World Dragon Korgatsu

Reference: Anaxial Roster & Introduction to Hero Wars of Hero Wars, Dragon Pantheon of Older Article Wyrms Footnote. And Article "Hsunchens of HW" in Issaries. com Site.

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Godlearners believed they could unify All of Shapeshifter Huntergather Myths with their Mystical Way. They thought ShanShan Mountain Mythology had Keypoint for that Idea. And they called Ancestral Entity Hykim, Husband of Glorantha. They once conquered Realm of Kralorelans with their Construction New Dragon Ring, (This Conqueror-Adventurers at least were Ally of Middle Sea Empire.) So they could collect Mythology of Long Antagonists of Kralorelans.

Story of Tiger Hsunchen Elder:
Before Scales of Korgatsu scattered to All around the World, River reversely ran in contrary to Up to Down, and Sun started Shining with Bright Air. Spirit and Body was Same, No Evil and No Hunger. Great Grand Father lived in the Middle.

Great Horned Great Dragon Korgatsu lived in Center of Unlimited Barren Grounds, he had very Huge Body and Great Wisdom, and mated with Earth. He (For Some Hsunchens not related to Masculinist Kralorelans, She) thought he should start Variety of the World, because his Puppy Fledgelings born from Eggs begotten from Mother Earth wanted such. (Maybe most of Pentans and Hsunchens of ShanShan have never seen Dragonewts.) So he made Mountains, Valleys and other Beautiful Schemes with ordering Silent Spirits of Earth for delighting his Children.

Korgatsu remained Limited Enclosure for his Children in the course of his Wisdom. But Mother Earth wanted more numbers of Children for her bounty beyond which Korgatsu could take care, so Korgatsu and Mother Earth made compromise, they made more children but they are more specialized to Variety of World which he made. So he made Many Animals which didn't have enough Magic but many specialities making up for to specialized Circumstance. So Our Ancestor Animals removed from Support of Korgatsu changed their Form and scattered to Wide Range. That Age was very Blissful.

But Trickster came from Unknown Outside of Korgatsu's World, he was Ancestor of Humans similar to Monkeys. (Kralorelans call him Wild Man) He made many Malevolent Mischiefs in the West and East World End. In Eastern World End, he made many lies and illusions, and stole Secret of Korgatsu. So even Many Innocent Dragonpuppies were cheated made into Slaves of Trickster. In the West, he taught Violence to Children of Korgatsu, so Carnivors started to eat Flesh of Hervibors, and Hervibors started to eat Plants daughters of Mother Earth rather than Milk of Korgatsu which originally nourished her children. They started to simply rob what they want. (Later One of Ancestor Carnivor ate even Brighttorch for Hunger!) They didn't know why they couldn't eat their Food utterly though he sensed Spirits. But Korgatsu was very Wise and Peaceful, so he sought the way to stop Trickster far more Mischiefs with Consulting.

For his Lie and Violence, Eastern Land became Rainbow Swamp of Dream, there were no Distinct Object ond Dwellers. And Western Land became Poisonous Desert, there is No Life except Selfish Vampires and Sorcerers who stole Life and Magic from Mother Earth directly. Still Death didn't enter the World.

Even foolish Trickster sensed his misdeeds making his Lands to Collapse. He sought Solution for living in the World of Korgatsu. He want the Way of Ruling or Manipulating that World...rather than Harmonizing, he called it Civilization. And it made Corruption of World, Tyranny, Slavery, Self-Preservation and Other Bad Things. So humans were given Tools from Trickster Ancestor which can enable them to live in any circumstances. That was bad, but inevitable for having Bad Ancestor. Hence Trickster started to make Spirits without Body and Animated Unlife fight each other.

Firstly, Trickster feared Closing of Great Dragon and ran away, but he gradually understood Korgatsu only wanted Consulting, so he spoke greedily with Korgatsu about what he want. Great Dragon patiently discussed with him and suggested making Contract with him and his People. He agreed with Suggestion of Korgatsu, but he tried to warp that pact or deceive him. Korgatsu knew it well but couldn't do any.

