some of them escaped to Dragon Pass with Strange Magic? (See above about two theories for the grazer origin) My Image of them is Avarians.

Another Pure Horses remained to Pentan Plain and became Char Uns later.

Meditators (New Blood Drinkers): 2nd Age
(Hero: Dijaar and his Five Friends? / Homeland: Eastern Pent Plain?/ Horse: Churan, Sered and Ekus / Magic Style: Eastern AntiGod Style?)

My Image of them is Oiglats (and Bryats) Mongolians, they lived between New Dragon Ring and EWF and struggled for survival of their Traditional Way with usage of Dark Methods?

They became Fierce Antagonists against West and East Draconic Mysticism.

CharUns: Early 3rd Age
(Hero: Panishi, Orgrol? / Homeland: Erigia / Horse: Hyal (Very Small) and Others, and recently they revived Winged Horses with Help of Hero Quest (Myth of Hippoi?)/ Magic Style: Lunarize Theists and Animists?)

This Pure Horse Tribe became an Ally of New Moon Queendom after the Battle of Seven Horses but betrayed after the Apotheosis of Rufelza, they became Friend of Jannisor during Dara Happan Rebellion. But Great Chieftain Panishi burned whole of Erigia with Skyburn under unreasonable? Advice of Red Emperor, they became relatively peaceful to TakenEgi and his Court. My Image of them is "Notorious Cossacks" of Southern Russia.

Grazers: Early 3rd Age
(Hero: Feathered Horse Queens and Luminous Stallion Kings/ Homeland: West of Dragonpass / Horse: New Hyal Golden Eye and Others / Magic Style: Animists?)

Their Origin is Unknown and Some legends said some ancestor of them were Bane Centaurs escaped from Stitched Zoo collapsing during fall of EWF. (See above. I think there is small possibility EWF created Bane Centaurs using Body of Southern Pelorian Horse Nomads who insisted their Ancestry to Hyaloring during Days of GROY and Emperor Vuranostum...Maybe Ironhoof helped them. King of Sartar.)

But recent majority of Glorantha Digesters agreed they escaped from Prax after Collapse of Arrowsmith Dynasty of Pavis. They became Slave Masters of Vendref and started Worship of Earth, and Kero Fin, FHQ. They became an Ally of Kingdom Sartar and Other Orlanthi with Magical Marriage. I think their Image is greatly influenced by North-American Natives derived from Real World American Gloranthans though they didn't have horses before Whites started their Ambitious Destruction.

Rivivalists: Middle Third Age
(Hero: Sheng Seleris / Homeland: Genertela, As Ghingis Khan of Cambarik, he made his Capital Near Orathorn? /Horse: Sered, Palangso and Kralorelan / Magic Style: Dark Mysticism, Animist and Theist)

They were Seleran Empire, Bursts and Rays (Fallen Mystics of Zolathi?) ruled them. They are Great Enemy of Red Empire and Yellow Empire, antagonist of Yara Aranis and Godunya. But defeated by Battle of Kitor and followed Combat. HonEel and Maginificus massacred them with many ways. Reverend Mother of Horse challenged to HonEel for Contest of Sun God favour but was defeated either.

Night of Horror ended with the Death of nearly 150,000 men (to both sides, Great Disaster as Dragonkill) for Orathorn Sorcerers and Lunar College Magic unintentionally conjured Chaos itself on the Middle of Battlefield. Sheng still agonized himself in the Lunar Mystical Hell. My Image to them is that of Mongolians after they conquered most of Turkian Islamic Realm.

Neo Kargzanite: Late Third Age
(Hero: ? / Homeland: Middle Pent /Horse: Sered, Palangso and Kralorelan / Magic Style: Animist and Theist)

They are the Majority of Recent Pentans, some of them still want to return back and have tried to Heroquest Helping of Sheng Seleris. I use their Image with Middle Asian Turkish Stock.

Red Hair Tribes: Late Third Age
(Hero: ? / Homeland: Red Hair Camp? /Horse: Vuanso and Palangso / Magic Style: Animist and Theist)

They are Bastard Tribe with the reluctant Assistance of all? pentans who brought Red Hair Children to that Lunar Sympathizers. They guarded Trade Route of Kralorela and Lunar Empire under Order of Red Emperor and the Lance of Kastok. They got wealth with their degenerated habit to connect with civilzation. My Image to Them is Sogdian Iranians.

Storm Worshipers of Four Direction Wind: Late Third Age
(Hero: Bronze Sword Prophet / Homeland: Western Pentan Plain /Horse: Vuanso and Palangso / Magic Style: Animist and Theist)

In my humble opinion, they are World Reaction or Backrush against Trial of Lunars who want to kill Whole Worship of Orlanth as Carmanian Worship of Invisible Orlanth at least in RQ3 Edition of Genertela Book. They rebelled against Kargzant Worship for it could not help War against Lunar Empire. My Image to them is Manchurians.

Other Horse Tribes, Pol Joni and Hsunchen Ralians also ride Horse but utterly belong to Different Culture of Horse.

I think Pentans revere Celestial Lore as the "Middle World" People of Sky Pantheon...Dara Happa and Kralorela. Once TakenEgi wanted to frighten Pentans and went to Hell of Pentans and return with "Gorgorma" 's Daughter. Both DH and Kralorela revere the Sisters of Dendara and Gorgorma though I don't know they remind Planet Entekos and KataMoripi...Black Dendara of Storm Age. See here more about Star List Name of Glorantha:

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