Some of sons of Trickster understood Wisdom of Korgatsu and abandoned Foolish Way of Trickster, they understood True Nature of both Spirit and Flesh World. So they can have freely changed their shape and contact freely to Nature itself and World as True Animals before Sorrow. They are Ancestor Hsunchens and their Leader is now extinct, Dragon Hsunchen. They guarded Giand Pandas even after Father Korgatsu died for Conspiracy of Trickster because Pandas concealed Heart and Soul of Great Korgatsu in their Bodies. They were born from Sorrow of Korgatsu.

Another sons of Trickster was not so wise as Hsunchens, and they understood Words of Korgatsu to the Letter. They actually mated with Sons and Daughters of Korgatsu and begot Halfbeasts such as Centaurs, Manticores, Harpies, etc. They were very unhappy because they ignored from Both Families as Crippled, but only Hsunchens understood their decision and offered help their Relatives. They know why they should not let simply Strong beat Weak and understand Circle. They were born from Agony of Korgatsu.

Worse sons of Trickster warped the Pact which Korgatsu and Trickster made, they advocated to Children of Korgatsu contests and gamble which one would be Master and Slave, Trickster secretly gave Poison which took Intelligence from Animals to his Bad Sons, Hyalor and Waha. They were Nichung born from Anger of Korgatsu. They poisoned Rivals of Contest but only Witty Ancestor Morokanth perceived their Intrigue and changed Cup, so they only became Master over Human Slaves. But their conspiracy generally succeeded, and they also became under Guidance of Korgatsu and started Peaceful Cut when they hunted thier Prey. So we must also accept their existence, but never trust them. But even they also are better than other Wicked Sons of Trickster, Chestelo and Kralorelans. They perfectly ignored suggestion of Korgatsu.

Death of Korgatsu

Story of Yak Hsunchen:
Animals sprang out directly from Body of Korgatsu Body, but Trickster came from Outer World, the Two made Pact for Compromise. But Trickster conspired to warp their Treaty.

Two Leaders of Western and Eastern World Edge came to Center of World invited from their father Trickster. They hated each other, but they also hated Korgatsu for he still guarded Good Sons from Violence and Deceive. Trickster secretly conspired to use his sons and tried to turning Korgatsu into Silence, which once he saw Edge of World. Eastern Liers fooled some Innocent Hsunchens and stole Secret of "Martial Art" from them. In return for, they taught them Greed, Luxury and Decay to those Ignorants. Gradually they started to fight each other and became many Variable Animal Races and Hsunchens. Western Robbers induced Outer Strangers to Left Wing and Spine of Korgatsu, and let them wreak havoc to that Area. They enjoyed Wildfire and whole of Western Forests to Scorched Remnants.

Trickster saw that enjoyfully and drew Sword when Korgatsu slept, Korgatsu who tired out for stopping his Children from Foolish Act sorrowfully saw Fearful Fool, but didn't do any Counteract. Soon after Trickster managed to kill Korgatsu, Great Gap opened over Earth and swallowed him. After it, both his Children and Animals knew Death. Because their first understood Status Spirit without Flesh, Bad Age started. But Korgatsu understood what would be born from his Precious Blood, so he didn't bother so much. Even in Death, Trickster didn't understand what is his Status. So his evil Spirit of Old Foolish Memories hounted to Spirit World have long visited to Many his Descendants with Nightmare.

(Some of the Young Women of Excellent Hsunchenline gathered for mourning about this Damage of World, but they secretly drank precious Blood of Korgatsu in the course of his Dying Message, and inpregnated with Horned Hsunchen, Guardian against Trickster and his Minions.)

Head of Korgatsu exploded (Spike), his Fire escaped to Sky World. His Eyes rounded from his Soccet to Western Edge to setting (Sun and Verithurusa?). His Backspines withered to Dusts and Bones became ShanShan Mountains. And his spilled Blood, Magical Guardian Horned Hsunchens coming from Blood of Korgatsu, (They inherited Great Horn of Korgatsu Forehead. they started to fight Shadow of Trickster which appeared Any Dreams of his Children and taught Reincarnation of Life and Death. (Godlearnish Shamans called summarizely him "Bad Man" . And they used Existence of him for Testing Newly Shamanhoods and his Fetch.) They have lived in Mountaintops of ShanShan with Flesh Body and guarded Innocent Good Hsunchens from Evil Fingers of Liers and Robbers since that Age.

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